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Volume 59, Number 4
The Tidings
January 28, 2015
Worship At Tabernacle
February 1, 2015
8:15 a.m. KAINOS Contemporary Worship
In the Gym
Rev. Glenn Dyer, Senior Pastor for the Interim
Transformed People
Acts 4:13, 20
Worship led by
Stuart Morris
The KAINOS Worship Band
10:30 a.m. in The Worship Center
Rev. Glenn Dyer, Senior Pastor for the Interim
Transformed People
Acts 4:13, 20
Mark Barnes, Supply Minister of Music
Tabernacle Choir
“Baby Bottle
Fill your baby bottle with change,
cash, or checks. All donations go
to the Pregnancy Resource Center.
Please return your bottles
by February 8.
Thank you for supporting
this vital Ministry
in our community.
A Message From Our Pastor For The Interim
Dear Family of Faith,
What a joy it is for us to renew old friendships and meet new people each week. I look forward to
worshipping with all of you.
We will continue our study of the Acts 29 church formula (SP + TP + SM = PR) - Supernatural Power +
Transformed People + Simple Message = Phenomenal Results.
On Sunday, we looked closely at the first part of this formula (SP) - Supernatural Power, and how the
Trinity (God the Father, Jesus the Son of God and Holy Spirit) invests themselves in our lives empowering us
to do extraordinary things.
The 5 “C’s” of Salvation in which the Holy Spirit becomes involved in each of our lives: The Holy Spirit
convicts us of sin. He convinces us of our need for a Savior. He empowers His believers to convey the
message that Jesus alone can save us. When we confess our sins, He converts us from sinner to Saint. Then,
He commissions us to do world-changing missions. Our part in this effort to save comes mostly when we
confess our sin and get ourselves in tune with Him. Then, we have the responsibility to convey the message
that “faith through grace” is the way of salvation.
This Sunday, we will be examining how we can live in the miraculous as “transformed people” telling
others about a “simple message” of hope and experiencing “phenomenal results” that only God can give.
Praying that each of you will have a blessed week.
See you Sunday,
Pastor Glenn Dyer
Recreation News
Thunder Zone
Family Entertainment Center
Sunday, February 22
For kids in grades 6-12
Cost: $20
This is a youth trip for kids in Grades 6-12.
Join us as we head over to Douglasville to
The Thunder Zone where you can experience bowling,
bumper cars, laser tag, and the massive arcade
all for one great price! Don’t miss out!
Kids should bring money for dinner.
The buses will depart from the TLC at 3:30 p.m.
on Sunday, February 22. Limited seating available
for the church buses. Sign up in the TLC!
Thank You Notes
A Message from
The Tabernacle Properties Committee
The City of Carrollton is going to install a sidewalk
on the church side of Tabernacle Drive. This will be
messy and will damage some of the shrubbery.
Please be patient during this process.
In the next few weeks we will be eliminating the
large coffee pots in the main building. One will still
be available in the TLC.
A coffee stand will be located close to the
Welcome Center in the main building. Someone will
be at the stand to serve you your choice of regular or
decaf. No blends will be available at this time.
There is no charge for the coffee, but donations
will be greatly appreciated.
Children’s Ministry News
have been received from:
Parent/Child Dedication
The family of Lina Scarboro
The family of Ruth Smith
Sunday, February 8
Student Ministry News
Student Super Bowl Party
In the TLC
Sunday, February 1
5:30 pm to end of game
Wings are on us…Please bring
a 2-Liter drink & a snack
“Doulos Days”
Adults who need work done at
their homes or businesses may
call Stephanie in the Student
Ministry office. We will send
students to work for donations.
Proceeds will support mission
trips, camps, conferences, etc.
