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Marc Greenberg
Dirk Fitzgerald
Michael Zylstra
Ron Giglio
Maureen Bullotta
Greg Coplans
Steve Lemler
Paul de Paschalis
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Kimberly Tsutsui
Valerie Weaver
We Care gives
children with
special needs
skills for a better
start in life.
We Care
Mission Statement
Winter 2009
Look Out World, Here I Come!
A We Care Success Story
Cade is a bright and caring
with a great sense of humor.
He loves his friends, and
gets excited by many
different activities, from
trains to outdoor play to
art. He also is known for
his love of cowboy boots!
When he first came to We
Care, he was just two years
old. At that time he could
only say about nine words
and could only understand
basic directions some of the
time. Cade got distracted
very easily, did not have
much patience with difficult
Cade taking full advantage of his adorable cowboy boots on We Care’s
tasks, and he frequently
threw tantrums. For these special horseback riding day.
reasons, Cade was placed in our developmental preschool classroom. This was just what he
needed. His language and social skills improved dramatically. After a short time, he had a
vocabulary of over 50 words and was speaking in simple two-word phrases. His challenging
behaviors also improved. After just five months, he moved out of the developmental
preschool classroom and into our innovative We Chat speech and language program.
Although great improvements had been made, Cade still was facing some challenges.
Sharing toys and taking turns was very difficult for him, he still had limited language for
his age, and his awareness of and control over his body movement needed improvement.
Cade’s parents enrolled him in a part-time community preschool, which he attended along
with the We Chat program. His parents are loving and dedicated to his success, and they
work with him on “homework” worksheets that he brings home.
Today, Cade is preparing to leave We Care after just over a year in We Chat. With what
he has learned, he is ready to meet the challenges of community preschool on his own. He
follows classroom directions, speaks in four-to-five-word sentences, participates in a variety
of classroom activities. Plus, his social and play skills are so much better. When a friend
asks to play with him, he says “I take this one. You take that one.” Before it would have
been, “These are all MINE!” Cade has touched the hearts of all who have worked with him
here. We will all miss his smiling face – and his cowboy boots.
From the Desk of the President
John F. Jones, President/CEO
Here are some fast and sobering facts about children:
• Approximately 16% to 18% of children have disabilities or developmental delays.
• Infants and toddlers who have been maltreated are six times more likely than the general population to have
a developmental delay. Children entering early intervention are far more likely than the general population
to be in foster care.
• More than 50% of children in early intervention had two or more risk factors; one in five children had four or
more. Research suggests that the potential for negative developmental outcomes increases substantially when
a child has multiple risk factors.
• In the U.S. five children die every day due to child abuse. Most often at the hands of a parent.
The question is what are we doing about it? Research has provided us with a mountain of information about how
to address these problems. Policy and legislation has provided the funding to improve the lives of children, but it
isn’t enough. During this recession Federal, State, and Local budgets have been slashed and often the first dollars cut are funds for Human
Welfare. We have the knowledge to accomplish many things but we often place children’s needs as a low priority.
There is an urgency to address our problems now. Without a strong economy we can’t even make a dent in children’s issues because those
problems require dollars from a strong economy. During this election year, politicians will debate how to best address these issues. While they
banter back and forth, we can take the problem into our own hands.
To do this it will take three things: knowledge, time, and money. Educate yourself on the issues affecting children. Which issues? Just about
every single initiative and policy issue will have an effect on our children. Education, environmental, economic and even foreign policy will
change the world we leave for our children.
The most valuable commodity we have is time. How much can you give to your local nonprofit, such as We Care, school, tutoring workshop,
recreation center? Volunteers have always been the strongest way to accomplish great things.
Money will also be the primary driver toward a brighter future. Policies and initiatives are political ways to generate the funds necessary to
provide needed services. Private donations from individuals like you help fill in the gaps.
I am optimistic in the future I will be able to share a different set of facts. Children are a valuable resource for our future and deserve to be a
higher priority.
Message from the Board Chair
Marc S. Greenberg, Chair, Board of Directors and We Care Alumni Parent
Every January I find myself planning. There’s lots of talk about New Year’s resolutions, including rethinking and
reinventing myself. So I ponder self-improvement; how can I be a better person, eat healthier, and be a better
parent. It’s also a chance to remind myself how lucky I am to live in the United States, to be healthy and to not
want for life’s basics.
