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Title: Advanced Photography Techniques
Instructor: Gerald Wu
Description: This is a six week class that teaches the student more than they should
know about digital cameras. The class will show and explain to each student advanced
techniques through hands-on training, lectures and Power point presentation. With their
digital SLR camera, we will produce Professional looking pictures including macro
photography and Portraiture shooting. There will also be a class which will include
Professional tips and Processes. Students will need a digital (DSLR) camera and tripod.
Title: Astronomy for All
Instructor: Michael Richardson
Description: Each “lesson” has a different theme for its presentation slides. The themes
play second fiddle to the movements. At all times the most dramatic topic is our sky.
Movements of the Sun, Moon, and planets are important but day to day, hour to hour, and
season to season movements of the entire sky are just as interesting. The six titles are
History, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Universe, Foundations, and Observing
Fundamentals. At each talk participants will learn new constellations and their important
stars and observational delights. They will also learn how the constellations appear to
move seasonally and how the stars actually move within them.
Title: The Art of Puppetry
Instructor: Marcia M. Thompson
Description: Learn how to use puppets and write skits for the entertainment of family
and friends, children’s message at church, or to use at children’s parties. The student will
learn the secrets of making the puppet seem alive for both adults and children. The course
will teach how to use hand puppets, puppets that sit on your lap and use of a narrator.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Art, Just Up the Road
Instructor: Cindi Morrison
Description: The Art, Just Up the Road course will feature a series of three presentations
by Cindi Morrison, Director of the Appleton Museum of Art. Students will be introduced
to the Appleton’s extensive permanent collection as well as a selection of temporary
exhibits. The class also includes a field trip to the Appleton (optional).
Title: Balloon Creations for Fun
Instructor: Janis Carpenter
Description: Learn to make balloon animals and creations for FUN and for; get well
gifts, birthday greetings and favors, activities with grandkids. No experience needed. By
end of class the student will be able to make hats, flowers and animals know resources to
learn more and have their own balloon pump and a variety of balloons to continue the
Title: Bon Voyage! (Travel)
Instructor: Daphne Leibowitz
Description: Authentic, engaging and enriching knowledge through cultural, culinary,
historic, ecological (but never boring) sharing of your instructor’s experience. Fun and
interactive; all the objectives of TVLLC are met via Daphne’s passion for her past
esteemed career and profession as Certified Travel Counselor. Bring your bucket list and
your thirst for knowledge.
Title: Chinese: Beginner
Instructor: Yin Wang
Description: This course is intended for people interested in learning basic Chinese
conversation skills. Whether they are planning a trip to China or just going out to dinner
at a Chinese restaurant. Students will learn hanyu pinyin, the Romanization system of
reading and writing used in Mainland China.
Title: Composition and Rhetoric
Instructor: John A. Preston
Description: This course explains, illustrates, and practices a variety of rhetorical
methods and expository patterns which are essential for academic and business
communications. Reading and discussion of representative essays form the base for
student writing. All assignments follow a series of steps which emphasize the dynamics
and practical application of the writing process
Title: Create your own Natural Medicine Chest
Instructor: Dawn Gates
Description: This class will learn how 12 herbs and essential oils can be used for healing
everything from cuts and scrapes to colds and flu. During the course, we will discuss the
herbs and essential oils that can be used to treat specific illness as well as ways to store
and prepare herbal medicine for a first aid kit in home or for travel.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Dealing Successfully with Anxiety and Frustration by Learning Strategies for
dealing with Conflict
Instructor: Dr. Kay Johnson-Gentile
Description: Who likes feeling frustrated, anxious, or angry, not many people? When
you feel that way you are in conflict, either with others, yourself, or both. Amazingly
conflict can be a good thing, because it can be the catalyst for change and positive
growth. So conflict is not a problem in itself, but how we handle conflict can be. Not
knowing how to handle conflict can be terribly stressful and exhausting. In fact,
unresolved conflicts demand huge amounts of our time and energy .Come and learn
behaviors, skills and attitudes that will help you alleviate stress, resolve conflicts, and
become more peaceful.
