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m o m Q & A
so focused on my career,
I had my eye on the prize,
so the rest of my life just fell
to the side. [When I met
my husband at age 34] I
was ready and comfortable.
I had achieved a certain
amount of success in my
career, so I could relax a
little. I wasn’t chasing that
brass ring—I already had it.
So I became more open to
a relationship. Also, you’re
so much better off being in
a position where you don’t
need a man.
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One Hot Mama
The actress talks about her hit show and latest
venture, a baby-care product line. By i l i s a c o h e n
Was it tough being
pregnant while starring
on Frasier?
During my first pregnancy,
they put me in a fat suit and
gave Daphne a weight problem, which was great. But
those suits weigh a ton, and
eventually, you’re like, “I
can’t put this on anymore.”
But I worked through both
pregnancies. Literally, I had
my second baby the day
after we shot an episode.
Do you feel like your
successful career
caused your personal
life to take a backseat?
Yes, I think that’s true. I was
w o r k i n g m o t h e r . c o m j u n e /j u ly 2 0 1 1
How did you meet your
husband, Marshall
He worked at Paramount—
he was an executive there.
And we met at the Paramount Christmas party.
We stood there for hours
talking, and everybody on
Frasier says that they just
pulled up their chairs and
watched us fall in love.
Tell us about your new
baby-care line.
Tellurian Baby has a great
texture—it gets a good lather.
The baby oil has cleared up
my niece’s eczema. I sometimes even put the lotion on
myself, and it makes my
skin feel great. ■
Guide to
Take it slow.
It took two years
after each pregnancy before I felt
like myself again.
Savor alone
When the kids are
busy, I go up to my
room, go on my
treadmill, catch
up on my shows
and exercise.
Heed good
[Co-star] Wendie
Malick told me her
secret is cutting
out the sugar and
white flour.
Think of it
as a gift.
Exercise is a gift to
yourself and a gift
to your family
because you’ll be
around a lot longer.
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How do you deal with
guilt when you can’t
be with your children
[Isabella, 10, and Finn,
7] because of work?
I think just by setting a great
example for my daughter,
because she’s not suffering
at all. She can see that it’s an
equal partnership between
me and my husband. It’s
also a good example for
my son, because he’s going
to make someone a great
husband. He’s not going
to expect someone to cater
to his every need.
Ja n e L e e v e s
What do you like best
about playing Joy on
Hot in Cleveland?
I love that she’s such a mess.
She’s so cynical and damaged, and that’s wonderful.
I went from playing Daphne
on Frasier, who was the
glass-half-full girl. Joy is
the glass-half-empty girl.
It’s a nice change.
Care and Share Tellurian
Baby not only soothes infant
skin, the company also
donates profits to charities.