Staff Anniversary
One of Tabernacle’s most valuable resources is those who
serve on our Church Staff. Please join us in recognizing this
employee anniversary:
Shirley Humphries - Twenty-nine years
on February 12
At Tabernacle, Parent/Child Dedication is defined as
the parental willingness to partner with God and the
Church to raise your child. If you are interested in
participating in this service, please contact Janet
Cleland. We will need a photo of your child, his/her
full name, parent’s names, and the names of any
siblings. The photo and information needs to be
turned in by Sunday, February 1.
Mothers Matter @ TAB Meetings
Monday, February 23 at noon in the Café
Monday, March 23 at noon in the Café
Monday, April 27 at noon in the Café
Upcoming events include Bible Study,
Breakfast and Lunch Groups, Dinner
and Game Night.
(Dates to be announced)
Extended Teaching Care
Sunday, February 1, 2015
Team Leader:
Lauren Charles
Babies/Creepers (Room 107):
Elaine Charles, Jim Charles
Toddlers & 2 Year Olds (Room 101):
No One Assigned
3 Year Old (Room 120):
Latasha Vaughn, Denise Lanier
Opportunities This Week
Pastor Glenn Dyer’s
Pastor Dyer has agreed to be in Carrollton three
days each week during his time as Senior Pastor for
the Interim. This week he will be here Saturday,
Sunday, and Monday.
Diabetes Prevention
Program Series
Tabernacle Baptist Church, in connection with Tanner
Health Systems will be starting a new Diabetes
Prevention Program Series on Thursday, January 29.
This class will meet weekly at 5:30 p.m. in the TLC.
You may register online at GetHealthyLiveWell.org or
call Phyllis Head at 770.686.9966.
A Note of Thanks
The Backpack Program at TAB
I would like to thank all churches that help with the
backpack program. This is a help to me, and also my
family. As a student at Central Middle School, I
understand where the help is coming from. Also, many
items in the back pack program are very healthy for us
too. Again, I thank you all for all that you do for us. You
have helped me, and also my sister. I know you do this
from the kindness of your heart, but I think if you
continue with the backpack program it won’t just help
me, it helps everyone else in the program too. Thank you
for all that you do.
A Student at Central Middle School
With Sympathy
To the family of Betty Keene,
our member, who died
January 20.
Sunday, February 1
8:00 am Children’s Worship for KAINOS (First Floor, Room 301)
8:15 am KAINOS Contemporary Worship (Chapel)
8:30 am Instrumental/Praise Band Rehearsal (Worship Center)
8:45 am Deacons’ Prayer Gathering (Chapel)
9:15 am Bible Study for All Ages
10:15 am Children’s Worship (Rooms 252, 254, 301, 317)
10:30 am Worship Gathering (Worship Center)
3:00 pm Pastor Search Committee Meeting (Room 206)
5:30 pm Student Super Bowl Party (TLC)
Monday, February 2
8:00 am MMO (Rooms 101, 107, 310A, 310B)
9:30 am Staff Meeting (Room 206)
10:00 am Open Gym Walking (Closes 12:00 pm)
6:30 pm Cub Scouts (Rooms 301, 304, 308, 310A)
6:30 pm Boy Scouts (Café)
Tuesday, February 3
8:00 am MMO (Rooms 101, 107, 310A, 310B)
10:00 am Open Gym Walking (Closes 12:00 pm)
10:00 am Holy-Walk-a-Molie (Gym)
12:00 pm Open Gym Basketball (Closes 2:00 pm)
3:00 pm Student Basketball (Gym)
6:00 pm West GA Tech Basketball Practice (Gym)
Wednesday, February 4