With this knowledge and perspective, I’m encouraging everyone to commit to give back and get involved in 2012.
Do a little and pay it forward. Year after year, the staff at We Care does so much with so little, and all of us could
make a huge difference with just a few hours of our time each month. Of course we want and need your monetary
donations, and we would never turn those away. The federal and state budget cuts directly impact We Care’s fiscal
situation, and it seems that each year fewer children are eligible for services through government agencies. Fewer
funds are available to provide these services, so donations are necessary and will always supplement government
However, money is not the only answer. Sometimes I wonder if people know that we’re looking for volunteers or if we need their help. Let me
remind you that we do need your help, that you don’t have to be an experienced board member or volunteer to participate and that you don’t
have to commit for many hours each week to make a difference. We need active participation, and I know everyone has important insights to
contribute. Please consider a few of the opportunities to participate at We Care:
1. Board of Directors: Contribute a few hours each month, attend additional events each year. Bring your expertise, passion and interest, meet
other board members and contribute to We Care’s long term vision. Contact John Jones at [email protected]
2. Resource Development Committee: Do you have an extensive professional network? Do you have an interest in planning and executing
fundraising events? Contact Barbara Langsdale at [email protected]
3. Gala Committee: Do you want to help plan and organize We Care’s annual gala and auction? Contact Barbara Langsdale at [email protected]
4. Marketing and Communications Volunteer: Do you want to spend time working at We Care sending and following up on marketing and
donation solicitation letters? Contact Barbara Langsdale at [email protected]
5. Social Networking and Website Volunteer: Do you use facebook, twitter, tumblr, linkedin or any other social networking service or website?
Are you interested in helping to maintain and expand We Care’s presence on those and other web sites? Contact Barbara Langsdale at
[email protected]ecarechildren.org
Now let’s go! Here’s to an amazing 2012.
We Care Gala 2011 - A Boot Scootin’ Good Time!
On November 5, 2011 over 200 guests came out in support of our programs for children with special needs and their
families. Dressed in their finest “Denim & Diamonds” attire, We Care supporters danced to live music by The Bell Brothers
at our annual Little Stars Gala. Last year’s event, presented by Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery and Hitachi Data Systems,
was a HUGE success — rasing more than $70,000 for our children’s programs. Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors,
and most of all our kids and their families for giving us the best reason in the world to do what we do.
Our thanks to Chris Nelson, Dirk Wentling and Fred Vescelus for the photos. We hope you enjoy the memories, and don’t
forget to save the date for this year’s Gala on November 3rd!
Denim & Diamond Gala Sponsors
Presenting Sponsors
Shoot Me to the Moon Sponsor
Shooting Star Sponsor
Delta Tech Services, Inc.
Constellation Sponsors
Anvil Corporation
Bay Area Instrument & Electric, Inc.
Invensys Operations Management
Mustang Engineering
R.J. Roberts, Inc.
Scott Valley Bank
Wentling Studio
Star Sponsors
Brinderson Engineers & Constructors
KT Hanks Consulting Group, Inc.
Mangan, Inc.
NOVO Construction
You Make It Possible!
Without your generous contributions, We Care Services for Children could not help change the lives of children
with developmental disabilities and give parents of these special kids the support they need, or continue our fight
against child abuse. Thank you! (Donations received between September 1, 2011 and February 1, 2012.)
