the most recent newsletter - St Pius Catholic Primary School Banyo

Term 1 Week 1
29th January
Acting Principal’s Message
Welcome to the 2015 school year. It is with much excitement that I join the St Pius School community as (Acting)
Principal for the 2015! (This is while Peter Surawski takes on the Acting Principal role at St Peter’s School, Caboolture.) I trust all St Pius returning families have enjoyed a good break. To our new families who are joining the
St Pius community for the first time may I extend an especially warm welcome. I very much look forward to working your child/ren’s educational journey with you. This year is already shaping up to be filled with much learning
and excitement, and I look forward to meeting parents, families and carers of our students as the year unfolds.
Please feel free to come and introduce yourself to me when you see me out and about.
We commence the school year with 80 students new (or returning) to St Pius School! 73 of these students are in Prep. In total
we currently have 318 students enrolled, with 37 members of staff to support their learning journey. The school is certainly
growing, with this being the first year of 3 Prep classes.
New to Staff
Aside from myself, there are a number of people new to our staff for the first time, with some also returning. Mr David Stewart
will teach in Year 5G (job sharing with Mrs Kaye Carr). Mr Nathan Croft is our new PE teacher and Mrs Sharnee Heibloem is
back from maternity leave, (job share teaching in Year 2Y, teaching our LOTE – Japanese to Years 5 and 6, and undertaking
some other focused teaching initiatives). Mrs Belinda Café-Jones will be the school officer in Prep R. Mrs Jenni Buechler will
take on a support role in the administration area and Mr Tim Heibloem will provide us with IT expertise. Mr Matthew Hobbs will
be assisting as an Instrumental teacher. Mrs Lesleigh James has decided to take some much deserved long service leave, so in
her absence Mrs Carmel Spargo will move solely to the Finance Secretary role. We are very fortunate to have these people with
us and all have much to offer our St Pius community.
Staff News
Over the holidays, Mrs Emma Canavan (Year 5 teacher in 2014) welcomed the safe arrival of baby Matthew on
8th January. Congratulations to you and your family Em. He is beautiful!
Teachers and School Officers Starting the Year...
Our dedicated team of teachers officially commenced the school year on the 19 th January with professional development, with
our school officers joining us on the Thursday before the students returned. For 2015 we have identified several areas on which
we will focus. During the Term 1 pupil free days we engaged in learning and discussion relating to:
~ Teacher Individual Professional Development and Learning Plans
~ Reading to Learn, Learning to Write
~ Positive Behaviour for Learning
~ Religious Education and the Religious Life of the School
~ Reviewing various aspects (or components) of the school
~ The theme for 2015… A light for all to see
~ Transitioning students into new classes
~ Student Protection, Code of Conduct, Bullying and Harassment and Sexual Harassment Policies, together with a variety of
workplace health and safety areas, and
~ General administration matters.
What a busy few days we had! As a community of professionals, we value our own learning and
development, and very much appreciate having this time available to us.
In addition to this, much time and effort has been put into the school grounds over the break to
have them looking fabulous for the commencement of the school year. A big THANK YOU goes
out to our groundsman, Mr Dave Brown, for his fantastic work in maintaining our school facilities.
Address: Apperley Street, Banyo Qld 4014
Phone: 07 3267 7306
Fax: 07 3267 1217
Email: [email protected]
Banyo-Nundah Catholic Parish: Ph: 3266 1444 Fax: 3266 4088 Office: 20 Donkin Street, Nundah
Acting Principal’s Message
Student Protection
Significant amendments to Queensland legislation dealing with the mandatory reporting of
child protection matters came into effect on 19 January, 2015. In addition, there are new requirements reflected in the revised Brisbane Catholic Education Student Protection Processes for how Principals and school staff need to respond to these amendments. Currently the
staff at St Pius is engaged in mandatory student protection training. Shortly I will provide to
our parents and carers information around the updated processes. Please take time to familiarise yourself with this information when it is available. Remember, STUDENT PROTECTION IS EVERYBODY’S RESPONSIBILITY.
Meeting with Year 6 School Leaders
This week I took time to meet briefly with our Year 6 students who all, in one way or another, play a significant part in student
leadership this year. I look forward to working with them in this important role, as the year unfolds.
