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Oasis Mini Storage
1004 S. 5th Ave., Avenal
(559) 386-9411
3 Beds 1 Full Bath 1 Partial Bath, 1,100 sq ft., This is a
beautiful home, with many great features, tile floor
through out the home, half bathroom, three bedrooms, covered patio and additional patio floor.
Must see make appointment today.
More Avenal Listings
932 E. Shasta St., 3 beds/2 bath.............$85,000
404 E. San Joaquin St., 2 beds/2 bath....$79,900
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(559) 934-1110 phone
(559)707-1110 moble
195 W. Elm Ave., Suite B
Coalinga, CA 93210
Lc# 01387838
Tips from CHiPs
By Officer Ken Antonetti
“I’m planning on traveling this weekend; do you
have any information
zones?” At any given point
in time, some form of roadway maintenance or construction is being conducted
in California which can take
Construction zones may use
traffic cones or other traffic
warning devices to identify
a construction zone from
the other traffic lanes.
California Vehicle Code
section 2818 makes it illegal for a motorist to traverse
an electronic beacon, a cone
pattern, flair pattern, or a
combination of any beacon,
cone and flair. This law is in
effect to enhance the safety
of the highway workers as
well as the motoring public.
Is there any way I can
find out where roadway
construction is taking
place? Yes there is. The
California Department of
Transportation (Caltrans)
has a few different methods
for determining where roadway construction is taking
Speaking the Universal Language of Kindness
Donde hablamos el Idioma Universal de Amabilidad
All Ages/ Todos Edades
148 E. Kings Street
All Health Concerns/ Todos Prejuntas Medicas
(559) 386-9000
All Insurances/ Todos Aseguransas
place. You can call 1-800427-7623
(1-800-GASROAD) or visit their website
at For both of
these options, all you need
is the number of the highway you are planning to
travel on, and it will list all
the construction taking
place on that roadway.
Here are a few Tips from
CHiPs regarding construction zones:
• It’s always a good idea
to stay within the bounds of
the speed limit, but this is
even more crucial when
traveling through a construction zone. California
Vehicle Code section
42009(a) grants the authority to increase fines for misdemeanors or infractions in
a construction zone when
work is being conducted by
the workers. Not only will
obeying all the laws in a
construction zone potentially save lives, it can also
save you a lot of time and
• If you see highway
workers working on the
side of the road, move over
or slow down. California
Vehicle Code section
21809(a) mandates all
highway workers, tow truck
operators or emergency
vehicles with amber warning lights activated to either
move over or slow down.
• Before traveling, visit
the Caltrans website and be
sure no construction is taking place. By doing this you
can either prepare yourself
for the construction delay or
plan an alternate route.
• Be patient. Increased
traffic volume can lead to a
bumper to bumper situation
very easily. Just be sure to
allow plenty of time to get
to your destination, stop
whenever you feel fatigued,
and always be a courteous
Remember, although roadway construction can be a
minor inconvenience, it is
necessary to keep our roadways safe and smooth. If
you are unable to re-route
your travel directions and
end up in a traffic construction zone, be mindful of the
workers and keep your
speed slow and safe.
As always, follow all
traffic laws, make sure all
occupants in your vehicle
are secured properly, never
drink and drive, stay off the
phone and drive safe.
Any questions for CHP
can be written to Officer
Ken Antonetti either by
mail, email, or in person.
Our office is located at 125
Coalinga, CA 93210. Any
mail can be sent to Coalinga
CHP at the above address,
please make it attention to
Officer Ken Antonetti. My
email address is [email protected] or if you
would rather ask a question
in person, feel free to drop
by our office Monday
through Friday from 8:00
am until 5:00 pm.
Officer Ken Anotnetti
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