Document 73149

This book is written primarily to show the BLACK MAN, and the WORLD the
true source of their problem, 33% of the BLACK WOMEN of AMERICA (BABYLON).
GOD is angry with the world for worshipping this WOMAN LILITH the DEVIL. Acts
19:22-27 is shocking saying: THE WHOLE WORLD WORSHIPPETH THE WOMAN
BABYLON (America). This can be proven on page 2 of this book, end of paragraph.
People of the WORLD this BOOK OF TRUTH is your warning to separate from
LILITH. For what communion has light with darkness. EVE is 67% of the BLACK
WOMEN, the one that is GOOD and will help save us, ADAM THE BLACK MAN.
THE BLACK MAN is almost extinct and LILITH the DRAGON will kill us all if EVE
and we the people of the world don’t stop her. LILITH must be revealed. This WOMAN
has made man in the world impotent and obsolete.
When America gave women the right to vote. How? Because they out number
men 40 to 1, women have the voting power in numbers, the majority. There are two
hundred and sixty million people in America. Black LILITH has a thirty million person
block vote. Other nations of people consist of two hundred million people but they are
separated. Ex. There are five million Irish, seven million Germans, eight million Scotts
etc. They all vote against each other, then LILITH the evil woman takes her thirty million
block vote and join on to the women of other nations of the two hundred million voters
under so called women issues, out numbering men completely. When she is grown 6+6+
6=18. She takes the power of 666 in Rev. 13:18 being the majority in America. She takes
her numbers and vote her men in who will do her will, and make the laws in her favor.
Ex. Deut.19: 15-20 says you must have two witnesses to bring charges against anybody
but now look at America. One woman can say you said something sexually negative to
her eight years ago and destroy you. Rom 1:25 says who changed GODS TRUTH into a
LIE to worship the creature (LILITH) instead of GOD. But fret not for Dan. 7:9 says, “I
beheld till the thrones were cast down (LILITH’s MEN that she put in power through her
majority mob rule votes).”
Now that this BOOK OF TRUTH has revealed the DEVIL (LILITH), Rev. 12:12
says, “The DEVIL is coming down with great wrath because she knows she has but a
short time.” Rev. 12:10 says, “The DEVIL will accuse the brethren before GOD daily,”
Ex. Look at all of the TV TALK SHOWS THAT BASH MEN EVERYDAY. Prov, 7:2427 says, many strong men have been slain by her, for her house is HELL and DEATH.
BLACK MAN as soon as we are born Into Success). Notice the strong men that have
been destroyed and tried to destroy.
BRYANT, THE GOV. taped women with MARTIN LUTHER KING to destroy him,
COLIN POWELL, There are many more.
SON OF GOD Rev. 1:5-6, the REDEEMER of all good people Black, Latin and White,
Rev. 7:9-13. In M't. 11:27 reads: only the SON can reveal the father YAHWEH. This is
the proof that YAHWEH BEN YAHWEH is the SON of GOD YAHWEH.
YAHWEH; The covenant God of Israel, YHWH in the original
Hebrew, According to Jewish custom, because of reverence the
divine name was not to be spoken, so the Hebrew words for
Lord and God were Substituted. Whenever the words "Lord"
and "God” appear in large and small capital letters, the
original Hebrew reads
GEN. 3:22 AND PS. 83:1-5.
(Also Called Jezebel)
The definition of Devil in the dictionary is one who is an adversary to God, and
his people. In the King James Version of the Bible Rev. 12:9 says that, “the Devil is also
the Dragon, Serpent, and Satan,” all the same person. Adversary is the same as saying
Enemy. The way to win any war is to at least know your Enemy, but one of the attributes
of the Serpent is to hide, for the Snake is a chameleon the Serpent hides, and blends in, (a
deceiver). The fact that most Black Men believe that the White Man is the Devil shows
that he is not. Why? Because you see him. In Isa. 47:10 the Woman DEVIL says, “ None
seeth me”. In Rev. 12:9, it reads that the Devil deceived the whole world. In Isa. 6:10,
God says, that, “ He (God) blinded you because if you were able to see you would have
healed yourself.” 2 Cor. 3:14 says our minds are blinded, and the only way that the
blindness would be done away is in Christ. NOW IS THE TIME!
Question: WHO is the DEVIL?
The other 67% is GOOD EVE, BLACK WOMEN in AMERICA.
