Jan 31/Feb 1, 2015 - Ss. Peter and Paul Parish

Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Parish
Parroquia Católica de San Pedro y San Pablo
720 N. Baird Street, Green Bay, WI 54302
Fr. Anthony Cirignani, O.F.M.!
Don Patz !
Trustee Treasurer!
Steve Parent !
Trustee Secretary!
“What is this? A new teaching! With authority he
commands even the unclean spirits,
and they obey him.”
Joseph Uhyrek !
Parish Council Chairperson!
Dan Miller!
Finance Council Chairperson!
Norma Chavez!
Ministerio Hispano!
Parish Office Hours!
Horario de Oficina Parroquial!
M Th 8:30am 4:00pm !
Ministerio Hispano: !
los viernes, 8:30am2:00pm*!
! !
*con una cita!
Margo Thorsen!
Parish Office Manager!
Claire Patz!
Parish Secretary!
Mass Times/Horario la Misa: !
Saturday 4:00pm!
Sunday 8:00am, 10:00am, !
12:30pm Misa en Español!
Tuesday Saturday 8:00am!
Confession/ Penance!
1/2 hour prior to weekend masses!
1st Fridays /1st Saturdays 7:30am !
24 Hr. Eucharistic Adoration !
Door Code available from office!
Scheduling: Sharon Van Ooyen!
Phone: 920.676.1637!
¿Qué es esto? ¡Enseña de una manera nueva, y con
plena autoridad! ¡Incluso a los espíritus impuros
da órdenes, y lo obedecen!
Parish Office: (920) 435.7548 !
FAX: (920) 432.1321!
January 31st & February 1st, 2015
Religious Education Office: (920) 437.0651!
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Email: [email protected]!
Website: www.sspeterpaulgb.org!
31 de enero, y 1 de febrero, 2015
4°Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
Schedules, News, and Notes!
Next Week: !
Liturgical Roles!
Mass Intentions Week 4 ! Ordinary Time!
Feb 7/8, 2015!
Jan 31/Feb 1, 2015
Sun, Feb 1st 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time!
4:00pm !L. Roskowski!
4:00pm L. Roskowski!
4:00pm Sat. Vigil Mass: †Irene & Francis Dart!
8:00am! J. Uhyrek!
8:00am J . Ball!
8:00am Vocations to the Consecrated Life!
10:00am Substitute!
10am D. Lautenslager!
10am 1st. Wedding Anniversary of ! !
Altar Servers !
Altar Servers!
4:00pm B. Miller / open! 4:00pm D. Patz, C.Delaney!
8:00am T. & B. Stillwell! 8:00am J . & A. Stoa!
12:30pm Pro Populo, SsPP!
10:00am V. & M. Pallini, ! 10:00am B. Miller, !
Mon, Feb 2nd Presentation of the Lord!
A. Rozewski, A. Delaney !
C. Peterson!
! No Mass!
4:00pm !
Tues, Feb 3rd St. Blaise, Bp. & Martyr!
4:00 PM !
T. Bamrick, M. Georgia!
8:00 AM Living & Deceased of Ladies’ Altar Society!
T. Bamrick, G. Brunette!
8:00AM !
T. Hendricks, K.Bornemann! T. Hendricks, K. Bornemann! Wed, Feb 4th Weekday in Ordinary Time !
8:00 AM †Russell B. Olson!
10:00AM !
Dick & Marie Neuses!
Thurs, Feb 5th St. Agatha, Virgin & Martyr!
Bob & Betty Dombroski!
Communion Ministers!
8:00 AM †Ralph Vanden Avond!
Communion Ministers!
Please Volunteer & Sign in! Please Volunteer & Sign in! !
Fri, Feb 6th St. Paul Miki & Companions, Martyrs!
8:00 AM Mass Living & Deceased Family & Friends of
Barb Van Den Busch!
Week ending Jan. 11th, 2015!
BUDGET: $8,431 Needed Weekly!
This Week Collected:!
Stewardship: ! $7,456!
Repair Fund: ! $ 160!
Online Giving ! ****** (figure temp. unavailable)!
YearToDate Budget Needed (Week #30) $252,930.!
Collected YTD $246,861.!
Short: $ 6,069. **!
(**revised “short” figure from week #29: $5,385) !
To date we have received over $3,000 in online !
Thank you so much for supporting the “WeShare” Online
Giving program.!
