St Mary Magdalene Newsletter Monday 12th September 2011

With best wishes
Tonnie Simpson
Tonnie Simpson
Catherine Salvadori
Assistant Headteacher
David Blott
Assistant Headteacher/Year 5 Teacher
Lesley Alexander
Inclusion Manager
Vera Chan
Senior Admin Officer
Christine Lilley
Admin Officer
Jackie Pagal
Assistant Admin Officer
Mo Sumah
Premises Manager
Natasha Smith
Family Support Advisor
Amy Waterston
Nursery Teacher
Cristina Agostinho
Nursery Nurse
Michaela Primus
Reception Teacher
Sara Curd
Nursery Nurse
Zeita Holmes
Foundation Stage Classroom Assistant
Frances Jenyns
Year 1 Teacher
Mandy Smith
Year 1 Senior Teaching Assistant
Antonia Williams
Learning Support Assistant
Clare Skelton
Year 2 Teacher
Sandra Hammond
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Lauren McElwee
Learning Support Assistant
Ed Marston
Year 3 Teacher
Jacqueline Williams
Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Wendy Turner
Learning Support Assistant
Chris Stapley
Year 4 Teacher
Natalie Hammond
Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Angie Ares
Learning Support Assistant
Jeanette Fournillier
Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Bec Beatty
Year 6 Teacher
Izzy McLean
Year 6 & Music Teaching Assistant
Victoria Edwards
Spanish Teacher
Stuart Frobisher
Music Teacher
Corann Malcolm
Interventions Teacher
Linda Marsden
Lunchtime Supervisor
St Mary Magdalene Newsletter
Monday 12th September 2011
Issue: Autumn 1-11
General News...
Dear Parents and Carers
A very big warm and wonderful welcome back to all our children, parents and carers. It is
always nice to see new faces joining the school, so a special welcome to all our new
pupils and their families. As always, the beginning of the new school year offers so much
excitement as we look ahead to what this year will bring. I feel such pride in being the
Headteacher of what is proving to be a truly amazing school, with incredibly
enthusiastic children. We as a staff, promise to do all we can to ensure that the school
continues to go from strength to strength. We hope you join us by supporting the school
with your presence at events and trips. If you have any suggestions that could help to
improve the school, we welcome all ideas.
On behalf of the TEAM here at St Mary Mags, we would like to say a big thank you for
your generosity at the end of the summer term.
Building Works...
Once again, the summer holidays were taken up with various improvements to the school
taking place. I am sure you have already seen the amazing grass area in the playground,
which has been a real hit with the children. They enjoy both sitting and playing in this
area now.
The Nursery now has a new shelter, so they can enjoy outdoor learning all year round
and in all weather.
Nursery, Year 3, Year 5 and Year 6 have had new lighting fitted, this has
really helped to brighten up the classrooms.
We have taken one more step towards ensuring the safety of our
pupils. Every door leading into the school is fitted with a security chip
and can only be accessed by authorised adults with fobs.
Parent Governors...
Our Parent
Governors are
Rachel Hurford
(left)and Jacqui
Showell (right).
Rachel’s children
are Myrtle (Y5),
Scarlett (Y3) and
Spike (Y1). Jacqui’s child is Carmen (Y2). If you have
any questions, please feel free to speak to them.
The PTA continue to do such a
wonderful job organising
events and fundraisers for the
school. If you would like to
know more about the PTA,
speak to Jude Lawrence (Chair)
who will be more than happy
to explain how it all works.
Jude’s children are Jacob (Y4)
and Dylan (Y2)
Dates for the Diary...
Autumn Term Dates....
12th Sept - Clubs Begin
12th-16th Sept — Keeping Myself Safe Week
16th Sept — Secondary Transfer Parents Meeting
19th-26th Sept — Parents Open Afternoons
22nd Sept - Year 6 Class Assembly
3rd—7th Oct - Black History Week
7th Oct — Jeans for Genes Day
13th Oct - Year 1 Class Assembly
18th Oct — Harvest Festival in Hall
20th Oct — International Evening (4-6pm)
24th-28th Oct — Autumn Half Term
3rd Nov - Year 4 Class Assembly
10th Nov - Year 3 Class Assembly
14th-18th Nov — Anti-Bullying Week
16th Nov - School Photographs (Individual/Family Portraits)
17th Nov - Year 2 Class Assembly
21st Nov - Reception Class Assembly
29th Nov - Whole School Advent Service in Hall
29th & 30th Nov — Parents Evening
3rd Dec — Christmas Fete
7th & 8th Dec — Nativity
14th Dec — KS2 Christingle in the Hall
15th Dec — Pantomime
17th Dec — Non-Uniform Day
17th Dec — End of Autumn Term (School finishes at 1.30pm)
Coffee Morning Timetable...
Please note that coffee mornings will now be held on Wednesday
mornings in the school hall. Please look out for a timetable of
events. Natasha Smith our Family Support Advisor organises the
events. If you have any suggestions for future events, please do
not hesitate to speak to her.
Updates & Reminders...
From the Office....
School begins promptly at 9am and
Finishes at 3.30pm. Please ensure that
your child is in school on time and collected promptly at 3.30pm.
Office opening times are Monday to
Friday 8am— 1pm. The office is closed in
the afternoons, except for the purchase or
collection of uniform on a Tuesday.
Clubs start back this week — Please see
Natasha Smith for details.
You can buy and collect uniform from the
office on Tuesday afternoons.
All children must bring their PE kits in to
school on Monday and take them home
to be washed on Friday.
Unfortunately, the price of school dinners
has risen to £1.80 a day or £9.00 per
week. Please ensure that school dinners
are paid for on a Monday.
Homework is usually given out on
Fridays and should be handed in to the
class teacher on Tuesdays or
Wednesdays. Please read your child’s
class letter as there will be more
Have you labelled your child’s uniform...’s a brand new term, with brand new uniform, that all
looks the same.
Please label every item of your child’s clothing, including
Breakfast Club...
We run a breakfast club for those parents who need the school day to start that little bit
earlier. Breakfast club starts at 7.50am. Your child will be given a healthy nutritious
meal from a variety of choices, such as, beans on toast, cereal, porridge, yoghurt, fruit.
If it is not on the menu, we will try to accommodate them.
The cost of the club is now £1.00 per day. If you would like to use
our club facilities, all you need to do is register your child by
completing a form from the school office. Once your child is
registered, they can access breakfast club as little or as many times
a week on a pay as you go basis.
Breakfast club is open to every child at St Mary Magdalene, from
Nursery to Year 6.