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Non-Profit Organization Established 1982
Volume 32, issue 2
Kim O’ Neill,
John Cappello
Grendl Tucker
Ingrid Karazincir
George Thomas
via Matrix Energetics™
CenterPoint 1
New Beginnings for CenterPoint
I am glad to inform you that Grendl Tucker has
stepped forward to take over CenterPoint. As I
announced in my January president’s letter, it is time
for me to ‘smell the roses’, do some traveling, visit
my family and friends in Europe. Activities I rarely
do now, since CenterPoint takes up a lot of my time,
7 days a week. I have received hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls
and want to thank all of you, who have expressed their gratitude and
appreciation for my 30 years dedication to CenterPoint. So kind of you to
say how much of a difference CenterPoint has made into your lives, these
last 30 years.
CenterPoint will continue like it always has with the classes and fairs,
including the magazine and website, weekly email blasts.
Many of you are already familiar with Grendl, as she has been teaching
her spiritual classes for some time now at CenterPoint and has worked at
our Sunday Expos for a couple of years. Before she came to Houston,
she was running a metaphysical center and store in St. Louis. Therefore,
with her background of over 20 years, she is very familiar with the
holistic, spiritual and metaphysical side of CenterPoint. She shares my
vision of providing affordable & growth oriented classes available to
Houstonians, to become the consciousness of Oneness and Love.
In February I will continue to manage CenterPoint and business will be as
usual. Effective March 1st 2015 our beloved Grendl will take over. I
promised to assist her with anything she needs. It is my hope and trust
that CenterPoint’s vision will live on through Grendl for many more
successful years to come.
Jenny Grier
Board of Trustees
Erna Klinkhammer
Margarita Pulgarin
Dimitri R. Moore
Marianne Kramer
Vice President
Front Desk Volunteers
Mimi Ogdee
Pamela Oakes
Sue Perryman
Tiffany Pinkston
Mary Davis
Marisol Harms
Rebecca Galloway
Janice Combs
Christine Man
Tosca Davis
Veronica Aranda
Robin Williams
Monica Hand
Shonia Motta
All My Love,
Jenny Grier
Magazine & Website
Jackie Brahm
Webmaster & Editor
Jenny Grier
Advertising & Speakers
Grendl Tucker
Facebook Administrator
Jackie Brahm
Front Cover
Jenny, Grier, President
So fun to see all of you at our New Year’s day expo. It was again a
fantastic day. What can be better than to welcome all of you, partake in
the many gourmet dishes together (many donated by the vendors and you
the public) everybody sharing hugs and new year wishes. A special thank
you to my sister Erna who assisted me for 2 days to make this
possible .Thanks also to Sheila Wilkes, Kathleen Sweeney, Jennifer
Gray, Marisol & Curtis Harms, Nina Lopez, Popy Goetchius, Sheila
Blake, as they all helped to make it happen that day..
Erna Klinkhammer, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
■ Past Life regression & Progression
■ Weight & Addiction Management
■ Spiritual Life Coaching
■ Healing Your Life & Relationships
Offices in Spring Branch and Katy Area
CenterPoint 2
Email: [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator
CenterPoint Project,
Board of Directors
and staff do not
necessarily endorse
the views expressed in
the advertisements,
classes or services.
Nor are we
responsible for the
treatments, products
or services,
advertised or taught.
Sunday, February 1, 1 - 5 pm
Psychics, Astrology, Palmist, Aura Scan,
Tarot, Numerologist, Pet Psychic, Past Life,
Angel Readings, Aura Cleansing, Aura Camera
OR . . . Channeling, Mediums $20.=
Massage, Ear-candling
Reiki, Matrix, Pranic, Access
Bars Healing, Cranio Sacral,
Foot Reflexology, Body Talk
NLP, EFT, Peruvian Healing
CenterPoint for Body, Mind & Spirit
1920 Hollister Street , Houston 77080
Vendor Setup starts at only $35
Explore Relationships!
Better Relationships in
Pet Healing, Pet Massage,
Pet Psychic, Ion Foot Bath,
Crystals, Pendulums,
Incense, Sage, Jewelry,
Candles, Crystals
FREE Seminar The Healing
Power of Light
“Light Therapy Seminar”
Patricia Serrao, M.S.A.C.N & Phil Alfiere, LMT
Spotlight Your Relationship
Planets & Asteroids!