If you aren’t currently using online giving, but would like
to enroll, please visit www.sspeterpaulgb.org,!and click
on the link labled "Online GivingSsPP". This will take
you to a special, secure, online donation site. !
If you have any questions, please call the parish office
at!9204357540.! Thank You!!
Sat, Feb 7th Weekday in Ordinary Time!
8:00 AM Mass Ss. Peter & Paul Purgatorial Society!
4:00 PM Mass ~ 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time!
†Bill & Violet Englebert !
5th Sunday in Ordinary Time!
8:00 AM Mass †Lois Vickman!
10:00 AM Mass †Mary Anne Brooks!
12:30 PM Mass Pro Populo, SsPP!
5th Anniversary of Spanish Mass at SsPP!
Our Hispanic brothers & sisters here at Ss. Peter &
Paul are observing their 5th anniversary among us
with a Fiesta This Sunday, February 1st, from 2pm to
5pm in our School Cafeteria. Come & Celebrate!!
Bulletin Items!
As a Reminder: All items submitted for the Parish
Bulletin must include the Name & Phone Number of
the person submitting the item. If this information is
not included, we will not be able to include your item
in the bulletin. Items are best emailed to the parish at
[email protected] If submitted in person,
all items must be typed. !
Cut!off for including items in our bulletin, for any
given week, is Noon on Tuesday.!
More News and Notes!
We remind those who socialize and visit before or after mass, that doing so in the Church itself is disturbing to people
who are trying to pray quietly. The church is a place of prayer ! both private and public ! and, most importantly, a Sacred Place. Community is important as a part of parish life, so we welcome you to converse in the
Father Schuh Hall, the Fatima Room, or even outside if weather permits. Thank you for your cooperation.
“Bringing Up the Gifts” at Sunday Mass!
If you, or your family, would like to bring up the bread
and wine to be consecrated at our Sunday Masses, please
see one of our Ushers when you arrive for Mass. They
will appreciate your help, and this will save them some
time as well.!
Readings for the Week of Feb 1st7th, 2015!
Sunday: Deut 18:1520 1Cor 7:3235 Mk 1:2128!
Monday: Mal 3:14, Heb 2:1418, Lk 2:2240!
Tuesday: Heb 12:14, Mk 5:2143!
Wednesday: Heb 12:47,1115, Mk 6:16!
Religious Education Reminders!
Thursday: Heb 12:1819,2124, Mk 6:713!
Feb. 4th. !7:00 PM 1st. Penance for Second Graders; English &
Friday: Heb 13:18, Mk 6:1429!
Spanish SpeakingAll other grades have regular classes!
Feb. 11th. 7:00 PM 1st. Penance for Special Sacraments Students, Both LanguagesAll other grades have regular classes!
Saturday: Heb 13:1517,2021, Mk 6:3034 !
Lecturas de la semana del 1!7 de Febrero, 2015
Feb. 18th. !Ash Wednesday Liturgy of the Word, Distribution !
Domingo: Deut 18:1520 1Cor 7:3235 Mc 1:2128!
of Ashes (Meet in Church at 6:30pm) No Regular Classes
Feb. 25th. !Regular Classes for All Grades!
Lunes: Mal 3:14, Heb 2:1418, Lc 2:2240!
Martes: Heb 12:14, Mc 5:2143!
Our Monthly Divine Mercy Holy Hour!
Is Held the Last Sunday of each Month !
From 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Church.!
This special time of prayer and adoration !
includes prayers for Generational/Family
Miércoles: Heb 12:47,1115, Mc 6:16!
Jueves: Heb 12:1819,2124, Mc 6:713!
Viernes: Heb 13:18, Mc 6:1429!
Sábado: Heb 13:1517,2021, Mc 6:3034 !
Thank You From St. Thomas More School:
St. Thomas More School’s Annual Appeal surpassed their
goal ($12,000), raising over $13,000. The School Mass on
Wednesday, Feb 11th, at 8:30am will be offered for all of
you who have generously supported STM School, whether
financially, by volunteering, by your prayers, etc. You,
and your support are so much appreciated. !
Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for February:!
Universal:!That prisoners, especially the young,
may be able to rebuild lives of dignity. !
Evangelization:!That married people who are !
separated may find welcome and support in the
Christian community. !
Natural Family Planning; NFP!
Learn the science behind modern NFP. Come to learn
the method, or just to learn more about it. A Free !