Title: English: Language of the World
Instructor: Dr. Sidney Soclof
Description: Learn about the fascinating history and development of the English
language, and about how it has now become an international language for trade,
commerce, diplomacy, science, technology, and government.
Title: The Exotic Orient
Instructor: Lisa Didier
Japan: Land of the Rising Sun
History of Japan features culture and traditions of geisha, samurai, ninja and shogun
Korea: In the Eye of the Tiger
The ancient traditions, religious influences, and political history of Korea and how it
became 2 nations, that share 1 ancient culture.
Singapore & the Opium Wars
History of how a swampy, little island became a world class city, state & nation.
“Made in Taiwan”: history and culture of Formosa
Discover the history and culture of the island nation once known as Formosa and how it
became Taiwan, the world’s center for computer design.
Title: Freemasonry, What it is and What it is not
Instructor: David Dix
Description: This is an educational presentation which describes what Freemasonry is
and what it is not. It presents Freemasonry as the world’s oldest and largest fraternity,
describes its symbols, its mission, and traces its history from ancient times to today. The
presentation also describes the three degrees of Freemasonry, the organization and
makeup of the Lodges, its charities, and some of its most famous members.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: From Mozart to Elvis: A Musical Journey
Instructor: Dr. Sidney Soclof
Description: Would you like to go on a musical journey that takes you from the classical
music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to the rock and roll music of Elvis Presley? On our
way we will enjoy learning about the life and music of Stephen Collins Foster, Irving
Berlin, and Al Jolson, with many music and video clips for your enjoyment.
Title: From the “Big Apple” To Hollywood Movies
Instructor: Dr. Sidney Soclof
Description: You probably know about the Erie Canal and the motion picture inventions
of Thomas Edison. Find out how they are responsible for the rise of Broadway as the
center of the musical theater and Hollywood as the center of the movie industry. Many
music and video clips will be presented of the “”Golden Age” of the Broadway and
Hollywood musicals.
Lecture Title: Healthy Brain, Healthy Memory – “Special Speaker”
Speakers Name: Linda Sasser
Description: Would you like to maintain cognitive vitality? In this Educational and
Entertaining Presentation you will learn how memory works and strategies for improving
retention of information, names, and tasks. Dr. Sasser will share what current research is
revealing about the impact on the brain of various lifestyle factors, and will offer
practical ideas for keeping your brain and memory healthy.
Title: How Happiness Thinks
Instructor: Yossi Klein
Description: Since the dawn of time, man has been ever-fascinated by the workings of
the human brain. Only recently, scientists have been discovering the underlying dynamics
that shape and influence our frame of mind—new ways to cope with anxiety and stress,
steps that we can take to crystallize our self-concept, and practical tools we can use to
build the resilience and grit to ride through any challenge life throws our way. How
Happiness Thinks will address the following questions: What makes people different
from unhappy people? What are some of the challenges to living a joyous life? Can a
person be happy despite going through difficulty? Does God care whether people are
happy? What are some of the benefits of living life happily? Is Judaism more concerned
with human ethics or human happiness? Jewish wisdom and mysticism addressed these
questions many centuries ago, and yet, its insights are just as relevant today. So while
each lesson of this course draws upon the latest research in rapid-growing field of
positive psychology, it also breathes fresh life into the discussion by unveiling the unique
Jewish approach to achieving more happiness.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Incense Making
Instructor: Dawn Gates
Description: This class will be making both stick (using blanks) and powdered incense to
burn on coals with dried herbs, essential oils and resins. Students will learn how to take
blanks and create their own stick and cone incense from scratch. This is a hands-on class
where students will make their own herbal incense to take home.
