Agenda - WinFred Metropolitan Planning Organization

Winchester Frederick County (WinFred) MPO
February 3, 2015 - 10:00 a.m.
Frederick County Administrative Offices - First Floor Conference Room
107 N. Kent Street, Winchester, VA
1. Administrative Items:
a) Welcome and Introductions
b) Review and approval of the Draft January 6, 2015 Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
Minutes (Attached)
2. Public Comment Period
3. Discussion on Staff’s Development of List of Actions Based on the SIR Commuter Research
Study(Will be emailed prior to meeting)- Nicholas Robb, NSVRC
4. Request regarding MPO Line Item Budget Transfers and Highway/Transit Splits (Attached) –
Martha Shickle, NSVRC
5. Program Updates – John Madera/Karen Taylor
Valley Pike/Shawnee Drive Intersection Study
Exit 317 Study
House Bill 2
FY 2016 UPWP development
WinTran Marketing Plan
6. February-March Meeting Schedule (Meetings are held at the Frederick County Administrative
• Project Steering Meeting: TBD
• Policy Board: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 @ 10 a.m.
• Technical Advisory Committee: Tuesday, March 3, 2015 @ 10 a.m.
• Policy Board: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 @ 10 a.m.
• Citizens Advisory Committee Meeting: Date: TBD
7. VDOT/DRPT Updates- Terry Short/Lisa DuMetz
8. Other Business
9. Adjourn
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Glossary of Acronyms
CAC- Citizen Advisory Committee- Serves as an advisory committee to the MPO Policy Board to solicit public input and provide citizen
perspective on MPO projects. Conducts public hearings and public input sessions on selected projects at the direction of the Policy Board.
CLRP – Constrained Long Range Plan – A fiscally-constrained list of projects drawn from the Vision Plan element of the LRTP. All CLRP
projects must have an estimated cost and a revenue source identified.
CMAQ- Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program was implemented to support surface transportation projects
and other related efforts that contribute air quality improvements and provide congestion relief.
FHWA - Federal Highway Administration - Within the US Department of Transportation, FHWA is responsible for highway issues,
including federal laws and regulations related to metropolitan transportation planning.
FTA - Federal Transit Administration- within the US Department of Transportation, FTA is responsible for public transit issues, including
federal laws and regulations related to metropolitan transportation planning.
FTA Section 5303 Funds - This program supports transit planning expenses to support cooperative, continuous, and
comprehensive planning for making transportation investment decisions in metropolitan planning areas.
FTA Section 5310 - Transportation for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities - The goal of the Section 5310 Program is to provide
assistance in meeting the special transportation needs of elderly persons and persons with disabilities. The program is designed to supplement
other FTA or assistance programs by funding transportation projects for elderly person and persons with disabilities in all areas – urbanized,
small urban, and rural.
HSIP - Highway Safety Improvement Program - The overall purpose of this program is to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities
and serious injuries on all public roads through the implementation of infrastructure-related highway safety improvements.
LRTP- Long Range Transportation Plan- Developed and approved by the MPO, the LRTP is a regional plan that includes all transportation
projects and programs that the MPO realistically anticipates can be implemented over the next 25 years. LRTP’s may include a VISION
PLAN, which is a list of all projects (a “wish list”), but must also include a CLRP. In order to receive federal funding, transportation projects
must be included in the LRTP and the TIP.
MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization - Federal transportation laws and regulations require the establishment of an MPO in every
urbanized area of the U.S. with a population over 50,000. MPOs are responsible for meeting the federal metropolitan planning regulations for
MAP-21 – Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act, a two-year federal surface transportation bill signed into law in July 2012,
and going into effect 10/1/12. MAP-21 authorizes transportation funding at roughly the same levels as its predecessor, SAFETEA-LU, with
minor adjustments for inflation; and emphasizes a performance-based approach to transportation investments.
NHPP- National Highway Performance Program - The NHPP provides support for the condition and performance of the National Highway
System (NHS), for the construction of new facilities on the NHS, and to ensure that investments of Federal-aid funds in highway construction
are directed to support progress toward the achievement of performance targets established in a State's asset management plan for the NHS.
STP Funds – Surface Transportation Program funds are Federal Funds disbursed through State DOT’s for Surface Transportation projects.