$10,000 + Donors
Bernard and Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation
George H Sandy Foundation
Steve and Debra Gonsalves
Hitachi Data Systems
David and Pam Moellenhoff
Hilding Spradlin
St. Perpetua Church
Troy and Barbara Stevenson
Linda Thayne
Rochelle Warren
Ted and Carol White
Tom and Joan Whittington
$2,000 to $5,000 Donors
$250 to $750 Donors
Paul and Lisa de Paschalis
Robert Faulkner
Dirk and Marilynn Fitzgerald
Fraternal Order of Eagles
June and Julian Foss Foundation
Richard and Trisha Oldenkamp
R.C. Fischer & Company
St. Stephen’s Espiscopal Church
Kimberly Tsutsui
Brian and Melissa Assael
Baton Rouge Area Foundation
Erik Beer and Roxanne Tjaden
Mark and Vanessa Bell
Andrea Blachman
Costa and Sophi Bournazos
Kathryn Bournazos
Jim and Mariah Bradford-Urban
Randy and Shelli Brudzinski
John and Janet Bruno
Jeff and Lyssa Butler
Terry and Pam Campbell
Canyon Creek HOA
Tom and Tina Cilluffo
Greg Coplans and Joy Fauvre
Ken and Monica Dami
DMIS Acquisition Corporation
George and Marilyn Empey
Siobhan Connolly Foy
Ron and Camille Giglio
Roy and Susan Immekus
John F. Jones
Richard and Diane Jones
Joseph and Ella Marie Kallios
Julie Kinder
Knights of Columbus, Council #5811
Ron and Deborah Krantzman
Gary and Shelby Langsdale
John Lobato and BeLinda Davies
Mechanics Bank
Carolyn Medeiros
Mary Ann Munro
J.J. Olsen
$750 to $2,000 Donors
Tom Anders and Barbara Langsdale Anders
Robert and Suzan Best
Dale and Maureen Bullotta
Ricahrd Caballero and Courtney Bennett
Colette Daniels
Delta Tech Services, Inc.
DNG Group, Inc.
East Bay Banjo Club
Marc and Wendy Greenberg
Invensys Operations Management
Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley
Kiwanis Club of Walnut Creek
Ronald Krassensky
Mark Johnson Foundation
Brian and Vicki McCoy
Mustang Engineering
RJ Roberts, Inc.
Republic of Cake
Shelby Insurance Services, Inc.
Lori Olsen
Frank and Ashley Olsson
Kathie Parker
Russel and Edgarda Pohle
Gregory Premo
Omar Ruiz and Shawnie Cunnigham
San Ramon Rotary Foundation
Evan Sandall and Catherine Fitzpatrick
Norman and Adria Schwartz
Robert and Fran Williams Smith
Robert Snyder
Raul Solarzano
Guy and Lora Swanger
David and Becky Thomas
Trapped in a Rumor Improv
Robert and Brenda Truax
Fred and Carmelinda Vescelus
Randy and Valerie Weaver
Gary and Elizabeth Willis
Richard and Christine Saroyan Wise
Todd and Pam Wiswell
Chris and Kathy Youngson
Sean and Amie Yudice
Eduardo and Christine Zerbini
Don Zook and Gayle Rotner Zook
Michael Zylstra
$100 to $250 Donors
Sharon Baxter
Miles Bell
Darren Bolstad
Anthony and Judith Baker Bullotta
Peter Caldwell
Jim and Marilyn Callaghan
Mark and Colleen Carpenter
Naomi Chamberlain-Harris
Charles Schwab Foundation
Allyson Clark
Sean Cooley and Jean Kayser
Phil and Kate Cordano
John and Nancy Creech
Lisa Cutino
Gordon and Victoria Fischer
Harold and Donna Fogel
Roger and Kelly Freet
David and Saundra Gius
Gordon Gore
Bill and Shirley Guthreau
Anthony and Marcella Haag
Link and Ynez Hirst
Terrence and Nancy Hobin
Laura Hoffmeister/City of Concord
David Hopkins
Eric Hoshi
James Jordan
Lee Anne Jordan
Mark and Barbara Kehoe
