Multiple Choice: Keep in mind that all the questions are related to the events of the last 4
months. Choose the best possible answer to each question.
1. At the beginning of the year, the first state-licensed marijuana retailers legally permitted to sell pot for
recreational use opened for business in what state?
A. New York
B. Massachusetts
C. Colorado
D. California
2. Willing to accept a considerable backlash from conservative supporters, what organization, for the
first time, began accepting gay members this year?
A. Boy Scouts
B. Kiwanis
C. 4-H
D. Big Brother
3. Much the United States suffered through one of the coldest stretches in recent history in January.
What counter-clockwise movement of low pressure brought us extreme cold air from the north?
A. Polar Vortex
B. Northern Freeze
C. Arctic Blast
D. Polaris Blaze
4. The governor of what state closed public schools across the state in early January due to extreme cold
A. Wisconsin
B. South Dakota
C. North Dakota
D. Minnesota
5. What team won their third consecutive college Football Championship Series title in January?
A. South Dakota State B. Bismarck State
C. North Dakota
D. North Dakota State
6. With her nomination confirmed by the U.S. Senate, who became the first women in history to be
named Federal Reserve Chairman?
A. Shirley A. McClain B. Janet L. Yellen
C. Rosette D. Neubauer D. Faye K. Robison
7. An agreement was reached this spring ending one of the nation’s most historical desegregation efforts
after decades of court battles. What is that city that drew the attention of the nation when nine black
students were escorted into the high school by federal troops sent there by President Dwight
Eisenhower back in 1957?
A. Little Rock
B. Memphis
C. Tallahassee
D. Charleston
8. What former controversial prime minister of Israel died in January?
A. Shimon Peres
B. Yitzhak Rabin
C. Menachem Begin
D. Ariel Sharon
9. What governor and potential presidential candidate got caught up in a scandal that involved his staff
creating a traffic jam to get even with a mayor who refused to support his reelection bid?
A. Andrew Cuomo
B. Bobby Jindal
C. Chris Christy
D. Jerry Brown
10. Last January, the Minnesota Vikings made this longtime NFL assistant their new head coach?
A. Lovie Smith
B. Jay Gruden
C. Mike Zimmer
D. Jack Del Rio
11. While he made one of the best defensive plays in playoff history, who lost the respect of a lot of fans
when he went on an anger-filled rant in a post-game interview?
A. PacMan Jones
B. Cook
C. Rivas
D. Richard Sherman
12. “The Professor” died at age 89 this winter. Russell Johnson, a World War II pilot, became an actor,
getting a few bit parts. But when he became “the fix-it-man” professor on what television show, the
world would never forget him?
A. Gilligan’s Island
B. Andy Griffith
C. Beverly Hillbillies D. Happy Days
13. Who offered to pay anyone $1 billion if they could successfully complete a perfect NCAA college
basketball bracket?
A. Warren Buffet
B. President Obama
C. Bill Gates
D. Mark Cuban
14. How was natural gas being transported through Canada in January when an explosion disrupted flow
and caused shortages in the U.S.?
A. barge
B. truck
C. rail
D. pipeline
15. What teen pop star was arrested in South Florida early in January on a drunk driving charge after he
was caught drag racing on a main thoroughfare of Miami Beach in a rented yellow Lamborghini?
A. Hunter Hayes
B. Luke Bryan
C. Justin Bieber
D. Lil Wayne
16. School children were marooned on buses or stayed overnight in classrooms or gyms. More
than 1,000 accidents were reported. State troopers rescued stranded motorists. That was the
chaotic scene in what southern city hit by a rare snowstorm, a total of 3 inches of snow?
A. Birmingham
B. Richmond
C. Atlanta
D. Miami
17. What state this winter found itself in the midst of a historic drought? Cities were running out of
drinking water as precipitation levels were at all time lows.
A. Arizona
B. Florida
C. Texas
D. California
18. The lunar new year ushered in the Year of the _______?
A. Rat
B. Dragon
C. Rabbit
D. Horse
19. Acquitted of murder in an earlier trial, an Italian appeals court this spring reversed the court decision
and found what American college student guilty of the 2007 murder of her roommate?
A. Amanda Knox
B. Samantha Smith
C. Suzanne Tracer
D. Mary Whitworth
20. It wasn’t much of a game, but who won Super Bowl XLVIII?
A. Seattle
B. San Francisco
C. Denver
D. Atlanta
21. He was called the “Father of Folk”. Who is that musician who either wrote or recorded many popular
folk songs who died at age 94?
