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29 January 2015
Webinar: Why offer an All Employee Share Plan
Our webinar, ‘Why Offer an All Employee Share Plan’, was held on 27th January. Mr. Alex
Bryson, research fellow from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE),
covered Computershare’s global share plan research results; and shared an in-depth view on
the tangible links between employee share plans, associated employee behaviour and the
benefits for employers. This webinar attracted 109 attendees. Thank you all for your support.
我们于 1 月 27 日举办了主题为「为何需要全员股份激励计划」的网络研讨会。伦敦政治经济学院
研究员 Alex Bryson 在此研讨会上和大家分享 Computershare 针对股份激励计划所进行的全球性
109 人参加了是次研讨会。感谢您们的支持。
About Computershare Limited (CPU)
Computershare (ASX:CPU) is a global market leader in transfer agency and share registration,
employee equity plans, proxy solicitation and stakeholder communications. We also specialise in
corporate trust, mortgage, bankruptcy, class action, utility and tax voucher administration, and
a range of other diversified financial and governance services.
Founded in 1978, Computershare is renowned for its expertise in high integrity data
management, high volume transaction processing and reconciliations, payments and
stakeholder engagement. Many of the world’s leading organisations use us to streamline and
maximise the value of relationships with their investors, employees, creditors and customers.
Computershare is represented in all major financial markets and has over 15,000 employees
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