Kelly Kimbrough
Timothy Kullman
Dave Kwinter
Larry and May Lamoreux
Garrett and Lori Larson
John and Delores Loague
Paula Loyd
Doug and Jennifer Maggi
Judie Maginn
Brandy Mason
Thomas Moglia
Lisa Momono
Ken and Karen Moonitz
Kevin and Maggie Moss
Donald and Claire Murphy
Leonard Orona
Deanna Pereyra Simmons
Craig and Carrie Ricci
Rich and Syd Robenseifner
John Roebuck
Duncan and Leslie Sandiland
Alan and Laurie Savage
John and Kathleen Schmitz
John and Cynthia Schroeder
Jennifer Shaw
Barry and Barbara Silberman
Keith and Cheryl Smith
Howard and Claire Spencer
James Spencer
Jim and Anne Marie Tanner
Paula Tippery
Vincent Trapani
Erminio and Josephine Trebino
Erik Vessing and Julie Carpenter
Jason Vines
Scott Zimmermann
Below $100
Richard and Vickie Allen
Doug and Jennifer Anderson
Briann and Jill Anderson
Linda Andrews
Scott Bartlebaugh
Elsie Boarman
Donald and Barbara Bouchet
Carl and Barbara Bowler
Julie Bruno
Frank and Marijean Brush
Daniel Campos
Steve and Robin Cavagnolo
Charles and Kristin Chen
Scott and Crystal Chestnut
Kevin and Karen Cichurski
John and Maryann Connolly
Michael and Diane Corker
Eugene and Judith Corning
Mark and Marsha Day
Winston and Doris Dea
Agnes Dempsey
Thomas and Debbie Dwyer
Carole Edmark
Patricia Ellison
Clayton Englar
Cynthia Fernandez
John Frengs
Glenn and Lynda Garabedian
Albert Garcia and Jenny Bianchi
James and Dorothy Gauld
Renee Giometti
Robert Lee and Beverley Grunder
Robyn Jane Hamilton
David Hecht
Ann Marie Holzheuter
Delia Hom
Lance and Josephine Johnson
Edwin and Elaine Kaplan
Rick and Patty Kaplan
Gary and Ilene Katz
Birdene Keddington
Richard and JoAnne Kelley
Shawn and Allison Knapp
Emma Kolokousis
Janet Levin
William and Sherri Lewis
Edward and Carole Lucas
Donald and Carolyn Luenser
Brad Macy and Ellen Williams
John and Roberta Marchut
David Martinez
Hope Mazza
Bradley and Sarah Mead
Matt and Jennifer Mettler
Daphne Miller
Miguel Morales
Remy Muegge
Helen Newman
Frank and Barbara O’Connell
Thelma Okada
Wendy Oliver
Kristin Peterson
Masako Poeppel
Joan Rodda
Lena Schwalen
Jennifer Schwartz
Don Shaffer
David and Linda Sousa Silva
John Tregilgas
Joe and Laurie Turnage
Jennifer Tyquiengco
Jody Weinberg
Sarah Wentworth
Ronald and Clarissa Wilson
Russell Wong
Rebecca Wright
In-Kind Contributions
Mohammed Abedin and Malreen
Tom and Barbara Langsdale Anders
Balloons Above the Valley
Blue and Gold Fleet
Anthony and Judith Baker Bullotta
Dale and Maureen Bullotta
Pete Caldwell
Thomas and Tina Cilluffo
Brian and Michele Clark
Greg Coplans and Joy Fauvre
Timothy and Jessica Crose
Belinda Davies
Paul and Lisa de Paschalis
Ed’s Mudville Grill
Elyse Winery LLC
Bob Fithian
Dirk and Marilynn Fitzgerald
Ron and Camille Giglio
Gail Gordon
Marc and Wendy Greenberg
Grgich Hills Estate
Harland Griswold and Stephanie
Patrick and Angela Gruwell
Brian J. Hockel, D.D.S.
Hornblower Cruises & Events
Michael and Jennifer Leischer
Bernardo Lopez and Rhonda Grossman
Judie Maginn
Mitch and Audra McDonald
John and Shirley Oberholzer
Lori Olson
Craig and Carrie Ricci
Rutherford Equipment Rental LLC
Rutherford Grill
San Francisco Giants
Shelby Insurance Services, Inc.
