The Village Crier

Volume 64, No.7
The Village Crier
June, 2010
Published by the Associates of Loch Raven Village, Inc., Since 1947
Celebrate our grADUATES!
– see Over the Fence, page 7
President’s Message
Summer is just about here. A sure
sign of its imminent arrival was the
May 22nd “Dumpster Day” in Loch
Raven Village. Jerry Heilman oversaw the
delivery of ten dumpsters – seven for the
Village and three for Knettishall. Jerry’s helpers this year were Sue O’Neill,
who, incidentally, collected $275.00 for
the fireworks, Wayne Skinner, Gary
Herwig, Mike Smith, Bud Thomas, and
Brandon and his wife. I hope I haven’t
missed anyone. Thanks for your help.
Lucky 50/50 Winner!
Elizabeth Ruppert of Doxbury
Road was the winner of the 50/50
Raffle that was held by the ALRV
to benefit the 2010 fireworks. Ms.
Ruppert’s name was drawn at
the May ALVA meeting and was
awarded $638.50. Congratulations
to Ms. Ruppert and thank you to
all who participated.
To celebrate Independence Day with
flair, this year the Kiwanis Club is asking for volunteers to help place American
flags in front of all Village residences.
Flags will be distributed to volunteers
at 7:00am on July 4th from the parking lot of Pleasant Plains Elementary
School. Please give an hour of your time
and help distribute the flags to keep up
this wonderful tradition.
Please bring your family and friends
to enjoy the annual Fourth of July Picnic
held at the Loch Raven Center grounds
4th of July Festivities!
Picnic and Activities
Castle Playground noon-3pm
LRA fields Dusk (approx. 9pm)
on Glen Keith Blvd. The fun starts at
noon and ends at 3:00pm. The menu
includes free hotdogs, popcorn, ice
cream, etc. All will be followed by fireworks at LRA’s upper fields at dusk.
I hope to see you on the fourth!
– Gretchen Sarkin
Happy Father’s Day
LVR Dads!
Just for fun —Top
Ten TV Dads of All
Time. Who do you most resemble?
1. Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby)
Cosby Show
2. Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley)
Happy Days
3. Mike Brady (Robert Reed)
The Brady Bunch
4. Charles Ingalls (Michael Landon)
Little House on the Prairie
5. Ward Cleaver (Hugh Beaumont)
Leave It to Beaver
6. Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith)
The Andy Griffith Show
– continued on page 4
Executive Committee
President – Gretchen Sarkin
[email protected]
Vice-President – Lori Cullinan
Treasurer – Leslie Vallade
Secretary – Cindy Mavrophilipos
Board Members
Bruce Knauff
Leslea Knauff
Cindy Mavrophilipos
Dimitri Mavrophilipos
Darrell Krushensky
Sue O’Neill
Gary Herwig
Jerry Heilman
Bud Thomas
Wade Barnes
Mary King
Mike Smith
Katherine Shamer
contact to come
Kate Walkinshaw
[email protected]
Committees - It takes a Village!
The Village Crier –
Editor – Lori Cullinan
[email protected]
Layout & Co-editor – Kate Walkinshaw
Proofreader & Archive Editor – Mary Noy
Advertising Coordinator – Leslie Vallade
School News Reporter – Thea Mussman
Architectural Review –
Darrell Krushensky
Block Captains – Leslea Knauff
By-laws – Mary King
Citizens on Patrol – Lori Cullinan
Commercial Development – Open
Community Events – Open
Covenant & Restrictions –
Darrell Krushensky
Gardens – Gretchen Sarkin
Marketing – Open
Membership – Wade Barnes
Zoning – Gretchen Sarkin
Real Estate – Leslea Knauff
Pleasant Plains Elementary Liaison –
Mary Noy 410-823-2672
Loch Raven Academy and Loch
Raven High School Liaison –
Thea Mussman 410-823-8285
Web – transitioning
[email protected]
District 5 County Councilman –
Hon. Vince Gardina
410-887-3384 Fax 410-887-5791
[email protected]