TAC- Technical Advisory Committee- Serves in an advisory capacity to the Policy Board of the MPO. The TAC works with MPO staff to
formulate the UPWP, the LRTP, and provides technical review and assistance on numerous MPO projects undertaken as called out in the
TIP - Transportation Improvement Program - Approved by the MPO Policy Board, it is a list of projects and programs that will be
implemented over the next six years. In order to receive federal funding, transportation projects must be included in the Constrained Long
Range Plan and the TIP. Amendments are major changes to a project included in the CLRP, TIP or STIP that are not Administrative
UPWP – Unified Planning Work Program- MPOs must adopt and implement an annual work program and budget known as the Unified
Planning Work Program (UPWP). The UPWP identifies all activities to be undertaken by the MPO during the fiscal year which begins July
1st and ends the following June 30th.
VDOT - Virginia Department of Transportation - Agency responsible for statewide transportation facility planning, construction, and
maintenance. VDOT is separate from the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (VDRPT).
Frederick County  City of Winchester  Town of Stephens City
400 Kendrick Lane, Suite E, Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: 540-636-8800  Fax: 540-635-4147
WinFred Metropolitan Planning Organization
Chairman Tim Youmans
Technical Advisory Committee Minutes – January 6, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.
Frederick County Administrative Offices
First Floor Conference Room
107 North Kent Street, Winchester, Virginia
WinFred MPO Technical Advisory Committee
Member Jurisdiction Representatives
Frederick County
Patrick Barker
John Bishop
Kris Tierney
Eric Lawrence
 Lisa DuMetz (via phone)
 Terry Short
Winchester Airport
Serena ‘Renny’ Manuel
Stephens City
Mike Majher
Tim Youmans
Tom Hoy
Perry Eisenach
Winchester Transit
Renee Wells
Non-Voting Members
Mack Frost, FHWA
Tony Cho, FTA
Rusty Harrington, Aviation
Karen Taylor
John Madera
Raya Zimmerman,
Winchester Star
Winchester-Frederick County (WinFred) MPO
January 6, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.
Frederick County Administrative Offices – First Floor Conference Room
107 N. Kent Street, Winchester, VA
1. Administrative Items:
a. Welcome and Introductions – acting Chairman Lawrence welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Each person in attendance introduced him- or herself.
b. Review and approval of the draft November 4, 2014 Technical Advisory Committee Meeting
minutes – Motion made by Mr. Bishop seconded by Mr. Short; motion carried.
2. Public Comment Period – None reported.
3. SIR Commuter Research Study
Acting Chairman Lawrence led a discussion of the study, results, and implications for future action.
He said that he felt that the study had accomplished its objectives. Mr. Short said that the study was
well done and presented. Following discussion, committee directed staff to develop a list of actions
based on the survey findings for the TAC to recommend to the Policy Board, to be presented at the
next meeting.
4. Discussion regarding the Project Steering Committee function
Mr. Madera explained the need for written guidance on Project Steering Committees, to minimize
confusion regarding purpose, makeup and functions. He then reviewed draft guidance (included in
the meeting packet). The committee recommended two small changes: that the PSC make
recommendations regarding intermediate as well as final deliverables; and that the composition of the
Committee shall consist of at least one member each of the TAC and Policy Board from each affected
locality. Motion made by Mr. Bishop, seconded by Mr. Hoy, to recommend PSC policy to Policy
Board. Motion carried.
5. Update on MPO Line Item Budget Transfers
Mr. Bishop moved to table this item; motion carried.
6. January-February Meeting Schedule
Acting Chairman Lawrence reviewed the meeting schedule.
7. VDOT/DRPT Updates
Ms. DuMetz had no report. Mr. Short announced the statewide WebEx meeting on House Bill 2
implementation to be held Thursday, January 8, at 1 p.m. Mr. Short and Randy Kiser, Administrator,
VDOT Staunton District, will attend the meeting at the Edinburg Residency office.
8. Other Business – Committee directed staff to determine whether bylaws permit members
participating remotely (via teleconference) to vote.
9. Meeting adjourned at 10:45 a.m.
WinFred Metropolitan
Planning Organization
400 Kendrick Lane, Suite E
Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: 540-636-8800
Fax: 540-635-4147
Policy Board
To: WinFred MPO Technical Advisory Committee
Richard C. Shickle
Frederick County
From: Martha Shickle, WinFred MPO Secretary/Treasurer
Re: FY 2016 UPWP Budget Amendments
John A. Willingham
City of Winchester
Secretary/ Treasurer:
Martha Shickle
City of Winchester:
*Eden Freeman
City Manager
*John W. Hill
Council Member
*John A. Willingham
Council Member
Frederick County:
*Richard C. Shickle
Board of Supervisors
*John R. Riley, Jr.
County Administrator
*Charles S. DeHaven, Jr.