Title: Insurance for Villagers
Instructor: Phil Trenick
Description: The course outline is as follows, each session a different topic will be
discussed; Homeowners, Personal Auto, Endorsements (Jewelry, Umbrella) and
Miscellaneous (Hurricanes, Sinkholes). An explanation of coverages, types of policies,
Florida Laws, etc. will be presented. Students may bring their own policies to class.
Title: Integrating the Unconscious Power of Myths into Everyday Life
Instructor: Janice Murrell
Description: This class is an overview of Symbolism and Numerology found in Ancient
Myths and Pictographs, and how these myths are both psychologically and
physiologically relevant to our everyday life. Joseph Campbell, a prolific writer, teacher,
and storyteller states, “Myths are clues to the spiritual potentialities of human life. Myths
are stories of our search through the ages for truth, for meaning, for significance.” This
course provides the participant a means to deepen their spirituality and understanding of
myths through the study of traditions and sacred practices of ancient cultures.
Title: Irrigation Water Conservation for High Volume Users
Instructor: Stephen Turnipseed
Description: Get control of your water bill, reduce the amount of water being pulled
from our aquifer, and eliminate dependence on contractors to make adjustments to your
irrigation system. This practical workshop will allow the student to make dramatic
reductions in their irrigation water consumption by learning how to recognize when turf
grass needs water, then stepping through the process of setting your irrigation controller,
checking for proper sprinkler head operation and coverage. No prior experience is
needed, only willingness to apply what is learned between sessions and reporting actual
usage before and after implementing changes.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Lecture Title: "Ivy Rowe" an adaptation of the Lee Smith novel "Fair and Tender
Speakers Name: Professional actress Barbara Bates Smith
Actress Barbara Bates Smith presents her Off-Broadway show “Ivy Rowe," celebrating
its 25th year of touring, with musical accompaniment by Jeff Sebens."I used to be a
scandal; now I'm an institution!" This quote from the novel, says Barbara, aptly describes
her more than 700 times of portraying this feisty mountain woman's life of "livin' on
love," even as she takes a stand against the coal company's bulldozer. Of its OffBroadway debut, New York magazine Village Voice said "A lifetime's worth of sass,
whoop, hurt, and reflection;"
Title: Karate for Self-Defense and Fitness
Instructor: Valerie J. Walin
Description: Matsubayashi Shorin-Ryu is an Okinawan Karate taught for self-defense
and for toning muscles. Students will be taught a series of katas and applications for
using the moves in self-defense. Classes start with warm-up and stretching exercises.
This class is for beginners and up, no previous experience needed. Students have the
opportunity to earn rank and be promoted. This class is for both men and women.
Title: Learn to Pray
Instructor: Rev. Marcia Thompson
Description: The course will examine various prayer methods from various traditions.
Although the instructor comes from a Christian tradition, these methods can be used in all
traditions. Methods to be covered are; silence, journaling, guided prayer, and Benediction
model. Students will be given opportunity to practice and discuss all methods
Title: Living in the Environment
Instructor: Thomas Leonard
Description: This is a short course covering the basic ecological principles of our
Title: The Making of the Modern World: The Industrial Revolution
Instructor: Dr. Sidney Soclof
Description: Almost everything you have, see, or do every moment of your waking day
is a result of the Industrial Revolution. If not for the Industrial Revolution, you might not
be here at all. Learn about this great change in history that made the modern world and
what it means for us today, including concerns about pollution and global warming.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Making the Most of Your Social Security Benefits
Instructor: Robert Luther
Description: This class will dig into the issue of Social Security. Initially, we will
describe the system itself. Following this, we will look at strategies individuals can take
to maximize their benefit. Towards the end of the course we will analyze individual case
studies to help students fully comprehend the various aspects of Social Security. Each
student will leave the course with a custom-tailored plan, if desired.
Title: Natural Cleaning Products
Instructor: Dawn Gates
Description: Most people are unaware that most modern cleaning products are filled with
toxic chemicals that have been proven to cause allergies, asthma, and cancer. In this
class, students will learn to make their own natural, organic cleaners that are safe to use
with simple everyday ingredients. The class will not only be discussing how to make
cleaners students will make an all- purpose cleaner to take home and use.
