lnflotoble Boards - A Lifestyle in o Bog

lnflotoble Boards - A Lifestyle in o Bog
Owners Guide 201 5
Equipe ond CrossOyer Ronge
Dear Customer,
Congrotulations on the purchase your new Mistrol boord.We
are proud to bring you o quolity product ot on offordoble price
with excellent performonce. Pleose toke time to reod through
this monuol. lt contains detoils of the boord, its equipment
ond information regording its operotion ond mointenance. lt is
essentiol you fomiliorize yourself with this inflotoble SUP
boord, before use on the woter in order to ensure it performs
optimolly, safely and within its intended limits of useoge.
Further to this, pleose ensure you reod the following
In further consideration of the sale to you of this product and
any of its accessories, you hereby agree to submit to binding
arbitration any and all claims, which you believe you may have
against MRD or any of its distributors, arising from the use of
any MRD equipment.The arbitration shall be pursuant to the
rules of the European Arbitration Association.
Arbitration shall be commenced within one (l) year from the
date on which any alleged claim first arose. Further, the
informotion below.
arbitration shall be held inWierden,The Netherlands unless
otherwise mutually agreed to by all parties.The submission to
the European Arbitration Association shall be limited and the
arbitration may be enforced by any court of competent
Assumption of Risk
Stand up paddle boarding is a potentially dangerous sport and
must be considered a high-risk sports activity, where death by
injury or drowning can occur.
Mistral Red Dot Division BV (a division of Mistral lnternational
BV hereinafter MRD) assumes no liability for any injury or
death which may or may not result in connection with the use
of any or all of its products. Participation of any stand up
paddle boarding, windsurfing or related activities is at your
own risk.
Seek medicol odvice before porticipotion ond seek competent,
professionol, quolified guidonce and instruction before use.
By purchasing, using, providing, demonstrating or permitting the
use of MRD equipment to the extent permitted by law, you
expressly and voluntarily assume the risk of death or other
injury sustained while participating in such activities whether
or not caused by the negligence or other fault of MRD
including, but not limited to, equipment malfunction from
whatever cause, or any other fault of MRD. Additionally you
agree to indemnify, defend and hold MRD harmless from any
third party claims arising from such high risk activities or any
other MRD product.
ln the case of coaches, trainers, distributors, retailers, hire
operations and all other commercial ventures where MRD
equipment is used or sold, you will agree that (a) you will
require they (or their legal guardian if minors) read, understand
and agree to theseTerms and Conditions of sale or use, (b)
you believe they (or their guardian) understand that they are
participating in a high risk activity and assume the risk of death
or other personal injury, and (c) you agree to indemnify, defend
and hold MRD harmless from the claims made arising from
their use of MRD products.
Binding Effect
of Agreement
ln the event of your death or incapacity, this Agreement shall
be effective and binding upon your heirs, next of kin, executors,
administrators, assigns and representatives. ln entering into this
Agreement, you are not relying upon any oral or written
representations other than what is set forth in this agreement
and User's Guide.
lf you ore unwilling to be bound by these terms, return this
product before use for o full refund.
lmportont Note
Nothing in this 'Users Guide' is intended to be of on
educotionol noture with regords the proctice of SUP sport or
windsurfing. MRD or its stoff, moke no cloim os SUP sport or
windsurfing educotors, trainers, cooches or odvisors. Any ond
all odvice with regords sofe proctice, sofe useogg sofety, risk
monogment, risk ossessment, duty of core ond participation of
SUP sporq, windsurfing ond oll wotersports in ony ond oll of
their forms, must be sought from externol sources, preferobly
from professionol, quolifted SUP sport, windsurftng specific
ond watersports educotors.
Furthermore, MRD boords ore not c/ossifed os life-soving
deyices ond to all intents and purposes, must be considered
recreotionol toys only.
Mistral inflatables
are supplied with a high pressure hand pump
and hose, pressure gauge, repair kit, valve spanner and sturdy
back-pack with air vents and padded straps. ln addition a rear
fin - 2 in the case of the CrossOver board forWindSUP
The lnflation ond Deflotion Procedure
l. Choose a smooth, flat surface to unfold your board.
