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Get up to 25% cash back on thousands of
HealthyCare items at Dis-Chem.
Discovery Vitality (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. Registration number: 1999/007736/07. Terms and conditions apply.
Look after yourself and your family and get
up to 25% cash back on HealthyCare products
Discovery Vitality brings you the HealthyCare benefit to
make taking care of yourself and your family easier by
giving you up to 25% cash back on a range of HealthyCare
Get up to 25% cash back on thousands of
HealthCare items
You can earn cash back when you buy items listed in the
HealthyCare catalogue at Dis-Chem. Remember to swipe
your Dis-Chem HealthyCare card before the cashier rings
up your purchases.
All Vitality members 18 years and older who activate the
HealtyCare benefit qualify for an initial up to 10% cash
back on HealthyCare products. As a Vitality member
you can increase your cash back up to 25% if you and
your spouse (if applicable) find out your Vitality Age
and complete a Vitality Health Check at any Dis-Chem
pharmacy or accredited pharmacy in the Vitality Wellness
Network. You need to complete both assessments every
12 months to keep your cash back at up to 25%.
Important to remember when using
this catalogue
Products in this catalogue depend on supplier availability
and may only be available at certain Dis-Chem stores.
The products in the HealthyCare range may be replaced
and changed from time to time. This catalogue will be
kept updated and the qualifying items clearly marked
in Dis-Chem stores.
Check back regularly for the most updated list
Discovery Vitality | 2
This HealthyCare catalogue lists the products that qualify for the HealtyCare benefit. Use this catalogue as your guide
to making HealthyCare choices when shopping at Dis-Chem. The items included in the HealthyCare benefit below are
all directly used for preventive care.
The HealthyCare benefit is made up of thousands of products that are divided into different main product categories:
Baby Care
Chronic Care6-7
Clinic Services7
Dental Care8-9
Emergency Care9-11
Eye Care12
Fitness and Wellbeing12-13
Foot and Hand Care13-14
Over-the-Counter (schedule 1 and 2) medicine14
Products to stop smoking15
Selected Fitness Devices15
Self Care15-17
Sun Care18
Discovery Vitality | 3
Baby Care
Annique baby shampoo
Colix infant drops
Baby Things baby powder
Crèche guard baby immune syrup
Baby accessories (excludes bottles,
feeding cups and teats)
Bennetts aqueous bath drops
Dr Talbots teething gel
Bennetts baby soap
Nuby ear syringe set
Angelcare baby accessories assorted
Cetaphil cleanser for baby
Pansoral teething gel
Angel nappy disposing bags
Citroganix baby toothpaste assorted
Pedia kids baby cream/gel
Avent baby care accessories
Elizabeth Anne baby hair oil
Pedia kids cough syrup
Baby beaded waistband
Elizabeth Anne baby oil assorted
Pedia kids nasal spray
Baby teething necklace beaded
Elizabeth Anne baby powder
Pedia kids teething gel
Baby Things baby care accessories assorted
Elizabeth Anne baby shampoo
Pedia kids throat pops
Dis-Chem brand baby accessories assorted
Elizabeth Anne baby soap
Peelaa baby stomach mixture
Dis-Chem brand baby prams assorted
Elizabeth Anne bubble wash
Peelaa hamba worm syrup
Eezi med baby accessories assorted
Enchantrix baby wash
Pidgeon baby accessories assorted
Explora baby care accessories assorted
Johnson’s baby bath
Safety first nasal aspirator
Gaveen necklace baby teether
Johnson’s baby conditioner
Teejel gel
Glad nappy disposing bags
Johnson’s baby oil
Telament baby medicines
Jeep baby accessories assorted
Johnson’s baby powder
Woodwards gripe water
Lansinoh baby dummies
Johnson’s baby shampoo
Mam baby care accessories assorted
Johnson’s baby soap
Munchkin baby care accessories assorted
Pigeon baby liquid soap
Munchkin baby care teethers
Pigeon infant toothbrush set
Nuby baby care accessories assorted
Pure infant soap
Nuk baby care accessories assorted
Purity baby hair and body wash
Pigeon Training teether
Purity baby shampoo
Safety first baby accessories
Baby Creams
Annique baby lotion
Antipeol baby lotion
Baby Things baby bum cream
Baby Things baby lotion
Bennetts aqueous cream
Bennetts baby bum cream
Baby medicines
Bepanthen baby cream
Ashton & Parsons teething powder
Calendula 12% ointment 25g
Baby’s own tummy tabs
Creche Guard probiotic baby bum spray
Baby cleansing products
Bennetts babi eazi breathe
Dr Talbots nappy rash cream
Annique baby bath products
Bennetts saline nose drops
Elizabeth Anne baby cream assorted
Annique baby fabric detergent
Breath easy oil
Elizabeth Anne baby jelly assorted
Spiffies baby toothwipes
Titania baby nailcare kits
Discovery Vitality | 4
