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War Child Canada Backgrounder
Key information about War Child Canada
Founded in 1999, War Child Canada is a registered charity that provides humanitarian
assistance to children affected by war and generates awareness, support and action for
children’s rights everywhere.
War Child Canada’s international projects support children in conflict affected areas worldwide.
War Child Canada is recognized for the positive impact they have on children as well as for
their innovative approaches to international development. War Child Canada is currently
operational in a dozen war torn regions worldwide including Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Northern
Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
War Child Canada also aims to empower young Canadians to become effective leaders in
local, national and international arenas, and to mobilize them on Canada’s global priorities.
Many musicians including Chantal Kreviazuk, Our Lady Peace, Radiohead, Keane, Sum 41,
Avril Lavigne and the Tragically Hip have consistently lent their voices to the cause.
Governed by a Board of Directors, War Child Canada receives support from the music
industry, the media, the public and private sectors, and individuals.
War Child Canada’s President, Dr. Eric Hoskins oversees War Child Canada’s financial
and fundraising initiatives. A physician and activist, Dr. Hoskins has two decades of
experience working extensively with the United Nations and non-governmental organizations
in some of the world's most heavily affected conflict areas. Recognized in Canada and
internationally for his expertise on humanitarian issues and the recipient of several prestigious
awards, Dr. Hoskins was most recently appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada by the
Governor General.
War Child Canada’s Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Samantha Nutt is a medical
doctor with more than a decade of experience working in war zones. She has helped children
in some of the world's most violent flashpoints, working with War Child Canada, the United
Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Democratic
Republic of Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Iraq, Burundi, northern Uganda and the
Thai-Burmese border. Chosen by Maclean's Magazine for their annual Honour Roll as one of
"12 Canadians making a difference", she is a role model to many Canadians and has received
numerous humanitarian awards for her work in support of war-affected children including
Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 Award (Report on Business).
War Child Canada is part of an international network of independent organizations which
include War Child UK and War Child Netherlands.
War Child Canada administers War Child in the USA.
War Child Canada’s programs and initiatives
Assistance to war-affected regions
Working directly with local partners War Child Canada provides timely, effective and
sustainable support to thousands of children and their families in conflict and post-conflict
communities. Their humanitarian programs focus on education, HIV/AIDS, psychosocial
rehabilitation, child rights, health and vocational training for children and youth.
Projects include the HIV/AIDS Orphans Development Project in Ethiopia; Girl’s Education
Initiative in Northern Uganda; School Rehabilitation and Revitalization Project in the
Democratic Republic of Congo and the Iraq Rehabilitation Project, to name a few.
Connecting with Canadian musicians
Many of Canada’s leading musicians have generously donated their talent to support War
Child Canada’s awareness and fundraising efforts. These artists are a vital part of War Child
Canada’s work.
By performing at concerts, producing songs and albums, accompanying War Child Canada
staff to war-affected regions and participating in highly acclaimed documentaries like
Musicians in the War Zone and ROCKED: Sum 41 in Congo, War Child is fortunate to have
the support of leading Canadian artists who help to draw attention and raise funds for waraffected communities.
Select Canadian celebrities who have worked with War Child Canada include Avril Lavigne,
Leonard Cohen, Alanis Morissette, Angelique Kidio, Barenaked Ladies, Bruce
Cockburn, Chantal Kreviazuk, Choclair, K’naan, David Usher, Kibwe, Maestro, Our Lady
Peace, Raine Maida, Sarah McLachlan, Sam Roberts, Sum 41, Tegan and Sara, The
Rascalz, The Tragically Hip and Joni Mitchell.
Engaging students and youth
War Child Canada is committed to ensuring that young people across North America have a
voice on global issues and are able to transform their passion into action. War Child Canada
recognizes the powerful impact that youth can make, not only in helping to shape and inform
the charity’s programs but also in being a driving force for global change.
War Child Canada offers several awareness and fundraising programs targeted for young
people between the ages of 15 – 24:
o Keep The Beat: War Child Canada’s non-stop music fundraising events keep the
music going for 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours and can take place in your school, community,
college, university, workplace or home.
o get loud: A one-of-a-kind website that plugs youth into the world and issues around
them. includes fact sheets, links and discussions boards.
War Child Canada merchandise
War Child Canada also sells celebrity-designed greetings cards, clothes, DVDs, music and
books to support their fundraising efforts.
All merchandise is available for purchase online at War Child Canada’s website.
How to make a donation
War Child Canada gratefully accepts donations from individuals and corporations. One-time or
ongoing donations can be made via phone, mail or online at War Child Canada’s website.
Cheques, money orders or credit cards are accepted and tax receipts will be issued.
For more information about War Child Canada, visit