Handpicked new products FEBRUARY 2013

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new products
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There’s a change in the air that can only mean one thing – a hot round of handpicked, new
products from IKEA is here! Coming this February are a mix of products with styles that draw
from traditional, contemporary and a little bit of country – Swedish country, that is.
New Swedish country style textiles like ÅKERKULLA, ÅKERFRAKEN, ÅKERTISTEL and more
bring the calm, light and simple touch of Swedish folklore to quilt covers, rugs, cushions,
curtains and more. Look for lots of red, ochre, green, grey and white in these floral and
striped patterns.
Summoning a strong sense of tradition with a fresh take are pieces like the handmade,
detail-rich ÄLMSTA rattan chair; playful blue and white porcelain PROMENAD dinnerware;
and SUNDVIK children’s desk in with old-fashioned, flip-top style.
There’s plenty of contemporary news, too, from the graphic patterns of KVITTRA storage
boxes and bold limited edition colours of BILLY bookcases to the modern angles and cut-outs
in SELJE bedside table.
Welcome to fantastic February news!
Contact information
To get in touch with us, please contact:
Yeong Tze Kuen
email [email protected]
phone 03-7720 7273
For more images, please contact:
Jessie Lam
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phone 03-7720 7325
Box love
Paperclips, old photos, love notes or nothing at all – whatever finds a
home inside new KVITTRA boxes is guaranteed a stylish existence.
KVITTRA boxes are made of 80% recycled and laminated paper board
and come in four different patterned box sizes. Flowers, dots, squares,
scribbles, stripes and triangles add graphic goodness to the outsides and
the insides are bright red, too. The lids sit flush with the boxes for extra
sleek tidiness. Plus, all boxes come with removable, clip-on metal label
Available in 15x15, 20x20, 25x25 and a 32x25x20 size that’s ideal for
magazines and papers – KVITTRA boxes are patterned personalities for
your storage needs.
KVITTRA boxes come
in four different
patterned sizes, with
bright red insides.
The lids of KVITTRA boxes are designed to sit
flush with the outside, for an extra clean look.
KVITTRA series Paper. Designer: Anna Salander.
1. Box with lid RM24.90 W20×D20, H20cm. Flower/red.
2. Box with lid RM19.90 W15×D15, H15cm. Orange/brown.
3. Box with lid RM29.90 W32×D25, H20cm. Black.
4. Box with lid RM29.90 W25×D25, H25cm. Red.
A contemporary cut-out
SELJE bedside table
Like a favourite, dog-eared page, the new SELJE
bedside table is charming for what it lacks: A tiny
triangle is cut out from the drawer. Not only does it
make a de facto drawer handle, the triangle adds to the
contemporary, geometric design of SELJE.
SELJE bedside table is available in bright blue or crisp
white and is made of steel with a powder coating. The
drawer is roomy enough for an extension socket and
cords can run through the back.
With its cut-out triangle corner,
SELJE bedside table fits well with
all those dog-eared book pages.
SELJE bedside table RM99 Powder coated steel.
Designer: Monika Mulder. W35×D37, H55.5cm. Blue.
SELJE bedside table RM99 Powder coated steel.
Designer: Monika Mulder. W35xD37, H55.5cm. White.
Shelves that shout
BILLY bookcase white/orange
Life just got a little more exciting for people who
organise their books by colour. In limited edition, BILLY
bookcases are available in orange and blue. White on
the outside and on shelf edges, the colour explodes
from inside to make a brilliant background. The colours
match IKEA seasonal colours, too, so it’s easy to collect
candles, vases and more that blend right in.
BILLY bookcase open books – also in limited edition
- is a mostly black with an inside pattern inspired by
the fanned pages of open books. Almost wallpaperlike, pattern designer Susanna Löfgren says, “I like the
way books look the moment you open and flip through
them, almost like a fan. It’s very rare that we see
books in this way.”
BILLY bookcase with
an open books motif
is inspired by fanned
pages of open books.
BILLY bookcase in orange, available in limited edition, has bright orange
shelves and backing.
BILLY bookcase in blue, available in limited edition, has bright blue
shelves and backing.
BILLY bookcase RM245 Foil finish.
W80×D28, H202cm. Open books black/white.