8:00 am MMO (Rooms 101, 107, 310A, 310B)
10:00 am Open Gym Walking (Closes 12:00 pm)
10:30 am PraiSingers Rehearsal (Room 222)
12:00 pm Open Gym Basketball (Closes 2:00 pm)
3:00 pm Student Zone (Gym, Café, Rooms 256, 258, 260, 262)
4:45 pm Wednesday Night Supper (Fellowship Hall)
5:30 pm Preschool Choir-Ages 4 & 5 (Rooms 127, 128)
5:30 pm Acteens (Room 234)
5:30 pm Graded Music and Missions (Rooms 301, 315, 317, 319,
321, 323)
6:00 pm Connect (Gym)
6:00 pm Adult Ensemble Rehearsal (Worship Center)
6:15 pm Mission Friends (Rooms 107, 120, 124, 126)
6:15 pm Wednesday Prayer Service (Chapel)
7:00 pm TAB Choir Rehearsal (Room 222)
8:30 pm KAINOS Band Practice (Gym)
Thursday, February 5
Wednesday Night
Adults $6
Children $4
8:00 am MMO (Rooms 101, 107, 310A, 310B)
10:00 am Open Gym Walking (Closes 12:00 pm)
10:00 am Holy-Walk-a-Molie (Gym)
12:00 pm Open Gym Basketball (Closes 2:00 pm)
5:00 pm West GA Tech Basketball Practice (Gym)
5:30 pm Diabetes Prevention Program (Rooms 260, 262)
Menu for February 4
Fried Chicken, Rice &
Gravy, Green Beans,
Yeast Roll, Dessert
Pizza, Fruit Cup,
* Make reservations by
noon on Tuesday.
Friday, February 6
8:00 am MMO (Rooms 101, 107, 310A, 310B)
9:30 am Friday Bible Study (Room 206)
10:00 am Open Gym (closes 12:00 pm)
Saturday, February 7
9:00 am Open Gym Walking (closes 10:30 am)
10:30 am Open Gym Basketball (closes 12:00 pm)
1:00 pm West GA Tech Basketball Practice (Gym)
Postage Paid
150 Tabernacle Drive, Carrollton, GA 30117-6216
Phone: 770.832.7063 Fax: 770.834.2777
Website: www.tabernacle.org
Sunday Broadcast: WBTR-FM 92.1 at 11:00 a.m.
Pastoral Team
Mark Barnes, Supply Minister of Music
Janet Cleland, Associate for Children
Glenn Dyer, Senior Pastor for the Interim
Chad Sipes, Associate for Students
The Tidings is published weekly by
Tabernacle Baptist Church.
Periodicals postage paid at
Carrollton, Georgia 30117.
POSTMASTER: Send changes to
The Tidings, 150 Tabernacle Dr.,
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Sunday’s Report - January 25, 2015
Worship Gatherings
Worship Center
Children’s Worship
Total Worship
Church Conference
Sunday Bible Study
On Campus
Cottage Landing
Total Bible Study
S.S. Active Enrollment
(January) 528
Stewardship Report
YTD (Fiscal Year: October-September)
$ 23,812.84
$ 515,377.61
Budget Year to Date
Contributions Year to Date
$ 542,720.54
Expenditures Year to Date
$ 482,702.31
Journey in Faith
$ 1,345.00
Journey in Faith Year to Date
$ 53,194.00
World Missions
$ 155.00
World Missions Year to Date
$ 4,754.00
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Memorials and Honorariums
January 15, 2015
General Church Budget in Memory of:
Mr. Raymond Hughes
Mrs. Ruth Smith
Mr. James Upchurch
General Church Budget in Honor of:
Mrs. Linda Haney
Journey in Faith in Memory of:
Mrs. Ruth Smith
Mr. Dorsey Smith
Mrs. Betty Keene
Mr. Talmadge Ayers
Mr. Raymond Hughes
Mrs. Agnes Burson
Backpack Program in Memory of:
Mrs. Lina Scarboro
(Sandra Hughes and Howard Scarboro’s Mother)
Open Hands United Christian Ministries
in Memory of:
Mrs. Ruth Smith
Needs for February
*Volunteers are still needed beginning
Saturday, February 14. Training for
volunteers will be held at 8:00 a.m. on
Saturday, February 14 at Open Hands.
Deacons of the Week
February 1 - February 7
Chris Evans
Steve Jennings
Jeanie Oliver