Towson Times LRV Columnist –
Sue Van Essen 410-665-2899
Towson University (off-campus
resident complaints) –
Ryan Kane or Pat Frawley
Baltimore County Code Enforcement –
Mike Mohler, Deputy Director
Pet Locator –
Darrell Krushensky 410-823-6330
Police –
911 or 410-887-2222
ALRV Meetings
Meetings are held on the
second Tuesday of each month
7:00pm, Room 102 at the former
Loch Raven Center
1801 Glen Keith Boulevard.
Residents are encouraged to attend,
and to help in our ongoing work
“to protect, maintain, and enhance
the property values of Loch Raven
Village homes, and the quality of life
of Loch Raven Village residents.”
New Local Childcare Program
Earns an A+!
LRV has a great new option in afterschool childcare! Babcock Presbyterian
Church opened the “A+ Care at Babcock” afterschool program in November of last year to provide high-quality
care for elementary-age children (K-5th
grade). The program strives to meet the
academic needs of the children through
tutoring and homework assistance, and
also emphasizes cooperative play, positive interaction, and activities to help a
child’s sense of respect and awareness of
right and wrong.
Primary activities include academic
tutoring to strengthen or remediate skills, organized age-appropriate
activities encouraging self-expression in
a safe and nurturing environment, and
daily lessons based on Bible teachings
with a focus on applying those lessons
in daily life. The program also focuses
on activities related to music, arts and
crafts, recreation, and drama. Each day
a snack is provided. The program is led
by an experienced Director and staff
with years of experience working in
local school systems, and is fully licensed
by the State of Maryland.
This program was developed to support
the Loch Raven Village community and
surrounding areas, and it follows the
Baltimore County Public School calendar. Hours of operation are from 3:30
pm to 6:00 pm. The cost is $50 per week,
and discounts may be available for families with multiple enrolled participants
or with financial need. There is also a
daily rate of $15/day for those families
with children who do not need to attend
5 days a week.
How well is the A+ afterschool program
doing? Quite well apparently, according
to parents Chuck and Terri Cook:
“We appreciate everything that you do
for Brandon in the afternoons. We never
have to worry and know that he is safe
and well cared for. There has never been
a doubt in our minds that sending him
to your after school care was a great decision. Everyone has helped him in so many
ways. He has improved so much with his
writing, he is constantly learning things
from you that he did not know and he
is always very happy when we pick him
up in the afternoon. You consistently
make sure that he has completed his
homework and let us know what didn’t
get done. This is very special because it
gives us more free time in the evening.
Your center is very accommodating and
flexible to a dual working parent household. All of you are very enthusiastic and
passionate about caring for the kids and
it shows. Thank you from the bottom of
our heart for caring for Brandon when
we can’t be there.”
Additional information about the program can be found on the web at
or by calling them at 410-825-0089.
Transportation services are not available, but an added bonus for local families is that the A+ staff meets particiContributing Writer,
pating children from Pleasant Plains
Josh Sutherland
Elementary at the end of their school
day (3:15 p.m.) and walks with them to
the church. How great is that!
page 03
Gardening ‘til it hurts?
Walking around the Village, it’s obvious
that some serious gardeners live here!
But for many gardeners, that green
thumb is painful.
Animal Hospital
Arthritis of the thumb is a common, and
often debilitating, disorder. It occurs
more often in women than in men, and
is most likely to strike after age 40. It
may also develop in people who have
had thumb fractures or injuries.
Dr. Donald C. Mills
In addition to pain, arthritis usually
causes swelling and tenderness at the
base of the thumb. You may notice a
loss of strength when gripping, such as
opening a jar, or pinching, such as when
you are trying to pick up a coin.
