January 27, 2015
Volume 313, Number 4
Pages 325-438
Clinical Review & Education
Original Investigation
369 Chlorhexidine Bathing and Health
353 Digital Medical Tools and Sensors
EJ Topol, SR Steinhubl, and A Torkamani
398 Diagnosis and Treatment of Clostridium
355 Sharing and Reporting the Results
N Bagdasarian, K Rao, and PN Malani
Care–Associated Infections:
A Randomized Clinical Trial
difficile in Adults: A Systematic Review
MJ Noto and Coauthors
of Clinical Trials
379 Protocolized Sedation vs Usual Care
KL Hudson and FS Collins
in Pediatric Patients Mechanically Ventilated
for Acute Respiratory Failure:
A Randomized Clinical Trial
357 Focusing to Achieve a World
AS Fauci and HD Marston
From the JAMA Network
MAQ Curley and Coauthors for the RESTORE Study
359 Maximizing Antiretroviral Therapy
411 Nonleg Venous Thrombosis
in Critically Ill Adults
390 Comparison of MR/Ultrasound
Fusion–Guided Biopsy
With Ultrasound-Guided Biopsy for the
Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer
MM Siddiqui and Coauthors
JAMA Guide to Statistics and Methods
409 Decision Curve Analysis
M Fitzgerald, BR Saville, and RJ Lewis
Without AIDS
in Developing Countries: The Dual Challenge
of Efficiency and Quality
CJL Murray
A Piece of My Mind
361 What I Learned About Adverse Events
From Captain Sully: It’s Not What You Think
LA Castellucci, PS Wells, and L Duffett
From the Medical Letter on Drugs and
413 Antiviral Drugs for Seasonal Influenza
MP Stiegler
Continuing Medical Education
415 Online Quiz Questions
363 Protocolized Sedation in Critically Ill
S Mehta
JAMA Revisited
426 The Architecture of Viruses
365 Daily Chlorhexidine Bathing for Critically
JAMA Patient Page
Ill Patients: A Note of Caution
432 Babies With Low Birth Weight
D Pittet and DC Angus
367 MR/Ultrasound Fusion–Guided Biopsy
in Prostate Cancer: What Is the Evidentiary
LH Schwartz and E Basch
Research Letter
343 Medical News & Perspectives
336 The Art of JAMA
417 Moral Concerns and the Willingness
346 Health Agencies Update
425 Poetry and Medicine
to Donate to a Research Biobank
T Tomlinson and Coauthors
347 Clinical Trials Update
Comment & Response
348 News From the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention
419 Heterogeneity in Meta-analysis
of FDG-PET Studies to Diagnose Lung Cancer
420 Diagnosing Endocarditis in Patients
With Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
421 Ethical Testing of Experimental
Ebola Treatments
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