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First Family
volume 43 • number 5
February 1, 2015
First Baptist Church of Salisbury, North Carolina
Wednesdays & Sundays at 6-8 p.m.; FMC Rm 125;
By previous review only
This 8-week class is a Biblically based, relationship centered,
character driven ministry that helps people find dignity, value, and
hope in meaningful work which honors and glorifies God and shows
the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Facilitator: Wes Graham; Wednesdays at 6 p.m.;
Room 117; $114 for materials
We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University (FPU)
is that plan! It teaches God’s ways of handling money. Through video
teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU
presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where
you’ve dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid
of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!
Facilitator: Cathy Costantino; Cost is $35;
Meets in Room 108; Wednesdays, 6:15 p.m.
After English and Spanish, it is the third most common language in North
America. It has its own beauty, its own unmistakable form and its own
inherent culture. Whether you view signing as an essential means of
communication or are simply interested in the world of silent music and
visual poetry, this course is for you.
Facilitator: Pastor Lance; Meets in the Chapel;
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
This video and discussion presentation will cover some of the basic
Christian beliefs and why. We will also examine the belief systems of
groups like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Hinduism, Buddhism and
Islam. The goal of these studies is both personal and missional.
Please call Rod or Lisa at 704-633-0431 to pre-register.
Festival of Tables
Sportsmen’s Banquet
Sat., February 28
6:00 p.m. FMC Gym
Thurs., February 19
6:00 p.m.
Charles Alsheimer
Speaker: Amber Hinson
Amber Hinson and her husband Grant, along with their
two beautiful children, Asher and Evan Grace, moved from
Salisbury, North Carolina to Lancaster, South Carolina in May
2012 to be missionaries in Countryside Mobile Home Park. The
Hinson’s live among some 500 neighbors where they minister
daily in various, exciting ways. Amber is a Registered Nurse by
trade and enjoys spending time loving on her kids and all the
neighborhood kiddos. She shares the love of Jesus by taking women to doctor appointments
and the grocery store and helping her Hispanic friends communicate with their children’s
teachers. Amber describes her life as a delicate balance of crazy and calm as her family
strives to shine the light of Jesus in such a dark neighborhood.
MISSION PROJECT: First aid supplies for Amber and Grant to use during summer activities.
Table of 8 - $90 Individual - $12
Award-winning outdoor writer,
nature photographer, lecturer,
and whitetail consultant
Table of 8 - $85 Table of 6 - $65 Individual - $12
Get your tickets in one of three ways:
- Call Rod at 704-633-0431
- Email [email protected] or [email protected]
- See Rod in his office after Sunday & Wednesday services.
“Praying with Paul!”
Pastor Lance’s messages will be drawn from the prayers of the Apostle Paul. We’ll discover how those prayers not only give
us insight into the nature of God but speak to, and on behalf of, many of our deepest needs.
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Christian Separations
are Only Temporary
Second Act Ministries
Dear Friends,
In the last few weeks, I noticed something unusual. Several couples
and individuals from our church family are leaving Rowan County.
Some are moving to assisted living facilities nearer family, others are
moving as the result of employment changes or retirement.
I have one thing to say about this… I don’t like it! I don’t like it because
I will miss being the pastor to those who have recently decided to
relocate. I have shared much fun and fulfilling experiences with
them… I’ve prayed with them and for them. I know them well and
love them dearly. Their reasons for relocating are logical, made with
care and a great deal of prayer. I can’t begrudge God for leading
them down a path that will physically separate us for a while. But that
doesn’t make the parting any easier.
Such emotions shouldn’t surprise me… these feelings are a part of
how we grieve. In the course of life we will say good-bye to friends
and loved ones. And grief is a part of our response; it doesn’t matter
if that person is moving across the state… or has moved into eternity.
Paul wrote the Thessalonians “not grieve as others do who have no
hope.” He didn’t say that we can’t grieve over those who are no longer
near us… just not to grieve like those who don’t see the big picture.
And the big picture is this, separations are only temporary! God’s
people never say to one another; “Farewell, forever!” The appropriate
response is more like “I’ll see you later!”
So to those individuals and couples that decided that God’s design
demands that we not walk together for a while… I say “Go in peace
with our love as you continue your journey.” I know that my grief will
one day settle down; it helps knowing that we’ll be reunited one day…
not for a visit but for eternity!
New Wednesday Night Study
Beginning in February, in place of Prayer Meeting, Pastor Lance
will be leading a study entitled “Christianity: Cults and Religions.”
This video and discussion presentation will cover some of basic
Christian beliefs and why. We will also examine the belief
systems of groups like Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism,
Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. The goal of these studies is
both personal and missional. Join us in the Fellowship Hall at
6:30 beginning February 4.
Wee Center Registration
Registration for the 2015-16
school year will begin Mon.,
January 19 for 2-year-olds
through 5-year-olds. Spots
will become open to the public
at the end of February. Call
Jessica Casey at 704-6391062.
Gold & Silver Meeting
Mon., February 9
10:30 a.m.
Program: “Love is in the Air.” You don’t need a sweetheart to
enjoy this presentation of songs and stories with a romantic
Spencer Doll and Toy Museum
& Lunch at Emma’s
Thurs., February 26
Dutch lunch at Emma’s. Museum cost $7.00, due 2/9/15.
Songs and Stories
of the Civil War
Wingate University Fri., March 27
Dinner at K&W (dutch). Leaving @ 4:30 p.m., Return approx.
11:00 p.m. (note late return). Cost $20.00, due March 9.