MONDAY, February 2, 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Cinda Johnson
Rev up your money, love life & have better
relationships for Valentine’s & throughout 2015!
Call 713.664.9781 for Your Class-related Astrological Chart!
Spell your Name, Birth Date, Birth Place (City,
County, State, Country) & Birth Time (am/pm)
Cinda Johnson: C.Ht,. Master NLP Programmer,
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner-Advanced Protocols,
Reiki Master-Teacher, CPC, nationally recognized
communications coach-advisor experienced in TarotArchetypes-Astrology-Numerology, voted Houston Press’
2010 Best Life Coach.
Call 713.664.9781 for information and readings.
Prepaid $20, Door $25
Have an Office at
CenterPoint for
$10 hr
Call 713.932.7224
Tuesday February 3, 7.00 - 9.00 pm
Come experience a complimentary 20 minute free
session with Light Unlimited
This will be an opportunity for you to experience the
healing power of light using the latest advancements in
light therapy technology. You are invited to join us, to
experience this amazing technology. FDA cleared for Pain
and Inflammation. We will be discussing how the device
works with the natural rhythm of the body and how this
cutting-edge technology can take your health to a whole
new level.
The benefits of light:
●Relieve stress, Pain, and Inflammation
●Anti-aging and Skin Rejuvenation
●Detox and Weight Loss, Speed Healing Process,
Light therapy has been shown in over 50 years of research
to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues.
Patricia Serrao has a Masters in Applied Clinical
Nutrition and has practiced biofeedback for 20 years.
Philip Alfiere is a Licensed Massage Therapist. Both use
Light Therapy in their New York offices. They will be
sharing their experience and profound results with you.
To register today call 713.793.6864 or visit
Free Event
CenterPoint 3
Ingrid Karazincir
February 3, 10, 17, 24, 7 - 9 pm
Start 2015 off right! Learn to become a Medium with
Professional Psychic-Medium Ingrid Karazincir.
Discover your inner Channel through simple and effective
exercises, guided meditations and practice that will help
your natural abilities blossom. Learn to speak to those on
the other side, strengthen your ability to help others with
the intuitive clarity you will develop from Mediumship.
“Ingrid is a great teacher and inspiration.” –
“Ingrid has wonderful ability and is an
excellent teacher.” –Amiliya
Ingrid Karazincir has been a professional PsychicMedium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher for 20
years. For Info, registration or private sessions
call (541) 601-2328 or visit $15 per class .
Overcoming Shame
Tuesday February 3, 7-9 pm
$20.00 & CEU’s available
Empowerment Tools
Open to those seeking an Honest
relationship with self.
Healthy Sex and Boundaries
Tuesday February 10, 7-9 pm
$20.00 & CEU’s Available
In Recovery or Not, Come/Share
Open to those seeking joyful, fulfilling and healthy
sexual expression
Tuesdays, February 3, 10, 17, 24
6:30 ‐7:30 pm Donna Coones
● Learn how to meditate, ground,
center and shield yourself.
● Learn the basics of Chakra
Balancing & Cleansing.
With Donna Coones, Spiritual Life Coach & Teacher,
Reiki Master.
For info call Donna at 281 770 2478. Fee $10 per class
Donna has an office at CenterPoint and is
available for private sessions daily 4 - 7 pm.
EFT & Energy Balancing
Tuesday February 17, 7-9 pm
$20.00 & CEU’s Available
Experience Fast Rapid Recovery
Release fears, cravings, sexual blocks, low
self-esteem, blocks to prosperity etc.
Live in the Dream Achieved
Tuesday February 24, 7-9 pm
$20.00 & CEU’s available
Train yourself to focus on the Goal vs. the Lack,
Let the Desired outcome be your dominant thought
and it will come.
Michael Yeager B.A., LCDC, CAS, LMT, C.Ht with 41 years’ experience
CenterPoint 4
Thursday, February 5, 7pm
"How do we caringly sustain the
sense of renewal offered by the new
year. One way is to actively
participate in the outpouring of
creative potential from Divine
Spirit. Singing HU, an ancient
prayer song, enables one to tap into
the eternal fountainhead of life. as it
prepares each consciousness to
receive the gifts of God and share
them for spiritual upliftment
All are welcome.
