Roster by Company

National Council for Prescription Drug Programs
February 2015 Work Group Meeting
Long Beach, CA, February 4 - 6, 2015
Roster of Attendees (by Company)
{ ¶ Clay Rogers, M.S.
Clay Rogers
Russell B. Keith
Argus Health Systems, Inc.
Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc.
Earleen W. Goodman
Rebate Contract Manager
Marla R. Brickley, B.A., BSN
Strategic Account Executive
Advanced Pharmacy
Elizabeth Zander
Director, Network Strategy & Operations
{ ¶ Howard Mazzafro
Strategic Relations Executive
Gary J. Schoettmer, R.Ph.
Sr. Vice President, CIO
Jackie Krewson
Director, Product Management
James W. Moncrief
John W. Hill, M.B.A., HCM
Vice President Strategic Relations
Katherine Finley
Finance & Control
{ ¶ Terry L. Coleman, B.S.
Manager, E-Solutions
Kathy M. Knapp
Client Service Operations
Mary J. Lynam
Product/Industry Consultant
Peter R Duncan
Sr Product Manager
{ ¶ Melinda Bossert
Application Analysis Manager
¶ Michelle Marie Hayslett
Director, Client Services
Heather McComas, Pharm.D.
z Sr. Policy Analyst
¶ Sheila A. McConnell-Houston
Product Development Team Lead
American Medical Association
¶ Robert D. Poiesz
Principal Policy Analyst
¶ Virginia L. Kemp
Sr. Product Development Leader
¶ Yvette Eileen Zawisza
Application Analysis Consultant
American Pharmacists Association
Stacie Maass, J.D., BSPharm
Senior Vice President, Pharmacy and Government Affairs
Asclemed USA, Inc.
{ ¶ Gulshakar Khwaja
{ ¶ Thomas Felix, M.D.
R&D Policy Director
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:16:42 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Edward D. Millikan, Pharm.D.
z Development and Maintenance eHealth Solutions
Sonia Mann
Manager, PBM Technical Operations
Gerald McEvoy, Pharm.D.
z Asst VP of Drug Information
Teri Wood, MHPA
Manager, Benefit Plan Administration
Traci Gercone
Regulatory Compliance Analyst
Bruce Wilkinson, M.B.A.
Celgene Corporation
¶ Jennifer Chapman, B.A.
Jennifer Chapman
BillPro Rx, LLC
{ ¶ Breck L. Rice, M.B.A.
Center for Pharmacy Practice Accreditation
Blue Shield of California
¶ Heather Cozzens
Manager, Medicare Part D Benefit and Claims
Lynnae Mahaney
Executive Director
Cerner Corporation
¶ Judith Jeffers, MHA
BluePeak Advisors
Annette Gabel
Senior Consultant
Matt Moore, M.B.A.
Sr. ePrescribing Strategist
{ ¶ Emily Pfister
Senior Consultant
Cerner Multum
Sherry Pound
Terri C. Meredith, R.Ph., MSCIS
Director of Clinical Vocabularies
California Dept. of Health Care Services
¶ Diane D. Tran, Pharm.D.
Pharmaceutical Consultant II
¶ Roy A. Eckloff, R.Ph.
Assistant Vice President
Cogent Works, LC
¶ Angela Muncy
Compliance Manager
¶ Tovey J. Allen
National Sales
Donna M. Power
Director, Medicare and Industry Intelligence
¶ Douglas Krause
Director, Retail Network Operations
Gregory Miller, R.Ph.
Sr. Director, Medicare Quality and Audit Support
Mary A. Perez
Medicare Part D Product Analyst
Nancy J. Nemes
Manager, Medicare Operations
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
CIGNA Pharmacy Management
12:17:34 pm
Conroy & Associates
Edward V. Conroy, M.B.A.
CoverMyMeds, LLC
¶ David Scaglione, MSM
Provider Solutions Consultant
{ ¶ Mark Andrew Harris, M.S.