Who is LILITH? She was ADAM’s first wife, (Gen.1:23-27), created between
the 5th and 6th day, before the creation of EVE, but LILITH left ADAM because she was
upset that God put ADAM in charge. This can be found in regular dictionaries under
LILITH and in the Kabbalah by Gershom Scholem page 357, paragraph 2, exhibit B-1, J1, and I-1. God sent three Angels to order LILITH to return to ADAM, but LILITH said
No to GOD. Then after the 7th or on the 8th day GOD said in GEN. 2:2+18, “it is not
good that man should dwell alone”. And made ADAM another woman whose name was
EVE. This upset LILITH because LILITH had never seen GOD make another woman,
and thought she was the only woman that ADAM could ever have. She was shocked, and
jealous of EVE. So LILITH devised a plan and came to EVE as the deceiving SERPENT
in GEN. 3:1 and The Book of LILITH the pictures on pages 62, 64, 66 and 68, exhibit
A:1-2. LILITH said to EVE ”Has GOD said that you should not eat of the fruit of the tree
in the mist of the garden”. John 2:16 and The Book of LILITH page 67 paragraph 2
exhibit A-4 says: that the fruit of the garden is SEX. So what LILITH is saying to EVE is
“you know why GOD doesn’t want you to have sex with Adam? Because when I
(LILITH) was having Sex with ADAM he was sex / pussy whipped and I ruled ADAM,
he even cried to God when I left him. ADAM would do anything for sex. So LILITH
deceived EVE in Gen. 3:5 saying,
“If you have sex with Adam you will be God over him.” Therefore for six
thousand years (that ended March 13, 1997) according to God’s solar calendar. EVE
with LILITH has ruled ADAM after seducing him causing him to fall but Eve is on the
bottom of human kind, and has been suffering with ADAM for six thousand years. This
makes Black LILITH the SERPENT, and the first deceiver, Gen. 3:13, and 2 Tim. 2:9-15.
In Rev. 12:9 LILITH is that great DRAGON, the old SERPENT, the DEVIL, and
SATAN who deceived the whole world. Rev. 13:4 says, “The world worshipped the
DRAGON who gave the BEAST (Democrats) power.” You see here that the BEAST is a
different entity from the DRAGON (LILITH), because she gave the BEAST (Democrat,
Politicians) Power. #1 Notice the DRAGON is worshipped: To find out who the
DRAGON is, you must find whom the world worships. Acts 19:27 says: “The Whole
World Worships the Goddess” = the Female, because it didn’t say GOD the MAN, it
reads, Goddess the Woman, We must admit that the world worships sex (the WOMAN).
All the moneymaking recordings are tributes to sex, (LILITH the Woman). For ex. Baby
you are everything. I love you only, etc. These are just some examples of the lyrics that
we sing to WOMEN rather than Psalms 68:4, singing to God. In Jer. 44:15-17. God is
upset that we worship the Queen of Heaven (LILITH) instead of Him. Everything we as
men do, all material things like property, clothes, and cars are obtained to impress women
Who changed the truth of God into a lie to worship the creature (the DRAGON
what’s in the news media, the world is honoring, and listening to Mary not the Christ.
Christians will not pass Mary without bowing, and giving the cross sign. In Europe, Mary
is called the Black Madonna, in South America she is called Santa Maria, and Fatima, in
Egypt she is called Isis. Isis is also the Greek word JESUS whom the world worships.
The Moslems ritualize Hagar the black Egyptian (the mother of ISHMAEL, the Father of
the Arabs, founders of Islam). The New Standard Encyclopedia under the word name
ISHMAEL page 1-216, and under ISLAM page 1-218 at the note’s exhibit H: 1-2 reads
that marching around the kaaba, and kissing the black stone is the ritual that represents
HAGAR’S search for water for ISHMAEL. Mohammed’s daughter FATIMA has her
birthday celebrated annually by MOSLEMS like people celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Acts
19:22-27 says, the WHOLE WORLD worshipped the GODDESS DIANA (THE
WOMAN), Ungers Bible Dictionary page 415, under DIANA paragraph 3 Exhibit L-2
says, That DIANA is an ASIAN GODDESS (BLACK); Paragraph 1 says DIANA carried
a TORCH which is like the Statute of Liberty. In New Standard Encyclopedia under the
Statute of Liberty it says, “the Statue was made of COPPER,” (BLACK). In Ungers Bible
Dictionary under DIANA paragraph 1 of the preface says; LILITH is the GODDESS of
the night. In the KABBALAH by Gershom Scholem page 357 exhibit B-1 middle of the
page, it says: LILITH has many names; so DIANA, LILITH and STATUE OF LIBERTY
are the same. AMERICA is BABYLON with LILITH in charge THE MOTHER of all
the HARLOTS (Rev.17:5), the DEVIL.