Monday’s Assembly
All parents are welcome to our first formal assembly, commencing at 8.40am, on Monday 2 nd February. At our weekly assemblies we will pray together as a community, celebrate birthdays, recognise our Live, Love, Learn recipients, share class work,
acknowledge achievements and share school news.
A reminder that formal uniform (Years 1-6 is worn on Mondays).
Parent Information Evening
On Wednesday evening, 11th February, all classes / year levels in the school will host a Parent Information Evening. The format
for the evening will be similar to recent years:
All Gather in Church at 6.30pm … prayer and I will lead information sharing to areas relevant to all families.
7.00pm… Move to classrooms for the first round of teacher information sharing.
For those parents / carers who need to attend more than one class presentation, these sessions will be repeated at 7.40pm.
Class teacher topics include: class routines, expectations, homework, communication, parental involvement, curriculum content / focus etc.
From 7.40pm, parents are invited to enjoy the welcoming hospitality of the P&F, in the Hall. Please drop in to hay hello!
It is expected that each family is represented at these information sessions. If this is not possible, please advise your class
teacher/s so that important information can be shared with you.
Access to Important School Information
Can I please encourage all families to access the 2015 St Pius School HANDBOOK, which is available on our school website at
The link / booklet contains a good deal of important and practical information which you will need access to over the course of
the school year. From curriculum to communication, facilities to fees, sickness to safety, permissions to P & F …it’s all there in
one handy reference point.
Parking, Drop Off and Pick Up Protocols
Could I remind all families using the school Parking, Drop Off and
Pick Up protocols we follow at St Pius? With our student numbers
growing, we want to avoid frustration! Please keep reading for further details.
We use the Brisbane City Council “LOOK OUT” Program for our
afternoon Pick Up Zone in Apperley street. Following are the procedures; these ensure that our children are safe, and that our system
runs efficiently. Parents need to register details if going to use pick
up zone of an afternoon.
The only supervised pick-up area is in Apperley Rd. A teacher supervises children from 2:50 to 3:05 as they are collected by car.
Any children not collected by 3:05 are taken to the school office.
The school does not supervise children beyond this time. The
school will attempt to make contact with the parents if a child has
not been collected. Children who are not collected due to parents
running late will be sent to Outside Schools Hours Care (fees apply
for parents).
Address: Apperley Street, Banyo Qld 4014
Phone: 07 3267 7306
Fax: 07 3267 1217
Email: [email protected]
Banyo-Nundah Catholic Parish: Ph: 3266 1444 Fax: 3266 4088 Office: 20 Donkin Street, Nundah
Acting Principal’s Message
Email Protocol
In this era when we seem to be on call 24/7 due to the penetration of technology blurring the lines between
work and family, I would like to draw your attention to our email protocols for 2015.
The school email address - [email protected] - will be monitored and responded to during normawork hours. Generally it will not be monitored at night or at weekends.
Work email addresses of staff members, including the teachers and the school’s leadership team, will also be monitored during work hours. Remember however, much of a teacher’s day is spent leading teaching and learning. Further,
please do not expect an immediate response to a late night email or one sent during the weekend or holidays. All staff members
have family commitments and a life away from school. We need to keep the balance right so I am asking for thoughtfulness
when considering sending an email late at night – and perhaps expecting a response before work the next day.
I would expect that an email will be responded to as quickly as possible - usually within 24 hours.
Parents and Friends AGM
This important meeting in the life of the school community will be held on Wednesday, 25 th February. Everyone is warmly invited.
Term 1 Across the School Date Claimers
The following key events and dates are significant to our school. Please note these in your diary or on your calendar. These will
be progressively updated as the term unfolds:
Principal’s Message
A Reminder of Term Dates, 2015
Brisbane Catholic Education has provided us with the following information, which was correct at time of printing
Anticipated Public Holidays for 2015
NB: This information was correct at time of publishing. Progressive amendments to this information (if any) will be published in
the school Newsletter, and in addition can be located on the Queensland Government’s Industrial Relations website at: http://
2015 PUPIL-FREE DAYS (subject to change)
Term 1
Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 27 January
Monday, 19 October
We publish these dates well in advance so that families can plan their holidays around normal school days. Given the number of
holidays students already enjoy, we would hope that there will be very few requests for early holiday departures, or additional
holiday time during the school term. We thank you, in advance, for your understanding and support in this area.