Elizabeth Anne baby lotion assorted
Cherubs nursing pads
Elizabeth Anne petroleum jelly assorted
Citroganox nipple milk
Fissan baby bum cream
Dis-Chem Folic acid plus
Huggies baby nappies assorted
Fissan paste assorted
Dis-Chem lifestyle folic acid +B12 sublingual tabs
Panda baby nappies assorted
Georen nappi crème
Disposable ladies underwear
Pampers baby nappies assorted
Johnson’s Aqueous cream assorted
Lansinoh breast pads
Johnson’s baby jelly
Lansinoh breast pumps
Swimmies baby nappies assorted
Johnson’s baby lotion
Lansinoh clean and conditioning cloths
Jonhson’s babysoft lotion/cream
Lansinoh milk storage bags
Lucoderm baby cream
Lansinoh nipple cream
Multipeol ointment assorted
Medela nipple shield
Purity baby cream
Medela breast care kit
Purity baby petroleum jelly
Medela breast pump spare parts
Sudocrem assorted
Medela breast pumps assorted
Uriage bariederm cream
Medela breast shells
Uriage bariederm lip balm
Medela breastmilk bags
Uriage nappy change cream
Medela breastshields
Vaseline baby petroleum jelly
Medela disposable bra pads
Woodwards nappy rash cream
Medela washable bra pads
Maternity care
Avent breast milk storage container
Avent breast pads
Avent breast pumps assorted
Avent nipple shield
Avent via cups lids
Avent via cups
Bennetts nipple cream
Carriwell maternity products assorted
Nuby breast pumps
Cuddlers baby nappies assorted
Baby Things wipes assorted
Cherubs baby wipes assorted
Disinfectant baby wipes assorted
Huggies baby wipes assorted
Johnson’s baby wipes assorted
Pampers baby wipes assorted
Pigeon baby wipes assorted
Refresha wet wipes
Softi baby wipes assorted
Stikki fingers baby wipes assorted
Stikki fingers wipes assorted
TLC baby wipes assorted
Nuby nipple invertor
Nuk breast pumps assorted
Pigeon breast milk storage kit
Pigeon breast pads
Pigeon nipple shield
Softi nursing pads
Tommee tipee breast pumps assorted
Triumph maternity bras assorted
Triumph maternity crop tops assorted
Discovery Vitality | 5
Chronic Care
Spine align lumbar cushions assorted
PSA rapid device test kit
Spine align pillows assorted
TB test kit
External medical items
Spine align travel pillow
Bath aid back brush assorted
Stop snore pillow
Bath aid bath bench
Support cushion lumbar air flow
Bath aid bath seat
Toilet seat raisers assorted
Bath aid bathroom grab handle assorted
Urinal female assorted
Bath aid bathroom handrail assorted
Urinal male assorted
Bath aid shower bench assorted
Walker 3 wheel assorted
Bath aid shower chair assorted
Walker foldable assorted
Bath aid toilet support rail
Walking stick/crutch ferules assorted
Bed pans assorted
Walking sticks assorted
Bed support rail
Wheelchair cushions assorted
Clamp reacher assorted
Wheelchair tray table
Commodes assorted
Wheelchairs assorted
Lumbar visco trilobal cushion
Wheelchairs mortorised assorted
Tongue depressors assorted
Home diagnostic tests and accessories
Urine leg bag assorted
Memory foam waist cushion
Memory foam assorted cushions
Eggbox crutches assorted
Elbow crutches assorted
Kidney trays assorted
Memory foam mattress assorted
Ring cushions assorted
Sheepskin crutch grips assorted
Sheepskin heel pads
Sheepskin medical bed rest
Sheepskin wheelchair cushion
Shopping rolators assorted
Snoremeds cushions assorted
Spine align cushions assorted
Spine align ergo back support
Actorfemme home UT test kit
Alcohol tester kits
Breathalyser counter
Chube go alcohol test kit
Clearblue ovulation test kit
Clearblue pregnancy test kit
Dis-Chem brand drug test kits assorted
Medical accessories
Bodi heat pads
Cathether foley assorted
Catherther nelaton assorted
Collar 'n cuff
Dis-Chem brand cervical collar assorted
Douche can plastic set
Medical bracelets copper bangles assorted
Medicine droppers and spoons assorted
Nuby medicine dispenser
Pill boxes, pill cutter and pill masher assorted
Toilet seat covers assorted
Urine bag assorted
Medical incontinence
Got2wee disposable urinal assorted
Mattress protectors assorted
Incontinence care Molicare assorted
Incontinence care Softi assorted
Incontinence care Softi linen protectors
Dis-Chem brand ovulation test kits
Incontinence care Tena assorted
DNA paternity test kit
Monitoring devices
Drugsmart test kit
HIV rapid test
Intelligender home test kit
Malaria test kit
Maybe baby saliva ovulation test kit
Abbott diabetic test lancets
Accu-chek active strips
Accu-chek diabetic test kits assorted
Accu-chek multiclix kit
Discovery Vitality | 6
Accu-chek mutliclix lancets
Every day diabetes organiser
One touch suresoft lancets
Accu-check performa strips
Fitness freakz accu-bodyfat calliper
One touch ultra lancets
Accu-chek sofclix lancet device
Fitness freakz BMI tape measure
One touch ultra test strips
Accu-chek sofclix lancets