Engineering Manager
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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¶ Jie Bai
Executive Advisor
Ronald L. Fine, R.Ph.
V.P. National Pharmacy Accounts
¶ Lauren L. Doty
Product Manager, ePrescribing
¶ Andrew T. Flood
HIPAA Standards Business Analyst
Lorraine E. Stevens, R.Ph.
Medicare Program Services
Lynda Schulman
Director Medicaid Network Services
CSG Government Solutions
Mark Elliott
Melissa Howard
Sr. Advisor
CVS Health
{ ¶ Michael Joel Safreno
Director Productivity Standards and Initiatives
Adam Souza
IS Sr. Manager - Business Analysis
¶ Allison Orenstein
Director, Physician Connectivity
¶ Candace Schnure
Sr. Tech Advisor - Mail Order IT
{ ¶ Patricia Pimentel
Patricia Pimentel
{ ¶ Patrick Ward Randle
{ ¶ Polly Ann Schyvinck, M.B.A.
Senior Advisor
¶ Charles E. Brady
Senior Network Advisor
¶ Robert M. Tangorra, R.Ph.
Advisor, Pharmacy Operations
{ ¶ Christopher Carlomastro
Payer Relations Analyst
{ ¶ Robin Reed
¶ Christy Michelle Drenowatz
Sr. Advisor, Med D Employer Groups
Damon R. Tressler
Sr. Director, Medicare Program Services
Darrin Lee
Advisor Medicare Program Services
{ ¶ Edward Spence, MISM, MPM
COB Advisor
Sally Smith
Drug File Consultant
¶ Sara Nelson
Exec Advisor, Medicare Program Services
Sharon Gruttadauria
Director Industry Standards
¶ Stephen L. Murley, R.Ph.
Sr. Advisor, Mail Operations
Elizabeth Ann Ross
Executive Advisor Medicare Program Services
{ ¶ Tara DeCosta
Managed Care Analytics Consultant
Elizabeth Shea, R.Ph.
Clinical Advisor
¶ Terrence Neal, M.B.A.
Director, Industry Analysis
¶ Gulzar Virk
Product Manager
Trish Brown
Executive Advisor/Project Director
{ ¶ Heather L. Graham
Executive Advisor, Network Initiatives
Data Rx Management, Inc.
¶ James J. Vecchione, Ph.D.
Manager, Pharmacy Operations
Louise Gustafson, M.B.A.
Product Manager
Jennifer E. Ausbrook
Contractor, COB Strategy
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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DayTech Corporation
¶ Brandon Kessler
AVP, Pricing
Michael Day
¶ Brittany Johnson
Manager, MAC Pricing
Department of Veterans Affairs
Melissa Friese
Program Specialist
¶ Kyle Yoder
Pharmacy Networks Supervisor
Depomed, Inc.
Cassandra Perkins
Senior Director, Trade
¶ Ashwin Vadakayil Ajit
Software Developer
¶ Julia Chiampi Crouse, M.B.A.
Director, Strategic Innovation
Michelle Soble-Lernor, R.Ph.
Principle Pharmacist
¶ Cameron Szychlinski
Project Manager
{ ¶ Tim Stolldorf
Integration Engineer
excelleRx, Inc.
Kay Morgan
VP Drug Products & Industry Standards
Michelle Sophia McLeod
Manager, Product Data Communications
¶ Michelle Wilcox, M.B.A., Pharm.D.
Sr Manager, Clinical & Pharm I.S.
Excellus Health Plan
Rick Jennejahn, M.S.
Manager, Pharmacy Operations
Christopher Lagnese, R.Ph.
Director, PBA Services
Jason Grantham
Senior Product Manager, Pharmacy Network Services
{ ¶ Jill Ouanesavanh
Product Manager
¶ Jonathan Kopf
Director, Pharmacy Network Services
Laurie Schaeffer
Manager, IT
¶ Nathan W. Ludvigson
Director, Government Business Development
Richard Klein Brook
VP Pharmacy & Sales
Ann Hill
Senior Product Manager
Anne S. Johnston, R.Ph.