Notice all these Women who are worshiped are Black.
That’s why when a black man gets famous on TV he says
He buys MOM EVERYTHING, nothing for DAD. The Child hates his DAD, and his
SON hates him! Perpetualized through LILITH’s teachings.
LILITH THE DRAGON, DEVIL is black, the MOTHER of all Harlots and is
33% of the black women of America, the Black Man, and the world’s true problem. She
is worshipped biblically illegally. Ex. They worship and ritualize Black Mary even
though JESUS himself called her a rebel against GOD’s will, Matt.12:47-50, and she is
black. In Isa. 47:1-2 reads that this virgin has locks for hair and only black people have
locks. In the beginning every body was Black, ADAM and his wife. In Song of Solomon
1:5, King Solomon is Black so all his forefathers down to ADAM, and GOD were
BLACK. Luke 3:23-68, shows that from JESUS to Solomon to GOD they were all father
to son related, all had to be BLACK because a White couple can't produce a Black child.
In Psalms 119:83, king David says, "I am become like a bottle in smoke (BLACK)". So
this proves all were BLACK all the way to the SON of GOD. GOD is Black Dan.7:9,
GOD has wooly hair like his son JESUS, Rev.1:13-14, wooly hair and feet like fine brass
as if burned in a furnace (BLACK), so all were Black including LILITH. In the
KABBALAH page 288, it says that LILITH is Black, also the KABBALAH by Gershom
Scholem page 358 first paragraph, exhibit B-2 says, LILITH is Black. In Time Magazine
dated July 17,1997-page64, paragraph 2 and 4, exhibit D-1, says LILITH FAIR tour of
Female Stars is the voice of Free BLACK Women. LILITH is also in the newspaper, the
Miami Herald Dec.12, Final Edition front page, exhibit K-1, It has a Black Women
depicted saying: LILITH FAIR FINALE. LILITH is Black, In Europe the Mother Mary
is Black, called the Black Madonna. In the beginning Male and Female were Black, so
LILITH the SERPENT, SATAN, DEVIL, and the DRAGON is 33% of the Black
Women of America. The other 67% of the Black Women of America (Babylon) is Black
For more proof that LILITH is the Devil.
Notice your life and what you have seen. Ex. Why is the Devil described as
having two horns? Answer: Because she is always horny and in Ungers Bible dictionary
under the word animal kingdom, in the paragraph under the word OWL exhibit L-1 says,
LILITH is the Screech OWL and the Screech OWL is known for having two horns, Isa.
34:14. Why does the DEVIL have a pitchfork? Because your woman is the only one that
can aggravate you, like sticking you with her pitch forked tongue and you are unable to
do anything about it. Why is the Devil depicted as Red? Because according to the New
Standard Encyclopedia under the word Red, 4th paragraph, exhibit H-3, it reads, Red
symbolizes passion, anger, heat and fire, meaning LILITH is always hot for SEX.
Why is the DEVIL described with a Tail? Answer: because in Rev. 12:4 it reads
the DEVIL drew a third part of Heaven with the Tail, now in GOD’S Heaven there are no
HOMOSEXUALS so the only BUTTS (TAIL) we followed as the sons of GOD was
LILITH’s fine BUTT (TAIL) Gen. 6:1. The reason why the tail has an arrow on the end
of it is because her Tail points out what direction LILITH wants you to go, and if you
don’t do what she says she won’t give you no Tail (SEX).
(SEX) is LILITH’s power over man (ADAM).