This event is sponsored by the Texas Satsang Society,
Inc., a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar, Religion of the
Light and Sound of God. For further information call
Saturday, February 7, 2-4 p.m.
This is a hands on class with dowsing
readings on each other and sample
readings/demos by Shonia. Pendulum's
& dowsing charts included.
Shonia brings over 20 years of psychic abilities to help
clients seek answers from their own innate knowing on
all subjects in life; romance, finances, health, the future,
etc. Class fee $ 40 per person, for info/reservation
281.744.1658 (charts included)
Accurate Medical Readings
With Tarot or Plain Cards
Receive their messages from beyond
Call: 850.736.3829
Readings Available at
CenterPoint Sunday Expos
See Your
Clients at
Rent a
Room for
$10 hr
CenterPoint 5
George Thomas
From Expert Tarot Reader
Grendl Tucker.
Bring your Tarot deck
and a notebook!
Creating Lay-Outs for Specific Questions.
Saturday February 7, 2-4 pm Class fee $20
Love And Relationship Spreads & Readings.
Saturday February 14, 2-4 pm Class fee $20
Major Arcana Intensive: The Fool, The Magician
and the High Priestess.
Saturday February 21, 2-4 pm Class fee $20
Major Arcana Intensive: The Empress,
The Emperor and The Heirophant.
Saturday February 28, 2-4 pm Class Fee $20
Wednesday, February 11, 7-9 pm
Who else wants to
• Learn to Relieve pain without drugs
• Access Guidance from Spirit Guides & Angels
Experience Altered States via Matrix Energetics™
A Certified Hypnotist and Practitioner of Matrix Energetics,
George Thomas Transforms with M.E., & Faster EFT. ~ *
~ Perceiving Human Energy Auras since she was a child,
Monica Thomas has served as a channel/translator for
non-corporeals in dozens of documented cases of entity
attachment and subsequent remote healing. Together they
have a successful practice of identifying and rescuing lost
souls, whose formerly earth-bound energies have been
brought to The Light. ~ * ~ As you ask the questions, the
answers are given. Bring your questions for this "Hands
On" experience. Class fee $20 per person at the door.
Info email: [email protected] or call (832) 331-5468
Grendl is an expert in the Tarot with over 20 years
experience. These are Hands on classes, with practice
times and readings by Grendl in class.
For info call/reservation call 281.730.3017.
Prepay $60 for series or $20 per class
Starting at only $35
Receive Guidance from “TOP” Houston Psychics
SUNDAY, February 8, 1 - 5 pm
Astrology, Palmist, Medical Intuitive, Tarot, Runes, Pet Psychic,
Channeling, Crystal Ball Reading, Aura Scan and Report
STOP BY” Massage by Tana, Reiki, Matrix, Pranic & Access Healing, NLP
Reflexology Blondel, Pet Massage, Cranial Sacral, Ear Candling, EFT
Pet Healing, Ion Foot Bath, Handmade Jewelry, Crystals, Sage, Incense,
Gluten Test, Holistic Nutritionist, SRT; Spiritual Response Therapy, Bridgitte
CenterPoint for Body, Mind & Spirit
1920 Hollister Street , Houston 77080
Phone 713.932.7224
CenterPoint 6
Starting at
Superior whole fast foods for All ages!
Available in packets, Add to smoothies.
Fast ,Simple and Easy, Whole food.
Allergies will disappear and energy will be great!
Also a Yummy detox tea. Balance your body.
Try a facial with pure products. Look 10 years younger in 1 year!
Take a gluten sensitivity test! Lazelle Bradley, Nutritionist
Email: [email protected] or call: 281-440-3136
Credit cards accepted.
February 15,
1 - 5 pm
Massage, Cranial Sacral, EFT, NLP,
Foot Reflexology, Reiki/Matrix Healing,
Pet Massage, Facials, Anti Aging Skin
Care, Ear Candling, Jewelry, Crystals,
Pendulums, Gluten Sensitivity & Immune
Test, Sage, Incense , Ion Foot Bath,
Access Bars, Healthy Smoothies
“STOP BY” for a “Private” READING,
Psychics ● Astrology ●
Numerologist ● Runes●
Pet Psychic ● Medical Intuitive
Tarot, Past Life Readings
CenterPoint, 1920 Hollister Street,
info call 713.932.7224
Vendor Setup starts at only $35
Free Snacks & Pastries
Classes in
English and
Kardec Spiritist Society of Houston
Meet at CenterPoint every
Wednesday 7.30 to 9.30 pm
Have You Had a Spiritual Experience?