Doctors hours by appointment
Don’t ignore it—talk with your doctor. Arthritis not only causes pain and
restricts mobility, it can destroy your
joints. As small as it is, your thumb is
crucial for performing many daily activities, such as turning a key, opening
a door, buttoning clothes, and, of course,
Monday-Friday 9-6
Saturday 9-1
6839 Loch Raven Blvd.
Hillendale Shopping Center
Your Neighborhood Printer
You can minimize wear and tear on the
thumb joint by using arthritis-friendly
products, such as gardening tools with
extra padding or large handles. And
don’t forget to wear padded gloves. (The
Arthritis Foundation recommends some
tools. Check out
Having a green thumb shouldn’t mean
having a painful thumb.
– Contributing Writer, Karen Harrop
– continued from cover
7. John Walton (Ralph Waite)
The Waltons
[email protected]
8. Dan Conner (John Goodman)
9. Steve Keaton (Michael Gross)
Family Ties
10. Tom Bradford (Dick Van Patten)
Eight is Enough
1220-A E. Joppa Rd • Ste 102
Towson, Maryland 21286
VOICE 410 427 0190
FAX 410 427 0189
page 04
Color Copies
*$20.00 Minimum Order. Upgraded 24# White Laser Paper,
Letter Size (8.5’’x11’’) Single Sided, No Bleeds. Limited Time Offer.
School News
seven awardees
Pleasant Plains Elementary
PPES is proud to announce that Connie
Yee and Kira Coleman, who have participated in the Reading Research Lab
book program, will have their books published by the American Reading Company. Connie, a 3rd grader has written a
book titled Spend the Day with Amazing Dolphins, and Kira, a 5th grader has
written a book called Horrifying Hurricanes. All students who participated in
the book program are invited to attend
the Pleasant Plains Authors’ and Readers’ Ball on Thursday, June 10th at 6:30
- 8:00pm at the school.
Registration for Kindergarten was held
on June 10th. If you missed the date,
please contact the school at 410-8873549.
Loch Raven Academy
LRA’s spring musical “How to Eat Like
a Child” went very well. The kids did a
great job of entertaining the audience.
Well done!
The 8th grade farewell assembly will
take place on June 16th. Congratulations to all those who are leaving us and
moving on to high school!
Loch Raven High School
The Track and Field team had an exciting and successful State Championship
Meet. Steve Waithe continued his season-long dominance in the Triple Jump,
winning the state 1A Championship,
while setting the 1A State record with
a jump of 48 feet, 8.75 inches, the sixth
longest triple jump in state history!
Both the boys’ and the girls’ lacrosse
teams had reason to celebrate recently
as they took home the regional championships. Congratulations!
Immaculate Heart of Mary
in the Archdiocese of
Baltimore, and her award will total
approximately $18,000. The scholarship
is awarded by the Knott Foundation.
Seventh grader, Jamie Freed, was
selected as the winner of the middle
school entries in the Maryland Foreign
Language Association’s (MFLA) 2010
Visual Arts Contest. The theme for this
year’s contest was “Go Global: Communicate, Collaborate, Participate.” She
was awarded $50 and her work will appear on the Association’s website.
Calvert Hall
Mr. Joseph G. (George) Kropp, Social
Studies Department, and Mr. Augustine F. Miceli, Sr., Mathematics Department, were both honored for their 50
years of dedicated and faithful service as
teachers and former coaches at Calvert
Hall during a Mass and Dinner on the
school’s campus on Saturday, May 22,
2010. Both teachers began their careers
at Calvert Hall for the 1960-61 school
year. In addition to their teaching careers, both men were successful head
varsity coaches, Mr. Kropp with the
swimming and water polo programs and
Mr. Miceli with the football and basketball teams.
Calvert Hall juniors Jack Keller and
James Kuhn were two of only 60 art
students chosen to participate in The
Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation
2010 Summer Seminar Program on the
campus of The Colorado College in Colorado Springs. The seminar is a scholarship program available nationally to
artistically gifted high school juniors
(2009-10) in public and private schools
and is designed as an art institute offering an intensive visual art studio program for the students.
