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The Holy Assumption of
Saint Mary
Byzantine Catholic Church
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Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory Forever!
Served by Father James G. Hayer, Deacon Edward Frey, Deacon Basil Soroka,
with the ministry of Sister Theodosia, OSBM and Sister Regina, OSBM
Sunday, February 1, 2015—Sunday of the Prodigal Son
Liturgical Schedule for this Week
Saturday Evening, January 31st
4:00 PM Vespers with Liturgy
(+Mary Laboda By Deacon Basil
and Chris Soroka)
February 1st
Sunday of The Prodigal Son
8:30 AM Matins (Morning Prayers)
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
(+Jenny Budzinski
By Andy, Linda and
Jonathan Kopcho)
11:15 AM Divine Liturgy
(Intentions of our Parish Family)
Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord
with Blessing of Candles
Monday, February 2nd
9:00 AM +Edward Adamczyk
By Dolores D. Evans
6:30 PM +Margaret Witek
By Irene Witek
Tuesday, February 3rd
9:00 AM +Theresa Lukas
By M/M Wilbur Shorts
Wednesday, February 4th
9:00 AM +Christine Adamczyk
By Sister, Dolores D. Evans
Thursday, February 5th—No Liturgy
7:00 PM Advisory MEETING
Friday, February 6th
9:00 AM +Sara Barna
By Peggy and Cy Lesko
Saturday, February 7th
9:00 AM ALL SOULS Commemoration
4:00 PM Vespers with Liturgy
(+Basil and +Marie Rodack
By Sister, Elizabeth)
February 8th—Sunday of Meat Fare
8:30 AM Matins (Morning Prayers)
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy
(Intentions of our Parish Family)
olemn Holyday and Blessing of Candles. On Monday we celebrate the
Solemn Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple, also known
as the “Encounter of Our Lord with Simeon and Anna.” It marks the occasion
when Our Lord was taken as an infant to be dedicated in the Temple. Simeon,
the priest of the temple, recognized the infant Christ-Child as the Messiah. On
this occasion, Simeon referred to Jesus as “a light to the revelation of the gentiles…” which is also what we sing in church at times, including at baptisms. It
is also our tradition to BLESS CANDLES at this time as a reminder that the LIGHT of the World,
Christ our God, is still with us, burning ever brightly in our hearts.
Charitable Contribution Statement for 2014—will be available UPON REQUEST by calling
the Parish Office at 570-822-6028 or emailing the office at [email protected] Contributions for the Annual Bishop’s Appeal will be sent separately. Thank you for your generosity!
IN YOUR PRAYERS THIS WEEK…Please remember Joe Marcin at General; Sophia Barna at
Geisinger, Anthony Ortolani, Dorothy Krupsha, Andy Kozich, William Evans, Helene
Walkowiak, and all those who are sick, suffering, the homebound, the lonely and all
those who are in need of your prayers!
First All Souls Commemoration is
Saturday, February 7th …. Please sub-
Ash Wednesday Fish Dinner —at St.
Andre Bessette parish (our neighbors) on
Ash Wednesday, February 18th from 4mit the names of your loved ones using the
ate $8.50 and must be purchased by
envelope in your 2015 Offertory Envelope
Call Mary at 570-823-4988.
Box. They will be remembered at all five All
Souls Liturgies, the first one being
ub-Deacon Lewis Rabayda will be ordained Deacon on
Saturday, Feb 7th at 9AM.
Sunday, February 8th at 11AM at Holy Ghost Church in
Jessup, PA. There will be no 11:15 Liturgy on that day in our
Last Week’s Gifts from Your parish. Holy Ghost Church is located at 313 First Ave., Jessup, PA 18434. SIGN-UP in Candle Room to attend.
Generosity of Spirit!
Holy Days
Building and Reno.
Shrine Candles this week burn for the Blessed Mem15.00
ory of +Maryann T. Sakalas by Michele; Special In95.00
tentions of William B. Evans by Mom; Better Health
103.00 of Michelle Bridgland by Bill and Kathy Hall; In Memory of
186.00 +William Evans by Margaret; Better Health of Karen Sep72.00 koski by Mom; In Loving Memory of +John Shission by Jose2260.00
To register for myEoffering
phine. If you would like to offer a burning candle before the
icon shrine in church, either for the intention of yourself or
someone you love, please use the special envelopes at the entrances of the Church. Requested offering is $5.