Every Experience Has a Purpose!
Texas Satsang Society, Inc.,
A Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar,
Religion of the Light and Sound of God
Weekly FREE Spiritual Support Group for our Daily
Needs. Experience a new
perception of the World and Life.
Open to All
Ongoing gatherings in February for dates/info:
CenterPoint 7
John Cappello, certified psychic medium, will be appearing at CenterPoint on February 1
and 22nd for the CenterPoint Holistic Expo and on Jan 21 for his Spirit Gallery. He has recently been
recognized as one of the best and most respected psychic mediums in the world. His award winning
book, Open the Mind Exercise the Soul is sold at popular bookstores and internet book selling sites.
Saturday, February 21, 7-9 pm
This event is for the public to observe a demonstration of mediumship from psychic medium, John
Cappello. It is an opportunity to contact crossed over loved ones and pets and assist in the healing process after a loss.
The cost of the event is $30 in advance and $35 at the door.
For payment details go to or call 888.440.7130. Call for private readings 888.440.7130.
Sunday, February1 & 22, 1-5 pm
Private psychic consultations and reading by John Cappello. The cost for readings is $30 for 10 minutes.
Sunday, February 1 & 22 1 to 5 pm
Have you ever seen your Aura? The human aura is very revealing about the energy you are emitting. It can help you
determine your basic well-being and give you clues about the energy leaving and coming into your life. The colors of the
aura are amazing and the picture is a keep sake! This month John and Natalie Cappello will be making available Aura
pictures at the Centerpoint Holistic and Psychic Fair. The cost for a picture and interpretation is $25.00 per picture.
Offering a variety of massage techniques
including Ancient Thai Massage,
also Reiki, Ear Candling
and Foot Care
15 years
713.465.6700 or 281.685.5091
between west Beltway 8 and Gessner
Souri Sisavath
Reiki Master
In this
ONLY $35
CenterPoint 8
more Your
to register:
Life inorthe
New Year
with my NEW Online Workshop
in February ! For more information or to register:
I can help you create positive change
and lasting momentum in 2015! or
call: 281.651.1599
February 3, 10, 17, 24 7-9 pm Central Time
Listen Live or Download Anytime
Receive a FREE gift of any ONE of my books or CDs…
which I’ll ship FREE to your doorstep when you register for the
four-week, eight hour workshop before January 15th!
To register:
If you were unable to my attend my
national 2014 Way of Knowingness in-person workshops based
on the material from my latest book, this is your chance!
I’d be delighted to conduct a private reading for you! In the last
twenty-eight years, I’ve conducted psychic readings for people
from all over the world, and from every walk of life.
MONDAY, February 23
7.00 - 9.00 pm
Cinda Johnson
Pisces, Jupiter, Neptune, Aquarius
Mercury Direct, Virgo Full Moon:
INTUIT Your Resolutions!
Discover how to utilize your chart with the
astrological action into March! Spotlight Your Best Transits! Call 713.664.9781 for Your Class-related Astrological
Spell your Name, Birth Date, Birth Place (City, County,
State, Country) & Birth Time (am/pm)
Cinda Johnson: C.Ht,. Master NLP Programmer,
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Advanced Protocols,
Reiki Master, Teacher, CPC, nationally recognized
communications coach-advisor experienced in
archetypes-astrology-numerology-Tarot, voted 2010 Best
Life Coach in Houston Press. Call 713.664.9781 for
information and readings. Prepaid $20, Door $25
Register on my website for the monthly drawing to
win a FREE 30 minute telephone session with me!
Show at CenterPoint
Psychic & Holistic Expo’s
February 1, 8, 15, 22
FREE Estimates
Instant Air A/C & Heat
“Affordable Prices/
Quality Work”
Mike Dunn
Liscened & Insured
Caution (U.S.A.) RDA restricts this device to sale by or the order of physician or licensed health care practitioner
CenterPoint 9
Today experienced healers will work on you performing Reiki, Matrix, Pranic,
Peruvian Healing, Pet Healing, Chakra Balancing, Psychic Clearing.