Notice the Masons, the Men have the 6-point star and the Women (EASTERN
STARS) have the 5-point star. The 5-point star is the GOAT, DEVIL and the SERPENT
in any regular good dictionary. On the American Flag the stars have 5 points, this stands
for the United SNAKES of America. The women are in unity, which is why the statue of
Liberty is a woman that shows that all women are free. What do we mean by FREE? #1,
She’s free to accuse you at anytime without any repercussion to herself even if she’s
lying, ex. She can say you said, or did anything to her and bring you to court with NO
proof or any witnesses, whether the incident accused happened a hour ago or ten or more
years ago and actually find you guilty. All she has to do is cry on the witness stand and
you are destroyed. Now God said in the Bible, Duet. 19:15 "you must have two witnesses
to convict anyone and if the two witnesses are lying they should suffer the same
punishment you would have suffered if found guilty," There is a repercussion for lying
which stop’s false witnessing. Even the Constitution in Article 3, Section 3 and the
Federalist Papers edited by Mary Webster Copyright 1999, the dictionary to the
Constitution page 197 paragraph 3 under Treason says, " you must have 2 witnesses
because people will create false evidence to destroy you." Rom. 1:25 says, who changed
the truth of God’s (Law) into a lie and caused us to worship the creature, (Give Woman
the legal advantage) instead of God's Law. #2 Women have complete freedom to do
simple things such as, Drive a car. Why? Because the police do not give her tickets but
almost every BLACK Man is afraid to drive, Why? Because he already has so many
tickets that his license is suspended, his tag is bad, he does not have insurance or he has a
warrant out for his arrest and he is also in constant fear of being shot or brutalized,
D.W.B. Women are completely free from these fears. Women are free to commit crimes.
Ex. She conspires with her man to sell Drugs and when arrested, she becomes the
government witness against him. She is set free and divides the brother’s money and
possessions with the Government who works as her partner. When the man goes to trial,
the Lawyer, Prosecutor, and the Judge might be White but the Jury, even if only one
Black woman sits on that jury, she is able to say guilty or not guilty. There are about 4
million Black Men over the age of 18, 39 million, Black Women, and 290 million people
in America yet the Black Man is 80% of the Jail population, with 1.2 million Black Men
in jail. So she who sits on the Jury is putting the Black Man in jail because she has to
agree. Remember she's in charge of the jury since she posses a special maternal quality
that is spiritually dominating. She is usually the accuser, (Domestic and Child Support
Laws = 75% of the 1.2 million) and another Black Woman decides from the jury to send
the Black Man to jail.
Our own Black Women Jail us with the Laws she votes in and from her jury seat!
We are historically in the time trouble like never before! The Woman in American law is
FREE especially in the Law concerning Marriage. The day before a man gets married, at
the bachelor party he exclaims. “This is my last day of Freedom,” when the man asks to
marry a woman, he puts her in place of God. Ex. he bows before her on his knee, puts a
ring on her finger and asks her to marry him. In masonry this is like the same ritual
practiced when you are before the Potentate, Rev. 19:7-8. This represents the marriage
of the Lamb (The King) to the Saints. This explains 2 Thes. 2:4, which says, "The Devil,
sits in the seat of God as if being God". At the wedding she wears the Heavenly White
garment with a long tail, this represents the Dragons Tail in Rev.12:4 The Man wears a
BLACK tuxedo the same outfit he wears to His grave. This means: as soon as you marry
under American law in which all legislature was voted on by the majority (HER)
Everything he has belongs to her (ECONOMICALLY) when they divorce, and there is a
98% divorce rate among black people. Rev. 17:6 and 15 reads the "Mother of Harlots
(LILITH) is drunk with the Saints Blood (Money, your House, Car, half of all you have
including your business, Child Support, Alimony, Tax Dollars like Food Stamps, Free
HUD Housing in nice areas, Vouchers for electric, water, house gas and phone bills,
Vouchers for car repair, monthly bus voucher and auto gas cards, Gov. cheese, milk,
bread and rice, free Grants to open business and to go to school, Medicaid, Medicare,
Church donated food, toys and clothes, and they are all Suing somebody for anything,
even thou she Dances in nude Clubs gets our Money in her G or Goddess string and pays
no Tax, she claims she’s crazy and gets $5000 a month, claims she’s stalked by her
boyfriend, then gets $5000 to relocate, KOBE BRYANT's rape accuser got $20.000.00
from a Gov. victim fund, all from our Tax Dollars, when you sign a Marriage License
you've agreed to surrender your children to the Gov. Then she sells your Children
illegally to people to use them to write off for Taxes. Rev. 17:1-6 says, "The Whore
(LILITH) and Kings of earth are DRUNK with the wine of their fornication". This
means, the Whore (LILITH) gets Gov. Vouchers and Food Stamps and sell them to hood
rat Arab, Pakistan, Indian and Jewish Black Neighborhood corner stores, not the good
Arabs, Pakistan, Indian and Jewish brothers, just the Evil ones who also allow drugs to
sell in front of their stores making money from us as partners with LILITH and her sons
Lucifer the Black hood rats. Drugs = Witchcraft (Mammy = in the Masters House, today
called HUD). See: Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths page 573 Exhibit Q-1.