I wish all our students and their families a happy, positive start to what is shaping up to be an exciting school year at St Pius. We
further wish Mrs Lesleigh James all the best for an enjoyable long service leave.
Quote for the week…
The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child’s home.
(William Temple)
Warm regards,
Margo Carwardine
Live, Love, Learn,
and in the spirit of St Mary MacKillop’s motto for life,
Never see a need without doing something about it.
APRE Message
Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not
be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. Buddha
Welcome to 2015 at St Pius. I hope you all had an enjoyable, peaceful Christmas and a New Year
filled with blessed family moments and cherished times. I especially welcome all our new students
and families to our most beautiful, caring school. I would like to extend a very warm welcome on
behalf of the staff and families to Ms Margo Carwardine, our Acting Principal for 2015. Margo
comes to our school with a wealth of Catholic primary leadership experience and an amazing passion for quality
teaching and learning. I look forward to working alongside Margo this year as we lead this wonderful school in all its
pursuits. It was lovely to see so many familiar smiling faces Wednesday morning as we started the first day of the
school year for 2015. The children all seemed happy and eager to begin work and there was a definite positive buzz
of busy learners in all classrooms.
As school begins, we come together with renewed energy and enthusiasm, ready to give of our best and to meet
whatever challenges may lie ahead with courage and generosity. This year our theme is “A Light for All to See”.
The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has proclaimed 2015 as the International Year of Light and Light-based
Technologies (IYL 2015). This United Nations observance aims to raise awareness of the achievements of light science and its applications, and its importance to humankind. As a global initiative, this year provided an opportunity
to raise awareness of how optical technologies promote sustainable development and provide solutions to worldwide challenges in energy, education, agriculture, communications and health.
Beyond this global, secular focus, the year also has potential for Christians to reflect on the wonders of blessing of light in our lives, and Christ as our light. The staff have reflected on how their
light can guide and empower others this year. We pray that the light of Christ may become part
of our everyday quest to love one another and be the hands and heart of God here at St Pius.
This theme will be entwined in our assemblies, class covenants, liturgies and classroom learning.
Let us Pray
God of all hope,
Bless the learning and the wisdom of our community.
Continue to open our hearts and minds to Christ, as the light of our lives.
May the light of Christ guide us, may our prayers be completed in acts of justice and love,
May all we do lead to You. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, Light of the World. Amen
Pastoral Care Parents
Our Pastoral Care group is a living example of the St Pius parents being active witnesses to the caring, nurturing
hand of God. Each class will have a pastoral care parent and assistant. The Pastoral Care Program aims to ensure
that St Pius retains its Josephite core values, where positive relationships are valued, and where all endeavour to
act to ensure that everyone is included and supported.
The role of the Pastoral Care Parent Class Representative encourages communication, connection and care
among parents at the class level. Some tasks of this representative can include:
* Organising a class parent contact list *Coordinating class assistance to a family in need
* Organising an occasional class social activity * Welcoming new families
*Supporting the P&F
The role is supported by the parent coordinator, Sue Vanden Bergh, and myself. There is a meeting once a term.
We are in the process of finalising the pastoral care parent reps for each class. Our Pastoral Care Prep Parents
have already been assigned and we thank Sharon, Aleisha and Tenielle for accepting this role. Many parents, at
the end of last year, voiced their interest in becoming a PCP for their child’s class in 2015. If this was you or you
would like to be considered as the PCP then please email Sue Vanden Berge [email protected] or myself
[email protected] by next Tuesday 3rd February. Please state your name, your child’s name, their class
( eg. 3Y) and a mobile/ phone contact. Please don’t hesitate to contact either Sue or myself if you have any questions. We would love for many to apply and we will support you all the way. All PCP will be introduced to their class
at the Parent/Teacher Information Night on Wednesday, 11th Feb.
There is an induction night during Term 1 where we will go through the guidelines and protocols of being a member
of the St Pius Pastoral Care Program (and share a cuppa and supper).
Thank you to the parents who gave of their time last year to be part of this amazing, caring group in 2014. You are
a gift to our school.
APRE Message
Swimming lessons commence next week Monday - Years 4-7 and Friday -Yr1-3
Prep will commence swimming lessons on Friday 20/2 (week 4)
Please remember all swimmers must have a swimming cap.
Lunchtime swimming Yr 2-6 commences next Monday 2nd Feb for Term 1.
