A&W WATER SERVICE, INC. JOB TITLE: FIELD LEVEL SUPERVISOR ‐ Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:  Supervise the operation of materials, equipment, customer property from one location to another in accordance with company policies and procedures.  Provide daily supervision of employees, involving scheduling, monitoring and evaluating performance and productivity.  Assist in the Investigation of incidents and accidents.  Review and approve employee time sheets and field tickets.  Ensure all regulatory matters, such as DOT and company policies and procedures are observed and followed.  Maintain regular contact and communication with customers at their work sites and offices.  Establish an effective rapport with customers for sales purposes, as well as addressing any concerns and resolving any issues or problems.  Provide training to new drivers to ensure they understand and conform to all rules and regulations as well as safety requirements; guidelines and company policies.  Coordinate the transport of materials and products to and from yards and/or work locations.  Supervise the delivery of goods as scheduled.  Comply with all SOX requirements  Other duties as assigned. Requirements: Supervisor must pass pre‐employment tests & have a valid license that meets company insurance driver criteria in order to be an approved driver. Preferred Qualifications:  High school diploma, GED or equivalent.  Minimum of two (2) years trucking & warehouse experience, preferably with at least two plus (2+) years of supervisory experience.  Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.  Good customer relations skills.  Ability to solve problems and make decisions.  Excellent safety awareness.  Ability to manage and resolve conflict.  Leadership and supervisory skills. Physical Requirement of Job:  Standing and Walking. Standing and walking will be required as a routine part of the job.  Surface Conditions. Surface conditions will range from ground conditions at the job site; typical warehouse conditions and customer offices.  Sitting. The Supervisor will be seated behind the wheel of the vehicle for requested amounts of time and will be exposed to vibration from the vehicle and due to uneven road conditions.  Climbing. The Supervisor will be required to climb into/out of vehicle.  Work Conditions – exposure to. Hot temperatures, cold temperatures, sudden change in temperature, driving, whole body vibration. Working environment could include: Chemicals Gases Cold Heat Dampness Noise Dust Fumes  Other Job Demands. Walking across sloped surfaces, twisting at waist, neck flexion/extension, head/neck rotation.  The heaviest weight lifted while sitting or standing in one place weighs: Up to 80 lbs. The listed essential functions and related job standards have been prepared for the Company’s exclusive use and are not intended as an inclusive listing of any job’s responsibilities. These functions and standards may be changed or altered by the Company at any time without notice. The Company retains its traditional rights in managing and operating the Company, its facilities and employees.