How does this WOMAN (DRAGON) give
The Beast (DEMOCRAT's) power? Rev. 13:3+4.
When America gave women equal rights to vote, WOMEN took over the whole
country. How? Because women out number men almost 40 to 1 in Voting, She’s the
majority. This government is by the people, of the people, for the people (her, the
majority). Therefore all legislatures from the senate, and Congress was put there by the
will of women the majority. The legislature will never go against his constituents the
majority (women). Now you know whose punishing us by giving the Beast (Democrats)
power through 666, when she is grown up and becomes 6+6+6 =18 years old she is
allowed to vote the BEAST minded people in, doesn’t matter what color they are.
Rev. 17:5-15 says LILITH is the Whore that sitteth upon (Controlling) the
BEAST (Democrats) drunk with the blood (MONEY) of the saints (the Black Man of
America, ADAM AND EVE). LILITH is that no good prostitute who uses her sexual
power to get money, and control Government officials, LILITH is the woman who
doesn’t want to do better; she loves living for free and filthy, unlike EVE who would
always seek to do better. This devil whore LILITH is drunk with the blood (MONEY) of
the saints, living free off of our tax dollars. Isa. 3:12 says, “As for my people children are
their oppressors (child support) and women rule over them.” Check 3rd paragraph of the
preface of this book for more information.
The proof that the DEVIL is LILITH can be found in the Bible
In the Gen. 1:26-27 ADAM’s first wife was LILITH before the creation of eve.
Because in Gen.1:27 there was a woman with ADAM because she did not want him in
charge, and refused to return to ADAM at GOD’s request, therefore GOD said “it is not
good that man should dwell alone” and made him another woman whose name was EVE.
Gen.2:18-23. Isa.47: ch., Ez.16: ch. and Rev.18:2 says, come out of her sin, Rev. 17:15
says LILITH is the Whore (DEVIL) and in Prov.7:24-27 her (LILITH's) house is the way
to hell and death. The last enemy to be destroyed is death (LILITH’s POWER) 1 Cor.
15:26 Jer.44:15-18 the Queen of heaven is God’s adversary. Isa. 34: 14 the Screech Owl
(DEVIL) is LILITH, according to Ungers Bible dictionary pg. 62 under Animal Kingdom
owl #2 exhibitL-1 which says the Screech Owl is LILITH the same as NIGHT DEMON,
SNAKE or SERPENT. Rev. 12:9 the Serpent is the devil, Satan and the Dragon.
Rev.13:4 the Dragon is LILITH who gave the beast power. In Job 2:4-9 Satan gambled
God that Job would curse God in verse 4 then in verse 9, JOB’S wife (SATAN LILITH)
ordered JOB to curse God. So SATAN was JOB’s wife (LILITH). In the book of
LILITH by Barbara Black Koltuv, Ph.D. copyright 1986 pages 62, 64,66,68 and 70
exhibit A -1-5 have pictures that depict the Woman LILITH as the SERPENT seducing
EVE in the garden. On page 67 paragraph exhibit A-4 it reads LILITH is the SERPENT
the woman of Harlotry who induced EVE causing EVE to seduce ADAM into sexual
intercourse which is the fruit of the garden. In the Kabbalah by Gershom Schohem page
357 paragraphs 2 & 3, exhibit B-1 says LILITH was ADAMS wife before EVE, then
divorced ADAM. In the Zohar by Daniel Cjhanan Matt copyright 1983 paragraphs 10 &
11, exhibit C-2 says the Whore in Rev. 12-9 refers to LILITH. Webster’s Dictionary
copyright 1957 page 1048, exhibit M-1. and Random House Dictionary page 830, exhibit
N-1 under the word LILITH says LILITH the DEMON was Adam’s lst wife before EVE.
In Rev. 21:1 it shows that there are two Heavens, the first Heaven which will pass
away is LILITH’s Heaven wherein she is called the Queen of that Heaven in Jer. 44:17.
The second Heaven is God’s new Heaven, Rev. 21:1-2,wherein according to 1 Cor.