A. Country Jo McDonald B. Pete Seger
C. Bob Dylan
D. Marty Robbins
22. It was how many years ago that the Beatles, the Liverpool foursome, landed on the shores of America
and the music world would be changed forever?
A. 100
B. 75
C. 50
D. 25
23. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a historical change in a federal policy that will most
certainly be a part of the Obama legacy. The federal government would do whatever it can within the
limits of the law to recognize what rights?
A. same-sex marriages B. all religions
C. immigrants
D. bisexuals
24. Michael Sam was the Southeastern Conference defensive player of the year while playing for
Missouri last season. Drafted in May, he will now try be the first NFL player in what sense?
A. Mormon
B. artificial leg
C. gay
D. from Australia
25. What comedian ended his long successful run as host of the Tonight Show this winter?
A. Jay Leno
B. Jimmy Fallon
C. Dave Letterman
D. Conan O’Brien
26. A tree on the 17th hole of the Augusta National golf course was removed after being damaged by an
ice storm. Annoyed that he had trouble shooting over it, the tree was named after what president who
couldn’t convince course officials to remove it?
A. Kennedy
B. Eisenhower
C. Nixon
D. Clinton
27. She lifted America’s spirits as a bright-eyed, dimpled child movie star during the Great Depression
and forged a second career as a U.S. diplomat. What lady, considered the best child star in U.S.
history, died at the age of 85 this spring?
A. Sally Fields
B. Martha Ray
C. Sophia Loren
D. Shirley Temple
28. What Warroad, Minnesota native scored 4 shoot-out goals to lead the United States Olympic hockey
team to a victory over the Russians in early Olympic action?
A. T.J. Oshie
B. Jonathan Toes
C. Zach Praise
D. Eric Kessler
29. What is the name of the pair who claimed the United States’ first gold medal in ice dancing at the
Sochi Olympics? They had trained together for 17 years.
A. Martin & Toole
B. Chen & Mallot
C. Crane & Cross
D. Davis & White
30. What representative from Michigan announced his retirement this winter? He set the longevity
record for the House by serving 60 years.
A. Strom Thurmond
B. Byron Dorgan
C. John Dingell, Jr.
D. John Boehner
31. The legislature of what state passed a bill that gave businesses the right to refuse service to gays and
others if the owner believes doing so would violate his religion? The state was saved from more
national embarrassment when the governor vetoed it.
A. Florida
B. Arizona
C. Texas
D. Utah
32. He is said to have made many filmgoers laugh out loud. Some his most famous films were
“Groundhog Day”, “Ghostbusters”, “Caddy Shack”, “Animal House” and “Stripes”. Who is that
director who died this winter from a rare disease?
A. Peter Bogdanovich B. Harold Ramis
C. Jacques Becker
D. Lindsay Anderson
33. He’s the first of Chicago’s Public Enemy No. 1’s captured since Al Capone. Mexican and American
law enforcement officials worked together to catch to catch this fugitive who was considered the
most powerful drug trafficker in the world?
A. Bugs Moran
B. John Gotti
C. Sam “The Butcher’ Giancana
D. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman
Despite bad publicity surrounding the record $50 billion cost, the alleged corruption that bloated it,
unfinished and or substandard lodging facilities, the culling of stray dogs, the country’s anti-gay laws,
and the reported heavy-handed treatment by authorities of the few who dared to protest, what country
seems to have pulled off the successful 2014 Winter Olympic Games?
A. Russia
B. Norway
C. Canada
D. Germany
Protests grew into a successful revolution as what former Soviet state forced the pro-Russian
president out of power, which triggered a Russian troop buildup, as Vladimir Putin was not ready to
accept a Western-leaning state on their doorstep?
A. Lithuania
B. Georgia
C. Ukraine
D. Armenia
An Elk River, Minnesota high school student was suspended from school for two months after he
made a sarcastic Tweet about who?
A. Jewish classmate
B. Police Chief
C. Superintendent
D. P.E. teacher
Who won the 2014 Daytona 500 this spring?
A. Denny Hamlin
B. Jeff Gordon
C. Jimmie Johnson
D. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
What country won the medal count at the 2014 Olympics?
A. Russia
B. Germany
C. France
D. United States
At the Academy Awards in March what movie claimed the 2013 “Best Picture” Oscar?