February 22
1 - 5pm
Tarot, Palmistry, Past Life Regression, Astrology,
Mediums, Aura Scan & Aura Photos, Crystal Ball,
Foot Readings. Readings $20
Massage ♦ EFT ♦ Foot Reflexology , Access Bars
Ion Foot Bath ♦ NLP ♦ Psychics ♦ Ear-candling
FREE Gluten Test, Natural Skin Care, SRT
Handmade Jewelry, Sage, Incense
“CBS Radio Houston; rated Victoria
as one of the top five fortune tellers.”
Tarot, Aura Clearings, Reiki,
Spirit & Angel Connections & more.
440 Benmar drive, Houston Texas 77060, suite 1017
Psychic Astrologer
A clairvoyant and professional
Astrologer for over 20 years, Ginger
uses your birthday to tune into your
energies. She always prays to be a
clear and perfect channel for the
highest good of all concerned.
Each month she publishes the free
publication The lndigo Sun Magazine.
To make an appointment email:
[email protected]
or call her at: 713.526.8822
CenterPoint 10
Manifesting All Possibilities
Saturday, February 28,
2 – 4 pm
Reiki Sessions and House Clearing
daily from 7 am - 4 pm, by appointment
Phone: 213-258-5328
email:[email protected]
Kathleen Sweeney
♦ Use your SuperConscious to remove and release blocks.
♦ Discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
♦ Learn a technique you can use at any time you don’t like
what you are feeling or observing.
♦ Feel empowered and have inner peace in your daily life.
♦ Have more happiness and less pain!
In this talk we will teach the SuperConscious how to deal
with our unconscious and our subconscious. We will do a
practice session to release a phobia, so come prepared to
give one up!
Kathleen is a Reiki Master/teacher, M.A.P., B.E.S.T.,
S.R.T and S.C.H. practitioner and Reconnective Healer.
Call 805-570-5181 for appointments/information.
Class Fee: $10
Emelis Morris
Aliya Prim
(Habla Espanol)
Mon-Sat 9-5pm
Mon-Sat 9-5pm
LaZelle Bradley
Superior herbal foods in packets .Add
to smoothies. Great energy, & feeds
entire body. Yummy detox tea !
Pure herbal skin care made 99% from herbal foods. Sensitive skin, too. 281.440.3136
[email protected]
Let go of who and what is draining Your Energy
●Addiction/Grief Counselor
●Certified Hypnotherapist
●Individual, Couples, Family Therapy
●Smoking Cessation
“Call for Ceramic Implant Tooth
Replacement Information &
¾ Biological Dentistry
¾ Holistic Dentistry
¾ Laser Dentistry
¾ Snoring/Sleep Apnea
¾ TMJ Headaches
¾ “Sleeping Pill Sedation to improve
your comfort while having your
dentistry performed”
“Enhancing Health
Natural Dentistry”
Marilyn K. Jones,
by appointment
Cell: 832.407.2958
Guided by Your personal Moon Sign with Tarot from
a Magical Realm of Fairies with Stone Healing,
Mon. to Sat. by appointment
Seer of Spirits, Spiritual Home Cleansing
Mon. to Sat. by appointment
832 726 5327
♦Astrology ♦ NLP♦
♦Body Talk ♦ EFT♦
♦Life Coaching♦
Reiki Master
& Certified
“Voted Best in Houston
by Houston Press”
Certified Iridologist
Reading the Iris of the eye to determine
the state of Your health
Homeopathy ^ Bach Flower Oils
Using the nature of 38 healing flowers & plants.
Habla Espanol 832.605.0621
By Appointment Mon-Sat 9-6pm
Telephone: 713-785-7767
800 Bering Dr., Ste. 204, Houston, 77057
Spiritual Life & Meditation Classes,
Life Coaching, Chakras Balancing,
Aura Cleansing, Reiki, Tarot
Mon - Sat, 4 -7 pm by Appointment or
281-770-2478 Walk-Ins & at the Sunday CenterPoint Expos
CenterPoint 11