Mending Hearts...Building Bridges

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Mending Hearts...Building Bridges
Dear SACH Supporter,
The end of the year is almost here and we at SACH are very proud to announce the official opening of the
new Legacy Heritage Children's Home of Save a Child's Heart (see pictures). This home will be able to
accommodate many more children. So far this year we've saved the lives of more than 240 children from all
over the world, an amount which we look forward to increasing next year! Everyone at the house is packing
and getting ready for the big move at the beginning of 2012!
We currently have the house filled with laughter and giggling from Angola, Ethiopia, Moldova, Romania,
Tanzania, Uganda and Zanzibar.
During November 1-4, we hosted the Second Save a Child's Heart International Board Meeting, with SACH
board members, supporters and staff coming from USA, Canada, Holland, UK, South Africa, Switzerland
and Israel.
Over the course of these four days the guests visited the Wolfson Medical Center where they participated in
the first SACH Regional Conference on Pediatrics, attended by 15 physicians from the Wolfson Medical
Center, 24 Palestinian pediatricians and 3 senior physicians from the Hebei Children's Hospital in China:
Lanping Liu, Deputy Director; Jianming Wang, Chief of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery and Quansheng Yang,
Executive Manager.
The guests also attended the opening ceremony of the Legacy Heritage Children's Home and visited
hospitals in Ramallah and Nablus after meeting with Dr. Fathi Abumoghli, the Palestinian Minister of Health.
In addition they were invited to a dinner at the residence of Israeli board member Debra Silver and her
husband, Yossi Carta in Cesarea with guests of honour Dr. Naim Sabra, Director of Hospitals of the
Palestinian Health Ministry; Zeharit Zivner, Deputy Director at Wolfson Medical Center and Ms. Yael
Dayan, Save a Child's Heart Ambassador.
For the past two months, we have had a full house and lots of excitement, so read on and enjoy learning
more about our children, doctors, medical missions, supporters and events!
We would like to take this opportunity to wish our Dr. Akiva Tamir, head of the Pediatric Cardiology, a big
Mazal Tov for his 60th birthday!
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Best Regards,
Sara Mucznik
Marketing Manager
Save a Child's Heart - Children and Doctors
Since January, the children that we have treated have came from Angola,
Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Iraq, Moldova, Nigeria, the Palestinian
Authority, Panama, the Philippines, Romania, Tanzania, Uganda and
Zanzibar with mothers and caretakers from all of these countries, living
together in the Save a Child's Heart children's home, sharing experiences
Since the beginning of 2011 we have:
saved the lives of more than 240 children from 15 different countries
enjoyed 150 volunteers helping out at the SACH home and in the Wolfson
hosted more than 3000 students and young professionals in the SACH
As part of our medical training program, we are currently training:
one doctor from Tanzania in cardiac surgery
five doctors from the Palestinian Authority, one from Slovakia and one
from Kenya in anesthesiology
one doctor from the Palestinian Authority in pediatric intensive care
one doctor from the Palestinian Authority in neonatology
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Opening of the new Legacy Heritage Children's
The new Legacy Heritage Children's Home of Save a Child's
Heart opened on Wednesday, November 2nd, with a high
profile ceremony with more than 130 people who came to
the new house on Haviva Reik Street in Holon.
The ceremony took place in front of the Save a Child's Heart
Children's Building in Memory of it's Founder Dr. Ami Cohen
z''l, in the Ganz Family Charitable Foundation International
Children’s Playground where the guests were surrounded by
the Webkinz playground statues.
Click on the image to see the children
who are currently in Israel
Follow us!
Read more about the ceremony here.
Blog from the Children's Home
SACH Videos on Youtube
Sabrina, the Girl With A Hole In
Her Heart © 2011
Sabrina, a 10-year-old girl from a rural
village in Zanzibar must decide
whether to leave her family and fly to a
faraway place for a surgery that could
save her life.
Yared Worde is in Israel!
All of us at Save a Child's Heart are so pleased to
welcome Yared Worde, an exceptional and heroic young
man who had life saving surgery at SACH in 1999 at the age
of thirteen.
Based on the work of Save a Child's
Heart - a true story of hope and big
Find out more about this book here.
He is currently in Israel to visit SACH and to commemorate
ten years that have passed since our beloved Ami Cohen
has left us, and of course to finally see the country that gave
him his life back. Yared is staying with Yossi and Sheila
Shalhevet (SACH board member and long time volunteer),
who consider him to be a part of their family.
Yared's story is very moving. Despite all odds and a
traumatic childhood Yared is today the Co-Founder and
Director of the St. Yared School (St. Yared is the patron
saint of liturgical music in Ethiopia), attended by 100 underprivileged children. He is married and the father of two
month old Ami, named after Dr. Ami Cohen who performed
Yared's surgery and is raising Tamaru who had life saving
surgery at SACH in 2009.
