June 2011

June 2011
Hello Partners in the Service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
It is our prayer that each of you are well and serving Christ in every way that He reveals to you. What an
honor and tremendous blessing to be emailing you and telling you what we see God doing in this great
country of Kenya. We feel and know and Christ is doing much more that we do not see or recognize at
this time. We believe that sometime in the future, however, we will see more of His greatness or either be
like the prophet Isaiah who never saw a lot of his prophecies come to pass but others saw them come true
years later.
We have had a wonderful time serving Christ this month with
fellow believers from the USA and from here in Kenya. We
have had a medical team from the USA come and work with
us for 2 of the weeks. They are left to right - Nick Miller,
Denise Aludo, Alex Miller, Joanna Cassidy, Kay CollierPitman, Paula Nichols, Dr. Eric Kerley, (Pastor William from
here in Kenya) Connie Holbert, and Geraldine McKenry
kneeling, Don Nichols not shown is taking the picture. We had
a team of Maasai translators who worked diligently and
translated for us each day. Each and every one was such a
blessing to the people by having such servant’s hearts,
revealing the love of Christ in their actions, sharing Jesus, and
praying with the people one on one. During the medical camps people prayed to receive Jesus as their
Lord and Savior, also people’s lives were changed who were not serving Christ or going to church. We
saw people realize how the Americans gave up their time and finances to serve Christ so they saw the
need to do the same. We had two new women who had walked extremely long distances come to our
Saturday Women’s Bible Study. We want to thank the team for giving us many new clothes, not only for
ourselves but for the people as well. They brought many snacks, which we are still enjoying on a day to
day basis. It was such a blessing to have them in our home joking and just having good ole belly laughs
together. They truly ministered the love of God in so many
ways. We want to thank each of the team members and their
families for allowing them to serve Christ in Kenya along
side of us.
We have enjoyed going to Zebra Orphanage and spending
time with the children and staff. The children were really
excited to see the American Medical team and extremely
happy with their new gifts that the team brought them such as
stuffed animals and candy. We have never seen any of the
children with toys before so it was such a blessing to all of
them especially the younger children as they are going to
sleep with the new stuffed animals. We love to see how God blesses those who have so little. The
children will remember this trip for years to come and will talk about how God blessed them through the
lives of the American Medical Team.
Zebra’s garden is growing and now they are getting some food from the garden. Please pray for one of
the children named John as he has been hospitalized this week with severe vomiting and diarrhea. We are
praying that he be released from the hospital today. We are
continuing to pray that God will supply the funds to drill a
bore hole on the grounds so the children do not have to
worry so much about water to drink as well as be able to
wash their clothes and take more than 2 baths a week. The
children are so highly intelligent and we know that God is
going to use these children in mighty ways.
God has blessed us by allowing us to provide shoes for many
of the children who had no shoes or whose shoes were
extremely worn out. The church, families and children were
extremely happy to receive a pair of shoes as the sand burrs and thorns really hurt when they are stepped
on. We continue to teach the Word of God to both men and women throughout the area as well as teach
the children every opportunity that we have. The people are so appreciative to be taught the Word. The
ones that can read follow along in the Bible and even helping
others find the correct scripture in their Bibles.
We continued to give out Bible to churches and individuals in
the areas where there are so desperately needed. The joy on
their faces when they receive their Bibles says it all. All
churches now have at least 4 Bibles per congregation with
most churches having more. However, so many still need
Bibles to be able to know what the Bible really says and be
able to tell others the Truth in God’s Word.
Vision for the next 2 months
For the next month 2 months God has laid on our hearts to go to the border and do boma to boma (house
to house) evangelism. The border area is still highly saturated with witch doctors and witchcraft. It is an
area that has few Christians. God has burdened us to share the plan of salvation with as many people as
possible. We are also planning on teaching them how to cook their vegetable which now they only sell to
countries like India. Teaching to cook these vegetable is a way to get lots of people to come to one site so
that we can share the plan of salvation with them all at once. It also teaches them how to keep from going
hungry during times of famine. They have enough food left over that is damaged or not first quality to
feed their families if they only knew how to cook and prepare it.
We also plan to spend time going farther into the bush in the area that we live doing evangelism and
sharing the plan of salvation. God has led us to encourage the brand new churches and help them do
boma to boma evangelism as well.
We plan on coming to the USA either in August or September. We would love to share with
churches, Sunday school classes or organizations what God has led us to do and has done during
the past year. If you, or your church group or organization is interested in hearing about what God
is doing in Kenya simply email us with a date and time that would be most convenient for us to
come to your church, Sunday school class, group or organization.
Prayer Needs
1. Please be in prayer for us as we follow God’s lead to share the plan of salvation with those who
have never heard of Jesus. Pray that we will all follow God’s lead in whatever He says to us.
2. Pray that God will reveal His plan for our lives for the next year.
3. Pray for our son, Kelly as he is planning on visiting us next month. Pray for his safety in travel,
that he will make all his flight connections that he would have no difficulty getting though
customs and that God will keep him healthy and safe. Please pray also for our entire family;
Donna, our daughter and her family, our brothers and sisters, especially Juanez, my sister, that
God will completely heal her of cancer. We give Him praise for that already!
4. Pray that God will continue to meet our financial needs and the projects that He has burdened us
to support such as buying shoes for the children who have no shoes, Bibles for people who can
read, funds for building churches and building teams to build them, food and the needed supplies
for the children at Zebra Orphanage. Pray for our health, safety, and that we will ever be listening
and obeying whatever God says to us.
May our answer always be Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall
I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Have A Blessed Day!
Don & Paula Nichols
P. O. Box 964
Pigeon Forge, TN. 37868-0964
E-Mail [email protected]
website= www.them.bz
Joshua 3:5 Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do
amazing things among you.”