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Call: H2020-LCE-2015-2
Topic: Demonstration of renewable electricity and heating/cooling technologies (LCE-032015)
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The proposal aims to reduce energy demand of buildings and increase energy supply from
integrated PV that improve building sustainability. Most buildings are high-rise with limited
spaces for PV rooftop system installation. The concept of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV)
would be an appropriate alternative form of the application. The BIPV system should
incorporate with more passive energy-efficient architecture designs.
In that respect the proposal aims to provide aesthetic, economical and technical solution to BIPV
within the climate envelopes of buildings.
1. Architecture companies
2. BIPV module manufacturer
3. Energy management research
4. Environmental assessment, socio-economic assessment
5. Software companies
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1. Design optimisation with planning software that leads to increase whole-life
performance and efficiency.
2. BIPV component manufacturer
3. Energy system optimisation that leads to reduce payback period of overall investment. (
4. Socioeconomic, environmental impact assessment that to address social awareness
and to meet green expectations.
5. User-friendly, cloud based web interface that addresses social awareness.
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EverOn Energy Ltd (United Kingdom)
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For commercial & industrial businesses, residential complexes, professionals, utilities and
investors who want to build sustainable, reliable and affordable energy future while making a
difference in the World, EverOn Energy is a tailor-made, versatile, intelligent Energy Service
Company that offers Energy Storage, Energy Management, Grid Data Analytics Technology
solutions which can be acquired with competitive advantage by all users in the UK, in Turkey and
in the US.
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Gokhan GULER
[email protected]
United Kingdom
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+44 7425 208020