Sr. Director, Data Management
Claire E. Soaper, R.Ph.
Sr. Director, Third Party Claims and COB
David Fidler
Director, ePrescribing
¶ Deborah Baumgartner
Claims Business Alignment
Desiree Ann Feoranz
Sr. Manager
Edward Martinez, M.B.A., FACHE
Director, COB, Subrogation & Federal Pharmacies
Envision Pharmaceutical Services
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Express Scripts
12:17:34 pm
¶ Eileen Theresa Bidell, R.Ph.
Director Pharmacy Practice
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Jason Reed, Pharm.D.
Sr Manager ePrescribing Business
¶ Jessica Byrne
Senior Project Manager
Dale A. Chamberlain
Amy H. Garrard, CPA
Sr. Manager, Contract Operations
¶ Kim Ehrlich
Director, Workers Compensation Compliance
¶ Krista Ward
Senior Director, Medicaid Product Management
Granada Health
Laura Topor
Kristie Griffin
Compliance Manager
H. D. Smith Third Party Network
Kyle Tucker
Project Manager
{ ¶ John Endris, R.Ph.
Laurie Littlecreek
Senior Director, Retail Network Operations
¶ Katie Geisler, M.B.A.
Managed Care Manager
{ ¶ Livier Fragoso
Project Manager, WC Compliance
{ ¶ Susan Camean
Lynette Klingeman
Manger of Pharmacy Operations
VP Commercial Operations
Health Business Systems
Pari Phothirath
Director - Medicare Product
Robert Franz, R.Ph.
Senior Clinical Account Executive
Sharon Gibson
Sr Director, Product Management
¶ Keith Lesniewski
Manager, Software Development
¶ Lauren Bain
Solutions Manager
Health Market Science, Inc.
Timothy Cody, R.Ph., M.B.A.
FDB (First Databank, Inc.)
Health Net Pharmaceutical Services
Julie A. Suko, Pharm.D.
Director, Editorial Services
Edward J. Hanson, R.Ph.
Director, Formulary Management
Pamela J. Finley
Product Analyst
¶ Geoffrey E. Gomez, Pharm.D., MPH
Director, Pharmacy Government Programs
Phillip Lettrich, R.Ph.
Channel Manager
Healthcare Data Solutions
¶ Reem A. Mohamed, Pharm.D.
Manager Editorial Content
Thomas R. Bizzaro, R.Ph.
VP, Health Policy & Industry Relations
Gateway Pharmacy Consulting, LLC
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Jay M. Randolph
Director of Sales, Pharmacy
12:17:34 pm
Miranda Rochol, CPhT
VP, Product & Strategy
Healthcare Solutions
Cory Wedding
Director of Compliance
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Sandy Shtab
Director, Regulatory & Legislative Affairs
¶ Morgan Bojorquez
Humana Pharmacy Solutions
HealthPartners, Inc.
¶ Ryan Sunderman
Supervisor Pharmacy Systems
Dennis Wiesner, R.Ph., CIPP
Senior Director
¶ Douglas Edward Read, Pharm.D.
Director of Pharmacy Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
Jay S. Bueche, R.Ph.
Director of Third Party/Managed Care
Keith Dick
Software Development Leader
Kristie Newton
Wellness Services Manager
Brian Wehneman, R.Ph.
Director, Pharmacy FWA & Prevention
¶ Julie Dickinson
¶ Paul James Hertweck
{ ¶ Tammy W. Owens
Operations Manager
IMS Health
Ilene Blanton
Director, Supplier Business Development
Margaret M. Schindhelm
Sr. Audit Manager, Managed Market Services
¶ Rebecca Barnhart
Audit Manager
Tina Prince
Rx Contracts & Operations
Innovatix, LLC
Wendy Faldet, R.Ph.