BILLY bookcase RM245 Foil finish.
W80×D28, H202cm. Designer: Gillis Lundgren.
BILLY bookcase RM245 Foil finish.
Designer: Gillis Lundgren. W80×D28, H202cm.
A modern sort of grandfather
MORTORP deco sticker
Weighing less than a pound, MORTORP may be the
world’s lightest grandfather clock. Sort of, at least,
since MORTORP is technically a sticker.
MORTORP deco sticker, at 194cm tall and with a
recognisable pendulum clock design, does everything
a traditional grandfather clock does–except chime.
Made of transparent plastic with thick black lines, all
MORTORP needs is a wall clock to complete its function
(no larger than Ø38cm).
MORTORP was designed by Anne de Graaf, a graduate
of Artemis Styling Academy in Holland, who sent her
sticker idea to IKEA on a whim. Several ticks of the
clock later, her design is reality.
Made of transparent plastic,
MORTORP deco sticker takes
the colour and pattern of the
wall behind.
MORTORP decoration stickers
RM39.90 Plastic and paper. Designer:
Anne de Graaf. H194cm.
That Swedish country feeling
ÅKERKULLA textiles and more
Clean air, warm sun, colourful wildflowers – the sensations
of Swedish countryside are captured in the new ÅKERKULLA
textiles. With woven checks and stripes, traditional Swedish
patterns and floral illustrations in knits, rag-rugs, embroidery
and crochet, these new textiles are simple and refined, yet
playful, too.
Designer Eva Lundgreen drew from memories of summers
at her grandparents’ country home in northern Sweden–old
wreaths and medallions on wallpaper, unmatched textiles,
heavy silk quilts, fine breakfast porcelain, summer flowers and
hay rides. “There’s an underlying Swedish tone in everything I
do, where there’s room for cheerfulness and playfulness in the
midst of the somewhat strict,” Eva says.
ÅKERKULLA quilt cover/two pillowcases, panel curtain,
cushions, cushion covers and low pile rugs drive the collection
with their traditional flower pattern. The reversible quilt cover
is woven from 100% cotton fine yarn, has 250 thread count
and decorative buttons. The panel curtain is 100% polyester.
The embroidered cushion is reversible and filled with duck
feathers. The grey/yellow cushion cover is reversible with
trimmed, ribboned corners. The thick low pile rug has a black
or white background.
Other news in Swedish country style bed textiles are:
ÅKERFRÄKEN quilt cover/two pillowcases in 100% yarn-dyed
cotton with a striped yellow, grey, red and white pattern in 146
thread count.
ÅKERTISTEL quilt cover/two pillowcases in a flowered pattern
in yellow/white that’s reversible and 100% cotton, 144 thread
NYPONROS quilt cover/two pillowcases in striped yellow or
grey, yarn-dyed 100% cotton with decorative, fabric-covered
The ÅKERKULLA textile series uses
traditional style Swedish floral
cover is
and made of
100% cotton
with a zipper
New Swedish country style textiles
NYPONROS have stripes, cheques
and floral patterns in grey, yellow,
red and white.
VÄRUM rug, made of
100% polypropylene
can be used indoors or
ÅKERKULLA quilt cover and pillowcase RM139
100% cotton. Designer: Eva Lundgreen. Quilt cover
W150×L200cm. Pillowcase L80×W50cm. Flower.
ÅKERFRÄKEN quilt cover and pillowcase RM129
100% cotton. Quilt cover W150×L200cm. Pillowcase
ÅKERTISTEL quilt cover and pillowcase RM79
100% cotton. Quilt cover W150×L200cm. Pillowcase
L80×W50cm. Yellow.
ÅKERKULLA cushion cover RM25.90
75% cotton, 25% polyester. Designer: Eva Lundgreen.
L65×W65cm. Grey/white. The price is not included inner
ÅKERKULLA rug, low pile RM99 Polypropylene with
latex backing. Designer: Eva Lundgreen. W80×L150cm.
ÅKERKULLA rug, low pile RM179 Polypropylene with
latex backing. Designer: Eva Lundgreen. W133×L195cm.
HELSINGE rug, low pile RM239 Polypropylene with
latex backing. Designer: Eva Lundgreen. W160×L230cm.
