Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management
"ICIME 2014"
ID 10: Elaboration and characterisation of new cermic ultrafiltration membrane based on phosphate industry subproduct
Mouna Khemakhem, Sabeur Khemakhem, Raja Ben Amar
ID 115: Methodology for integrated water management
Valentina Pryazhinskaya
ID 95: Application of Aspergillus niger beta-glucosidase optimized in a submerged culture in a process for environmental load
removal and hydroxytyrosol enhancement from olive mill wastewater
Manel Hamza, Sami Sayadi
ID 249: Breadwinning capacity of horticultural products in areas exposed to aridification
Árpád Ferencz, Márta Nótári, Melinda Czeglédi
ID 290: Valorization of treated wastewater in agriculture: Case of El Hajeb- Sfax
Manel Ghariani, Fatma Ben Brahim, Mohamed Moncef Sarbaji, Hafedh Khanfir, Salem Bouri, Monem Kallel
ID 309: Evaluation of physico-chemical quality of water thermomineral HAMMAM MESKHOUTINE Guelma-Algeria
Soumaya Kherouf, Salima Ali Mokhnache, Noureddine Zenati
ID 364: Protection against floods in the lower valley of the Medjerda catchment.
Ahlem Gara, Khouloud Gader, Mohamed Bergaoui, Mohamed Raouf Mahjoub
ID 372: Evaporation reduction from water surface in arid areas using monolayers
Saggai Sofiane, Boutoutaou Djamel, Bachi Oum Elkheir
ID 429: Kriging method for study of the groundwater quality used for irrigation - Case of Wadi Djendjen Plain (North-East Algeria)
Abdelmadjid Boufekane, Omar Saighi
ID 403: The efficiency of coagulation/flocculation process for the treatment of industrial wastewater directly discharged in Wadi ElBey
Fodha Mhamdi, Imen Khouni, Ahmed Ghrabi
ID 539: Validation of the hydrological models GR2M and GR4J on the basin of Wadi Chouly (Tafna-NW Algerian
Gherissi Radia, Bouanani Abderazzak, Baba-Hamed Kamila
Islèm Chaari, Emna Fakhfakh, Kamel Jridi, Fakher Jamoussi
ID 738: Monitoring the effect of agriculture intensification on the quality of soils and waters in the irrigated perimeter in SoussMassa (Morocco)
Jamal Hallam, El Oumlouki Kaoutar, Moussadek Rachid, Chati Toufiq, Zouahri Abdelmajid, El Mouden Ahmed
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ID 115
ID 95
ID 249
ID 290
ID 309
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