15:45-47 it says, “The second ADAM is of the LORD, making ADAM the KING of the
NEW HEAVEN and the QUEEN of the NEW HEAVEN is EVE. Prov. 31:10-12 reads
who can find (EVE) THE VIRTUOUS WOMAN for she will do him good and not evil
all the days of her life.
Eve is 67% of the BLACK WOMEN of AMERICA. She is stronger, more
beautiful and much more intelligent than that HAG, LILITH. EVE is clean. She will not
submit to poverty or slums, unlike LILITH the Witch who loves dusty, filthy (Witch)
slums. Eve will not submit to Government handouts like food stamps and welfare. EVE is
the one that was deceived by LILITH THE serpent in GEN. 3:1-8 and verse 13 and 1
Tim. 2:9-15. Eve was deceived by LILITH the Serpent but EVE shall be saved because,
she is different from LILITH. She is ADAM’s help meet, this means she will help
ADAM meet his goal of defeating LILITH and go to heaven. Eve is the woman that
works, she is paying for LILITH to live free with her tax dollars, like the Black Man and
other people of America (Babylon). EVE is so tired of LILITH using her. LILITH is
drunk with blood (money) of the saint’s (EVE, ADAM and the people’s money). The
White man is complaining and upset because of his Tax dollars supporting the lazy and
blaming all of us. The Black Man and EVE are accused, yet they are not receiving Gov.
assistance just LILITH. EVE hates LILITH for lying to her. It is prophesied that EVE
will destroy LILITH. Gen. 3:15 The Black Man of America (ADAM) is under Eve like
LILITH promised EVE in Gen. 3:5. The SERPENT (LILITH) said to EVE you will be
gods (in charge of ADAM) but didn’t know she would be on the bottom of human kind.
EVE might have a house or an apt. and some kids but she’s alone with a very high rate of
divorce among Black people she has no MAN! EVE is barely paying bills while LILITH
is living free and traveling like, White Women are traveling around the world and being
honored the way BLACK EVE use to be honored when her Man SOLOMON, DAVID
AND (BLACK ADAM) was KING before his fall in the garden. In those days the Black
Woman could go no where without being honored as QUEEN. She had everything. Now
because of LILITH, EVE has nothing but a job working for other people with no respect.
Also forcing EVE to destroy her King (Man), using WILLIE LYNCH method to break
the Woman, like a horse by using fear of success by arresting the successful Men to cause
her to fear for her Sons. So she teaches Him to settle down and get a job (be a Slave) to
be safe, making Him physically strong but mentally weak. Then LILITH causes over
Taxing and Divorce so that EVE has to put you on Child Support for her to survive, see
the Willie Lynch letter page 15-17 Exhibit P-1.
OH GREAT QUEEN EVE stop LILITH and her evil ways NOW!
In Rev. 12:1-4 it reads, and there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman
(EVE) clothed with the sun (THE KNOWLEDGE of GOD the SON of GOD) and the
moon (LILITH) under her feet. In Gen. 3:15 READS EVE and LILITH will hate each
other and EVE’S foot will be on the head of the SERPENT (the MOON, LILITH). In
Rev. 12:4 it says,
that the DRAGON (MOON) stood before the women (EVE) ready to destroy her child
(The BLACK MAN of AMEICA) as soon as it was born (Into success) like other nations
of people here in AMERICA. LILITH doesn’t want the BLACK MAN ADAM to unify,
which is to do business together that is absolute freedom.
LILITH wants you to get a JOB only, working for other people to keep you in
check as her slave, Ex. you work from 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. She buys you a beeper and a cell
phone to contact you from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. after which time you better be home. With
your own business you make your own time schedule. You make decisions like other
nations of people do on the golf course or where ever from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Almost all
decisions are being made wherein you use to be at work as a non participant in the
world’s business decisions. This is why the book is called JOB, it means get a “JOB”
BLACK MAN and be LILITH’s slave, Isa. 3:12 as for my people children are their
oppressors and women rule over them (Children are used by her to make you get a JOB
to support them) and forget about unifying and becoming successful Psalms 133:1.
Isa.3:12-17. She causes you to err from the right path, because of her you have been
made poor. God will punish her. The fact that you are reading this book means THE
Devil’s time is up on the EARTH!! Oh EVE join ADAM and the WORLD and be not
condemned with LILITH, (JEZEBEL), she won’t repent, Rev. 2:20-22 JEZEBEL
(LILITH) and her children (followers) will be destroyed Rev. 20:10. EVE or ADAM
don’t worry there is more that be with us than be with LILITH 2 Kings 6:15 and Rom.