A. Dallas Buyers Club B. 12 Years a Slave
C. Gravity
D. The Wolf of Wall Street
The Minnesota Wild won a playoff series against Colorado before being knocked out of the playoffs
by what team, the defending NHL champions?
A. Philadelphia
B. Chicago
C. Montreal
D. New York Rangers
Many Major League Baseball players owe their careers to this man who died at age 88. The
pioneering orthopedic surgeon was the first to perform Tommy John surgery back in 1974?
A. Frank Jobe
B. William DeVries
C. Frederic E. Mohs, D. John Hunter
There was a stunning story out of Pontiac, Michigan where woman was discovered dead in her
garage and nobody even noticed she wasn’t around for how long?
A. 6 months
B. 1 year
C. 2 years
D. 5 years
The disappearance of a Boeing 777 carrying 227 passengers created a lot of speculation and anguish
in March. It was a jetliner owned by what country, which seemed unprepared to deal with the
magnitude of the tragedy?
A. Malaysia
B. Cambodia
C. Taiwan
D. Singapore
18-year-old Rachel Canning drew international attention with her lawsuit against her parents claiming
they owed her what?
A. a prom dress
B. a cell phone
C. a car at 16 years-old D. a college education
They lied to regulators, Congress and the public for years about the sudden acceleration of its
vehicles. That deception cost what automaker a $1.2 billion Justice Department fine?
A. Toyota
B. General Motors
C. Ford
D. Honda
After the central government broke down, the Russian army occupied this southern Ukrainian
province that quickly voted to secede and join Russia. The vote rejected by the West.
A. Volyn
B. Crimea
C. Lutsk
D. Uzhhorod
According to a new large study done by the Center for Applied Research and Education
Improvement, students will do better in school if districts do what?
A. go longer
B. start school later
C. start earlier
D. block schedules
Preparing for the controversy to rise again, the Seattle Police Department reviewed the investigation
into the death of what revolutionary rocker who died 20 years ago in what was ruled a suicide?
A. Andy Gibb
B. Jim Morrison
C. Kurt Cobain
D. Otis Redding
What mens’ basketball team won their way into the NCAA tournament by winning the Summit
League tournament, their first trip to the tournament since 2009? They thrilled their fans with an
opening round win over Oklahoma.
A. Minnesota
B. South Dakota State C. North Dakota State D. Iowa State
50. In what state did a mudslide engulf a neighborhood, killing 33 people and leaving several others
unaccountable? The search for bodies continued for weeks after the tragedy.
A. Washington
B. California
C. Oregon
D. Hawaii
51. They have sold millions of records, played to sold-out crowds around the world, garnered an avid fan
base, and immortalized themselves with their classic make-up and eccentric outfits. Inn April, they
were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But it wasn’t until April when that what group
finally made it on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine?
B. Foghat
C. America
52.There are, on average, 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries per year caused by back-overs. In hopes of
saving those lives, the federal government announced last week that what equipment would be
required on most vehicles by 2018?
B. collapsible bumpers C. rearview cameras
D. backup alert signals
53. For second time in five years, a U.S. soldier shot dead three people and injured at least 16 others
before taking his own life at what military base?
A. Fort Bragg
B. Fort Necessity
C. Fort Diamond
D. Fort Hood
54. The Supreme Court this spring expanded the Freedom of Speech by restricting laws that limited the
people’s right to make donations to what?
A. political campaigns B. lobbyists
C. charities
D. religious organizations
55. What well-known Minnesota businessman is made a bid to purchase the Star Tribune newspaper this
A. Sid Hartman
B. Glen Taylor
C. Jim Pollad
D. Red McCombs
56. A baseball player for the New York Mets, Daniel Murphy, sparked a national debate this spring. Why
did he miss the first two games of the season that brought outrage from some in the sports world?
A. he was getting married
B. he’s a member of the New York Assembly
C. his wife was having a baby
D. attending the funeral of his grandmother
57. What revolutionary rule change was made in major league baseball this season?
A. instant replay
B. four outfielders
C. limit on runs
D. designated hitter in NL
58. Turnout was high as what country held the nation’s first free election this spring, replacing President
Hamid Karzai, who is banned constitutionally from extending his 13-year tenure?
A. Iraq
B. Cuba
C. Turkey
D. Afghanistan
59. The sardonic comedian found his calling in late-night TV, launching “Late Night” on NBC in 1982,
where he established himself with signature bits like “Stupid Human Tricks” and “Top 10” list. Who
announced in April that he’s retiring from “The Late Show” in 2015?