Director of Pharmacy Technology and Ops Support
¶ Adam Fowler, M.A.
Sr. Legislative & Regulatory Specialist
¶ Craig N. DiNapoli, R.Ph.
Sr Dir., InnovatixCares & the Preferred Provider Network
¶ Jeannine Guenther, R.Ph.
Sr. Director LTC Pharmacy Services
Iroko Pharmaceuticals
{ ¶ Meg Kramer, BA
¶ Andrew Shim, J.D., M.B.A., Pharm.D.
Andrew Shim
Executive Director
Kaiser Permanente
HP Enterprise Services, LLC
¶ Claudette R. Bonvie
Medicare Pharmacy Benefits Manager
¶ Jose Paul Tieso
Account Executive
¶ Whitney Swears, Pharm.D., MS.PH
Consulting Pharmacist
¶ Debra Renee Wogksch, M.B.A.
Project Manager III
Scott M. Robertson, R.Ph., Pharm.D.
Principal Technology Consultant
Kroger Co.
¶ Kimberly Meredith
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Jane Zagar
Manager Pharmacy Third Party Support
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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¶ Ken Lemberg
Pharmacy Interface Manager
Michael Menkhaus, R.Ph.
Pharmacy EPRN Project Manager
Michael Moore, R.Ph.
Release Manager
Anthony S. Stewart
Regulatory Technical Consultant
Deanna Cox
Product Manager & Account Executive
MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc.
Nader Moawad, R.Ph., B.S. Pharm.
Pharmacy Technology Development Manager
{ ¶ Bryan Esp
Medicare Part D Program Manager
{ ¶ Eileen Lu
Lexicom Computer Systems, LLC
Software Engineer
Gregory S. Cliburn
Information Systems Specialist
George Murphy
Corporate Development Director
Herman Roehm, R.Ph.
Managing Member
Jo Ellen Orescanin
Manager, Adjudication Services
¶ John Pietrowski
Pharmacy Compliance Auditor
Lexmark International
Jeff Beard
Pharmacy Industry Consultant
{ ¶ Kelley Ann Vaughan
IT Business Systems Analyst
{ ¶ Louise Andrews
LogiSolve, LLC
IT Business Systems Analyst
Rob Mohr
¶ Qun Zhu
Software Engineer Analyst
Magellan Rx Management
Tom W. Eder
Systems Analyst
Amy Seferos
IT Director - Rx Solution Development
MeridianRx, LLC
Dean Beuglass, R.Ph.
Sr. Director, Product Development
Gregory S. Kaupp, J.D., MPA, MLT
Sr.Vice President/General Manager
¶ Jennifer Kristine Rock
Director, Pharmacy Solutions Training
¶ Lisa M. Irwin
Pharmacy Program Manager, Medicare Part D
Mara N. Mitchel
SVP, Strategic Operations
Molina Medicaid Solutions
Peter Ringel
Senior Systems Architect
Catherine C. Graeff, R.Ph., M.B.A.
McKesson Corporation
National Community Pharmacists Association
Brian Morris, R.Ph., M.B.A.
Compliance and Public Affairs Officer
McKesson Pharmacy Systems
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
¶ John Sabas
Manager of Architects & Developers
12:17:34 pm
Carolyn Ha, Pharm.D.
Senior Director, Professional Affairs & LTC
Navitus Health Solutions
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Debbie Jirikowic, CPhT
Sr. Manager, Manual Claims and Recoveries
S Nicole Russell
Deborah Kay Peterson, CPhT
Benefit Systems Manager
S Patsy E. McElroy
Government Affairs Specialist
Manager, Standards Development
¶ Heidi Cronin, CPhT
Clinical Quality Analyst
S Phillip D. Scott
¶ Jamie Michael Kinjerski, Pharm.D.
Clinical Operations Pharmacist
S Rebecca Rudnyk, M.B.A.