VÄRUM rug, flatwoven RM239
100% polypropylene. Designer: Kajsa Aronsson.
W160×L230cm. Grey.
ÅKERKULLA shower curtain RM59.90
100% polyester. Designer: Eva Lundgreen.
W180×L200cm. Multicolour.
ÅKERKULLA panel curtain RM59 100% polyester.
Designer: Eva Lundgreen. W60×L300cm. Multicolour.
It’s a snap
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp
Retro modern, vibrant and a bit flowery – JONOSFÄR
pendant lamp looks like a folded origami napkin for
good reason: its steel shade snaps together for easy
assembly. The punched holes in the shade pieces add
an extra sparkle, too, when light shines through.
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp comes in green, pink, red
and black with light sources sold separately. Providing
directed light, JONOSFÄR is good for lighting up dining
tables or bar tops.
Designer Henrik Preutz came up with the idea for
JONOSFÄR after being distracted by and attracted to
HELMER, a metal drawer unit under his desk, that uses
no-screw, snap-together assembly.
For maximum shine and energysaving, IKEA recommends LEDARE
LED bulb E27 8.1W, 400 lumen with
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp.
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp RM60 Power coated steel
and polypropylene plastic. Ø39cm. Black.
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp RM60 Powder coated steel
and polypropylene plastic. Ø39cm. Green.
JONOSFÄR pendant lamp RM60 Powder coated steel
and polypropylene plastic. Ø39cm. Red.
Sweet storage
PALLRA boxes
What’s better than a pretty box? A pretty box covered
in polyester fabric. Mask your mess and create specific
spots for your keepsakes with PALLRA storage boxes.
PALLRA storage boxes come in dark yellow, dark grey,
grey and light pink with patterned insides. Made of 80%
recycled and laminated paperboard, they’ recovered in
100% polyester for an extra textured finishing touch.
Grey plastic label holders are included, too.
PALLRA storage boxes come in a number of shapes and
sizes like the tall, cylindrical PALLRA with three levels of
storage in dark yellow. There’s a set of four boxes, too,
in dark yellow or light pink that includes two smaller
boxes, one medium-sized in dark grey and one large
Patterned on the inside, fabric-covered on the outside, new PALLRA
storage boxes add a sweet touch to storage and organisation.
Square, cylindrical, light pink, dark
yellow and more, PALLRA storage
boxes come in different shapes and
PALLRA series Paper/polyester. 1. Box with lid, set of 4 RM42.90
Comprises: 2 small boxes (W10×D10, H10cm), 1 medium-size box
(W21×D10, H10cm) and 1 large box (W22×D22, H12cm). Dark yellow
and light pink. 2. Box with lid 29.90/each W27×D22, H20cm. Dark
grey and light pink. 3. Box with lid RM19.90 W27×D22, H9cm.
For school time and playtime
SUNDVIK children’s desk
Before children start dreaming up what they want to be,
they need a place of their own to learn and explore. Even
if it’s not school time, SUNDVIK children’s desk creates a
classroom-like atmosphere to read, draw, play and tinker.
SUNDVIK children’s desk is available in white, grey-brown
and black-brown. Like an old-fashioned school desk,
the hinged top lifts up easily for in-the-desk storage.
Recommended for ages 3 to 7, it’s just the right size for
growing minds.
SUNDVIK children’s desk RM129
Stained, clear lacquered solid pine. L76xW50, H50cm.
SUNDVIK children’s desk, recommended for ages 3 to 7, is sized just right for growing minds.
SUNDVIK children’s desk RM129
Stained, clear lacquered solid pine. L76xW50, H50cm.
SUNDVIK children’s desk RM129
Stained, clear lacquered solid pine. L76xW50, H50cm.
1. PE000000
Creativity time
MÅLA children’s arts and crafts series
The MÅLA series of art supplies for children now more
strongly supports and encourages creativity with higher
overall quality for brighter and more vibrant inspired
creations. Child-friendly sizes, stronger tips, more colours,
longer-lasting – these are the changes we’ve made to our
felt-tip pens, stamp pens, tempera paint, water colours,
paper and scissors to help big imaginations run wild.
