S Rethink Christian Education

Founda�on. Challenge. Prepara�on.
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hildren are a priceless
blessing. Their beautiful
minds soak up incredible
forming foundations to help
guide the rest of their lives
in accomplishing their lifelong
The foundation-building fundamentals, like reading, writing and arithmetic,
are the basics – there are many other facets of growth that are equally
important: attitudes, approaches and decision-making abilities. And the
most-important aspect of them all: praising God.
Deciding on an elementary school where a child will learn these fundamentals
and begin to build their lifelong learning foundation is one of the biggest
decisions a parent will ever make.
That is why it is a great honour for me to introduce you to Sarnia Christian
School – a celebration of children as they grow intellectually, socially,
physically, emotionally and spiritually to his/her full potential!
Every moment of every day helps them fall in love with learning and loving
Choosing an elementary school is an exciting time for parents and children
alike, and I encourage you to think about Sarnia Christian School. I would be
happy to meet with you to discuss how our school is devoted to the growth
of children for the glory of God.
Yours in Christ,
Len Smit
We see each child as an individual
and help them to find
their strengths and talents.
The difference is clear, from a child’s first day,
until graduation day.
We are proudly Christian
tudents who experience Sarnia
Christian School gain the tools to
serve God according to His Word and
are able and willing to employ their
talents in all areas of their lives.
Our Board and staff pursue a quality Christian
educational environment and firmly root
Biblical principles into educational theories and practices.
We welcome children of all Christian denominations, including Pentecostal,
Roman Catholic, Christian Reformed and many more! Jesus said, “Let the
little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of
heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14
We are a community
arentally owned, directed and
run, we pride ourselves on our
safe, healthy and family-focused
atmosphere. Even our volunteer Board
of Directors consists of parents and
alumni who understand firsthand the
importance of Christ-centred education.
An exciting way to help parents become accustomed to the school is through
the Ambassador Program, providing new families with the opportunity to be
matched with an existing family during the summer prior to and throughout
their first year.
Parents are also encouraged to become involved in the school through
committees and classroom support positions.
Weekly newsletters update parents on their child’s focus of study, and an
online portal offers access to homework assignments, projects and tests.
We are certified
education and experience
required to make your child’s
school experience memorable.
Certification includes university
accreditation, Christian School
Teacher’s Certificate and/or their
Ontario Teacher’s Certificate.
In addition to educating in dynamic classroom settings, teachers share their
areas of expertise in various extracurricular programs, including sports,
music and drama.
We value arts and culture
usic is an essential part of Sarnia
Christian School. Beginning as
early as Grade 3, students are taught
music theory, and by Grades 5-8,
they become formally trained as band
members. Students receive curriculum
instruction twice weekly and perform
competitively throughout the year.
We can also accommodate private music
lessons for your children during the day.
Art appreciation classes and dramatic
extracurricular activities demonstrate our
students’ love for the wide range of arts in
unique ways.
Public shows showcase their many arts and culture talents throughout the year.
We think of you, too
We have an advanced curriculum
arnia Christian School’s curriculum has been carefully
created to meet or exceed Ontario Ministry of Education
Our Curriculum Coordinator integrates learning material from many sources,
including the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS). The OACS has
a full-time director of elementary education who is responsible for enhancing
materials to meet the high standards demanded by OACS schools.
Sarnia Christian School is also a member of Christian Schools International,
an association of Christian schools across North America, where we obtain
additional innovative and progressive resources.
arnia Christian School is built
on parents’ determination
to see their children succeed.
For the benefit of students,
parents always play important
roles at Sarnia Christian School.
Your child’s tuition includes access to
our own private bussing system, available
throughout the Sarnia area. You will
receive regular updates regarding your
child’s classes and there are always
opportunities to join in the fun on class
trips to some pretty interesting places!
We operate uniquely
We are even more!
arnia Christian School is proudly
different! From ‘Prayer at the
Pole’ to field trips at orchards to
Grandfriends’ Day, students learn to
appreciate all facets and stages of
Competitive sports
In conjunction with the St. Clair Catholic
District School Board and the Ontario Alliance
of Christian Schools, our students compete in
many sports, including track and field, cross
country, soccer, basketball and volleyball.
To encourage equality, all Sarnia Christian
School students wear uniforms. A student can
easily be outfitted for an entire school year
with warm and cold weather clothing for $125$150. For families who find this cost a financial
hardship, we can provide assistance through the
Need-Based Grant Program.
The latest technology
Computers, interactive white boards, FM sound
systems and other innovative materials are at
the ready to help children grow into successful
adults in today’s ever-changing world.
Accredited by
You are invited to have a complimentary tour
with our principal, Len Smit.
Don’t wait! Please call, email or drop by today.
1273 Exmouth Street
Sarnia, ON N7S 1W9
[email protected]arniachristian.com