Introduction to NFP will be offered at Resurrection
Parish, 333 Hilltop Avenue, in Green Bay on Monday,
Feb 9th, 6:30 8:00 pm. Register by emailing
[email protected], or by calling Abbi, !
at (920) 7669380.!
Intenciones de nuestra Papa Francisco:!
Universal: Para!que los encarcelados, en especial los jóvenes, puedan reconstruir una
vida digna. !
Por la Evangelización: Para que los conyugues que se han separado encuentren
acogida y apoyo en la comunidad cristiana. !
will pray the Office of Morning Prayer (Lauds) in
Church at 8:00 AM.!
The Sacred Triduum begins with a bilingual !
Please mark your calendars for these spiritually !
of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7:00
important events during the months of February and
Thursday, April 2nd., followed by silent
adoration until 10:00 PM.!
Blessing of Throats: This tr aditional blessing,
through the intercession of St. Blaise, will be given on Good Friday continues our celebr ation of the !
Tuesday, February 3rd, after the 8:00 AM Mass, and on Sacred Triduum as follows:!
1:00 PM Solemn Liturgy of the Passion, !
Wednesday, February 4th, in conjunction with the !
with Communion!
regular bilingual prayer service that precedes our !
Religious Education Classes. This will not be a Mass. 2:00 PM Church open for private devotions!
3:00 PM Sung Divine Mercy Chaplet & Novena!
Rather, it will be a bilingual healing service, with !
6:00 PM Bilingual Service of the Passion, !
blessing of throats (Second Graders’ 1st Confessions
with Veneration of the Cross (No Mass)!
will follow the service).!
Throats will also be blessed at the 8 AM Masses on
...More to come, in the weeks ahead!
Thursday (Feb 5th), Friday (Feb 6th), and Saturday
Peace, Joy, and Love in the Lord,!
(Feb 7th).!
Dear Parish Family ~
Holy Hour of Power: Ever yone is cor dially invited
to attend our 3rd (and final) of three Holy Hours !
requested by our Bishop Sunday, February 8th, at
3:00pm. Our “theme” will be “Perseverance in Prayer.”
Please plan on attending along with your family; and
invite a friend or neighbor to come along. At the end of
this special hour with the Lord, the Blessing of Throats
will be extended to all in attendance.!
Lent 2015: The Solemn Season of Lent begins with
Ash Wednesday, February 18th. Masses, with the !
distribution of blessed ashes, will be at 8:00 AM, and at
4:00 PM. A bilingual Liturgy of the Word (not a
Mass), with the distribution of ashes, will be held with
the Religious Education Students (everyone is !
welcome) at 6:30 PM in Church.!
Stations of the Cross will take place on all Fr idays of
Lent, following the 8 AM Mass. Benediction and !
Stations will take place on Feb 2nd, March 1st, and
March 8th (Sundays) at 3:00 PM, in Church.!
A Special Event, featur ing Mr . Doug Bar r y (Cohost
of “Life on the Rock” EWTN) will take place on
Wednesday, March 18th, for our Religious Education
Students in grades 6 & above. Adults are also welcome.
The students of grades 15, will have classes as usual.!
Passion/Palm Sunday Vespers will be offer ed, !
together with a reflection on Holy Week, and !
Veneration of the Relic of the True Cross, on Palm
Sunday, March 29th, beginning at 3:00 PM in Church.!
The Sacrament of Penance (Confession) will be
available to the faithful after all Lenten Friday Masses,
beginning on February 20th. Confessions may also be
made on Saturday afternoons of Lent, from 3:00 PM to
4:00 PM. !
Holy Week Masses will be celebr ated at 8:00 AM on
Tuesday and Wednesday, March 31st/April 1st. There
is No Morning Mass on Holy Thursday, April 2nd; we
Fr. Tony
Querida Familia Parroquial,
Por favor marquen sus calendarios para estos eventos
religiosos y especiales:!
Bendición de gargantas: mar tes 3 de febr er o,
despues de la missa de 8:00 AM, bilingüe miercoles
4 de febrero, con los estudiantes de educación religiosa
a las 6:30 PM, y tambien, despues de las missas de 8:00
AM el Jueves, Viernes, y Sabado (el 5,6, y 7 de febrero).!
Miércoles de ceniza: misas en ingles a las 8:00 AM,
y 4:00 PM. !