SVP, Business Development
Senior Manager, Contracts
{ ¶ Julie M Hein
S Stephen C. Mullenix, R.Ph.
Manager, Claim Adjudication Platform Support
SVP, Public Policy & Industry Relations
{ ¶ Michael Schmidt
S Sue Thompson
Supervisor, IT Applications
Advisor, Standards Development
Stephen D. Blank
S Teresa A. Strickland
Tammy Burdick
Manager, Pharmacy Network Services & Operations
S Troy Scott
Technical Advisor, Standards Development
NCPA Delegate - Medplan Pharmacy
Manager, National Account Sales
New Albertson's, Inc.
¶ Joseph Wiley
¶ Barbara Jaeger
Asst Manager, Pharmacy Support & Data Integrity
Diona Townsend
Assistant Manager, Third Party Plan Implementation
S Brad Fawcett
{ ¶ Jenny Svendsen, R.Ph.
Director, Sales
S Carrie Wynne, CMP, CMM
Senior Manager, Meeting Planning
S Joanne Longie
Manager, Pharmacy Systems
Julie Schreiner
Manager, Third Party Plan Implementation & Help Desk
Marc Allgood, Pharm.D.
Director, Pharmacy Systems and Process Redesign
SVP, Operations
S John Klimek, R.Ph.
SVP, Standards and Information Technology
S Kittye Krempin
Advisor, Standards Development
Omnicare, Inc.
Barbara Reed, R.Ph., M.B.A.
Director, Third Party Administration
S Lee Ann C. Stember
¶ Cynthia Smith, Pharm.D.
Sr. Director, Customer Facing Technology
S Maggie Bruce
¶ Elizabeth Serraino
Senior Director Payer Relations
Director, Marketing Communications
S Margaret Weiker
Jessica Goins, M.B.A.
Senior Director, Trade Relations
S Mark E. Schlesinger
Thomas J. Weiss
Product Manager - Business Capabilities Architect
Director of Standards Development
Technical Standards Liaison, NDEDIC
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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PharMerica Corporation
Andrew Gustin, R.Ph.
Director, Claim Operations
¶ Jaime A. Gomez
Manager, Claims Government Programs
¶ Erica Brown, CPhT
Third Party Operations Administrator
{ ¶ Kirsten Mello, B.A.
Third Party Operations Administrator
{ ¶ Jeremy A. Hendricks, Pharm.D.
Sr. Program Mangr. Business Innovation & Oper. Support
Marc Nyarko
VP, Customer Services
Ketan R. Patel
Director of Professional Practice & Pharmacy Policy
Rolando A. Peralta, M.B.A.
Technical Lead
Michael J. Pereira
Director, Claims Government Programs
¶ Sharon D, Walts, ChpT
Sr. Business Analyst
Wendy Anchondo
Manager Network Contracting
¶ Steve Gryncewicz
Director, 3rd Party Claims Operations
Patrick Gavin R.Ph. Consulting LLC
Terry Fortin
Senior Business Analyst
Patrick William Gavin, R.Ph.
PMSI, Inc.
Kevin C. Tribout, M.A.
Exec Director of Govt Affs
Christina Thornton
Director, Strategic Accounts & Industry Relations
¶ Katherine E. Goff
Director Government Programs
Brian Bamberger, M.B.A.
¶ David S. Green
Vice President of Payer Solutions
Point of Care Partners
Anthony Schueth
CEO & Managing Partner
Paul Hooper, M.B.A.
VP Retail Innovation & New Product Commercialization
Pharm Assess, Inc.
{ ¶ Pooja Babbrah, M.B.A.
{ ¶ Josh Herder
Michael E. Burger
Senior Consultant
Director, IT/Web
PBM Practice Lead
PrescribersConnection, LLC
Pharmacy Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
¶ Jason Ross Brasfield
VP Sales and Marketing
David A. Schuetz, R.Ph., B.S., Pharmacy
{ ¶ Sonya F Oetting
Fred Hamlin
Director of Business Development
Integration Manager
Prime Therapeutics, LLC
Pharmacy HIT Collaborative
Rachelle Spiro, R.Ph., FASCP
Executive Director
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
¶ David C. Hughes
Director Network Operations
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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{ ¶ Bowden Brown, M.B.A.
