SPECIALS - Wanigan

Your Easy Road
To Good Nutrition
FEBRUARY 3 TO 9, 2015
Organic Blueberries
Store Hours & Location
4.4 ounce
Juicy organic blueberries are a special family
treat, packed with flavor and antioxidants.
Perfect for healthy snacking and deserts.
Expanded hours.
Now open Sundays!
$2.99 ea
Monday to Friday 9 to 8
Saturday 9 to 6
Sunday 10 to 6
Product of Argentina
Organic Celery
Organic celery is a crunchy, healthy kitchen
favourite. Also a staple of many nutrient-rich
cold-pressed juices.
$1.99 ea
Product of USA
Organic Roma Tomatoes
Although Roma tomatoes are good raw in salads, their thick and rich flavour make them perfect for sauces and curries.
Product of Mexico
$1.49 lb
Wanigan Ceasar Salad
230 gram
Organic romaine lettuce topped with ground
Cashew Parm, Almonds and Sunflower Seeds
and zesty Cashew Garlic Dressing.
Wanigan made.
$4.99 ea
Organic Medjool Dates
200 gram
Medjool dates are flavorful and low in fat for
a healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth. These
dates contain pits and are ideal for snacking.
Product of USA
$4.99 ea
250 Clarence Street, Unit #4
(between Kennedy & Rutherford)
Brampton, Ontario
T: 905-595-0286
F: 905-595-0290
Home or office delivery of
fresh organic produce is
just a click away:
2011 Brampton
Outstanding Business
Achievement Award
Food and Beverage