Bilingüe: Liturgia de la Palabra (sin misa) con la !
imposición de las cenizas bendecidas a las 6:30 PM.!
Jueves Santo (2 de Abril) Misa Bilingüe a las 7:PM!
Viernes Santo (3 de Abril) Ser vicio Bilingüe de la
Pasión (sin misa) a las 6:00 PM, con la veneración de la
Santa Cruz.!
Más información vendrá en las próximas semanas.!
Que les Dios bendiga con Su paz, alegria, y amor,!
Padre Tony
Noticia Especiál!
**Hoy dia Estamos celebrando nuestro quinto aniversario de la Missa en espaňol, aqui en San Pedro y
San Pablo. Vengan a celebrar juntos con nostros, el
domingo, 1 de Febrero, 2pm5pm en la cafeteria
(de la escuela).!
Bautismos, Platicas Pre bautismal:!
El segundo martes de cada mes hay preparación para
bautismo a las 5:30pm. Los requisitos: Deben de asistir
las clases de preparación. Favor de pasar al la Oficina
del Centro de Madre Teresa los miércoles o jueves para
confirmar la fecha elegida. Traer el comprobante de
plática, acta de nacimiento. Para información llamen al
(920) 435 7548.!
Intenciones En La Misa:!
Si desea pedir por una Misa para una intención !
especial, puede ponerse en contacto con la Oficina de
la Parroquia una semana antes. El estipendio para la
Misa es $10.00.!
Sip & Sew
Sip & Sew is intended as
a women’s prayer and
textile crafting group. !
We will gather for !
prayer, conversation, and
crafting. !
Our meetings are planned
for the 2nd & 4th
Wednesdays of each month, in the Mother Teresa Center
(concurrent with Religious Education Classes), from 6:30
PM7:30 PM; please contact Red in the office. !
So bring your prayerful hearts and busy hands!!
Eucharistic Miracles Exhibit!
Going on Now, through February 8th, we have
on display, in the Fr. Schuh Hall, the 10 latest !
Approved Eucharistic Miracles.!
These include 3 miracles that !
occurred in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992,
1994, and 1996. Then Cardinal Jorge Mario !
Bergoglio, S.J., now Pope Francis, had requested the
formal investigation of these miracles.!
The display will be available for viewing after each
Mass. It is our hope and prayer that this exhibit will
lead to a deeper love and appreciation of the Most Holy
Exposición: Milagros de Eucaristía!
Del 29 de enero, al 8 de Febrero, tendremos
una exhibición de 10 Milagros de la !
Santa Eucaristía.!
Annual Men’s Conference!
Esto Vir (which is Latin for “Be a
Man), is a Catholic Men’s apostolate
in our diocese. Esto Vir is inviting All
men to attend their 10th annual Esto
Vir Conference on March 7th, !
at St. Pius X Catholic Church in Appleton. !
Join guest speakers Steve Ray, Chuck Neff , Our own
Bishop David Ricken, and over 600 Catholic men. !
Learn how you can save the familyand the culture
by prayer and by your witness. !
To learn more, and to register, please visit Esto Vir
at:www.estovir.com !
Estos incluyen 3 milagros que ocurrido en
Buenos Aires, Argentina en 1992, 1994 y
1996. Cardenal Jorge Bergoglio había ordenado la !
investigación de estos milagros, antes de ser elegido
como Papa (Papa Francisco).!
La exposición estará disponible para su consulta
después de cada misa, en el salón parroquial.!
Lenten Bible StudyThursday Mornings
This Study follows “JESUS' JOURNEY TO THE
CROSS,” from The W ord A mong Us. Thursday's 6:30
AM 7:30 AM, February 26th, through April 2nd, here
at Ss,Peter and Paul, in the Fr. Schuh Hall.!
The cost of the program is $10 for the study guide.
Please PreRegister by February 10th, so that we can
order a sufficient number of books.!!
To preregister:!
Call Julie Froelich at 920.639.2655, or email her at !
[email protected], or call Mike Bors!at
920.819.0903, or email him at [email protected]!
What does “Pro Populo, SsPP” mean in the Mass Intentions? !
The Latin words “Pro Populo” mean “For the People.” When you see “Pro Populo, SsPP”
listed in our Mass Intentions, that Mass is being offered for the good of the people of !
Ss. Peter & Paul Parish, both living and deceased. Normally, one such Mass is offered every
Sunday, and on all other Holy Days of Obligation, by the assigned pastor.!