8:31, even the BEAST (U.S.A. GOV.), will help us with all the people of the WORLD.
Rev. 4:1-8 and Rev. 5:13-14 says the BEAST (U.S.GOV.) will be worshipping GOD the
SON of GOD with the lamb, Rev. 1:5-6 says, GOD has a Father, both of which are not
Jesus, the son of man. Which is the reason for the Trinity: God the Father, GOD the
SON, and the holy word honored by all nations and stopping LILITH the DRAGON.
Rev. 12:9 says that the DEVIL (LILITH) deceived the whole world and must be
destroyed. LILITH will be like the Wicked Witch of the west (AMERICA). In the movie
The Wizard of Oz or the Wizard of U.S. (United States), whom when Dorothy (EVE)
destroyed her (The Witch LILITH), the little BEAST (Governments) and all the people
rejoiced singing a new song, Rev. 5:9-14, DING-DONG the Witch is DEAD. 1 Cor.
15:26 says the last enemy to be destroyed is death (LILITH) along with her house of
representatives Prov. 7:24-27 her house, (House of Representatives).
2 Thess. 2:1-8 says, The DAY of CHRIST won’t come until the EVIL one is
REVEALED, Notice 2 Thess. 2:1-8. It portrays the EVIL ONE as a MAN, don’t be
tricked by the statement “HE” the DEVIL. This is the nature of the SERPENT to be a
CHAMELEON to hide, to deceive. LILITH hid herself well, because she knows that the
only way The Day of CHRIST’s Rulership would come is for LILITH to be revealed,
thereby destroying HER power to rule earth.
In the KABBALAH LILITH married SAMAEL the adverse ADAM, the Gay
Angel who followed LILITH when she separated from ADAM in the beginning.
When LILITH married SAMAEL they became one, Mr. and Mrs. DEVIL or like Mr. and
Mrs. John Smith the woman becomes him. So LILITH assimilated and hides behind
SAMAEL, the “MAN”. In the book called ZOHAR by Daniel Chanan Matt. page 228,
paragraph 12 exhibit C-3, LILITH became SAMAEL. Also in the ZOHAR page 77
paragraph 3-5 exhibit C-1 says, that LILITH becomes SAMAEL the female side of
SAMAEL. So therefore whenever you see HE the DEVIL it’s actually HER LILITH
THE DEVIL Rev. 12:9. LILITH deceived the whole world, hiding behind SAMAEL.
LILITH is so tricky she has the WHITE MAN thinking he’s the DEVIL.
It’s not about SKIN COLOR, It’s about your works in GOD.
The WHITE MAN thinks he is THE EVIL DEVIL,
Because it is always pointed out to them what they did to the BLACK MAN from
slavery until now. They know that BLACK MEN are the children of GOD, THE
CHOSEN ONES, and I (White Men) have been killing them. We must be the DEVIL.
The WHITE MAN feels CONDEMNED; any one who feels condemned feels like he
might as well continue destroying us. But!!!! Now that he knows that LILITH is the
DEVIL, the White Man is relieved and will now help Adam his brother. Gen. 9:18-22
says that in the later days Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem who is the father of
Abraham Gen.11:10-27. In Gen. 15:13, it reads Abraham’s children would be carried into
slavery for 400 years which only fits the Black Man of America (Babylon) Japheth is the
Isle of the Gentiles Gen. 10:1-5. The Europeans will be in unity with the Black Man and
will help against Satan LILITH Rev. 12:15-16. They are the world that will help against
the SERPENT (LILITH). This is why the Son is called the comforter because the people
will now see hope. In Prov. 29:2-3 it says, when the righteous ADAM Rules people
Rejoice but when the wicked (HARLOT- LILITH) rule the people, the people mourn and
spend all their substance (money).
So Eve and the White Man are comforted because they Know they are not condemned.
Rev. 7:9-13 all Nations will be with the Lamb, Even most Government people
The BEAST who repent and submit to the FATHER
Ps. 133:1 How good for brethren to dwell together in unity with God sitting on the
Remember LUCIFER is not SATAN, he’s simply a Prince of DEVILs M’t. 12:24
says, “Beelzebub is the Prince of DEVILS.” The word Prince indicates that a KING or a
QUEEN is over him well! GOD is not with the DEVIL, so that means the DEVIL must
be his QUEEN of Heaven, the Adversary LILITH worshipped by the people.