IHM fourth grader, Paige Pisano, was
July Issue Deadline: 06/25/10
recently awarded the prestigious Knott
Scholarship. Paige was one of only
page 05
Leslea S. Knauff, Realtor®
Loch Raven Village Expert!
Accredited Home-Staging
Specialist TM
Come learn
& play with us.
We’re a non-profit cooperative
with programs for 3 and 4 year olds,
where parents are active participants
in their child’s earliest education.
We provide a stimulating and
nurturing environment, conveniently
located in your neighborhood!
Contact GLRRC at 410-887-5309
Family Owned & Operated
Timothy Fosbrink
Evelyn H. Johnson
Heather N. Hayes
M. Neal Coleman
Staged homes sell faster—
for more $$!*
When you list with me!
410-627-2441 (cell)
410-667-3733 (Off/VM)
*According to the National Association of Realtors.®
Collision Repair & Mechanical
Service for all makes and models
Honored by all insurance companies
$15 oil change for most
vehicles with this ad
E 198
Dan Hicks, owner
and LRV resident
Allow Our Family of Professionals
to Serve Your Family
2720 Sisson St. Baltimore 21211
8521 Loch Raven Blvd.
Pre-Planning & Pre-Financing
Burial & Cremation Services
Congratulations Graduates:
Congratulations to Sean Noy of
Pleasant Plains Road. He is set to graduate from Loch Raven High School this
month and will start college in the fall.
James Eustace of Loch Shiel Road will
be graduating from Calvert Hall this
month and will be heading to Cornell in
the fall to pursue a degree in engineering.
Michael McKay of Putty Hill Avenue
graduated with a Pre-Medical Bachelors
Degree from Hawaii Pacific University.
His mom, Brenda, has also graduated
this year! She earned a Bachelors Degree in Business & Management from
Johns Hopkins University.
Congratulations to Leah and Nikolas
Wieczorek of Putty Hill Avenue . Leah
is graduating from Cromwell Valley
Elem. and Nikolas is graduating from
Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Congratulations to LRV Cromwell
Valley Elementary Class of 2010!
This includes: Lindsay Bull, Ryan
Gordon, David Harrop, Hunter Hewson,
Tessa Kent, Josephine Kozak, Rachel
McLaren, Katie Milano, William Sears,
and Flynn Walkinshaw.
Congratulations to Daniel Phillips
of Loch Shiel Road for graduating from
the 8th Grade at Perry Hall Christian
Congratulations to Kennedy Phillips
of Loch Shiel Road for making the Principal’s Honor Roll this past quarter at
Perry Hall Christian School. She will
be completing the 5th Grade there this
month. She will also celebrate her 11th
birthday on June 21st.
Best Wishes to Kyra O’Donnell of
Feldbrook Road. She is graduating from
Pleasant Plains Elementary School!
Joan and Don Slaughter of Dellsway
Road celebrated their 60th wedding
anniversary on June 5th. Festivities
included a dinner at the Peppermill
restaurant with their five children. The
Slaughters have lived in the Village for
43 years.
Welcome to Fran, Stacy and their
family, our new neighbors on Kirkwall
Welcome to Sarah and Nick, our
fabulous new neighbors on Feldbrook.
So glad to have you here!
We’d like to give a warm welcome to
Sean and Karen Williams and their 2
1/2 year old son, August on their recent
move to Deveron Road.
Please send us your news and
happenings! July issue deadline:
06/25/10. Mail to [email protected]
page 07
Flag Day
ll,Jr. Editor
Who cut th
and was hon merican flag into piece
ored for doi
ng it?
Is it ever a
to fly the fl
upside dow
What is don
e with wor
n or
outdated fl
Francis Sco
tt Key wro
te the word
to “The Sta
Banner” on
the back on
an envelop
e. What is
source of th
e music for
The Americ
an flag firs
t flew over
foreign fort
in what cou
A vexillolo
gist is an ex
pert in wha
(see answer
s at the bot
Here it comes. Summer! Flag Day is Mond
ay June 1
Fly your fl
ag with P
As soon as the beautiful month of
June rolls in, it is bathing suit season.