(920) 498-8600
Treatment Center
1701 Dousman Street
Green Bay, WI 54303-3282
Electrical Contractors LLC
Ken Young - Owner
Parish Member
Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment for Teens & Adults
Painting * Wallpapering
Roller Skating Rink
731 Morris Ave., Green Bay, WI
Quality Building Material
Mary and John Dollar
1613 Main St. 468-6651
Compliments Of
RJ Jacques Inc.
1476 University Ave.
(920) 617-3000
Green Bay, WI
435-2287 1751 University Ave., Green Bay, WI
Dr. Nicole Gardner
Each office independently owned and operated
Dan Malcore
Parish Member
2270 Holmgren Way • Green Bay, WI 54304
(920) 593-4132 Office • (877) 202-8918 Toll Free
(920) 593-4179 Fax • (920) 655-0359 Mobile
[email protected] • www.shorewest.com
Religious Supply
Established in 1963
1482 Main Street
Green Bay, WI 54302
Phone 920-432-2758
Fax 920-432-2759
Complete Car Service • Towing
Jeff Woelz - Owner
1372 East Mason At Baird
[email protected]
701 North Baird Street
Green Bay
Jim Ball, Owner • 920-436-9882
2130 Velp Ave., Green Bay
1685 Main St., Green Bay
[email protected]
Helping Business Get the Work Done
Fred Bredael Plumbing, Inc.
Be Vocal Buy Local
• New Home Construction
• Small Commercial • Remodeling
• Water Heaters • WaterCare Softeners
• Faucets • Fixtures & Whirlpools
Over 25 Yrs. of Experience
920-621-0756 Cell 920-845-2811 Business
Email: [email protected]
Las Brisas
Mexican Restaurant
Hours: Tues-Thurs 11am-9pm,
Fri-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-9pm
1906 University Ave. 436-0540
• Looking for area attractions?
• Need community information?
• Let us help and send you a Newcomer’s packet
Financial Services
& Member Benefits
Joseph R. Giganti, Sr., Advisor
Phone: (920) 468-4289 • Fax: (920) 468-0909
(920) 569-4606
P.O. Box 8261, Green Bay, WI 54308 • www.greenbaynewcomers.com
“Expert Dental Care
with Compassion”
1729 University • 920-432-6205
Electrical Wiring
Residential & Commercial
FREE Estimates
We Offer Sedation Dentistry
Village Gardens
1640 Shawano Ave. • Green Bay
2668 Noel Dr. • 465-0755
David J. DeGrave, D.D.S.
[email protected]
Excellence in Skilled
Nursing & Rehabilitation Care.
Call today to schedule a tour!
2961 St. Anthony Dr.,Green Bay, WI 54311
Dr. Lynn Carli and Dr. John Knuth
535 South Monroe Ave.
Complete Family Vision Care, Contact Lenses, Frames
and Lenses, Repairs and Adjustments,
Contact Lenses Cleaned & Polished while you wait.
1517 University Ave.
1265 Cass St., Green Bay
920 662-0722
[email protected]
owner/operator Kevin Santy - MP230509
(within the St. Thomas More School)
(920) 437-1979
Ceramic • Vinyl • Laminate • Carpet • Hardwood
We Sell It! Install It! Clean It! Repair It!
2674 N. Packerland Drive
(920) 494-2709
Senior Citizen “Fun” Leagues
Monday - Friday Daytime
Children’s Birthday Packages
Super Cosmic Friday & Saturday Nights
2020 Verlin
Sheet Metal – Roofing
1860 University Ave.
Green Bay, WI
Jim Manders, President
Your trusted name in hardware since 1928! Heating, Air Conditioning Ventilation & Air Quality Control
1949 E. Mason St., Green Bay
1396 Plane Site Boulevard, De Pere
Kroll’s East
Mike Blindauer – Dean Englebert
1227 S. Broadway
1658 Main Street
Allouez Catholic Cemetery
& Chapel Mausoleum
Save thousands and give
your family peace of mind
by pre-planning.
Nursing Homes, Inc.
Contact Dennis Thompson
to place an ad today!
[email protected]
or (800) 950-9952 x2470
2121 Riverside Drive (920)432-7585
Skilled Nursing Facility
20 Bed CBRF South & 20 Bed CBRF North
226 Bornemann St. 920-468-8675
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