BEELZEBULB according to the BIBLE Interpreters Dictionary copyright 1962 in the A9
D edition paragraphs, 1-2-A pages 374 says BEELZEBULB is Baal in paragraph 1;
SAMAEL who is Black in the Last paragraph of the Interpreters Dictionary definition of
Beelzebub (Samael) under LUCIFER is the Day star on page 785 of the interpreters
Dictionary. LUCIFER is the Prince of DEVILS (LILITH) 33% of the Black Women of
America. So the SERENT (LILITH) can’t hide behind LUCIFER and SAMAEL
anymore, they're just Princes of darkness, LILITH’s IMP (helper). Ex. Democrats like
President Clinton the Beast + Hood Rats is Lucifer and Elton John and the other
Homosexuals the blind dragon is Samael the Wicked One.
Rev. 12:10: says, “the DEVIL is going to come down with Great Wrath because
she knows she has but a short time to rule,” for. Eccl. 4:14 says, “GOD the son GOD will
come out of prison to reign.” Col. 4:11 says, “JESUS is just-us the BLACK MAN of
America.” Obadiah 1:21 says, “Many saviors in the Land.” So tell the world who the
DEVIL is brethren (saviors).
For all of this is just a test from GOD and his Father for when GOD made Man,
he was creating his most difficult task, which was to make Man with complete freedom
as his son, in other words make himself all over again (god). But the problem was how
can he (GOD) do this and make Man submit to him as GOD, when in this man would be
the same thoughts as GOD, such as I am and none besides me, no one can tell GOD what
to do. Yet GOD went at the task in the book of JOB. The Gamble was posed by LILITH
(SATAN) that man would not follow, and she could make man curse GOD to his face.
The first test happened in Gen. 6:1-6 were in GOD obviously lost the gamble after his
sons went in the daughter of Men LILITH and SAMAEL and did evil continually (broke
Gods Laws). So in Gen. 6:6 it repented GOD that had made Man and flooded all
mankind and started over. Now this time GOD gambled with SATAN (LILITH) in Job. 2
ch. Where LILITH says put all he has in my hand, and Job the Black Man will curse you,
meaning curse his brothers because in Matt. 25:40 it reads, the least you have done to any
of my little ones you have done to me. But GOD said have you not considered JOB a
perfect man, Psalm 19:7 says, the Law is perfect, Matt. 22:37-40 says, Love your brother
like yourself on this hang all the reason for the Law, so Job will not curse his brothers,
but will work with his brothers. Now GOD said in Gen. 9:11 that on the second time if he
has to destroy the earth it would be by fire not water this time.
So now do not allow LILITH to whisper in your ear to separate brothers.
Ex. LILITH’s classic statement to separate brothers from one another is “Why is
he in charge, you’re just as good as he is!” This and other such statements cause Brothers
to never do business together thereby relegating you as the Black Man to always getting a
JOB, that is why that book is called JOB. It is Black Slavery putting LILITH in charge
of you, because you have to work 9 to 5 p.m., then go home to her and give her your
money, etc. Eze. Ch 2 and Ch. 3 says, “Warn Israel the Black Man of his sin so GOD
won’t burn anybody but the DEVIL and her followers,” if they refuse to submit Zec.
13:8-9. and Rev. 20:10.
The whole country is in her hands because she out number Men 40 to 1, so she is
the constituent’s (majority) to the Senate and congress (Legislators), so LILITH and all
who follow her in EVIL 1 Cor.10:20: They create these laws that enslave us. We get no
benefits, Just she does like GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE. Only she benefits from
discrimination rights. She is Female and Black. Just Black Men get traffic tickets,
POLICE BRUTALITY, only happens to Just Us, never her. 80% of everybody in JAIL is
BLACK MEN not her and 94% of all BLACK MEN in Jail is there for Domestic
Reasons and the other 6% is there for breaking the law for money, seeking to impress
who; none other than his woman. My GOD! Our Black Woman has completely enslaved
the Black Man and the WORLD, then she points at the BEAST (AMERICAN
GOVERNMENT) that she voted into office and blames them to you, for doing what she
ordered them to do, to take the BLAME off HER the DEVISOR of the EVIL.
Work with your brother and Don’t allow her to separate you, Ps. 133:1 INCORPORATE!
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