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Forest Fold Baptist Chapel
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Weekly Bulletin
No.5 -1 Feb 15
Welcome to visitors with us today
Give GOD thanks for…
Today’s Services
* Trip to Nigeria - James S and Hugh Collier 10.00am
Sunday School & Young Life
James giving brief feedback during a.m. service.
* The continued opportunities in our Schools
11.15am 1TD.
Morning Worshipwww.
– John Cowley
Simon doing Beacon assemblies Mon, Tues,
London Road Crowborough East Sussex TN6 1TD.
‘Tensions on the trek home’ Gen 32
Sunday School/YP Bible Study
Communion – John Cowley
‘Love is not proud’
Evening Worship – Ken Appleton
‘Survival, surrender, sharing’ 2 Kings 7
General Fund gifts please in Chapel boxes.
Charity of Month/Cyprus gifts in Entr. Hall boxes.
FF Help Fund –
Jan 15
Charity of Mth
Julian & Laura Haddow –
Brighton City Mission
Our Preachers today
Ken Appleton
John Cowley
Simon Hook
Keith Gilbert
Peter Rowell
Preaching here this evening
Preaching here a.m. & Comm.
With us
With us
Bodle Street
This week’s programme -God willing
2nd Monday
3rd Tuesday
4th Weds
Weds, Thurs this week.
* The safe birth of Dominic, to Emma & Steven
Callis on Monday.
Pray for….
* John & Ken today as they lead our worship.
* Si Hook heading to Cyprus on Saturday to help
with the students conference.
* Steve S. in his African trip, due back on Friday.
* Barbara Honeysett & family as Barbara grows
weaker, now back in Milward.
* Hilary in hospital & Gwen Cooke back home
from hospital, but needing to be careful.
* Pete, Mandy & girls – for 2 suitable hospital
beds and God’s help & strength over the next
few weeks.
* Margaret Palmer & other older friends in need
of God’s help in adjusting to more frailty.
MISSION - Charity of Month for Feb –
Julian & Laura Haddow – Brighton & Hove
* Those seeking employment.
City Mission -see Mission Board.
See all latest News/Prayer letters on Mission
Board – new prayer letter from Dan Martin.
6th Friday
8.00 pm
3-5 p.m.
7th Saturday
1st Tuesday lunch
Deacons Meeting – Roy Pollington’s home
First Steps – coffee, cake & chat (John C. Speaking)
Keith Gilbert at Five Ash Down
Julian Haddow – new work with Brighton & Hove City Mission
Elders Meeting
Ken Appleton at Bodle Street
YP Serving Saturday
8th Sunday
John am and eve.
Other Notices
* 1st Tuesday Lunch 3rd Feb – Please sign up by today.
* All ladies please collect envelope re FF Women’s Retreat & Ladies Meeting programme.
* Occasional help required for First Steps on Thurs afternoons – Please speak to Rachel White.
* Sat 14th Feb Answers Conference Kent – River Centre Tonbridge – Bodie Hodge, Prof Stuart
Burgess, Brian Edwards – see board
* Sat 28th Feb – Men’s conference – ‘Surrender & Sacrifice’ – All Saints, Crowborough – see board
‘And this is his commandment, That we should believe on the name of his Son Jesus Christ, and
love one another as he gave us commandment.’ 1 John 3:23