2. Unscrew the valve cap.
3. Ensure yalve is closed, by pressing volve button downword,
then releosg so thot the pin springs upword. Now the valve is
closed. Foilure to do, will result in oir escoping after you
remove the hose once infloted.
4. lnsert pump hose end piece, twist to secure and inflate until
you reach required pressure. Recommended pressure = 1.0
bar Max. Use straight, locked arms, applying body weight,
rather than pumping the arms.
5. Secure valve cap
to finish.
To release air and deflate, remove valve cap, push valve
button downward and turn approximately 90 degrees so as it
remains locked 'open'.
DO NOT USE AN ArR COMPRESSOR. lt moy result in
domoge to the boord ond will void oll warronties. lf you leave
your boord exposed to hot sun, check pressure ond deflote to
required pressure. Foilure to do so, moy couse stressing of
moteriol. Ambient temperoture offects the tube\ internal
pressure; o voriotion of l'C I l.8oF couses o voriotion ofthe
pressure in the tube of +l- 4 mbor (0.06psi)
Removoble Fin/s
Fin/s can be installed whether the board is inflated or deflated.
lnstall the fin, firstly with the horizontal pin into the finbox,
ensuring the curvature of the fin rakes backward toward the
tail / rear of the board.
CrossOver Centre Fin (WindSUP)
This need only be added in the case of wanting to convert
your SUP board for the purposes ofWindSUPing. ln all other
cases, remove and store.
CrossOyer Conversotion to WindSUP
The ability to convert your board from paddle power to wind
power could not be simplier. Additional parts include; the mast
base-plate and the base-plate tensioner (rubber strap).
CrossOver toWindSUP: Threod base-plote tensloner through D rings
(furvvord for high winds, reor for lower) with the velcro end os the
running end. Push bose plote under the tenslone4 ensuring it conforms
to the tensloner trock runntng dcross the bose-plote.
Use the volve-spanner to tighten if it works ioose or in the cose
hoving to remove ond inspect or reploce.
Mointenonce qnd Core
Treat your board with respect and care.This is an inflatable
product and must be used, handled, stored, treated and
considered with due consideration.
LAvoid contact with sharp edges, rocks, barnacles, oysters and
all other objects which may cause undue stress, damage and /
or penetration of material.
Do not drag over hard and abrasive surfaces.
Do not lump onto the board when it is ashore.
4. Rinse with fresh water after use where possible.
S.Wipe or oir dry before putting folding ond storoge. Foilure
to do so con result in mildew forming on the outer skin.
there is no sand or gravel between the folds.This
could result in abrasion or even punctures while storing the
6. Ensure
from the opposite end ofthe valve to squeeze
remaining air from innner chamber.
8.When storing, keep it in a dry, shaded, ventilated place.
7. Roll
How to Repoir Smoll Punctures
Check that the board is fully deflated and lies flat. Using the
repair kit supplied:
l. Prepare a round patch no less than 3" (7cm) in diameter.
2. Clean
the patch and area surrounding the leak with alcohol.
3. Apply thin, even coat to both the surface of board and
patch. Woit 8 minutes before opplying the patch.
4. Apply 3 thin, even coats of repair kit adhesive to both board
and patch. Woit 5 minutes between eoch coot.
5. After the 3rd coat, wait l0- l5 minutes before applying
the patch. Use a hand roller to apply patch evenly
and pay special attention to the edges to ensure a quality seal.
6.Woit 24 hours before re-infloting.
Perform oll ofyour repoirs in o well-ventilated oreo ond ovoid
inholing toxic vopours. Avoid contoct with the skin or the eyes.
Keep oll repoir materiols (glue, solvents, etc.) owoy from the
reoch of children. The repairs on the welds must not be glued,
Only the monufocturer of the board con Perform repoirs on
the glued seorns themserves.
The best way to store your inflatable board, is to inflate /
deflate it to a low PSI (just past the point of becoming semirigid) and cover / store in a dry, shaded, well ventilated area, on
a rack system, top side up. Suspending your inflatable is not
recommended ie with ropes.
lf you store rolled up for long periods in cold weather
conditions, this moy couse some crocking of the moteriol. lf
you need to store folded, store within the bock-pock supplied.
