Easter Object Lesson

Easter Object Lesson
Materials Needed: Backpack
Several heavy books (to put in backpack)
Opening Questions:
1. What is sin?
Next, talk about sins in the lives of the kids: not obeying their parents, grumbled when they had to clean
their room, pushed a friend, didn’t share toys, etc.
2. How do you feel when you know you have done something wrong?
3. Have you ever gotten punished for doing something wrong?
Ask the children to come up and lift some of the heavy books. Give each child an opportunity to feel the
weight of the books.
Have some of the children put the books in the backpack. Ask them how heavy they think the backpack
must be. Would it be hard for someone to carry the backpack with all the weight of the books in it?
Have another adult available to try and put the backpack on. Let the children see how difficult it is to try
and carry so much weight. If you wish, let the children feel this by trying on the backpack.
Say: See how heavy the bag feels? It’s hard for us to bear the weight of our sins. Remember how bad we
felt when we did something wrong?
Next, read 1 John 2:2.
Summarize key lesson points:
Say: Jesus Himself had no sin, He never did anything wrong. It was because of our sin that He died on the
cross. He died in our place taking the punishment for our sin. Jesus bore all of our sins – the sins of the
world were upon Him.
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