The First Save a Child's Heart Regional Conference
on Pediatrics and Announcement of the First
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and donate the difference to SACH
International Fellowship in Memory of the late Eph
The First Save a Child’s Heart Regional Conference on
Pediatrics took place at the Wolfson Medical Center (WMC)
on Wednesday November 2, 2011.
This Conference was part of SACH’s activities under
its Heart of the Matter Program, co-sponsored by the
European Union’s Partnership for Peace Program. This
program brings together Palestinians and Israelis by
providing cardiac care to Palestinian children and outreach
training programs for physicians from the Palestinian
Read here more about the conference and the International
Cardiology Clinic in Angola
On November 6, Save a Child's Heart set out for one more
mission to Angola, to the Hospital Pediátrico David
Bernardino, in Luanda, to evaluate new patients and followup on children who have already undergone surgery through
SACH. In total 90 children were evaluated.
We would like to thank the LR Group for sponsoring the
mission to Angola and the subsequent treatment of the
children who will arrive in Israel. To date, 70 children have
been treated from Angola, all through the sponsorship of the
LR Group.
Find out more about the clinic here.
New project launched in Jimma, Ethiopia
On November 10th, Dr. Lior Sasson, Lead Surgeon of SACH
and Head of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the
Wolfson Medical Center, and Simon Fisher, Executive
Director of Save a Child’s Heart, traveled to Ethiopia for
three days of meetings with the Ethiopian Ministry of Health
and the management of Jimma University Hospital.
Read more about the visit here.
Montel Williams visits Save a Child's Heart!
On October 27, the famous talk show host, Montel Williams
visited the Wolfson Medical Center and the SACH children's
home as part of his trip to Israel to investigate
groundbreaking Israeli advances in medicine, technology
and patient care.
During his visit, Montel Williams played with the children and
chatted with American volunteers who were all very excited
to meet such a known figure!
SACH International Board
Ramallah and Nablus
On November 3, 2011, Dr. Naim Sabra, Director of Hospitals
of the Palestinian Health Ministry and Save a Child’s Heart
partner, hosted SACH International Board Members in
Ramallah and Nablus.
Find our more about the visit here.
The International President of Rotary visits
Save a Child's Heart
On November 15, The International President of Rotary,
Mr. Kalyan Banerjee, visited Save a Child's Heart
accompanied by Israeli Rotary members. The group
consisted of Moshe Edlman – District Governor in Israel;
Emil El Asmar – District Secretary in Israel; Yoram Cohen –
PDG and Chairman of SACH Israel; Yehuda Brin – Past
President and Board Member of SACH Israel; Amiram Van
Kloeten – Past President and Board Member of SACH
Israel; Muhammad Mansur – Past President and Board
Member of SACH Israel; and Victor Sterenberg - Past
Mr. Kalyan and the group were given a tour of the hospital
and of the children's home.
During the visit, Mr. Banerjee expressed his support for Save
a Child's Heart, for which we are so appreciative.
News from Our Young Leadership
- The fall has brought lots of exciting student activity. The
brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi have been busy spreading the
SACH mission and fundraising on campus, including selling
bracelets at the University of Illinois. NYU AEPi even rocked
outside for 72 hours for their campaign and raised over
$8500, well on their way to their first $10,000.
- SACH ambassador Marissa Rosenfeld is working hard to
launch SACH-U NY, a campus wide network of supporters in
the New York City area coming together. Marissa hosted the
first SACH-U NY event on her campus, Hunter College; a
successful day of arts & crafts while Columbia/ Barnard
Yavneh hosted another successful Casino Night in midNovember. Moving west, Michigan State Hillel featured
SACH this fall at their annual Israel fest and dedicated
students at UC Davis are busy launching their very own
SACH club on campus.
- 2011 marked SACH's first entrance into the New York City
Marathon. Five incredible NYC Young Professionals made
up the SACH team and each raised over $1500. Supporters
lined the course wearing SACH marathon tees and
spreading the word to all of the NYC community on race day.
If you are interested in running the 2012 Marathon for SACH
contact [email protected]
Visitors to SACH
We're always receiving guests to the Save a Child's Heart children's home
and the Wolfson Medical Center from all over the world, and we just love it!
This past two months we were visited by:
Delegation of Mayors from the US
with Dr. Sion Houri at the Wolfson
Medical Center.
• Delegation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of San Marino,
headed by H.E. Mrs. Antonella Mularoni, Minister for Foreign
Affairs of San Marino
• Prof. Ionica Sbarciu, President of Rotary Romania, Mr. Ephraim PriHar, in charge of PR for Rotary Israel and Dr. Simona Oprita,
Pediatric Cardiologist at the Heart Institute for Cardiovascular
Heart Disease in Cluj-Napoca, who came to discuss the possibility
to create a new program of cooperation between SACH and the
Institute in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
• The district Governor of Rotary Israel
• Montel Williams, American Talk Show host
• Ambassador of Congo, Mr. Marcel Makengo ma Kimboko
• Delegation of Rotary from Paris
• Australian Trade Union Mission through AIJAC
• International President of Rotary, Mr. Kalyan Banerjee
• Delegation of Turkish reporters through the Israeli Foreign Ministry
• Delegation of Mayors from the US through AJC
• Delegation of Australian Reporters through AIJAC
• Delegation of Australian Diplomats through AIJAC
• Miriam Doris, President of Na'amat Pioneiras São Paulo, Brazil
• Reisman Family from Brazil
• Prof.