Avoid storage in direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions.
Rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly before storage.
. Avoid aggressive chemicals
for cleaning.
. Use mild soap and fresh water.
. Do not store in extreme hot or cold conditions.
Our commitment to quality products made from durable materials is evident in every Mistral SUP board.That's why we
offer a strong warranty for our products. ll for some reason,
you have an issue with your SUP board that you believe is
covered under this warranty, please contact the dealer where
you purchased your SUP boards, or your local authorized Mistral SUP dealer if that is not possible.
Tetms and Conditions
For the original retail purchaser ("Consumer"), Mistral SUP
boards via MRD provide a one (l) year warranty against
material or manufacturing defects in the hull and deck. Parts
and accessories are warranted for a period of one ( I ) year
against material or manufacturing defects from the date of
How to register your Sup Boord
USA and Conodo only)
The warranty registration form should be completed via
www.mistral-sup.com within 30 days of original purchase to be
activated. lt is suggested that you keep your sales receipt
should it be required in the future for proof of purchase.
bta i n i ng W o r ro nty Service
lf you have a problem with your SUP board and you suspect
that it may be due to defective materials or workmanship,
contact the nearest authorized Mistral SUP dealer and arrange
to have the problem inspected.The Consumer is responsible
for delivery to, and pickup from, the closest authorized dealer.
lf the dealer's inspection indicates a defect that is attributable
to materials or workmanship, MRD will repair or replace your
Mistral SUP board free of charge at the company's option.
Proof of purchase such as a sales receipt may be required. If
repairs or evaluation are required by MRD at its manufacturing
facility, the Consumer will be responsible for a shipping and
handling fee.
lf service is required in a country that is not the country of
purchase, the Consumer will comply with all applicable export
laws and regulations and be responsible for all customs duties,
value add tax (VAT), and other associated taxes and charges.
For international service, the Mistral SUP Distributor may repair or exchange defective products and parts with
comparable products and parts that comply with local
standards. MRD retains the right to satisfy war- ranty via repair
or replacement of products or of components deemed
defective. ln addition, MRD reserves the right to replace
original Mistral SUP boards or equipment with comparable
current products.
It is not necessary to complete an on-line warranty regiscration for MISTRAL SUP boards purchased outside of the USA
and Canada.
Simply retain your original purchase receipt for presentation in
the unlikely event of a warranty claim and contact your dealer
or the authorized distributor in our international dis- tributor
locator should a claim be necessary.
This limited worronty does not opply to normol
weor ond teor ond oging of product ond in oddition:
SUP boords domaged
by extremes of
weother or environmentol conditions.
Damoge while in possession of o freight corrier, o dealer,
the consumer, or ony thid porty other thon MRD, including
damoge by occidenT neglecl improper use or hondling.
Boords determined to hove been used for ony octivity other
thon on oaivity which is customary for the produa,
including domage which occurs os o resu/t of towing by
power or soil powered croft..
thot hos been structurolly or dimensionolly oltered
or modified, or desrgnoted os o prototypes or sold os
o "demo" or in "os is" condition.
Boords used for commercial or rentol purposes.
Any boord
Colors moy vory from those shown.
Variotions in color ore not covered by warronty.
This limited warranty excludes all other warranties,
or implied, including implied warranties of
merchantability and fitnessJor a particular purpose, with
regard to Mistral SUP boards. Some state, country, or
provincial laws do not allow the exclusion of certain
implied warranties, so the above exclusion
may not apply
to you.
This limited warranty excludes any incidental or
consequential damages or expenses resulting from any
defects. MRD aggregate liability shall be limited to an
amount equal to the consumer's original purchase price
paid for the defective product. Some state, country, or
provincial laws do not allow the exclusion or limitation of
incidental or consequential damages, so the above
exclusion may not apply to you.
To the extent any limitation or exclusion contained herein
is contrary to any country, state, or provincial law, such
limitation or exclusion shall be severable and all other
terms herein shall remain in full force and effect and are
valid and enforceable.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may
also have other rights. For the consumers who are
covered by state, country or provincial consumer
protection laws or regulations, the benefits from this
warranty are in addition to all rights conveyed by such
consumer Protection laws.