Letter from the President - Atlantic Claim Executives Association

Atlantic Claim Executives Association
January 28, 2015
Allow me to be among the last to wish you a Happy New Year and welcome you to 2015. With
2014 behind us a moment of reflection is appropriate. In the spring we had an incredible
association meeting at the fabulous Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando and in the fall we
joined with the CCEA in New Orleans for a well-attended and productive association meeting.
The work and time your Officers and Directors put into planning and meetings is reflected in the
continued success of this association.
At the risk of sounding stale and on behalf of your Board, we are asking that “Each one reach
one.” I am a firm believer in the value ACEA brings through education and the assembly of
claim executives. Please keep in mind the value you have received from our sessions and
mention it to perspective members. One on one contact is the best approach to recruiting.
This spring we will again visit the Sanibel region and open our first exhibitor’s hall for the
benefit of our guest/sponsors and business partners. This has been a HUGE undertaking for Todd
Childers and Sam Crisalli. We are hopeful that this will be mutually beneficial and give our
partners an additional venue to describe and discuss their unique services. Make your plans and
reservations now to attend. We will be cruising again Tuesday night!
In my past letter and at the fall meeting we discussed the gap in leadership resulting from Greg
Youngblood’s retirement. It has been a difficult charge to fill the gap and accommodate normal
progression through the ranks. So, in the spring meeting we will be presenting the slate of
officers as, Todd Childers President, Ross Poole Vice President and Constance Woods as
secretary. Ross and Constance will coordinate the role of treasurer between them. This is a pilot
to see if combining the secretary and treasurer’s role is feasible going forward. Your Directors
remain as Sam Crisalli, Bill Paccione, Todd Frazier, and Floyd Sibley. I will be replacing Dennis
Gowen in the past president’s director chair for the coming year.
My thanks to Dennis for his years of service on the board and in almost every conceivable role,
also a great thank you to Constance Woods for accepting our invitation to join the officers in the
coming session. Please seek out any of your leadership if you would be interested in a more
active role in your association. There is always room for a willing heart and hand!
Very Respectfully,
Jack A. Stewart, ACEA President
Jack Stewart
Assurant Specialty Property
133 Forty Love Point
Chapin, SC 29036
[email protected]
Vice President
Todd Childers
NC Farm Bureau
Mutual Insurance Company
PO Box 27427
Raleigh, NC 27611
[email protected]
Dennis Gowen – Swiss Re
Samuel Crisalli - Dryden Mutual Insurance Company
Greg Youngblood
Kentucky Farm Bureau
Mutual Insurance Company
PO Box 20700
Louisville, KY 40250-0700
[email protected]
Ross Poole
NC Farm Bureau
Mutual Insurance Company
PO Box 27427
Raleigh, NC 27611
[email protected]
Floyd Sibley - The Gray Insurance Company
Bill Paccione – General Re Corp.
Todd Frazier – NC Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company