Spring Time Jubilee
April 27-30, 2015
Myrtle Beach, SC
The cost per person is $355.00 (the cost of four meals are not
included). $150 deposit due January 26. If you are interested
please call the church office or contact Pastor Lance.
NC Missions of Mercy Free
Adult Dental Clinic
March 6-7, 2015
Catawba College
Dental and Non-Dental
Volunteers are needed to help
set up, assist the dentists,
register and aid the patients.
If you are interested in serving…you have to go online ASAP at
• Van Driver for Sunday Nights
• Mentors for Women and Men (for Wed. & Sun. nights, 6-8 p.m.)
Contact Rod Kerr at [email protected]
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FBC Salisbury and NCBAM Team Up to Protect Community!
Smoke Alarm Installation Training
New Preschool Check In/Out
As part of its ongoing initiative, Priority #1: Prevention, North Carolina
Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) has partnered with First Baptist
Church Salisbury and the Office of State Fire Marshall (OSFM) to
reduce accidental death and injury rates for adults 65 and older in
North Carolina. Because the aging are twice as likely to be killed or
injured by fires or falls—compared to the general population—the
groups share a passionate goal to reduce this statistic.
New Stickers for Check-In/
Check-Out for Preschoolers to
Sunday school, starts February
1st. Information tables will be
available for a few weeks to
assist parents in this change.
Sticker available at the door of
each classroom. The Parent will
fill out the bottom portion of the
sticker including and allergies or
special instructions and place the
sticker on the child’s back. Parents KEEP the top stub. Upon
check out, all parents will present the stub with coordinating
number, which is matched with number on the child’s sticker
for release. Without the stub, parents will need to show picture
ID to retrieve the child.
A free smoke alarm installation training will be held Thursday,
February 5 at First Baptist Church in Salisbury (5:30 pm – 7:30 pm).
The training will be conducted by a staff member from the Office of
State Fire Marshal and will include:
• Smoke alarm education
• Smoke alarm safety messaging
• Guidelines for installation
• Information on the type alarms used
• Instructions on completing installation reports
Attendees will receive free 10 year lithium battery smoke alarms to
install in the homes of those who need them.
Region 5 Mission Rally In Greensboro - Thursday, February 19
NC Missions Conference in Winston-Salem - April 10-11
Region 5 Disaster Relief Training in Davidson County - April 24-25
Operation Inasmuch - Saturday, May 30
WMU Missions Extravaganza
April 17-18, 2015
Ardmore Baptist Church
Winston-Salem, NC
$35 deposit required by Sun., February 15. FBC group will stay at
Village Inn Event Center. Rooms have been reserved for 2 nights
and hot breakfast is included in lodging. $130 for 2 nights (2 per
room); $82 for 2 nights (4 per room); $82 for 1 night (2 per room).
Day conference fee (no lodging) is $35. Total due by Sun., March
15. Email Kay Dover for more details ([email protected]) or call
Eat So That Others
May Eat
Winter Jam
Sat., February 14 2- 11 p.m.
With cold weather, families may have to choose between heat and
food. Eat lasagne with the RAs on February 15th and your donations
will go to stock the Shepherd’s Pantry.
Greensboro. Cost: $10. Parent help needed!
Ski Retreats
Middle School
Feb. 27-March 1
High School
March 6-8
June 22-27
Church league basketball games to be announced at Salisbury YMCA
RAs working on their Pinewood Derby cars
Afterward, the church Pinewood Derby will be held. All activities in the
Fellowship Hall.
For I was hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me drink.
- Matt. 25:35 A&B
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February 1, 2015
Minister on Call: Rod Kerr, 704-798-3922
Sound: Crystal Burns
Ushers: Glenn Taylor, Gary Allen, Mark Brittain,
Lacy Brown, John Collins, Lynn Hauss, John
Leatherman, Tom Kiger, Glenwood Moore,
Greg Skelly
Worship Greeters: Barbara Thomason
Sunday School Greeters: Carl Morner, Glenn
Security Duty: Bill Peeler, Mike Corriher, Lacy
Offertory Prayer: Stu Stepp
Prayer Room Intercessor:
8:30 - Charles Buckley
11:00 - Mary Alice Willis
Worship KidStyle: Stephen & April Chandler
Babies: Joan Leatherman, Pat Walton
Creepers/Toddlers: Jenny Collins, Sheila
Prevatte, Charlotte Campbell
Twos: Meg Peeler, Pete Bogle
Threes: Jackie Miller, Stacy Byrd, Erich Byrd
January 27, 2015
This Week’s Gifts to Budget .................................................... $20,543.51
YTD Budget Gifts..................................................................... $80,496.70
YTD Budget Goal .................................................................... $96,462.92
Over/Under Budget............................................................... $(15,966.22)
Buddy & Diane Poole
Joined 1/25/15 by Statement
Kristie Jones (Letter) &
Thomas (T. J.) Jones (son) (Baptism)
Joined 1/18/15
POSTMASTER: Send address
changes to FIRST FAMILY, 223
N. Fulton Street, Salisbury, NC
First Baptist Church
of Salisbury, North Carolina
February 4, 2015
Meat Loaf
Vegetable Casserole
Baked Apples
Salad • Rolls
Reservations are required.
Call the church office,
704-633-0431 by Monday at 4:30 p.m.
Meal Cashier: Larry & Suzanne Turner
The purpose of the Salisbury First Baptist family is to intimately know Christ and increasingly make Him known through
authentic worship, intentional nurture, spirited fellowship, and compassionate witness in our community and around the
First Baptist Church  223 N. Fulton Street  Salisbury, NC 28144  Phone 704-633-0431  Fax 704-633-0670