You just want to spend all your time at
else’s: relaxing at home with my friends,
the beach or at the pool. But you can’t
going to barbeques and eating good food
just yet because school hasn’t ended. And
and lots of time at the pool!
your teachers keep giving you homework.
What adventures will you have? Where
But as soon that final bell rings on the
will you go? What sandy beach will you
18th, you are gone! And it is GREAT!
soak up rays on? Just remember, always
You can be with your friends 24/7, go to
use sunscreen so you don’t get burned!
amusement parks or on vacation, maybe
visit your family, or maybe your family
visits you.
Then later I am off to York Beach, Maine,
with a good friend and her family, for
more fun in the sun! But for the most
part, my summer will be like everyone
page 08
Flag Day Trivia answers: 1. Robert
Peary, who left pieces of the flag scattered at the North Pole. 2. Yes, but only
in an emergency. It means “Help Me! It’s
an emergency! Call the police! I am in
dire trouble and need immediate help!”
3. Flags are used until they are worn out
and then they are destroyed, preferably
by burning. 4. The music is from an old
English drinking song called “To Anacreon in Heaven.” 5. Libya — over Fort
Derne, on the shores of Tripoli. 6. The
history of flags. (Info from http://www.
[email protected]
Miss. L
very own Daddy! You’re the Best!
This year, in particular, will be special
because I am going to a big family reunion in Lake Placid. After that my family will travel to Montreal, Canada, for a
few days, where I can finally use some of
the French I learned at school!
I also want to wish all
the LRV Dads a very happy
Father’s Day! Most Especially my
g Our N
r Edit
or: em
For some, summer is the best time of the
year. I know it is for me, and that is because it is also the time for my birthday.
But that’s not the only reason I like the
summer. I also get to go fun and interesting places. For instance, I can go camping with my friends and family. Sometimes we may go to a theme park.
Home Repairs by Scott, LLC
Maintain the value of your home.
Have small repairs taken care of
before they
become LARGE repairs.
Reliable and on-time, prepared to
start work immediately.
MHIC 
EPA Lead-safe Certified Firm
Your Home Sold in 120 days or
less at a Price Acceptable To
You Guaranteed or I Will Buy It.
Find out more about this offer at (click
on “Your Home Sold Guaranteed.”) or call 1-800-417-7690 id#
1072 Call 24/7 for recorded information that explains this offer
Baltimore City - 410-342-4444
Baltimore County - 443-745-2734
Email: [email protected]
Using new & innovative approaches to home marketing,
including state of the art technology, abundant online
presence & years of experience, Tim Hodgin sells more
homes in Loch Raven Village than any other Realtor.
Read what his recent satisfied Sellers have said about his
home selling system. Call or email for your free analysis.
Letter from the Editor
The LRVA would like to rectify an oversight. The board failed to congratulate
its two newest board members.
At the LRVA annual meeting in April,
resident Katherine Shamer was elected
to the board. Ms. Shamer was the only
new member elected to the board at the
Kate Walkinshaw, of Feldbrook Road,
was voted in as a board member in March
at the monthly meeting. Kate had been
attending board meetings, working as
the Crier designer and co-editor, and is
heading up the website committee. She
will be continuing in these capacities.
The board would like to extend our
appreciation to the pair as they serve for
the betterment of our community. Volunteers are a special breed and we are
grateful for their commitment.
Board positions are still vacant. If you
are at all interested in serving, please
feel free to contact any of the current
board members for more information.
We would love to have you.
– Lori Cullinan, Crier Editor
see something
say something
If you
4th of July Festivities!
