Cisco Hyperlocation Solution At a Glance

Cisco Hyperlocation
Create Better Customer Experiences with Pinpoint
Location Data
• Gain improved accuracy for
all your location-detection
applications and needs.
• Enjoy always-on coverage
with a solution that is network
based rather than installed on
• Increase operational
excellence by precisely
locating customers, visitors,
and assets.
As thousands of passengers move through the airport, the airport
management system tracks the mass flow and individually sends
notifications to passengers’ phones to help guide them to their gates.
Retail customers get directions to a specific department right on their
smartphones. Brick-and-mortar retailers gain valuable analytics from
shopper foot-flow patterns and gain insight into product placement.
Misplaced manufacturing equipment is located in the warehouse within
minutes. These are just some of the possibilities with today’s location
technology. With the right tools, you can use the technology in your
business to attract and retain customers. Deliver more personalized
experiences. Differentiate your services from competitors.
As one of today’s most advanced location solutions, Cisco Hyperlocation
is ultra-precise in locating beacons, inventory, and personal mobile
devices. Some networks use multiple access points to get location
coordinates within 5 to 7 meters of accuracy, but Hyperlocation can
track locations to within a single meter. The Hyperlocation modules
easily attach to the back of your Cisco Aironet® 3700 and 3600 Series
access points. Built-in BLE beacons let businesses combine Wi-Fi and
BLE technologies to enable precise locations for diverse use cases.
Figure 1. Plug the Hyperlocation Module into the Back of Your Cisco Aironet 3600 or
3700 for Enhanced Location Tracking
• Get more out of your
investment with a Cisco®
platform that uses and
expands on your existing
access point deployment.
• Take advantage of Bluetooth
Low Energy (BLE) beacon
technology with easy
management, monitoring,
and implementation.
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A Location Platform for the Needs of Today — and
With the Cisco Hyperlocation solution, you get a platform that can
handle all of today’s location applications and capabilities, with forward
compatibility to seamlessly integrate technologies that haven’t even
been developed yet.
Get More Out of Your Location-Based Solutions Using Beacons with
BLE Features
BLE beacons enable exciting proximity-based engagement experiences.
But beacon monitoring and management can get really complex, really
fast. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) and Cisco CleanAir®
make it simple to manage beacons throughout your entire business. The
solution also locates failed, lost, and even rogue beacons. With builtin BLE beacons, Cisco Hyperlocation can help you centrally configure
in-venue beacons, engage with visitors using their iOS/BLE apps, and
provide a best-in-class Wi-Fi experience. Hyperlocation saves you the
extra cost and effort of buying, configuring, deploying, managing, and
replacing a multitude of separate products.
Enhance Existing Solutions with Better Accuracy
When integrated with your existing access points, Cisco Hyperlocation
improves accuracy, taking those solutions to new levels of efficiency.
Integrating Hyperlocation with CMX, for instance, can result in more
precise location analytics — which helps you deliver more targeted
content to users. Give directions to new customers. Place products
according to consumer preferences. Rearrange aisles and shelving to
capitalize on shopper foot traffic. It’s all made possible with precise
location detection.
Common Use Cases
• Hospitals: Track location of clinicians, amount of time spent with
patients, and location of medical devices and equipment. Patients can
also use applications that help them navigate from the parking lot to
clinicians’ offices inside hospitals.
• Warehouses and retail stores: Greet customers on mobile devices
as they enter, advertise more effectively by discovering where guests
spend time and money, and send targeted coupons as customers
enter specific departments.
• Education: Determine where students congregate and place wireless
access points where they’re most needed; monitor student foot traffic
to better schedule classes; and identify student/faculty location in
security incident response procedures.
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