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All About Alaiedon
Alaiedon Elementary School Newsletter
Volume 12, Issue 2
January/February 2015
Greetings Alaiedon Families!
I hope this edition of the school newsletter finds you in excellent spirits.
Since returning from the holiday break our students have completed math and
literacy screeners (AIMSweb) and teachers are preparing to complete deeper
reading assessments in February. All this information will be shared during March
Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Our Grade 3-5 and Resource teachers are also learning more about the new
State assessment – MSTEP. These tests will be taken online and there are a variety
“tech” skills to show our students so they can navigate the tests with ease.
Teachers are also highlighting key curriculum components in their daily academic
instruction for the next two months that will be assessed on the MSTEP. Grade 35 parents are invited to an information meeting on February 17th. Details about this
meeting will be sent home soon.
Our students are SOARing! Everyday students are awarded SOAR tickets for
exhibiting awesome citizenship. These tickets are placed in the SOAR Bird House
located in the school lobby. Many students and parents notice how fast this bird
house fills up. Sometimes it even overflows! Each week 15-20 tickets are drawn and
the winners select a prize from specially designed menu of items. Students often
choose iPad Time with a Friend, extra PE or Music class, or lunch with their teacher.
I get super excited when a student selects a SOAR Trophy. This trophy is
displayed in the child’s classroom for the following week. It is pretty cool when a
student selects a prize to share with their WHOLE class.
Thanks for reading this month’s newsletter. You will find information on:
Kindergarten Round-Up, Mobile Dentist, Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences, and
Best wishes,
Mrs. Lisa Francisco
2nd – PTO Meeting, 5:30PM
9th – Impression 5 Classroom
10th – Mobile Dentist
16th – NO SCHOOL – Mid-Winter Break
17th – M-STEP Parent Meeting
23rd – 5th Grade STEM (after school)
23rd - Parent Advisory Forum (MMS)
24th – 4th Grade STEM (after school)
26th - Popcorn Day!
2nd – PTO Meeting, 5:30PM
4th – NO SCHOOL for Students/PT
5th – PT Conference
9th – Spring Picture Day
16th – Kindergarten Round-Up!
23rd – 4th Grade STEM (after school)
24th – 5th Grade STEM (after school)
24th – EDRU Skate Night, 6-8:30PM
26th – Popcorn Day!
First Bell
Tardy Bell
Dismissal Bell 3:46PM
State Count Day
The school office is preparing for a State Count Day. This will occur on Wednesday, February
11th. It is helpful if families refrain from scheduling appointments on this date. Please call the
school office (676-6499) if you have not updated your residency information from a recent
Spring Break
Friday, April 3rd through Sunday, April 12th
Mobile Dentist
Smile Programs is bringing Mobile Dentist to Alaiedon Elementary on
February 10th.
If you wish your child to be seen by Mobile Dentist please complete an
enrollment form (available in the Information Center of the School Lobby)
and return to the school office.
Thank You All Saints Lutheran Church
All Saints Lutheran Church generously donated many hats, scarves and gloves to Alaiedon
Elementary School. These have been very helpful to several students who have forgotten these
items on any given day.
January is School Board Appreciation Month
Mason Public Schools’ Board Members come from a variety of
backgrounds, yet they share a common goal – helping students achieve in
school and life. As a state, Michigan has faced many challenges, but the
key to a brighter future is a strong public education system. We often
forget about the personal sacrifices school board members make. Board
members contribute hundreds of hours each year in support of our
community’s children.
The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month. This is
a time to demonstrate our appreciation for the work that our local trustees in Mason
accomplish, as they work together to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders. In
January, please join the staff and students of Mason Public Schools as we salute our seven men
and women who provide grassroots governance for our school district:
Ralph Beebe
Becky Brimley
Laura Fenger
Julie Rogers
Tom Curtis
School Assembly News
Did you know our PTO generously supports our school
assemblies? Along with a special donation, $3,500 is
earmarked to bring special events and instruction to
Alaiedon Elementary students and families.