Picnic and Activities
Castle Playground noon-3pm
LRA fields Dusk (approx. 9pm)
Tim sold our home for $264,500
in 16 days during the double
blizzards! He is extremely professional & executed every in & out
of our home sale. Use him if you
want to sell your home.” - The
Sarangoulis Family - LRV
“Tim Hodgin sold my home
on Dellsway Rd. in 3 days
for $275,000 which was my
full asking price. He also
attracted many buyers and
made the process smooth.”
- Sam Nuttall - LRV
July Issue Deadline: 06/25/10
Loch Raven Book Club
Events Calendar / Jun/Jul
On May 20th, the Book Club celebrated
its 5th Anniversary with a dinner meeting at the Orchard Marketplace and
planned the next selections: The Pearl
by John Steinbeck (June 17th), Life
Class by Pat Barker (July 15th) and A
Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway
(Sept. 16th).
Vacation Bible School
Theme: “This is My Father’s World”
Friday, June 25th, from 6:00pm 9:00pm & Saturday, June 26th, from
9:00am - 3:00pm.
Babcock Presbyterian Church
FREE to all elem. school students.
Contact: Jennifer Pearson (410-6658533).
The Book Club meets at Loch Raven Center (1801 Glen Keith Blvd.) at 7:30pm on
the third Thursday of each month (except August and December). This is a
“come as you are, come when you can”
group which is perfect for busy people.
If you would like to receive the special
Fifth Anniversary program which has
the complete list of books we have read,
contact Leslea Knauff at [email protected] or 410-823-0648.
July 4th Community Picnic
July 4th @ noon – 3pm.
Castle Playground/Glen Keith Blvd.
Cookout, Games and Moonbounce.
Contact: Sue O’Neill 410-823-8765
Fireworks @ dusk @ LRA School!!
ALRV General Meeting
Tuesday, July 13th @ 7:00pm
Loch Raven Center, Room 102
1801 Glen Keith Blvd.
Loch Raven Kiwanis Meetings
Wednesdays, July 7th & July 14th,
@ 6:30pm
Pappas Restaurant (Taylor &
Optional Meal ($20), call ahead
Contact: Judy LaFlame 410-499-0018
or [email protected]
LRV Bullast
ctober 9th 20
Saturday, O
Heritage Par
Road Balti
7631 Harford
ed in the P
21234 (Locat
Shopping C
Tickets: $30.
e Barnes
Contact: Wad
410-870- 56
see something
say something
If you
classified Ads
OC MD CONDO 140th St.; Beautifully
and comfortably decorated; fully furnished;
sleeps 6; nonsmoking; no pets; cable TV,
VCR, DVD. Free parking. Adult and baby
pools. Only weeks of 6/19-6/26; 7/3-7/10; and
9/11-9/18 left. Rates reduced to $700 (Sept.
week is $650), taxes included. Call Brenda
For Sale: 2-yr old Dell Inspiron
Desktop computer, 500 GB hard drive;
barely used; $700 new, asking $300 or b/o.
Call 410-337-9044 for details.
For Sale: Back Porch Awning (poles
included), inside of group, all new, used only
2 years. (17’ Wide, 10’ Projection, 3-6’ Drop)
Scalloped edge and green color. Excellent
condition. Cost New: $2,205. Will sell for
$1,300. Please call: George 410-337-7270.
July Issue Deadline: 06/25/10
page 1 0
Service Ads
Ed’s Lawn Care Services Never Cut
Your Lawn Again! You Will Have The
Best Looking Lawn In The Neighborhood. Satisfaction Guaranteed! Grass Cut/
Trimmed /Clean Up, Semi-Detached $30$50/End of Group $25-$40/Inside Group
$15-$25. Loch Raven Village Resident for
28+ Years. FREE ESTIMATES. Call Ed
Heaths Awning Services Complete
Service Provider. New customers call
and ask how you can reduce your service
cost by 40-50%. New and Refurbished
Frames and Covers, Replacement Awning
and Winter Covers, Awnings (Patched,
Repaired and Reseamed) Frames (Repaired,
Replaced or Removed). Free Estimates.