Fitness freakz digital bodyfat calliper
Optium test strips
Accufine insulin pen needles assorted
Fora diamond control solution
Optium xceed glucose starter kit
Accutrend cholesterol strips
Fora diamond test strips
Pharmacists choice heating pad
Accutrend control solution
Forehead thermometer
Pharmacists choice steam inhaler
Accutrend puls meter
Freestyle lite strips
Respisense baby monitor
Acon glucose test strips
Freestyle optium glucose test strips
Snuza baby monitors assorted
Ascensia elite strips
Freestyle optium ketone test strips
Solus V2 Lancets
Ascensia entrust strips
Freestyle optium starter pack
Solus V2 starter kit
Autoclix lancets
Glucocheck glucose testing kits and accessories
Solus V2 test strips
Baby monitors
Glucoplus glucometer and accessories
Thermometer clinical glass assorted
Blood pressure monitor
Home dehumidifier 24 hour
Thermometer glass rectal
Body scales assorted
Humidifier assorted
Uristix reagent test strips
Caresens diabetic monitor
Humidifier electrode assorted
U-test malaria test kit
Caresens diabetic test strips
I-Health blood pressure monitors
Vicks baby thermometers assorted
Combi-10 urine test strips
I-Health wireless body scale
Vicks humidifier assorted
Combi-9 urine test strips
Kaz air purifiers assorted
Vicks vapo mats assorted
Combur-10 test strips
Kitz air purifier assorted
Vicks vaporizer cartridges
Combur-6 test strips
Medactive infrared medical lamp
Vicks vaporizer assorted
Contour plus control solution
Microlet lancet device
Contour plus meter kit
Microlet lancets
Contour plus strips
Multicare glucose test strips
Contour plus TS strips
Multistix SG test strips
Contour TS control solution
Mulistix test strips
Dis-Chem brand blood pressure monitors
Novicheck glucometer kit
DQuip personal body scales assorted
Novicheck glucose test strips
Electronic baby thermometers assorted
On the go diabetic organiser
Elektra hearing pad
One touch select glucose test kit
Elektra humidifier assorted
One touch select test strips
Clinic Services
Mother and baby wellness
Primary healthcare services
Screening tests
Discovery Vitality | 7
Dental Care
Denture bath plastic
Eucryl powder assorted
Denture doc denture repair kit
G.U.M. moth rinse assorted
Dental floss
Fitty dent adhesive assorted
Iberogast oral liquid
Colgate dental floss assorted
Fitty dent denture cleaning tabs
Listerflour mouthwash assorted
Dental care silonite aquafloss
Fixodent denture adhesive
Listerine mouthwash assorted
Dentalmate dental cleanser
G.U.M. denture brush
Ora salts mouthwash
Dentalmate dental floss
Protefix adhesive powder
Plax mouth rinse assorted
Dentalmate dental floss assorted
Protefix denture adhesive cream
Plax mouthwash assorted
Dentalmate interdental floss assorted
Protefix denture adhesive cushions
Plus white oral rinse assorted
G.U.M. dental floss assorted
Seabond denture adhesive
Purefresh herbal oral rinse
G.U.M. easy flosser
Snug denture cushion
Pyralvex berna
G.U.M. eez-thru floss threads
Steradent denture powder assorted
Steripod toothbrush sterilizer
G.U.M. orthodontic floss
Steradent denture tabs assorted
Treet it mouthwash
G.U.M. soft picks assorted
Ora floss
Oral B Dental floss assorted
Oral B Interdental kit
Oral B super floss
Ortho wax assorted
Pierrot dental floss
Reach dental floss assorted
Sonicair airfloss assorted
White glo flosser thoothpicks
Denture care
Corega denture cream
Corega denture powders assorted
Corega denure tabs
Dentalmate denture brush
Dentalmate denture cleanser
Dentemp dental cement
White glo mouthwash assorted
Dentalmate tongue brush
G.U.M. floss brush
Aquafresh toothbrush assorted
G.U.M. mouth mirror
Aquapulse aquaflosser assorted
G.U.M. orthodontic wax
Aquapulse aquaflosser replacement tips assorted
G.U.M. red-cote
Aquapulse brush heads assorted
G.U.M. toothbrush covers
Aquapulse sonic wand
G.U.M tongue brush
Aquapulse travel sonic toothbrush
G.U.M. traveller
Colgate toothbrushes assorted
Mouth wash and sprays
Aloclair mouthwash
Biobalance mouthwash
Colgate mouthwash assorted
Corsodyl mouthwash assorted
Dentalmate mouthwash assorted
Dentalmate oral salts
Dentyl mouth rinse assorted
Dentalmate electric toothbrush assorted
Dentalmate oral irrigator
Dentalmate smart massage cleaner
Dental smart tongue cleaner
Dentalmate toothbrush assorted
Dentalmate toothbrush heads assorted
Disney toothbrush assorted
DR Fresh character toothbrush assorted
G.U.M. proxabrush refill
Discovery Vitality | 8
G.U.M. stimulator
Plus white toothpaste assorted
Pen Kids hand sanitizer
G.U.M. toothbrush assorted
Purfresh herbal toothpaste
Povidone iodine ointment
Oral B Electric toothbrushes assorted
Sensodyne toothpaste assorted
Safeguard wound wash spray
Oral B Kids toothbrushes assorted