All students must have returned a new 2015 swimming parental consent form to participate in Monday
lunchtime swimming. (blue form was sent home with every Yr 2-6 child this week)
New Sports House Names and Colours
Last year it was decided that as the school numbers are growing so should the number of sports houses. After
much consideration and consultation with the school community the three names and colours were decided on and
they are
MacKillop (Blue) – named after St Mary of the Cross. Mary is the saint that our school’s values, charism and identity are based on. The Josephites were the founding sisters of St Pius.
Carroll (Red)Fr Vincent Carroll saw the need for a Parish school and so he asked the Sisters of St Joseph to
open a school here at Banyo.
Joseph – (Gold) St Mary’s order was named The Holy Order of St Joseph.
Next week the children will find out which house they will be a proud member of so stay tuned.
Coloured house shirts will be available from Lowes in the near future. These shirts are not compulsory. The children will have several opportunities throughout the year to wear these shirts. These include the carnivals swimming, cross country and athletics and St Mary MacKillop day. Other days may be added.
Blessings Kim
Welcome back to another year of learning and love; welcome to our
parish schools (St. Joseph’s, Nundah and St. Pius V, Banyo) where children love to learn and learn to love; a special welcome to new families, teachers, and staff. I said at Masses over the weekend that it has been very quiet, even boring at times, during the school holidays. I also asked parishioners to pray
for our parish schools. It is so good to hear again the sound of children’s voices. As I
visit the class rooms I will be interested to hear who had the best holiday. I’m sure I
will get lots of interesting and honest answers. I will also be reminding the children
that there was no holiday from being a follower of Jesus and that his ‘3 H’ rule is for
every day: Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Holy. During this academic year may our school
communities grow in love and learning.
Every Blessing.
Fr. Bernie.
Vacancy- School Crossing Supervisors
Casual positions exist for School Crossing Supervisors at ST PIUS, BANYO and multiple schools throughout the region. Please
tell neighbours, friends and family of these positions available. Please help us to help our students.
School Crossing Supervisor positions are for up to 5 days per week on a roster.
Remuneration $27.49 per hour.
Contact the Brisbane North Road Safety Office for more information
Phone: 3863 9873
Email: [email protected]
Flyers sent home with students this week were:
RDS Reilly Dance Academy—0412 741 415 / 3359 4502
Nundah Wavell Soccer Club - / [email protected]
Grasshopper Soccer - 0414 582 312 /
Saints Junior Rigby League & Netball
Preps only—School Banking Info pack
For more information check in school bags
Lunchtime Swimming Notes were sent home this week with Year 2 – 6 students, which must be
filled out and returned to the classroom teachers, who then knows which child is allowed free
swimming time in the pool at lunch on Mondays.
Instrumental lessons
Instrumental lessons will be starting next Tuesday. I am in the process of getting invoices and information
out to all parents involved. If you would like to start your child in Music lessons we offer the following:
Year 1- Drums, Piano and Guitar (afterschool only).
Year 2 and Year 3 Drums, Piano and Guitar
Year 4 Drums, Piano, Guitar and the Year 4 Band Program
Year 5 and Year 6 Drums, Piano, Guitar, Band Instruments
The Instrumental lesson permission sheet is attached to the newsletter.
Please fill it out and return it to the front office or email me on [email protected]
Joy Dawson
Music Teacher
P&F Message
Uniform Shop
Parent Information Evening
Wednesday 11th February
In the Church at 6.30pm
afterwards wine and cheese in the hall
All uniforms & bags are sold at Lowes Toombul
Wednesday 25th February at 7pm
All positions are open
With nomination forms available from the
school office.
Leesa Dalton P&F Secretary
[email protected]
School Messages
You must inform the school by phone on the absentee
phone line by 9.30am each day when your child is sick or
away from school. The phone number is 3267 7306 then
press 1 to leave a message. ie: child's name, class and reason they are away and for how long if known.
All parents and grandparents volunteering in the school for
classrooms, excursions, tuckshop, swimming etc are required to fill out the volunteer pack for 2015 and each year.
Please see the office for forms.
Please name ALL of your child’s items
The St Pius Swimming Caps are part
of the uniform. Cost is $8 each from
the school office.
Tuckshop commences on:
Friday 13th February
For all students 1st and 2nd breaks
On Monday 2nd February 8.30am until 10am
Theresa will be available at the tuckshop to answer
all questions you may have about volunteering.