Designers Sarah Fager and Camilla Tubertini went straight
to kids to figure out how to make meaningful improvements
to MÅLA. ”I started by doing research and studied the way
children create – how they hold scissors, move a paintbrush
across paper, what colours they like most and how they
mix them,” Camilla says. “We wanted our art supplies to be
inspiring for children to play with, both alone and together
with siblings, friends or parents.”
But it’s not just children who know best, which is why
we always work with experts in developing our children’s
products. Because creativity isn’t about making a beautiful
mess; it’s self-expression, imagination, development and
learning for life.
MÅLA felt-tip pens are easy to grip, washable and
have stronger tips. The caps can be left off for up
to 3 days without drying out (though they last
much longer when the caps are put back on, of
MÅLA watercolour set includes 14 colour tablets,
2 brushes and 2 water bowls in a plastic case. The
brushes are short, which makes them easier for
kids to hold, and the bowls stand steady in the box
so there’s less mess.
MÅLA felt-tip pen RM9.90/12pcs Designer: S Fager/C Tubertini.
MÅLA watercolour box RM29.90 Designer: S Fager/C Tubertini.
MÅLA paper pack includes 154 sheets of different
thicknesses and colours.
MÅLA paper RM19.90 Bleached chlorine-free paper.
Designer: S Fager/C Tubertini. Assorted colours/Assorted sizes.
MÅLA scissors are two pairs: straight-edge and
zigzag. The design is extra safe to minimise the
risk of children cutting themselves.
MÅLA scissors, set of 2 RM11.90 Designer: S Fager/C Tubertini.
MÅLA paint is an 8-piece set of tempera paint that
includes basic, mixable colours–even pink and
turquoise–along with a mixing guide.
MÅLA paint RM29.90/8pcs Designer: S Fager/C Tubertini.
Vase bouquet
This year, spring and summer blooms have cute and
colourful new places to call home with SOMMARMYS
glass vases. At 14 cm, they’re a tiny bit taller than a
smart phone and come in different shapes and colours.
Play around with SOMMARMYS vases to make custom
vase bouquets. All blue? All one shape? Totally mixed
up? Since they’re sold individually, it’s easy to create a
custom arrangement.
A tiny bit taller than a smart phone, new
SOMMARMYS vases are ideal for creating a
flowery army of tiny, colourful glass vases.
Sold individually, SOMMARMYS vases make it easy to create a custom flower
SOMMARMYS vase RM5.90/each Thinted clear
lacquered glass. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg.
H14cm. Assorted designs/assorted colours.
Bathing beauties
ULLABELLA metre fabrics
Dreaming of the outdoors but not quite ready to
squeeze into a bathing suit? Summon that summer
feeling with the bathing beauties of the new, colourful
ULLABELLA metre fabrics.
ULLABELLA metre fabrics are 150 cm wide, made of
100% cotton and machine-washable. The multi-colour
metre fabric with images of beach cottages is a placed
print, too, which makes it ideal for using as wall art.
Designer Karolina Palmér found inspiration for the
patterns in memories of summers on Sweden’s west
coast. “I like the 50´s bathing style when women wore
bathing caps,” she says. “I want to paint pictures that
spread happiness and I use lots of colours and figures
with expressive eyes.”
Swap out the fabric in an EKNE room
divider to make an ULLABELLA retroinspired outdoor changing room.
Swap out the fabric in an EKNE room divider to make an
ULLABELLA retro-inspired outdoor changing room.
ULLABELLA fabric RM19.90/meter
100% cotton. Designer: Karolina Palmér. W150cm.
ULLABELLA fabrics are made of 100% cotton and are
ULLABELLA fabric RM19.90/meter 100% cotton.
Designer: Karolina Palmér. W150cm. White/multicolour.
Clean lines for clear minds
TRYSIL bedroom furniture
With clean, white lines and trim details in light grey,
new TRYSIL bedroom furniture series creates a calm
and organised bedroom oasis. Included in the series are
a wardrobe and chest of drawers. In addition to white
with light grey trim, TRYSIL is also available in
white-stained oak effect with white trim and dark brown
with black trim.
TRYSIL wardrobe has sliding doors, four drawers, two
adjustable shelves and two adjustable clothes rails. The
drawers are smooth running with pull-out stops. One
drawer even includes a locking mechanism for securing
valuables and a secret or two.