Theramed toothpaste assorted
Savlon antiseptic assorted
Oral B replacement heads assorted
White glo toothpaste assorted
TCP liquid disinfectant
Oral B toothbrush assorted
White glo whitening toothpaste assorted
Toilet safe spray
Panasonic irrigator assorted
Pepsodent toothbrush assorted
Phillips sonicare airflosser
Emergency Care
Phillips sonicare toothbrushes assorted
Antiseptic liquids and ointments
Pierrot toothbrush assorted
Alcohol swabs assorted
Sensodyne toothbrush assorted
Aqua salveo water disinfectant
Sonicare electric toothbrush assorted
Bactizip solution
Sonicare toothbrush replacement heads assorted
Beenuka wound spray
Wisdom 99 denture brush
Betadine antiseptic solution
Aloclair tooth paste assorted
Aloe Fresh toothpaste assorted
Aquafresh toothpaste assorted
Arm & Hammer toothpaste assorted
Clinomyn smokers toothpaste
Close Up toothpaste assorted
Colgate toothpaste assorted
Dentalmate toothpaste assorted
Elgydium toothpaste assorted
Mentadent P toothpaste
Miswak toothpaste assorted
Nature fresh toothpaste assorted
Orabase oral paste
Pearls drops toothpaste assorted
Pepsodent toothpaste assorted
Betadine surgical scrub
Bye wart wart remover cream
Dettol antiseptic assorted
Dettol hand sanitizer assorted
Dis-Chem brand povidone antiseptic wipes
Dis-Chem brand rubbing alcohol assorted
DisMed alcohol gel hand disinfectant
DisMed alcohol surface disinfectant
DisMed bioscrub solution
DisMed biotaine alcohol solution
DisMed D-Germ handrub
DisMed povidone scrub
DisMed povidone solution
Germex hand sanitizer
Hibitane antiseptic cream
Medic wound care solutions assorted
Treet-it antiseptic assorted
Ultrasound gel assorted
Webcol alcohol swabs
Wintergreen rubbing alcohol
Bandages, dressings and plasters
3M washproof plasters assorted
Acticoat silver dressings assorted
Actiform hydrogel dressings assorted
Actiform wound dressings assorted
Adaptic digit bandage
Allevyn wound dressings assorted
Bactigras dressings assorted
Bamboo cotton buds
Bamboo cotton swabs
Banda aid plasters assorted
Beautiful women cotton products
Burnshield digit dressing
Cerdak aerocloth dressings assorted
Cerdak aerofilm dressing assorted
Cerdak basic dressings assorted
Coban bandages assorted
Coverplast classic plasters assorted
Curapor dressings assorted
Cuticell sterile gauze
Cutimed gel
Discovery Vitality | 9
Dis-Chem brand active strip plasters assorted
Dove hygiene wipes
Leukoplast sleek waterproof plaster assorted
Dis-Chem brand bandage clips assorted
Elastonet finger tubing assorted
Leukosport tape assorted
Dis-Chem brand burn gel sachets
Elastoplast cartoon plasters assorted
Leukostrip assorted
Dis-Chem brand cohesive bandages assorted
Elastoplast clear plasters assorted
Leukotape K plaster assorted
Dis-Chem conforming bandages assorted
Elastoplast fabric plaster roll assorted
Leukotape P rigid plaster assorted
Dis-Chem brand cotton buds
Elastoplast heavy fabric waterproof
plasters assorted
Living brand kinesis sport tape assorted
Elastoplast sports guards assorted
Medic first aid pads assorted
Dis-Chem brand crepe bandages assorted
Dis-Chem brand dressing strips assorted
Dis-Chem brand elastic bandages assorted
Dis-Chem brand finger wound dressing assorted
Dis-Chem brand first aid dressings assorted
Dis-Chem brand gauze bandages assorted
Dis-Chem brand gauze swabs assorted
Dis-Chem brand plaster bandage strips assorted
Dis-Chem brand plasters assorted
Dis-Chem brand self adhesive bandages assorted
Elastoplast wound cover assorted
Eye pads assorted
Eye patch assorted
First aid safety pins assorted
First aid splints assorted
First aid waterproof sheeting
Flexus advanced bandages assorted
Gypsona bandage assorted
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene elbow
Hello Kitty plasters assorted
Dis-Chem brand support one size
elasticated elbow wrap
Herpatch coldsore patches
Hot & icy gel assorted
Dis-Chem brand support universal
neoprene elbow tennis
Hypafix fabric plaster tape assorted
Dis-Chem brand tubular support
bandages assorted
Intrasite gel assorted
Dis-Chem brand wound closure strips
Dis-Chem brand wound dressing
bandages assorted
Dis-Chem brand wound pads
Dis-Chem woven cotton bandages assorted
Dove cotton buds assorted
Dove cotton puffs assorted
Dove cotton rounds assorted
Dove cotton wool assorted
Intrasite conform dressings assorted
Jelonet dressings assorted
Johnson’s cotton balls assorted
Johnson’s cotton pads assorted
Johnson’s cotton wool assorted
KT tapes cotton roll assorted
KT tapes fast pack strips assorted
KT tapes pro roll 5m assorted
Lekobands Elastic Bandage assorted
Leuko extension plaster
Leukocrepe S cotton crepe bandage assorted
Medic alcohol cleansing pads
Medic first aid plasters assorted
Medic gauze swabs assorted