- Les Problems, Private I
- Laugh Factory
- Planetarium
- Impression 5
- Hope College Dancers
Kurt Creamer
Laura Cheney
Stuff A Bus
The District’s annual Stuff A Bus campaign took place in
December. It was a huge success, and our drivers report
more goods were donated this year than they remember
ever collecting in the past. Great job kids! Thank you
MPS families for
your support!
Is Your Child Ready for
This event is designed for parents to learn more about kindergarten readiness. You
will gain an understanding of kindergarten expectations and learn some fun and
engaging activities you can do with your child to prepare them for success. This is
open to all parents of children entering kindergarten at Mason Public Schools.
Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
Time: 6 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Location: James C. Harvey Education Center (Gymnasium)
400 S. Cedar St, Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-6528
* FREE Prizes will be raffled off! Looking forward to seeing you on February 11th! 
For more information, please call Child Development Services @ 517-676-6528.
Please note: Parents Only!
It’s time to register all Mason children who will be five
years of age by September 1, 2015 for Kindergarten!
Parents please contact your resident school to register your child for a
round-up session.
Monday, March 16
Tuesday, March 17th
Wednesday, March
Alaiedon School
N. Aurelius School
1723 N. Okemos Rd.
115 N. Aurelius Rd.
Steele School
Mason, MI 48854
Mason, MI 48854
531 Steele St.
(517) 676-6499
(517) 676-6506
Mason, MI 48854
(517) 676-6510
Session Times Are: 4:30PM, 5:30PM & 6:30PM
Please Bring Copies of the Following to Round-Up
 Certified Birth Certificate
 Immunization Record
 Proof of Mason Residency
Donation Received!
The Mason Public Schools Foundation generously donated
$30,000 to support technology in our district this school year.
Alaiedon Elementary School is adding classroom tablet sets to
support Math and Reading instruction in our K-5 classrooms.
Students will use these tablets during literacy and math work
stations and other times throughout the day. Thank you MPSF
for supporting our students and teachers!
Superintendent Ron Drzewicki is hosting
three Parent Advisory Forums to develop a
strong connection between the school
district and the parents we serve. The
goal is to provide parents/guardians an
organized voice and keep you involved in
the decision-making process.
Superintendent Drzewicki will be asking
for feedback on the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities and threats of
the school district. Please plan to attend
one of the two remaining forums.
Monday, February 23, 2015
Monday, April 20, 2015
Each year students contribute to our holiday decorations by adding a homemade
ornament to the lobby holiday tree.
Izabelle Mitchell and Tyler Putman!
Children have an opportunity to purchase a bag of fresh popcorn one day each
month. Popcorn orders will be placed in the classroom and students will receive
their popcorn the same day. The cost is 50 Cents a bag. Students may
purchase no more than two bags of popcorn. Our popcorn dates for this year
February 26th
April 23rd
March 26th
May 28th
Thank you families for your patience, help and adherence to our drop-off/pick-up
zone. Don’t underestimate yourself, everyone is needed to make
work smooth!
Handicap parking is located in the East Lot (facing Okemos Rd.). The
spaces are the two most southern spots. Thank you for keeping these
available for families with handicap children.
School Closing Announcements
Mason Public Schools delays and cancellations will be announced via
Instant Alert and on area radio and television stations such as:
Television Stations
FOX 47
Radio Stations
Outside Clothing Expectations
The snowy weather is fast approaching. The Winter Playground Rules
were sent home with all students on Monday, November 17th. Snow pants
and boots are required in order to go off the blacktop whenever snow is
present. Having a time frame for when snow pants and boots are
required is most helpful for students and staff. For the 2014-15 school
year, this time frame is from November 18th through March 27th.
Requests to Stay Inside
With the exception of extreme weather, children will have several
recess times each week. Documentation from a doctor is required for students to remain inside
from recess. Please contact the office at 676-6499 if you have any questions.