A. Jimmy Kimmel
B. Conan O’Brien
C. David Letterman
D. Jay Leno
60. President Obama joined three former presidents in Austin, Texas to mark the 50th anniversary of the
passage of what landmark law?
A. War on Poverty
B. Social Security Act
C. Voting Rights Acts of 1965
D. Civil Rights Act of 1964
61. United States blocked their controversial pick for envoy to the United Nations, a move that could stir
animosity as the two nations seek to improve relations. The U.S. will not grant a visa to Hamid
Aboutalebi, a member of the group responsible for the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in what
A. Iran
B. Mexico
C. Israel
D. Venezuela
62. He became the United States’ biggest movie star while a brash teenager in the 1930s and later as a
versatile character actor in a career that spanned 10 decades. Who is that man who developed a
reputation as a hard-partying, off-screen brat in his heyday and married eight times?
A. Mickey Rooney
B. Marty Robbins
C. Frank Lloyd Wright D. Rock Hudson
63. During a major league baseball game in Atlanta this spring, a pregame ceremony was held to honor
the 40th anniversary of who hitting the 715th homerun of his career, passing the legend Babe Ruth?
A. Willie Mays
B. Barry Bonds
C. Hank Aaron
D. Mickey Mantle
64. CBS tapped what Comedy Central veteran as the eventual replacement for David Letterman? The
comedian signed a five-year deal to replace the late-night legend in 2015.
A. Jon Stewart
B. Stephen Colbert
C. Conan O’Brien
D. Seth Meyers
65. 13 Sherpas guides were killed this spring when an avalanche engulfed their camp in the worst single
day in the history of what peak?
A. The Matterhorn
B. Mount Elbrus
C. Mount Everest
D. Mount Washington
66. What sports car is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year?
A. Ford Mustang
B. Chevy Camero
C. Chevy Corvette
D. Dodge Dart
67. What city decided to flush 38 million gallons of drinking water down the drain when a man was
caught urinating into a pond of treated water?
A. Seattle, Washington B. Portland, Oregon
C. Topeka, Kansas
D. Sacramento, California
68. In one of the more tragic accidents of the year, in what country did a ferry carrying a large group of
high school students capsized with hundreds of people losing their lives?
A. Norway
B. Turkey
C. Malaysia
D. South Korea
69. The governor of what state signed the nation’s highest minimum wage into law this spring? It’s
increasing in increments to $9.50/hour by 2016
A. Minnesota
B. South Dakota
C. Wisconsin
D. North Dakota
70. Arrested for a triple murder in 1976, he spent 19 years in jail before a judge ruled his trial was unfair.
His case became an international cause. Bob Dylan even wrote a song in his honor. Despite unjustly
spending so many years in prison, he never became bitter. Who is that boxer who died at his home at
age 76?
A. Pike Reed
B. Florentino Fernandez. C. Emile Griffith
D. Reuben “Hurricane” Carter
71. Both the South Dakota High School Activities Association and the Minnesota State High School
League are considering proposals that would allow what students to participate in extracurricular
activities in the sex they identify with?
A. intersexual
B. bisexual
C. transgender
D. lesbian
72. What NBA owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was taped having a conversation his girlfriend that
was very racist against black people and it led to him being banned from the NBA for life and the
owners are going to try to force the sale?
A. Mark Cuban
B. Donald Sterling
C. Paul Allen
D. Glen Taylor
73. The rumors were confirmed this spring that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer and Mark Hamill would get
back together for a new movie in what series?
A. Indiana Jones
B. Star Trek
C. Mission Impossible D. Star Wars
74. The world looked in horror as we learned that an Islamic terror group in what country had kidnapped
more than 200 schoolgirls as a way to stop their education?
A. Nigeria
B. Uganda
C. Tanzania
D. Mozambique
75. The Supreme Court issued a decision in regard to the long-held judicial tradition of a separation of
church and state. Although never tested before, the court, in a split decision, ruled that legislative
bodies could do what before their meetings?
A. read a Bible verse
B. say the Pledge
C. swear an oath
D. say a prayer
1. C
2. A
3. A
4. D
5. D
6. B
7. A
8. D
9. C
10. C
11. D
12. A
13. A
14. D
15. C
16. C
17. D
18. D
19. A
20. A
21. B
22. C
23. A
24. C
25. A
26. B
27. D
28. A
29. D
30. C
31. B
32. B
33. D
34. A
35. C
36. D
37. D
38. A