Medic tape plaster assorted
Melolin dressings assorted
Micropore tape plaster assorted
Mouth guard case
Nexcare cold packs assorted
Nexcare liquid bandage spray
Nexcare plasters assorted
Opsite flexifix dressings assorted
Opsite flexigrid dressings assorted
Opsite post-op dressings assorted
Opticlude eye patches assorted
Physicool cooling bandages assorted
Pigeon cotton balls assorted
Primapore dressings assorted
Skin prep wipes
Softi cotton balls assorted
Softi cotton pads assorted
Softi cotton rounds assorted
Softi cotton wool assorted
Solvaline dressings assorted
Discovery Vitality | 10
Spidertech kinesis tape assorted
Spidertech precut tapes assorted
Medicinal accessories
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene knee
BD microfine needles assorted sizes
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene neck
Spidertech X-Spider pre-cuts assorted
BD microfine syringe assorted sizes
Steri-strips plaster assorted
Freestyle diabetic lancets
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic
neoprene shoulder
Suprasorb dressings assorted
Insupen diabetic needles assorted sizes
Tennis elbow support strap
Pharmex enema syringe assorted sizes
Stethoscope dual head
TLC cotton earbuds assorted
Stethoscope single head
TLC cotton wool assorted
Syringe needles assorted sizes
Transpore strip plaster assorted
Syringe with needle assorted sizes
Triangular bandages assorted
Tweezer assorted
First aid
Burnshield dressings assorted
Burnshield easy care burn kit
Unilet excelite lancets
Slings and support
Acculife wrist therapy brace
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene wrist
Dis-Chem brand support neoprene ankle assorted
Dis-Chem brand support neoprene back assorted
Dis-Chem brand support neoprene knee assorted
Dis-Chem brand support neoprene wrist
splint assorted
Dis-Chem brand support one size elasticated
ankle wrap
Dis-Chem brand support one size elasticated
knee wrap
Dis-Chem brand support one size elasticated
wrist wrap
Burnshield home burn kit
Acculife finger injury system
Burnshield hydrogel assorted
Arm immobiliser assorted
CPR mask
Dis-Chem brand finger bandage assorted sizes
CPR mouthpiece
Dis-Chem brand finger cots assorted sizes
Dis-Chem brand support universal arm sling
pouch adult
Dis-Chem brand first aid assorted
Dis-Chem brand finger guards assorted sizes
Dis-Chem brand support universal neoprene wrist
Examination gloves latex powder
free assorted sizes
Dis-Chem brand finger splint assorted sizes
Elastoplast sport guard ankle
Dis-Chem brand finger stalls assorted sizes
Elastoplast sport guard knee
Dis-Chem brand support elasticated ankle assorted
Flexiban synthetic orthopod cotton wool
Facial masks assorted
Dis-Chem brand support elasticated0
hand white large
Medic finger splint assorted
First aid rescue blanket assorted
Dis-Chem brand support elasticated knee assorted
Impilo ushile burn lotion
Medic waterproof cast protectors assorted
Scalpel blades assorted
Dis-Chem brand support elasticated
sport wrist assorted
Orthofit air armband universal
Scarban silicone sheet assorted
Dis-Chem brand support elasticated wrist assorted
Silver lab colloidal silica spray
Dis-Chem brand support elbow elasticated assorted
Orthofit knee brace hinged assorted
Surgical face masks assorted
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene ankle
Examination gloves latex powered assorted sizes
Examination gloves nitrile assorted sizes
Dis-Chem brand support magnetic neoprene back
Dis-Chem brand support thumb brace
neoprene assorted
Medic pain relief sleeve assorted
Orthofit firm ankle support assorted
Orthofit knee sleeve open patella assorted
Orthofit laced ankle brace assorted
Orthofit neoprene thumb brace universal
Discovery Vitality | 11
Orthofit skin tags
Dis-Chem mouth guard senior assorted
Stress ball assorted
Orthofit wrist brace assorted
Discovery Executive Fitness kit
USN lifting straps
Orthofit xstrap binder assorted
Discovery fitness ball 55cm women
Yoga block blue green/purple/orange
Discovery fitness ball 65cm men
Yoga mat double thick blue and orange
Discovery push up stand
Discovery sit up bar folding
Dis-Chem brand essential
Omega 3 fatty acids
Dumbbells assorted
Dis-Chem fish oil 500mg caps
Dynasport mouth guard assorted
Dis-Chem flax seed 1000mg caps
Exercise bands assorted
Dis-Chem lifestyle eco krill oil caps
Exercise wheel
Dis-Chem lifestyle fish oil caps
Jump rope with pedometer
Dis-Chem mega omega caps
Mouth Guards assorted sizes and ranges
Dis-Chem salmon oil caps
Eye Care
Eye cleansing products
Dis-Chem lens wipes
Eye bath
Eye wash bottle
Renu multiplus lens solutions assorted
Renu multipurpose lens solutions assorted
Pharmacist choice purified water assorted
