Commission of Inquiry, Peter Barnett, Telstra (PowerPoint

National Local Government Summit 2014
Commission of Inquiry
Peter Barnett
Telstra Global & Enterprise Services
The Municipal Landscape
Council IT Teams
Tighter future Public Sector funding
Continuing to shave costs
Pressure on Councils to retain their
identity and independence
Continuing to build individual vendor
driven systems
Large unfunded infrastructure gaps
Purchasing for price not strategic
Increasing number of Councils with an
average underlying operating deficit
Collaboration ad hoc
Struggling to acquire, skill and maintain
skilled workers
Managers struggling to find sufficient
appropriate resources to deliver required
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• Leverage technology
• Build a contestable competitive framework
as a key enabler
• Drive your own priorities and outcomes
• DO it or have it DONE to you
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The Business Challenges
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Consensus and Commitment
Legal and Commercial framework
Development of Service Catalogue
The Technology Challenges
Maximise IT Resources
• Identify core business
• Price or strategic advantage?
• Transition from IT Doer to IT Strategy, Performance Manager
• Understand the value of technology solutions in a business context
Targeted, prioritised application development and/or procurement
Skills specialisation and structural flexibility
Develop solutions in collectives and seize opportunities
Drive your own IT agenda
Embrace a Change
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