¶ Deena Barker
Industry Affairs Manager
Senior Product Manager
¶ Johnny Ray Garcia, Pharm.D.
Pharmacist in Charge
Jon Paladino, M.B.A.
Senior Industry Affairs Analyst
{ ¶ Kerry Lee McGuiggan
Elizabeth Kaye
Sr. Director, Pharma and ePrescribing Solutions
Julie J. Woolley
Product Manager - Medicare Part D
Matt Benson
Senior Director, Product Development
Kerry McGuiggan
¶ Mary Titus
Monique Irmen, M.B.A., CPHQ
Director, Government Programs
Patrick I. Harris, M.B.A., CPhT
Senior Consulting Portfolio Manager
Primus Pharmaceuticals
¶ William Edwards
Director, Managed Markets
Rita S. Russell, R.Ph.
Sr Director Relationship Management
Roger G Pinsonneault, R.Ph.
Vice President, Business Development
ProCare Rx
Steven M. Treff
President & COO
{ ¶ Stacy Hopkins
Sr. Product Manager
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
¶ Summerpal Singh Kahlon, M.D.
VP Business Development
{ ¶ Katie Scanlon, Pharm.D.
Manager of Managed Care
Remedi SeniorCare
Purdue Pharma L.P.
Nancy Bridgman
Director Medical Billing
Dawn Marie Lang
Sr. Rebate Analyst
Rite Aid Corporation
QS/1 Data Systems
Amy Harvey
Manager, Third Party Payer Compliance
James M. Hancock, R.Ph.
Sales Manager
Sarah Fenwick, M.B.A.
Sr. Director, Managed Care
¶ Jon Bell
Market Analyst
RxEssential Consulting, Inc.
Kevin Crowe
Sr. Development Engineer
Michele Babcock, R.Ph.
¶ Kevin Sloan
Market Analyst
RxResults, LLC
Alan K. Gardner, M.B.A.
SVP, Operations
Patricia daCosta
Senior Product Manager
Sam's Health Mart Pharmacies
¶ Christian Tadrus, R.Ph., Pharm.D.
Pharmacist Provider
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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ScriptPro LLC
Jeff Wellman
Insurance Data Systems Manager
Charles Brinkley
Director, Customer Relations
¶ Connie Thomas-Ratliff
Vendor Compliance Analyst
¶ Jeffrey McMonigal
Product Manager
James Potts
Pharmacy Benefits Analyst
¶ John Kroeten
Director, PBM Relations
¶ Shawn Ohri
Director, Adjudication
{ ¶ Joshua Daniel Ruiz
Quality Specialist
Sebela Pharmaceuticals Inc.
¶ Angela B. Ulm
Sr. Manager, Trade Relations & Managed Markets
Kate Etscorn
Director, Pharmacy Customer Relations
Kenneth Phillip Whittemore, R.Ph., M.B.A.
Senior VP, Professional & Regulatory Affairs
¶ Chad Thomas, CPhT
Pharmacy Project/Business Analyst
¶ Kristen Elizabeth Johnson, M.B.A.
Senior Account Executive
Luiz Dias, MPH
Account Executive
¶ Christian Kleine
Business Analyst
¶ Luke Forster-Broten, M.A.
Senior Product Analyst
Siemens Medical Solutions
John R. Elliott
Software Engineer - Sr. Staff
{ ¶ Mark Mancini
Account Manager
Melissa Brown
Director of Benefit Point of Care - Product Management
SoftWriters, Inc.
¶ Gregory P. Hutchison
Product Manager
{ ¶ Michelle Garrity
Senior Business Analyst
¶ Lisa Miller
Director of Product Development
Patrice Kuppe, CPHIT
Senior EDI Specialist
¶ Shahriar Ahmad, MSc.