Eye drops
Similasan 1 dry red 10XO.5ml mono dose
Similasan 1 dry red eye drop 10ml
Similasan 2 allergy 10XO.5ml mono dose
Similasan 2 allergy eye drops 10ml
Similasan 3 computer eye drops 10ml
Similasan 4 pink eye drops 10ml
Similasan cataract care 10ml
Nike ankle weights assorted
Nike essential yoga mats assorted
Nike push up grip assorted
Nike speed rope
Nike structured training belts assorted
Nike wrist weights assorted
Nike yoga blocks assorted
Nike yoga strap assorted
Pedometer multifunction assorted
Resistance tube set assorted
Shield pedometer
Magnifier reading glass
Shock doctor mouth guard storage case
Pocket magnifier reading glass assorted ranges
Sportmate circ resistance band
Reading glass assorted ranges and sizes
Sportmate foam roller blue
Fitness and Wellbeing
Exercise equipment
Bosu Ball set
Dis-Chem mouth guard junior assorted
Sportmate gym ball assorted
Sportmate kettlebell weight assorted
Sportmate pilates ball assorted
Sportmate pilates ring assorted
Sportmate yoga mat assorted
Dis-Chem brand probiotics and
prebiotics, multi-vitamins and minerals
Dis-Chem lifestyle L-Reuteri tabs
Dis-Chem Gold MultiVitamin +COD Liver oil
Dis-Chem Gold MultiVitamin Senior 30 caps
Dis-Chem Gold MultiVitamin Women 60 caps
Dis-Chem Gold MulitVitamin +COB liver +Vitamin C
Dis-Chem Gold MultiVitamin Supreme 60s
Dis-Chem Lifestyle Adult MultiVitamin vegecaps
Dis-Chem Lifestyle Gummy bears vegecaps
Dis-Chem Lifestyle Gummy bears
Dis-Chem Lifestyle MutliVitamin for over 60
Dis-Chem Lifestyle MultiVitamin for Women
Dis-Chem Lifestyle MultiVitamin for Men
Dis-Chem Lifestyle Nutri All tabs 100s
Dis-Chem Yummy vites MultiVitamin for kids
Water filter
Aquatabs water purifier tabs
Discovery Vitality | 12
Brita fill & go bottle assorted
Tinaderm foot cream
Pedi-relax anti perspirant foot gel
Brita fill & go filter discs
Virata foot cream
Pedi-relax diabetic foot cream
Brita water filter jugs assorted
Brita water filter replacement cartridge assorted
Claritabs purifying tablets
Little luxury filter bottle refill cartridge
Little luxury filter bottles assorted
Little luxury water filters assorted
Pure water filter assorted
Vitality cartridge
Vitality water filters assorted
Waterpik instapure replacement cartridge
Waterpik replacement cartridge
Foot and Hand Care
AMB heel balm
Bottega verde feet cream assorted
Carnation toe nail softening lotion
Dermactin hand cream
Dis-Chem brand hand cream
Epi-max hand cream
Foot file assorted
Foot repair
Green cross heel balm
Pedi-relax moisturising cream
Pedi-relax regenerative cream
Perfect pedi miracle foot repair cream
Recharge diabetic cream
Skin logic foot rescue mask
Stepping out foot lotion
Stepping out foot scrub
Stepping out foot soak assorted
Stepping out revitalising gel
Whitening cracked heel cream assorted
Green cross moisturising lotion
Green cross revitalising gel
Basicare nail care manicure kit assorted
Health feet cream
Basicare nail care pedicure kit assorted
Heeling hands heel glove
Basics pumice stone
AF foot ointment
Hydra heel balm
Cala bamboo pumice stone/nail brush
Carnation verruca and wart remover spray
Kroko heel balm
Callus rasp assorted
Dis-Chem heel balm assorted
Kroko medicated foot ointment
Dis-Chem brand nail tip cutter
Epi-max foot cream
Loccitane hand creams assorted
Dis-Chem brand nail care accessories
Epizone heel balm assorted sizes
Loccitane hand lotion assorted
Dis-Chem nail care scissors assorted
Eucerin foot cream assorted sizes
Mineral line foot treatments
Green Cross corn and callus plane
Eulactol heel balm assorted sizes
Mineral line hand creams assorted
Green Cross corn and callus plane blade
Happy feet heel balm
Mineral line hand lotion assorted
Green Cross corn and callus reducer
Happy feet lotion
Nature’s edition foot butter
Green Cross corn plaster
Healthy hands cream
Nature’s edition foot lotion
Green Cross hard skin file
Ingrams foot balm
Nature’s edition foot soak
Green Cross hard skin reducer
Mycota cream
Nature’s edition foot spritzer
Green Cross pumice stone
Stepping out callus relief treatment
Nature’s edition pouch
Green Cross rough skin remover
Stepping out diabetic cream
Pedicydin diabetic foot cream
Heros foot sponge
Stepping out foot cream assorted
Pedi-relax anti rubbing gel
Mavala nail care accessories selected
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Milky foot super 4’s
New season foot powder
Green Cross softi insoles
Pedicure 3-in-1 foot tool
Pedi-relax deo spray
Kroko blister plaster
Pumice stone shaped assorted
Stepping out foot powder spray
Kroko corn protectors
Stepping out corn cutter
Stepping out foot powder assorted
Kroko medicated plasters
Titania callus double foot file assorted
Stepping out foot spray assorted
Pedifix arch bandage
Titania callus reducer
Virata foot powder
Pedifix ball od foot pads
Titania corn cutter
Titania corn cutter blades
Titania double file rasper
Titania foot file assorted
Titania nail care accessories selected
Tweezerman nailcare accessories
Powders and sprays
Supports and inserts
Carnation anti blister stick
Carnation bunion pads
Carnation corn pads
Carnation corn shields
Carnation gel care bunion protector
Carnation hydrocolloid blister care
Aragan foot deodorant
Carnation hydrocolloid corn care
Dis-Chem brand tea tree foot powder
Carnation in-growing toe nail protector
Dr Heel care foot therapy
Green Cross curex bunion pads
Femfresh personal deo assorted
Green Cross blister care kit
Germolene foot spray
Green Cross curex callus pads
Green Cross foot powder
Green Cross curex corn pads
Green Cross foot spray assorted
Green cross chiropody plaster
Happy feet aerosol
Green Cross felt callus pads
Happy feet powder
Green Cross felt corn pads
Homecare shoe deo
Green Cross half insoles assorted
Karoo foot powder
Green Cross moleskin adhesive plaster
Karoo foot spray
Green Cross polar fleece insoles assorted
Kroko foot powder
Green Cross softi foam
Kroko foot spray
Green Cross softi gel toe band
Pedifix bunion guard
Pedifix callus felt protectors
Pedifix callus pads
Pedifix corn pads
Pedifix corn protectors
Pedifix gel insole assorted
Pedifix heel straights assorted
Pedifix toe protector
Pedifix toe spacers
Pedifix toe straightener
Pedifix foam toe bandages assorted
Stepping out aluminium foil insoles
Stepping out corn protect cushion
Stepping out gel shoe insole
Stepping out rubber shoe insole assorted
(schedule 1 and 2) medicine
Schedule 1 medicine
Schedule 2 medicine
Mycota powder
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Products to stop
Dr Long condoms assorted
Comfitex teeny pads assorted
Durex condoms assorted
Discreet pantiliners assorted
Lifestyles condoms assorted
Dr Whites maternity pads
Lovers Plus condoms assorted
Dr Whites santowels assorted
Beyond nicotine caps
Skyn condoms assorted
Femagene intimate soap
Beyond nicotine kit
Ear and nose care
Nicotine replacement therapy
Fithealth smokers support caps
Fitness Devices
Fitbit aria assorted
Fitbit flex assorted
Fitbit one assorted
Dis-Chem brand ear plugs assorted
Duracell hearing aid batteries
Ear plugs foam assorted
Ear plugs silicone assorted
Ear plugs wax assorted
Energizer hearing aid batteries
Hearing aid batteries
Fitbit zip assorted
Hearos ear plugs assorted
Nose clips assorted
Fitbug orb assorted
Fitbug wow scale
Nasal cannula adult
Similasan ear was relief
Similasan hayfever spray 15ml
Similasan nasal spray 15ml
Garmin vivofit assorted
Similasan children’s earache relief drop
Stop snoring assorted
Jawbone assorted
Jawbone UP24 assorted
Polar loop assorted
Self Care
Similasan ear drops assorted
Tinnitex ear plugs assorted
Vac clear ear cleaner
Feminine hygiene
Always maxi pantiliners assorted
Always pads assorted
Always pantiliners assorted
Always ultra pantiliners assorted
Cupid female condoms
Comfitex pads assorted
Contempo condoms assorted
Comfitex pantiliners assored
Feminiser intimate wash
Gynaguard essential wash
Gynaguard tampons
Gynaguard ultimate wash
Gynaguard vaginal caps
Gynaguard wipes
Intima liquid soap assorted
Kotex coco pads assorted
Kotex maxi pads assorted
Kotex pantiliners assorted
Kotex tampons assorted
Kotex ultra pads assorted
Lactacyd vaginal wash assorted
Lifestyle pantiliners assorted
Lillets pantiliners assorted
Lillets tampons assorted
My time pads assorted
Stayfree maxi pads assorted
Tampax tampons assorted
Hair care
Alkon conditioner
Alphascalp antidandruff treatment shampoo
Clear 2-in-1 shampoo assorted
Controlice head rinse
Conrolice shampoo assorted
Crème classique coal tar shampoo
Discovery Vitality | 15
Crème classique zinc pyrinthione shampoo
Bye mouth ulcer cream
Mediderm cream and ointment assorted
Denorex shampoo assorted
Carmex lip treatments assorted
Menthol camphor ointment
Dis-Chem brand antidandruff conditioner assorted
Cellskin lip balm
Nutraderm cream and lotion assorted
Dis-Chem brand antidandruff shampoo assorted
Cetaphil acne treatments assorted
Nutraplus cream
Gil 2-in-1 antidandruff shampoo assorted
Cetaphil lotion assorted
Oliatum emollient assorted
Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 conditioner assorted
Creme Classique medicated skin products
Physiogel creams and lotions assorted
Dermopal facial cleanser
Pure cream assorted
Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 shampoo assorted
Linotar PSE conditioner
LPC shampoo
Mediscalp antidandruff shampoo
Meditar shampoo
Nitcracker lotion
Nitcracker shampoo
No lice shampoo
Para nit shampoo
Picksan lice shampoo assorted
Selsun blue shampoo assorted
Treet-it tea tree anti-lice spray
Treet-it tea tree anti-lice treatment gel
Treet-it tea tree lice kit
Dermopal moisturiser
Dis-Chem brand aqueous cream assorted
Dis-Chem brand lip balm
E45 cream
E45 lotions assorted
Eabs lotion
Epicure cleanser
Epicure moisturiser
Epi-max cream assorted
Epi-max lotion
Epizone creams assorted
Epuicure repair cream
Tritar shampoo
Epyderm skin treatments assorted
Medicated skin care
Eucerin lip balm
Amilab lip balm
Aqua aqueous cream assorted
Atopiclair cream
Benzac AC 5 gel assorted
Benzac Face wash assorted
Benzac zits starter pack
Blistex lip treatments assorted
Brunel vit-e cream
Eucerin creams and lotions assorted
Eulactol cream
Fithealth lysine lip cream
Hydra cream and lotion assorted
Hydra lip balm
Labello lip balm assorted
Lip ice
Lipsano lip balm
Primaderm cream assorted
R-laction cream and lotion
Simply aloe body lotion
Simply aloe lip balm
Skinsano lip balm
Sorbolene cream
Treet-it lip balm
Xeroderm cream
Xeroderm lip balm
Self cleansing products
Dettol health soap assorted
Dettol liquid hand wash assorted
Dettol no touch hand wash
Dis-Chem brand health soap assorted
DisMed hand wash assorted
Lifebouy hand wash assorted
Lifebouy health soap assorted
Protex health soap assorted
Safeguard health soap assorted
Safeguard liquid hand soap assorted
Safeguard liquid hand wash assorted
Safeguard wipes assorted
Sanex hand wash
Discovery Vitality | 16
Savlon hand wash assorted
Linctagon lozenges assorted
Silver lab colloidal silica liquid
Savlon health soap assorted
Linctagon nasal spray
Silver lab colloidal silica nasal spray
Linctagon syrup alcohol and sugar free
Similasan insect bite roll-on
Linctagon syrup
Similasan throat spray 15ml
Linctagon throat lollies
Sinupret syrup
Linctagon viral defence syrup
Snoreeze throat rinse
Linctomed alcohol and sugar free syrup
Stodal syrup
Linctomed throat lozenges
Stop cough caps
Linctomed-C effervescent tablets
Stop cough spray
Marshal toothache drops
Tibb asthma syrup
Miracle comfrey healing oil
Tibb chest eeze syrup
Miracle comfrey all in one balm
Tibb flu-relief syrup
Miracle comfrey ointment
Tibbb flu-relief caps
Nelson’s Arnica bath and massage oil
Tibb kofcare syrup
Nelson’s Arnica cooling gel
Tibb laxotabs tablets
Nelson’s Arnica cream
Tibb Piloherb ointment
Nelson’s Arnica kids stik
Tibb sinugraine tablets
Phyto Force St John’s wort
Tibb throat and cough lozenges
Phyto Force Wormwood
Ultima kan jang cold and flu tablets
Plusssz cold and flu tablets
Viralchoice cough syrup
Promune caps
Viralchoice junior syrup
Prospan cough syrup
Viralchoice lozenges
Prospan effervescent tablets
Viralguard cold and flu tablets
Purefresh herbal lozenges
Viralguard diabetic syrup
Sambucol throat lozenges
Viralguad junior syrup
Silence 2nd gen throat spray
Viralguard throat spray
Silver lab colloidal silica cream
Vitaforce children’s cold and flu remedy
Self medication
A.Vogel sore throat spray
Biobalance cold and flu tabs
Cetralin cough syrup
Crèche guard cough cold and allergy syrup
Dis-Chem lifestyle arnica massage oil
Flexiseq gel
Flora force herbal cough mixture
Flugon caps
Flugon fizzy tabs
Flugon kidz fizzy tabs
Flugon spray
Flugon syrup
Healthy Living cough away syrup
Healthy Living viraway caps
Healthy Living viraway junior syrup
Healthy Living viraway lozenges
Hot & Icy balm
Hot & Icy cream assorted
Hot & Icy spray
Hot Toddy cold and flu relief effervescent tablets
Hot Toddy fast recovery caps
Linctagon caps
Linctagon cough syrup
Linctagon effervescent tablets assorted
Linctagon forte tablets
Silver lab colloidal silica gel
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Sun Care
P20 sunscreen range
Piz Buin sun products range
After sun
Soltan sun care range
Bionike after sun refresh balm
Sunlab express sunscreen range
Bionike after sun refresh lotion
Techniblock sun spray range assorted
Dis-Chem after sun gel
Tropitone sunscreen range assorted
Everysun after sun cooling gel
Vichy sun protection range assorted
Sensai sun care products assorted
Xeorderm sunscreen range assorted
Super freeze spray
Techniblock after sun spray
Tropitone after sun gel
Uriage bariesun sun protection range assorted
Sun cream
Ambre solaire sunmilk
Annique baby sunscreen
Bald guys sunscreen
Bennetts baby sunblock
Bioderma photoderm sun care protection range
Bionike sun protection range
Cetaphil sun protection
Chresy sunstick
Clarins sun protection range
Coverderm sun protection range
Dermopal sunscreen
Dis-Chem brand sunscreen range
Eucerin sunscreen
Everysun sunscreen range assorted
IQ sunscreen range
Island tribe sunscreen range
Nivea sunscreen range assorted
P10 sunscreen lotion
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