We are in urgent need of new volunteers for 2015
and if your interested but are not able to come on
Monday 2nd February, please phone
Theresa on 0407 115 662.
School Hat
Please remind your child to bring their hat to school every
day, as no hat means no play and kids need to play. Head
lice are active in schools so let’s try to keep them out of St
All care givers are welcome, and we currently have
a couple of grandmothers who are a great help.
Please name and label ALL items worn and brought to
school including lunch boxes, and drink bottles.
All volunteers for tuckshop are required to
have filled out the volunteer forms available
from the school office.
A new price list will be put out for this year shortly.
Qualified - Swimming lessons
0411 862 441 / [email protected]
Thankyou for your active assistance in these areas
Have any details changed for you?
Phone numbers
Emergency contacts and numbers
Email address
Sacramental information updates
We need to know of any changes so all your
information is correct and accurate. Please
email or drop a note into the office if any of the
above is relevant to you and your family.
School banking day is FRIDAY
Prep’s will be bringing home banking information packs. Once you open an account at
the Commonwealth bank then bring deposit
books to the school to be started on Fridays.
ABN: 45199085148
Instrumental Lessons
St. Pius
Instrumental Permission Form for 2015.
In order to streamline operations, I have implemented a new policy for 2015.
To reduce paperwork processing for both myself and my clients the JD’s
permission form now covers the entire year.
In every other aspect, operations will continue as normal. Fees will still be
invoiced on a term-by-term basis. If circumstances change and you need to
withdraw your child, this can be done at any time, and will take effect at the
end of that school term. Withdrawal should be confirmed via email.
The teachers for 2015 are as follows:
Matthew Hobbs (Band Instruments*) on Tuesday (limited amount of lessons);
Louise Fossa (Guitar, Bass Guitar, Violin and Piano) Tuesday and Thursday; and
Bryn Samuel (Drum) on Tuesday.
* This is a separate program to the Year 4 Band Program.
Term 1 Instrumental lessons will start in Week 2. All other terms the lessons
will start in week 1. Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice. The
structure of our program is such that there is little to no flexibility. As such
we are unable to make up lessons missed due to student sickness or
holidays. In the event of a lesson being missed due to an excursion or
teacher illness, we will offer a replacement lesson. If there are any credits on
your account these will be deducted from your next term fees. Please note
there are no student cancellations during the term.
$30 per Individual lesson per week (normal rate is $35)
$17 per Group lesson per week
We have increased our fees due to operating costs.
Invoices will be sent home when the permission slip is handed in.
Please fill out and return the following form to the front office.
If you have any questions or would like to sign up via email, you can contact
me on [email protected]
Thank you for encouraging your child to be part of the Instrumental
Joy Dawson
Music Teacher
Instrumental Coordinator
(Return form to class teacher by Thursday 4th December 2014)
(one form per child)
My child______________________ in Yr_________will participate in the
Instrumental Program for 2015
Cost of: $17 per group lesson or $30 per individual lesson.
____ Shared
(Please tick the appropriate lesson type)
Contact Name______________________________
Contact Phone number ________________________
(Please tick)
emailed invoice____
printed invoice____
Address ___________________________________________p/c_______
Email Address________________________________________________
(please print clearly)
Signed ____________________________________Dated____________
27 January 2015
Dear Parents and Carers
Please find attached a summary of responses received from the two major parties to issues that we
have put to them in the lead up to the State election. The full response from each party is available on
the QCEC website.
We are grateful to both parties for their responses and we provide these responses to you as voters to
inform your own decision making as it relates to Catholic education.
We urge you to consider the responses provided and the impact each party’s proposed policies may
have on your child’s education.
We have also received responses from the minor political parties. These responses are also available on
our website.
We welcome responses from all parties.
Yours sincerely
Mike Byrne
Executive Director
Queensland Catholic Education Commission
Queensland Catholic Education Commission
GPO Box 2441, Brisbane Qld 4001
Ph +61 7 3316 5800 Fax +61 7 3316 5880
Email: [email protected]
Carmel Nash
Executive Director
Queensland Federation of Parents & Friends
Federation of Parents and Friends Associations of
Catholic Schools in Queensland
GPO Box 2410, Brisbane Qld 4001
Ph +61 7 3336 9242 Fax +61 7 3236 1293
Email: [email protected] Web: