My Life in Six Words, Client
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
600 The East Mall, Toronto, Ontario, M9B 4B1
Telephone: 416 622 8833 Email: [email protected]
The George Hull Centre Registered Charity No. 10808 2918 RR0001
The George Hull Centre Foundation Registered Charity No. 88864 7740 RR0001
Accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario
Staff and management are to be commended for their consistent focus on client needs despite continued
fiscal pressure and the resulting need to maintain ongoing vacancies. Their creativity in finding new ways to
manage waiting lists and in maintaining excellence in service delivery are just two areas of particular note
among their many accomplishments this year.
On behalf of everyone at George Hull, I thank our many volunteers and supporters whose contributions
truly make a difference in the lives of children and families. We are fortunate to have the ongoing financial
support of corporations and individuals who understand the vital role the Centre plays in our community.
The need and thus the financial pressure continue to increase and so we ask for your additional, ongoing
support. Children and families who should not wait are still waiting too long for service. Your donation will
pay dividends by improving the long-term health of our community and our economy.
Awareness of Children’s Mental Health Week continues to grow, and this year saw increased activities and
exposure through media and events. The Honourable Michael Kirby, Chair of Canada’s Mental Health
Commission, spoke again at the Empire Club this year, inspiring everyone to do their part in improving our
response to mental health issues, especially for children.
Sadly, this is the last year of service for our esteemed Executive Director who will retire later this year. As well
as being an exceptional therapist, Elizabeth Ridgely is an outstanding mentor and advocate. Her dedication
to the wellbeing of children and families is evident in everything she does, notably in her long-term
commitment to advocacy and family therapy training. Libby’s passion for The George Hull Centre knows no
bounds, and her reputation and leadership have contributed greatly to building the excellent organization
that we as a Board feel fortunate to serve. We look forward to our ongoing relationship and thank Libby for
her many years of dedicated service.
Brigid Murphy
The George Hull Centre is one of Ontario’s leading multidisciplinary, innovative children’s mental health
The purpose of The George Hull Centre is to reduce suffering and to enhance the quality of life of children,
youth and families.
The George Hull Centre engages the community, its families and volunteers in a variety of partnerships to
provide hope, solutions and positive outcomes.
“What I like best about the George Hull Centre is that you deliver in all your services. You are exactly what
many people and or families need, especially those who feel as though they have nowhere to turn to. ...I’m ever
so grateful to the George Hull Centre and my wonderful counsellor for being a positive influence in my
daughter’s life and my own.” Parent
As I contemplate my retirement in November 2008, a few items come to the fore.
The George Hull Centre is twenty-three years old now.
Twenty-three years!
The George Hull Centre started in 1985 with a budget of three million dollars
and a staff of sixty-nine.
Twenty-three years later, the Centre has a budget of nine million dollars and a
staff of 147.
From a beginning of six programs to thirteen programs!
The Parents’ Association, now in its fourteenth year, continues to involve parents in advocacy for children’s
mental health services.
We’ve come a long way!
The growth comes from the dedication and creativity of the staff, of the Board, of our donors, and of our
The wonderful aspect of the Centre is that service is given to children from birth through age eighteen.
The child can be seen at age six. The same child, now adolescent, can be seen at age seventeen.
For all of our clients, The George Hull Centre is a safe and reliable resource.
I am proud of what we have accomplished.
The growth of the Centre, with new and innovative programs, continues to be an inspiration to us all.
George Hull was a dedicated principal, who believed in the strengths of his students.
Believing in people’s strengths permeates The George Hull Centre to this day.
I will miss The George Hull Centre.
It has been a wonderful twenty-three years !
Elizabeth Ridgely, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Executive Director
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
The George Hull Centre served 5,034 children and their families in 2007-2008.
COMMUNITY SERVICES includes Toronto Preschool Speech & Language Services, the Ontario Early Years
Centre, the Best Start Program, the Community Clinic, the Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition, the
Highfield Community Enrichment Project, and Family Group Conferencing. The unique aspect of this
service continues to be the linkage between programs. A child can move easily from one program to another
program, depending on the need.
Toronto Preschool Speech & Language Services provided speech and language assessments and
treatment to 419 children at The George Hull Centre. 1,846 in the Toronto West Quadrant.
Ontario Early Years Centre
“It is a great program. It gives my child an opportunity to interact with other children. She loves to watch
them and play with all the toys. The staff are friendly and helpful. The GHC is very nice and clean.” Parent
1,159 children and 1,001 parents/caregivers participated in OEYC programs. There were 10,457child visits
and 8,164 parent/caregiver visits to the Ontario Early Years Centre.
462 participated in workshops on topics such as behaviour management, storytelling, baby signing, and a 5week family math program. 121 professionals participated in workshops such as Real School Readiness.
“I really love all the programs in this early years centre. My kids learn lots here. They love to come everyday.
They play and share everything. I love this centre very much.” Parent
The Best Start Program provided assessment and treatment to 149 families with young children.
360 parents and children participated in early years groups and workshops, many of which were offered in
collaboration with Preschool Speech & Language Services, the Ontario Early Years Centre and the Etobicoke
Brighter Futures Coalition.
The Community Clinic provided assessment and treatment to 578 children and families. The suffering
endured by the child and the family as they struggle with disheartening conditions such as depression,
anxiety, school refusal, substance abuse, aggression, learning difficulties, and suicidal ideation, erodes the
soul. The dilemma of need for service and availability of service permeates all children’s mental health
“Your expertly conducted sessions revealed our innermost thoughts, needs and fears. These discussions were
insightful and helped us to overcome many obstacles that were blocking us from happiness and progress. We
are certain you will help many other families as you have helped us, and we believe that is a beautiful and
unselfish gift that you give every day.” Parents
Groups and workshops were attended by 209 parents and 196 children and youth.
“I like very useful strategies to deal with everyday problems. This workgroup encourages parents to overcome
stress and frustration through different approaches.” Parent
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
The Highfield Community Enrichment Project, located in Highfield Junior Public School,
served 1,705 children and 496 families.
The Nutrition Program served 5,600 breakfasts, 5,200 hot lunches, 120,000 snacks this year.
The Highfield Project is one of eight Better Beginnings, Better Futures projects in Ontario. In early 2008,
the research team, led by Queen’s University, received a million dollar grant from the federal Ministry of
Public Safety to continue the longitudinal study at three Better Beginnings sites – in Cornwall, Sudbury and
Toronto (Highfield). This new funding will allow the researchers to follow the first cohort of children
through high school and beyond.
Highfield was awarded a 2008 Vital Idea grant by the Toronto Community Foundation to evaluate the
Highfield Summer Enrichment Program. This program is for children who are beginning Junior
Kindergarten. The goal is to prepare the child and family for school life. It is invaluable for immigrant
families who have had no exposure to the Canadian school system.
“In our long history as a country of immigrants, newcomers will shape our future more than ever before. How
we welcome them and help them settle has never been more important.” Vital Signs Report, Toronto
Community Foundation
Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition is a collaborative group of 38 community partners sponsored
by The George Hull Centre and funded under the federal government’s Community Action Program for
Children (CAPC). For the past fourteen years, the Coalition has been working together to provide programs
and services to young children and their families in more than 15 Etobicoke neighbourhoods.
Recently, the Government of Ontario announced it was moving forward on a full-day learning initiative for
four- and five-year-olds starting in 2010. The Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition wanted to ensure that the
voices of parents in Etobicoke were heard by the Premier and his advisors during their planning process. The
Coalition held several consultation sessions in six Etobicoke neighbourhoods to make parents aware of the
full day early learning initiative, create a forum where parents could discuss their thoughts about how this
initiative will impact and benefit their child or family, and engage parents in discussion about how the full
day early learning program should be implemented.
My Life in Six Words, Client
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Family Group Conferencing
The George Hull Centre continues to take a lead role in the Family Group Conferencing Project of Toronto
and the Family Group Conferencing Provincial Resource.
During the past 10 years, Family Group Conferencing has become recognized in Toronto and across the
province as a culturally sensitive approach to child protection that protects children and empowers vulnerable
and marginalized families.
The Family Group Conferencing Provincial Resource was established to develop Family Group Conferencing
capacity in Ontario. The Provincial Resource provides orientation, training and mentorship, and maintains a
roster of trained conference coordinators.
The Family Group Conferencing Project of Toronto served 163 children this year. In February 2008, the
Project began to use family group conferencing with youth preparing to leave residential treatment. Research
indicates that Family Group Conferencing has the potential to help youth establish or renew connections
with extended family members and widen the network of supports available to them.
“George Hull has changed my life. I now know what it feels like to be
loved selflessly, and that is found nowhere else. I owe George Hull
such gratitude for saving my life and believing I could make
something of myself. Without their dedication, I never would have
known what it was like to trust someone completely and totally; for
someone to feel compassionate towards me. And most of all, given the
strength to carry on.” Former Girls House Resident
My Life in Six Words, Client
Residential treatment was provided to 13 boys, ages 12-16, in the
Boys House and to 14 girls, ages 12-17, in the Girls House.
The Boys House and Girls House are long term, adolescent residential treatment programs. The clients come
with heartache, which is expressed through anger and extreme self-destructive behaviours, such as severe
under-achievement, suicidal behaviours, cutting, prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse. Most have given up
on themselves and their ability to develop a life worth saving.
“The culture at the Boys House seems to be one of inclusion, quality care, and continuous learning. The
entire staff team appears to model an approach that values self reflection, transparency, a non-judgmental
perspective and the development of well informed clinical formulations. The staff understand the essence of
child and youth care and practice it daily!” Nancy Russell, Manager of Client Services, Central Toronto
Youth Services
The School Program, in partnership with the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Catholic
District School Board, provided therapeutic, academic programming to 51 adolescents. The troubled lives of
our students have left them far behind academically. This program eases the academic struggle with
classroom adventures in theatre, sports and musical performances. The partnership between the teacher and
the child and youth workers is exemplary and essential.
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Clear Directions, in partnership with Breakaway and the Toronto District School Board, provided an
adolescent substance abuse day program to 13 clients. The mission of Clear Directions is to help young
people, whose lives have been shattered by drugs and alcohol, break the cycle of addiction, rebuild their lives
and become productive members of the community. The multidisciplinary team, working with a harm
reduction philosophy, engages youth by acknowledging and building on strength, instilling hope and inviting
family and friends into the class and therapy rooms.
With one-time funding from the Ministry of Children & Youth Services, Clear Directions staff began a pilot
outreach program offering parenting workshops on substance abuse in community settings. Many families
are unaware of available resources and helpful approaches to adolescent drug and alcohol use.
The George Hull Centre is committed to research, program evaluation and continuous quality improvement
in an effort to ensure the delivery of high quality services to the children and families it serves. Client
feedback questionnaires are distributed throughout the Centre. Results show very high satisfaction rates for
groups, workshops and core services in 2007-2008.
In 2007-2008, the Research Department assisted the Centre with the transition to a new data system – the
Children and Youth Services Information System (CYSIS). This system provides superior data management
and tracking abilities. It will greatly enhance the Centre’s program management and quality assurance
The George Hull Centre Parents’ Association
The Parents’ Association, under the leadership of Cathy Martin, had an active and productive year. Several
parents participated in training workshops provided by Parents for Children’s Mental Health and attended
the National Child & Youth Mental Health Day in May 2008. Sylvia Naumovski and Bonnie McGuire
continued to produce the Association’s excellent quarterly newsletter, filled with news from each of the
Centre’s programs.
The Parents’ Association organized and hosted the annual student art show,
featuring works by students in the Centre’s Day Programs, as well as posters
on mental health created by students at Richview Collegiate Institute.
Halima Saad, Executive Director of Madbakh Women’s Initiative and a
member of The George Hull Centre Parents’ Association (pictured here with
Elizabeth Ridgely), was awarded a Vital People grant by the Toronto
Community Foundation in the spring of 2008. The grant will enable Ms.
Saad to attend executive training courses to assist her in work on behalf of
Somali families.
We Love Our Volunteers !
13 volunteers on the Board of the George Hull Centre.
7 volunteers on the Board of the George Hull Centre Foundation.
105 volunteers at the Highfield Community Enrichment Project.
4 volunteers at the Ontario Early Years Centre.
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
“First was the great pleasure of being in a place that is heart and soul about clinical practice. Every office
door I walked by and every time I went into the kitchen, the talk was all about families – what they need,
what to do, who to pull in. I can’t tell you how much this touched me – the exhausted dedication of the staff.
That the Executive Director is first of all a clinician and sets good clinical practice inviolable in the centre of
what the Centre does, accounts I am sure for the heartfulness that pervades the place.” Family Therapy
Intern, Family Therapy Training Program
Training Future Professionals
Through the Centre’s formal affiliation agreement with the University of Toronto, The George Hull Centre
provided learning opportunities to 4 residents in psychiatry, 4 social work students, 1 speech & language
pathology student, and 29 medical students.
The Centre also welcomed 1 social work student from York University; 13 child & youth work students
from George Brown, Humber and Sheridan Colleges; 4 nursing students and 4 early childhood education
students from Ryerson University and Humber College; 2 social services students and 1 graphic
communication and design student from Ryerson University; 4 Family Group Conferencing interns; 1 high
school co-op student from Silverthorn Collegiate Institute.
Family Therapy Training Program
Director: Elizabeth Ridgley, M.S.W., R.S.W.
The Family Therapy Training Program is committed to the training and development of professionals
working with families. The program offers both theoretical and clinical training in family therapy, as a central
component of the treatment of children and adolescents, to professionals across disciplines and across the
Program components include an extern program, intern program, theoretical frameworks seminar, clinical
supervision and consultation to agencies.
We salute the dedication of the faculty then and now.
We salute the international family therapists who came to the Centre to share their wisdom.
Dr. Maurizio Andolfi, Italy
Dr. Thelma Jean Goodrich, U.S.A.
Dr. Mary Hotvedt, U.S.A.
Dr. Patricia Minuchin, U.S.A.
Dr. Hans Mulder, Holland
Dr. Noga Rubinstein Nabarro, Israel
Dr. Rick Pluut, Holland
Dr. Karl Tomm, Canada
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Dr. Lars Brok, Holland
Dr. Russell Haber, U.S.A.
Dr. Sarah Jutoran, Argentina
Dr. Salvador Minuchin, U.S.A.
Dr. Judith Myers Avis, Canada
Dr. Patricia Lopez Negrete, Mexico
Dr. Murray Stein, U.S.A.
Dr. Carl Whitaker, U.S.A.
Michael Syron Memorial Bursary
The Michael Syron Memorial Bursary was established in honour
of Michael Syron, the founding Board Chair of the Centre. His
dedication and vision contributed to the Centre and to the
Etobicoke community. Funded by his children, Laura Syron,
Stephanie Taaffe and Philip Syron, the bursary is presented
annually to a university or college bound student graduating
from a school located in the former City of Etobicoke.
My Life in Six Words, Client
The bursary assists students who have done well in school and
contributed to the community despite adverse personal
The 2008 Michael Syron Memorial Bursary was presented to Kelly Whiting, a graduate of Lakeshore
Collegiate Institute and to Douglas Devries, Jr., a graduate of Martingrove Collegiate Institute. Kelly was
accepted to the Queen’s University International Study Centre. Douglas was accepted to the University of
Both winners excelled academically and contributed to their schools and the community.
They are to be commended!
Honorary Members of The George Hull Centre
1985-1990 Clive Chamberlain, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), Founding Executive Director
Speakers who enriched our Annual Meetings with their thinking, their advocacy and their presence:
Susan Hess, President, Parents for Children’s Mental Health
Amy de Munnik, Julie Fruitman, Stephanie Mills, The George Hull Centre Residential Programs
Alia Hogben
Dr. Susan Bradley
Ellie Tesher
Michael Valpy
June Callwood
Anne-Marie Stewart
Susan Perren
His Excellency Allan Rock
The Hon. Margaret Norrie McCain
Tony Silipo
The Hon. Hilary M. Weston
Dr. Thelma Jean Goodrich
Jeffery Wilson
Dr. Colin Maloney
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Thank you to all our sponsors and participants!
The George Hull Centre Golf Tournament, August 2007
RattleSnake Golf Club
Title Sponsor: The Samuel Group of Companies
Additional sponsors: Cade Associates Insurance Brokers,
Goodmans LLP, The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada,
The Dominon of Canada General Insurance Company
The RBC Poker Tournament for Children’s Mental Health, February 2008
Hosted and sponsored by RBC Capital Markets.
Additional sponsors: The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company,
Lombard Canada Ltd.
Hope Travels, May 2008
Reception at The Pilot
in support of the therapeutic summer travel program for adolescent girls
Laugh Out Loud, May 2008
Presented by BMO at The Gladstone Hotel
Sponsored by: Cade Associates Insurance Brokers, Goodmans LLP,
First General Services (Toronto) Ltd., Goodmans LLP,
Mayfield Custom Homes Ltd., Miller Thompson LLP, Pitcher & Doyle ULC,
The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company,
The Guarantee Company of North America, Topper Linen Supply Ltd.
BMO: $26,667 for the Community Clinic Group Program
CIBC World Markets Children’s Miracle Foundation: $15,000 for the Girls House
Discount Car & Truck Rentals: two new vans every six months for the Residential Programs
Hedge Funds Care Canada: $60,000 for the Family Group Conferencing Project
Toronto Community Foundation: $25,000 for the Highfield Community Enrichment Project
TD Securities Charity Auction: $20,000 for tutoring
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
12 Month Period Ending March 31, 2008
Provincial government subsidy
Family Group Conferencing
Etobicoke Preschool Consultation Group
Highfield Nutrition Program
Family Therapy Training Program
Expense Recoveries
Highfield Child Care Program
Total Revenue
Salaries and benefits
Building Occupancy
Professional Services
Program and Client Expenses
Office and Administration
Travel and Vehicle
Training and Recruitment
Family Therapy Training Program
Total Expenditures
Funds Received & Managed on behalf of:
Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition
Toronto Preschool Speech and
Language Services
Public Health Agency of Canada
United Way Success by Six
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Provincial funding through the City of Toronto
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
The Centre gratefully acknowledges the
generous support of its donors.
407 International Inc.
Absolutely Fine Foods
Aon Re Canada
Aurion Capital Management Inc.
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Bartimaeus Inc.
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The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
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The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
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Lindita Toshkezi
Jennifer Tracey
Anita Turcotte
Mr. & Mrs. John Tyers
Isobel Vallely
Chris Van Staveren
Anne-Marie Vanier
Tim Wach
Juli Waddell
Donald Waechter
Jane Waechter
Pauline Walsh
Andrea Ward
Stanley Watroba
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Margaret Waugh
Wayne Weatherbee
Shelley Werynski
Rosemary White
Melissa Wildman
Nancy Wildman
M. Wilk
Ann Wong
Catherine Wong
Sim Mee Wong
Robert Woodall
Diane Woodruff
Beverly Ann Woods
Bradley Woods
Darrin Woods
Joan Woods
Gary Young
Jurij Zurba
Management Team
Executive Director:
Elizabeth Ridgely, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Community Services:
Jane Bray, M.S.W., R.S.W., Director
Kim Curran, M.S.W., Coordinator, Etobicoke Brighter Futures Coalition
Lynne Gregory, C.Y.W., Program Manager, Ontario Early Years Centre
Inshirah Hassabu, Program Manager, Family Group Conferencing
Jennifer Lall-Budhu, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, Coordinator, Preschool Speech & Language Services
Elnora Magboo, M.A., Program Manager, Highfield Community Enrichment Project
Rashaad Vahed, M.S.W., R.S.W., Manager, Community Clinic
Residential and Day Treatment Services: Susan Chamberlain, M.S.W., R.S.W., Director
Tahmo Gharabaghi, B.A., Program Manager, School Program and Clear Directions
Angela Jansen, S.S.W., Acting Program Manager, Girls House
Andrew Legatto, B.A., Program Manager, Boys House
Psychiatrist in Chief: Ruth Stirtzinger, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)
Research and Program Evaluation: Diane Bartlett, Ph.D.(ABD), Manager
Operations and Development: Rick Arseneau, C.G.A., Director
Sandra Dunne, Manager, Finance
Foundation Trustees
Robert G.S. Hull, Chair
Philip Allmen
Susan Armstrong
Hugh Christie
Gordon Lownds
Duncan McCallum
Brigid Murphy
Parents’ Association
Cathy A. Martin, Chair
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
We celebrate the diligence, the optimism, the vision and the competence of our
Executive Directors, our Board Chairs, and the 64 Board members from the past
twenty-three years.
Executive Directors:
Clive Chamberlain, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C)
Elizabeth Ridgely, M.S.W., R.S.W.
Board Chairs
Michael Syron
Robert G.S. Hull
Melvin A. Rhinelander
Philip Allmen
Brigid Murphy
Current Board Members
Jasmine Akbarali
Susan Armstrong
Darlene Cade
Larry Foy
Barbara Fry
Axel Kuhn
Cathy A. Martin
Ashi P. Mathur
Brigid Murphy
Naeem Siddiq
Anne-Marie Vanier
Jane Waechter
Jane Wong Ferris
Past Board Members
Philip Allmen
Matthew Baillie
Bob Bass
Joanne Best
Greg Braithwaite
Elizabeth Brown
Kevin Chernoff
Anette Christensen
J.S. Darville
Edward Dybka
Janice Etter
Elizabeth Fanjoy
Judge Stewart Fisher
Maureen Flanagan Pool
Robert Foote
David Girvin
Ana Gomez
Laurence Guild
Alison Irvine
Debra Haak
Colin Hamilton
Deborah Hanscom
Robert G.S. Hull
Sheila Kieran
Paul Laberge
David Latimer
The George Hull Centre for Children and Families
Fred Ladly
Louise Lore
Gordon Lownds
Gloria Lindsay Luby
James MacDonald
Grant Machum
Denise Marcellin
Winston Marcellin
Fred May
Gregory F. McGuire
Duncan Munn
Robert Nice
Lorraine Nowina
Akela Peoples
William Praskey
Jed Purcell
Dr. Naomi Rae-Grant
Melvin A. Rhinelander
Bruce Rivers
Peter Sirois
Murray L. Smith
Richard Smith
Susan Sotnick
Michael Syron
Dr. Francis J. Turner
How lucky I am to
have something that makes
saying goodbye so hard.
(Annie, The Musical)