Title: Navigating the Maze to True Health
Instructor: Deborah Allen
Description: What we breathe, put on our skin and consume into our bodies has an
immediate and long term effect on our health. Our national food system has processed the
benefit out of our foods creating a society that may be living longer but spending a large
portion of that with illness and increasing autoimmune disease. Learn easy basic steps to
adjust your external and internal environment for a healthier YOU. The student will learn
easy basic steps to adjust their external and internal environment to become healthier.
Information provided on organics, juicing, kefir and fermented vegetables (probiotics)
alternative healing, essential oil uses and nutritional supplements. The end goal of this
course is to have a solid basic understanding of how to balance a healthy life, without
crazy fad supplements, diets and changing information. Students will be provided with
take- aways and resource information. Green Juice and Kim Chi samples will be provided
in class.
Title: Pet Health and Wellness
Instructor: Heather Murley, DVM
Description: Have you ever wanted more than 20 minutes with your veterinarian? Would
you like more information about preventative care or medical treatments for your pet?
Join us on a guided tour of the world of pet health maintenance and care. The individual
topics in the course will allow you to choose what matters to you and your pet. Learn the
basics, where controversy lies, and what questions you should be asking your vet.
Enhance your pet’s health and your own knowledge with this entertaining and
information series. ( Disclaimer: This course is informational and although it contains
scientific information , specific health decisions for your pet should be made in the
context of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship.)
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Publish that Book and DO IT for FREE!
Instructor: Steven E. Burt
Description: Many people have a mystery, romance, memoir, or short story collection
they want to publish. With modern technology, you can do it as a print book, eBook, or
audiobook for FREE. The Villages’ own 4-time Mom’s Choice Award-winner Steve Burt
has 20 books, a dozen eBooks, and several audio books and he’ll teach you how to do it
too. From ONE COPY to THOUSANDS! First learn the three ways to produce a treebook: traditional (offset), short-run printing (digital), and one-at- a-time printing (printon-demand or POD), then explore eBooks (e.g. Kindle) and audio books (e.g. Audible).
You can do them for FREE! Workshop includes information on free and low-cost cover
design, ISBN’s copyrights, and more.
Title: QuickWitz
Instructor: Lydia Creely
Description: QuickWitz is a mental fitness program designed to maximize mental ability
in midlife and beyond. QuickWitz is composed of hands-on, fun, and interactive
activities designed to help the aging brain get sharp and stay sharp. QuickWitz uses a
cross trained methodology, which targets the skills first affected by aging, to prevent age
related decline. The program is presented as a 12 week brain training curriculum.
Title: Samba
Instructor: Manuel Muro
Description: Samba is a card game played with two teams of two players each. Teams
are able to play any 7 consecutive cards from 4 to Ace of the same suit without using a
“Wild Card”. Come learn the rules and have fun with this new card game which is being
played by many Village residents.
Title: Self Coaching for Happiness in Life
Instructor: John Maiorino
Description: The secret to success and happiness is building the daily habits that create
upward spirals of positivity and possibility. Thriving individuals are more energized,
happier, and successful at everything in life. They also are more resilient, altruistic, live
longer, and have more satisfying relationships. Thriving emerges from a skill set that can
be learned. This program guides the participants through the Self-Coaching for
Happiness® process to build these skills. Highly practical techniques and action plans
equip the participants with tools that can transform their lives.
Title: Signature Dishes
Instructor: Bob Lapodot
Description: So the only thing you do in your kitchen is make coffee? Like some many
Villagers, you’ve done your share of cooking over the years. Signature Dishes will
reawaken the culinary spirit within you. Each class is designed to teach the student a new
entrée through instruction, demonstration and participation. Hands-on involvement will
provide the student with the skills necessary to complete a delicious full course dinner.