Call 410-343-0081 or [email protected]
TJ’s Lawn & Landscape Prompt, courteous, local service. Lawns cut, with or without bagging. Shrubs and hedges trimmed
properly. Shrubs and hedges removed.
Garden care including clean-out, weeding
and mulching. Yard and leaf clean-ups.
Hauling, light moving, and delivery. Complete outdoor services. 20 years experience. Call Terry, 443-275-2853.
Plumber Your neighborhood plumber
for all plumbing services, 25 years experience, Loch Raven Homeowner, reasonable rates, dependable service. Call Bill at
A-AAA Tree Service Tree removal, trimming and thinning. Shrubbery removal
and hedge work. 25 years of experience
and fully insured. Loch Raven resident, no
job too small. John 410-321-0921.
Cullen Roofing & Siding Co. New roofs
& repairs, aluminum gutters & spouts,
gutter guards & cleaning, trim work &
siding. Longtime LRV resident. Call for a
free estimate. 410-337-6777 or 410-665-1414.
Family owned and operated. M.H.I.C. #6460.
LRV Babysitting Single mother looking
to make some extra $. I have a teen-age
daughter and now have the time to babysit in the evenings and on Sundays. Please
call Kim @ 410-303-6177.
“Walkin Ur Baby” Dog walking Fellow
pet lover and Village resident currently fill-
ing slots for your pet’s mid-day workout.
Entertainment for cats as well. Services
cater to the Mon-Fri work week. Sessions run
approximately 30 minutes. Occasional weekends. Bonded and insured. Trustworthy and
dependable. Call Steve 443-691-7479.
Fisher Painting Protect your investment and
seal your exterior walls with water repellant
treatment. We also caulk windows. With
over 25 years of painting experience, we are
yourprofessional source for a beautiful home.
Estimates provided for painting, power
washing and staining. Licensed and Insured.
Retired firefighter. Call Russ 410-913-6930.
Painting, Decks, Power washing and
Gutter Cleaning Phil with Koch Painting
LLC, a well trusted, reliable painter with lots
of great referrals! Loch Raven Village resident! For FREE ESTIMATES call Phil 410935-9921, Email [email protected], Website: Insured, Bonded.
Childcare Openings Available Licensed
daycare openings for 2, 3 and 4 year olds,
near Loch Raven and 695. Former preschool
teacher with Child Development degree
offers a safe, nurturing, learning environment for your child with daily arts and crafts
projects and weekly themes. Anna’s Friendly
Forest 443-791-1444.
After-school care A+ Care @ Babcock,
8240 Loch Raven Blvd. Open every school
day, 3:30-6:00. Sign up NOW for Fall 2010.
410-825-0089 or [email protected]
License # 155550. References available.
To place an ad:
Submit your ad via email (pdf) to
[email protected] Send a printed
copy with payment to:
The Village Crier P.O. Box 9721
Baltimore, MD 21284
No ads will be taken by phone.
Rates: Classified Ads - $5.00 per
25 words, 50 word max.
Professional Services - $25.00 per ad,
50 word max.
Payable to: Associates of
Loch Raven Village, Inc.
Note: All Service Ads are to be paid in
advance of publication.
July Issue Deadline: 06/25/10
2010 DUES Now Due
Please complete this form and mail it
along with your $40 payment ($30 for
seniors) to:
Years as resident? ______
Associates of Loch Raven Village
P.O. Box 9721
Loch Raven, MD 21284-9721
All information collected will be held in
the strictest confidentiality, and will be
used for the sole purpose of serving the
Association’s membership and community of Loch Raven Village.
Name: ______________________________
Street address: ______________________
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the 2010 LRV fireworks in the amount
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Larry Schafer
& Grandson
Contractor, inc.
MHIC 2050
lease Volunteer
Tom Baumeister
design • installation • maintenance
shrub removal • small tree removal
fertilization • installation • aerating
over-seeding • sod
Also: stump removal, grading,
trenching, tilling
Licensed & Insured
Thank you for your past support
and patronage!
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