TRYSIL chest of drawers features three,
smooth-running drawers with pull-out stops.
TRYSIL chest of 3 drawers RM195 Foil finish and
powder coated steel. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg.
W75×D40, H77cm. White/light grey.
TRYSIL wardrobe w sliding doors/4 drawers RM995
Foil finish. Designer: K Hagberg/M Hagberg. W154×D60,
H205cm. White/light grey.
TRYSIL bedroom series in white with light grey trim includes a wardrobe and chest of
help create a calm, clean bedroom oasis.
Frameable flora and fauna
BILD poster flower rabbit
For lovers of bunnies and blooms comes the new
BILD poster. A 30x40 cm print, the image depicts an
eye-catching blend of sketch, collage and photography.
Artist and photographer Kari Herer is based in the
United States. Kari’s work combines her experience in
the fine arts and graphic design with her deep love of
The new BILD poster by Kari Herer brings together bunnies, blooms, sketch, photography and collage.
BILD poster RM18 Motif created by Kari Herer.
W30×H40cm. Floral Rabbit.
BILD poster RM35 Motif created by Henrik Bodin.
W70×H100cm. Everything You See.
BILD poster RM35 Motif created by Tara Hogen.
W70×H100cm. Yellow Elephants.
BILD poster RM29 Motif created by Sasha Blake.
W50×H70cm. Give Peace a Chance.
A bedside character
VETTRE bedside table
With its slim, bowed legs on wheels and a hinged door, VETTRE
bedside table balances the whimsical look of a skittish cartoon
character with strong industrial influence. While keeping things
clean on the outside, it’s designed to hide things away inside,
especially charging cell phones, laptops and more.
VETTRE bedside table is made of steel that’s coated with a
turquoise pigment. Its door can be hung with the opening
to the left or right. Roomy enough for an extension socket,
there’s even a pre-drilled bottom hole to run cords. And
because it’s on castors, it’s easier to roll it closer in the middle
of the night.
VETTRE is designed by Tina Christensen and Kai Legaard, who
were inspired by trolleys dentists often use. “The bedside table
has a lot of character and easily creates identity in a room,”
they say. “It’s like it’s saying, ‘Look at me!’ at same time as it
wants to run away on its light feet.” Tina and Kai also designed
other rustic industrial pieces already available at IKEA like the
FJELL bedroom series and SIBBARED posters.
In turquoise metal, VETTRE bedside
table may be small, but it’s big on
character and organisation.
VETTRE bedside table RM129 Powder coated steel.
Designer: T Christensen/K Legaard. W46×D46, H67cm.
Nuts about planting
CASHEWNÖT plant pots
Make room on the windowsill, new glazed stoneware
CASHEWNÖT plant pots are in town. With a reversible
steel saucer and predrilled bottom hole, CASHEWNÖT
plant pots are ready for direct potting. They may not
hold cashew trees, but they do come in two sizes–the
smaller with a green saucer and larger with a red
CASHEWNÖT plant pots
come in two sizes and
have a reversible coloured
steel saucer.
CASHEWNÖT plant pot with saucer Glazed stoneware and steel.
Designer: David Wahl. Ø12cm. White/green. RM19.90 Ø21cm.
White/red RM69
Bentwood reinvisioned
NOLMYRA easy chair
The new NOLMYRA easy chair has taken the
production techniques and layer-glued bentwood base
of our well-known POÄNG chair and kicked things up a
notch with a new design and materials.
NOLMYRA easy chair has a steel frame with the seat and
backrest made of 100% polyester mesh. NOLMYRA is
available in black or birch veneer/grey.
Designer Joyeoon Lee from Korea, who studied at Aalto
University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in
Finland, brought her new eyes and ideas to liven up
the POÄNG tradition. “When I designed NOLMYRA easy
chair I wanted it to have a basic but modern style, with
a look that’s young, light and casual,” Jooyeon says.
“It’s an exciting combination and makes NOLMYRA not
only a super-comfortable easy chair, but also one that’s
NOLMYRA easy chair uses mesh on its seat and backrest to create a comfortable, versatile and modern
sitting spot.
NOLMYRA easy chair RM129 Birch veneer, steel and
polyester. Designer: Jooyeon Lee. W64×D75, H75cm. Black.