Join the group for a fun time and come hungry.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Simplifying Metric Conversion
Instructor: Thomas Leonard
Description: Simplify metric conversion. No charts, no calculators needed. It’s easy to
obtain approximations – come see and learn how.
Title: Soap Making 101
Instructor: Dawn Gates
Description: This class is for those who want to make their own soap to give away as
gifts or to sell. This class will discussing how to make soap using lye, oil, water, and
essential oils. Students will learn about the difference in oils and additives used in soaps
as well as how to use molds to shape soaps and how to make them look beautiful using
natural herbs and dyes.
Title: Social Graces and Good Manners
Instructor: Shirley Martin
Description: Yes, you are right…we all know how to set a table, eat and have manners.
Like good posture and walking elegantly, there is an art to eating foods properly and
dining out with elegance and knowledge. Learn napkin folding, and some of the do’s and
don’ts of foods and manners at the table. Learn again those very special kind words that
are forgotten quite often. Next, dine out at a special restaurant for lunch (your expense)
and get hands-on training.
Title: Spiritual Herbalism
Instructor: Dawn Gates
Description: This is a 6-week class series that will talk about how to use herbs for more
spiritual purposes. It will go over: herbs for prosperity, herbs for love, herbs for healing,
herbs for purification, herbs for protection, and herbs to increase psychic abilities.
Title: Superfoods and More – Food Combinations Part II
Instructor: Norma Jean Teufel
Description: More in depth health concepts to include Super Foods and Drinks. There
will be discussions on healing therapies and deep sleep, along with visuals for
maintaining flexibility throughout life. Former students return to share with each other
and learn more expansive information about natural health.
Title: Understanding Original Medicare and Medicare Options
Instructor: George McEvilly
Description: This class will provide a clear understanding of original Medicare Parts A
& B including important gaps in coverage. We will carefully explore the two available
conceptual options for providing coverage beyond original Medicare. This includes,
Medicare Advantage plans (part C of Medicare) and Medicare supplement (Medicaid)
plans. A careful explanation of part D Prescription Drug plans and how to decide which
option makes sense.
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035
Title: Vegelicious: Plant Based Oil Free Cooking
Instructor: Debbie Waddell
Description: Join in on this interactive VEGELICIOUS: eating for health and longevity
course where you will learn how to cook low fat Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) meals
without oil. The students will quickly learn that you don’t have to give up good taste to
make delicious company worthy meals without artery clogging fat. The recipes that you
will learn to make will meet the requirements for those following Dr. John McDougall’s,
Dr. Joel Furhman’s, Dr. Dean Ornish’s and/or Dr. Caldwell Esselystyn’s programs for
reversing and preventing heart disease .During the cooking class the students will also
learn a wealth of information on eating to reverse and prevent heart disease and other
chronic illnesses and get to eat what they make. The students will leave the class with
meal plans to begin their health journey. There will be a $10 ingredients fee payable to
instructor on the day of the class.
Title: Vinegar Painting and Graining
Instructor: Lizabeth DeStefano
Description: With the use of paint, vinegar, and soap, students will learn the circa
1800’s European craft of Vinegar painting. Students will create fancy, colorful faux
finishes on sample boards and will complete a project that they can take home to enjoy.
Vinegar painting is a fun and easy craft that will inspire you to rehab some of those old
pieces of furniture, frames, or even, heirlooms in need of help that have been in the
family for years. Let’s paint!
Title: Writing Naturally
Instructor: Carole Sfekas
Description: Writing can be viewed as a mirror into someone’s soul. Join us in a
celebration of the written word. Our words uplift us, touch us, and inspire us. We are all
storytellers in this class we will share techniques which can lead to a free flow of creative
expression. Come and meet the writer in you!
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Office Hours: M-F, 9 am-4 pm, 275 Buffalo Trail, The Villages
Located in the east wing of The Villages High School
Phone: 352 753-3035