McAdams, Clinical
the University of Calgary
In addition we received six Young Leadership groups, among them:
• Machon Maayan - A seminar of girls from North America
• Da'at Arza adults from North America
• WUJS - World Union of Jewish Students
SACH in the news
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saves other Ethiopian children
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Her Post-Grad Months
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Haaretz - Diplomats with heart
The Jerusalem Post - Grapevine: A Sultan from Egypt - November 2011
Holon City - The Young Patients Helped by Save a Child’s Heart Get a New Home
in Holon
Angola Press - Israeli physicians visit David Bernardino Paediatric Hospital
Jerusalem Online - Channel 2 News (English) - Doctors from Wolfson visit Esther
in Tanzania
Channel 2 News (Hebrew) - Doctors from Wolfson visit Esther in Tanzania
Ynetnews - Save a Child's Heart raises $400,000
The Sunday Times - Israeli docs build peace in Mid-East
Rakyat Merdaka (Bahasa) - Setting foot in the Jewish State
Online PR Media - Wonderful Holiday and Family Read: Sabrina, The Girl With A
Hole In her Heart by author Wendy Lewis
Shalom Life - Save A Child’s Heart ‘Un-Gala’ A Huge Success
Other News from Save a Child's Heart
Karen Diamond ED SACH Canada, Arie Assaraf
TNT, Riva Grinshpan, SACH Canada Board of
- On October 3rd, SACH US Executive Director, David
Litwack was presented with a cheque of $200,000 by John
Hagee Ministries at the Night to Honor Israel at the Cornerstone
Church in San Antonio, Texas. This donation is going to be used
towards the construction of the new Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
at the Wolfson Medical Center. This is the forth donation
from John Hagee Ministries over the past 4 years amounting
almost $1,000,000. We would like to take this opportunity to
thank the Pastor John Hagee for his continuous support.
From SACH Germany:
- A cheque of 75,000€ was presented to SACH Israel by SACH
Germany, as part of the winding down process of SACH
Germany due to the retirement of Prof. Bruno Reichart from the
Klinikum De Universitat in Munich. The presentation took place at
the German Embassy in Tel Aviv in the presence of
Godel Rosenberg, Board Member of SACH Germany; Gila
Kesten, Board Member of SACH Germany, Dr. Wolfgang
Heubisch, Minister of Science, Research and Art; Ronnald Vles,
Board Member of SACH Holland; Mira Bornstein, Secretary of
SACH Israel; Simon Fisher, Executive Director of SACH and Dr.
Lior Sasson Lead Surgeon of SACH and Head of the
Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at the Wolfson Medical
From SACH Canada:
- TNT The Next Trend supports SACH.
Arie Assaraf holds photo (see picture on the left) of Kasam Abu
Jarad, the child whose surgery was sponsored by $10,000 that
was raised at TNT The Next Trend clothing sales. Special thanks
to Arie, his staff and customers, and Riva Grinshpan.
- On November 17th, 2011, 14-year-old Amanda Belzowski
presented the story of Save a Child's Heart to The Funding
Network Toronto. In her presentation, Amanda requested
support to help fund surgical training for the first pediatric cardiac
surgeon from Jimma, Ethiopia. At the Funding Network auction
held that evening, over $10,000 was raised to help support this
initiative. Thank you to Amanda for her support and to the
Funding Network for this great opportunity!
- Debra Silver and Bernard Goldman, SACH Board Members are
planning to compile and create a book about SACH “Mending
Hearts and Building Bridges: The Story of Save a Child's Heart” –
which would be a collection or anthology of anecdotes, memoirs,
factual history and documented events and numbers of children
along with Ami’s personal story and the perspective of helping
others through Tikkun Olam. Such a book would be good PR and
assist fund raising, student campus awareness and hopefully
cross religious and ethnic boundaries.
From SACH Israel:
- During October 1-5, The European Society of Intensive Care
Medicine organized its 24th ESICM Annual Congress in Berlin,
Germany. Two SACH doctors, Dr. Racheli Sion Sarid from Israel
and Dr. Othman Abu Salah from the Palestinian Authority
attended the congress. Their trip was funded by the EU
Partnership for Peace program and part of our Heart of the Matter
Read Dr. Othman's testimonial here.
- The Pearl Foundation from Toronto, Canada, kindly donated
400 teddy bears, 200 to the Wolfson Medical Center in Israel and
200 to the Rafidya Government Hospital, our partner hospital in
Nablus. Thank you Pearl Foundation!