Acnizil Kills P. Acnes Immediately and Continuously

Kills P. acnes bacteria
Nano-Technology silver based
Rapid and continuous
bactericidal activity
No harmful acids or peroxides
Does not induce free radicals
Color and fragrance free
Professional “Point of Sale” case
Less expensive than many antibiotics
Paraben free
For Clearer Skin
Does not build up antibiotic resistance
Non-irritating and does not upset the
skin’s balance
Does not mimic estrogen in the body or
disrupt hormone function
Does not cause allergies
Alcohol free
The Natural Choice
Clinically proven effective against acnecausing agents
No known side effects
Acnizil Kills P. Acnes Immediately and Continuously
Acnizil is formulated with a proprietary and patented nanoparticulate silver clinically proven to
kill the Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria. Acnizil does not require a prescription &
can be used on mild, moderate & severe acne.
Exposure Time
10 minutes
Bacteria Kill %
1 hour
4 hour
24 hour
Ingredients: Proprietary Silver Solution,
Triethalomine (TEA), & Carbomer.
Directions for Use
“Acne is very common during pregnancy but there are very few safe
treatment options as many prescription and over the counter
products should not be taken while pregnant. Acnizil is a great
alternative to antibiotics. It is a safe and effective way for patients to
manage acne while they are pregnant.”
Michael Swor, MD, OB/GYN
“I use Acnizil for 1 line treatment, prevention and flare ups. Patients
have responded well and appreciate a more natural approach.”
Todd Horiuchi, MD, Internal Medicine
“Acne is always a challenge. Acnizil can help with mild and moderate
cases, and can be safely combined with retinoids for more severe
Ursula Gilliar MD, Skin Specialist
Step 1 - Wash skin with mild cleansing agent, rinse thoroughly, and pat dry.
Step 2 - Apply Acnizil to skin daily in AM and PM and allow to dry. Can be used under make-up.
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