Certification Project Manager
Jim Chismar, R.Ph.
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Tim McNeil
Director, Standards
¶ Timothy Steege
Product Analyst
Richard Sage
¶ Tina Janacek
Product Analyst
Surescripts, LLC
Sutter Health Plus
{ ¶ Amy Snippes
Product Manager
Patrick Robinson, R.Ph., M.B.A.
Pharmacy Benefits Coordinator
Carrie Tort
Sr Integration Analyst
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Symphony Health Solutions
US Script, Inc.
¶ Melissa Shand
Practice Consultant
¶ Steve McClure
Director, Information Technology
¶ Wendy Walker
Customer Operations Specialist - Drug & Geo Team
Valeritas, Inc.
Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc.
Julie Birch, CPA
National Pricing Manager
Kathleen Lang
Director, Trade Relations
Ventegra, LLC
Target Corporation
Mariana Ritchie, CPT, MPH
Vice President, Industry Relations
{ ¶ Angela M Leibel
¶ Marianne Pho
Manager, Industry Relations- Operations and Analytics
Healthcare Compliance Analyst
Charlie Oltman, M.B.A., CHC
Sr. Manager Regulatory Affairs
Sara Aguilera
Director, Systems Integration
¶ Lauren Sasaki
Healthcare Compliance Claims Manager
Teresa A. Morelock
Dir of IR Strategies and Analytics
Thrifty White Pharmacy
Vital Matters
¶ Zach Winter
Pharmacy Audit Coordinator
{ ¶ Michael Thomas
Triplefin LLC
Walgreen Co.
Danita K Florez
VP, Patient Access Solutions
Truven Health Analytics
¶ Becky Drennan
Healthcare Accounts Receivable Director
{ ¶ Jon Arends, Pharm.D.
Director, Electronic Prescribing
¶ Jennifer E. Nix
Manager, Editorial
¶ Melva Chavoya
Clinical Database Manager
Two Labs Marketing, LLC
Michele Vilaret Davidson, R.Ph.
Manager, Pharmacy Technical Standards, Devel.& Policy
Alisha D. Nielsen
Compendia Consultant
United Compounding Management
¶ Paul K. Wilson
eHealth Sr. Analyst
{ ¶ Diana Baumohl
Sharyl L. Schneider
Manager, Third Party Operations
{ ¶ Sandy Mulcahy
Steve Szewczyk, R.Ph., B.S.
Director, Contracting and Pricing Development
Vice President, Business Development
Director, Implementation
{ ¶ Tolu Akinwale, Pharm.D.
US Food & Drug Administration
Adam Kroetsch
Operations Research Analyst
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
Tolu Akinwale
¶ Val Samandas
Manager, Health Systems Programs
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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Amy J. Craycraft
Third Party Billing
Darren K. Townzen, R.Ph., M.B.A.
Director of Billing, Reconciliation, & Healthcare Data
David N. Kilgo, R.Ph.
Senior Manager
Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
Karen Guinan
Pharmacy Systems Coordinator
WellCare Health Plans, Inc.
Robert A. Champagne
Director, Pharmacy Benefit Relations
Wolters Kluwer Health
Jenny Barker, BSBM
Manager Drug File Support
Karen Eckert, R.Ph.
Director, Product Management
¶ Kyle Walczak
Manager, Acquisition
Patricia Milazzo, R.Ph., B.S. Pharm.
Senior Director-Drug File and Pricing
Xerox State Healthcare, LLC
{ ¶ Ivana Ciric Thompson, Pharm.D.
DUR Pharmacist
Total Attendees Listed:
Tuesday, January 27, 2015
12:17:34 pm
S Indicates Staff
z Indicates Speakers, Press,& Other invited Guests
¶ Indicates Rising Star Candidates
{ Indicates New members
ΠIndicates First time Attendees
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