Board of Supervisors
Stephens City:
*Michael K. Kehoe
Town Administrator/ Engineer
*Randy Kiser
District Administrator
Va. Dept. of Rail & Public Trans.:
Lisa DuMetz-Rosier
Mobility Programs Administrator
Federal Highway Administration:
Mack Frost
Planning and Environmental Specialist
Federal Transit Administration:
Tony Cho
Transportation Program Specialist
* Denotes Voting Members
Staff has reviewed the status of the WinFred MPO Unified Planning Work Program
(UPWP) for Fiscal Year 2015 as well as the status of funding in the FY 2015 budget. On
review of the current budget we have developed the following proposal for budget
amendments in FY 2015:
1. Transfer $38,000 from Task 7: System Planning to Task 8: Long Range
Planning, Modeling, GIS & Data. The purpose of the transfer is to support two
major expenses that were not fully anticipated at the time of the UPWP budget
development. Final billing for the WinFred MPO Travel Demand Model Update
was not issued until the current fiscal year, despite being completed late in
June of last year. Additionally, staff time associated with review and
monitoring of the Secretary of Transportation’s development of the
implementation plan for House Bill 2 (HB2) has been more significant than
anticipated. We have evaluated current expenditures to date and make this
recommendation based on these and projections through the end of the fiscal
2. Adjust the splits between allocation of funding from Federal Highway
Administration (FHWA-PL) and Federal Transit Authority (FTA 5303) among
Tasks 1-7. FY 2015 is the first year in many that the WinFred MPO has access
to two years’ FHWA-PL funding and two years’ FTA 5303 funding. (More than
two years’ funding from FTA’s 5303 program has been available in the past due
to a lag in expenditures). Now that the WinFred MPO is current on
expenditure of funds from both sources, we recommend adjusting the current
splits for projects to streamline the allocation of FHWA-PL to FTA 5303 funding.
On review of the total funding available to the WinFred MPO in FY 2015, staff
determined the ratio to be 72/28 FHWA-PL/FTA 5303.
Attached is copy of the proposed new budget for the remainder of FY 2015; the far
right columns indicate the changes per Task to the respective funding source. The total
obligation of funds does not change, nor the share of local funding from the City of
Winchester and Frederick County (5% each) relative to the overall budget.
Staff forwarded the proposed changes to both representatives of VDOT and FTA for comment. No
comments were received as of 1/26/15.
Finally, it should be noted that staff intends to review the UPWP splits on an annual basis following
receipt of FHWA-PL and FTA 5303 funding projections during the UPWP development process after
which a recommendation will be made regarding any changes to continue to reflect the overall share of
each funding source.
Requested Action: Motion to forward proposed budget amendments to the WinFred MPO Policy Board
with a recommendation for approval at the February 18, 2015 regular meeting.
Figure 2: Win-Fred MPO FY 2015 Proposed Revenues and Expenditures by Funding Source
Proposed Revenues
FY 2015 New PL 112 Funds (1)
FY 2013 Carryover PL112 Funds available in FY 2015 (2)
FY 2014 5303 Funds (3)
FY 2015 5303 Funds (4)
Subtotal: FY15 Revenues
Highway Funding
Planning Match
$121,970 $15,246
$264,645 $33,081
Total FY15 Proposed Revenues
Proposed Expenditures
Transit Funding
Match Match
FY13 Revenues
$9,067 $9,067 $90,665
$9,645 $9,644 $96,446
$18,712 $18,711 $187,111
$386,615 $48,327
Planning Match
Change in
Highway $
Change in
Transit $
in Local
Task 1: Program Management and Administration
$1,674 $16,738
Task 2: Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Task 3: State/Federal Requested Work Tasks
Task 4: Public Mobility
$1,750 $17,500
$52,500.00 ($52,500.00)
Task 5: Local Technical Assistance
Task 6: Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Development
Task 7: System Planning
$203,700 $25,463
$8,488 $84,875
Task 8: Long Range Planning, Modeling, GIS and Data
$1,575 $15,750
$14,736 $14,736 $147,363
$3,975 $3,974
Subtotal: FY15 Expenditures
$353,672 $44,209
$32,943 $4,118
Estimated Contingency/Reserve Funds for Project Support
Total FY15 Proposed Expenditures
(1) FY14 PL Funding from VDOT for Highway
(2) FY13 PL Carryover Funds: not Expended in FY13
(3) FY14 Carryover FTA 5303 Funds: not expended in FY14
(4) FY15 5303 Funding from DRPT for Transit
Page 22
($66,250.00) $28,250.00