Signs That Sell
Shridhar Swaminathan and Meena
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery
The Little Studio
Kimberly Tsutsui
Martha Tsutsui
Randy and Valerie Weaver
Yan Can Cook
Michael Zylstra
Workplace Pledges &
ACCO Engineered Systems
Ronald Krassensky
Ken Moonitz
James O. Spencer
Lisa Cutino
Frank O’Connell
Leslie Sandiland
Jason Vines
Community Health Charities
Renee Giometti
Allison Knapp
Rebecca Wright
Dow Chemical Company
Scott Bartlebaugh
Lawrence Livermore National
David Hopkins
Carolyn Medeiros
Liberty Mutual
Cynthia Fernandez
Delia Hom
Eric Hoshi
Timothy Kullman
Gregory Premo
Morgan Stanley
Thomas Moglia
NORCAL Mutual Insurance
Karen Frisella Cichurski
Nordstrom - Walnut Creek
Jennifer Tyquiengco
Pacific Gas &Electric
Carole Edmark
John Schroeder
Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery
Linda Andrews
Valerie Weaver
Miguel Morales
Wells Fargo
Jenny Bianchi
Darren Bolstad
Paul de Paschalis
Gordon Gore
Rememberance Gifts
A Christmas gift in honor of Jerry
and Sharon Pattison; Toni Phifer,;
JoAnn Pico and Don Anthony; Scott
Zimmerman and Drew Mesomsub;
Gemma Bassi; John Kubitschek; and
Joan Galey
Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley
A Christmas gift in honor of our
grandchildren Michael, Joseph, Bridger,
Ryanne and Serena
Ron and Camille Giglio
A Christmas gift to Tish Nolan, Kathy
Snell and Lee Jordan
Paula Tippery
In honor of Janet Bruno
Julie Bruno
In honor of Paula Tippery
Steven and Robin Cavagnolo
James W. Jordan
Lee Anne Jordan
In honor of Lindsey Darden’s Birthday
John F. Jones
Remy Muegge
Masako Poeppel
Paula Tippery
Kim Tsutsui
Sarah Wentworth
In honor of Angela Kaplan
Edwin and Elaine Kaplan
Rick and Patty Kaplan
In honor of We Care’s teachers and
therapists past and present
Barbara Langsdale
In memory of William Kirsch
Briann and Jill Anderson
In memory of Herman Bertolini
John and Janet Bruno
Richard and Diane Jones
Erminio and Josephine Trebino
In memory of Rose Costa
John and Janet Bruno
Julie Bruno
Richard and Diane Jones
Erminio and Josephine Trebino
In memory of Louis J. Nepil
George and Marilyn Empey
In memory of Tamra Alles
Glenn and Lynda Garabedian
In memory of Dia Ruiter and Opa Frank
Matt and Jennifer Mettler
In memory of Lonnie Vaughn
Don Shaffer
In memory of Evelyn Cooper
Don Shaffer
In memory of Annie Bauer
Paula Tippery
If you would like to make a
donation to honor or remember
a loved one, please mail your
donation to:
We Care Services for Children
2191 Kirker Pass Road
Concord, CA 94521
Attn: Barbara Langsdale
Your donation will be recognized
in our next newsletter, and an
acknowledgment sent to your loved
one or their family.
Exciting New Programs Coming to We Care!
Positive Parenting Program Classes Begin March 22nd!
Designed Specifically for Parents of Children with Special Needs
This amazing program, Triple P Stepping Stones, has proven
results with real families. The classes will be taught by trained
We Care staff in collaboration with C.O.P.E. Family Support
Center. All presenters have years of experience working with
families of children with special needs.
Who Should Attend?
Parents of children with special needs from two to 12 years old,
particularly those who have disruptive behavior.
Ten weeks of classes beginning March 22nd
Includes two private phone coaching sessions with the instructor.
For registration contact Vi Ibarra at (925) 671-0777, ext. 14 or
register on our website at www.wecarechildren.org/calendar.
Autism Summer Camp - Now for Children up to Age 12!
Week-long sessions from August 6 through August 17
Our summer camp design involves social, motor and especially
language skills through fun activities with skilled camp leaders.
Typically developing peers are an important part of each camp
session to model language and provide opportunities for social
Two Camps to Choose From:
We Care will host the camp on-site for ages three to seven
Camp meets Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
GOALS for Autism will host the camp off-site for ages seven to 12
Camp meets Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Both camps are eligible for out of home respite through the Regional
Center of the East Bay, contact your case manager for details.
Registration at www.wecarechildren.org/calendar
But hurry, spaces are limited and fill up quickly!
For more details, contact Vi Ibarra at (925) 671-0777, ext. 14 or by email at [email protected]
We Chat
has given me
the gift of
We Chat
For 2 1/2 to 5 year olds
• Taught by a licensed speech therapist
• Teaches language and social skills
• Lots of individual attention with
classes limited to six students
• Individual goals for each child
• Parents get progress reports and
activities to do at home
Is We Chat Right for Your Child?
Language doesn’t come easy for all kids. Some
are too shy for a big preschool, some are learning
English, some talk later than others. We Chat is
designed to fit your child’s needs. Whether you want
a small preschool that’s focused on language and
social skills, or as a supplement to the program your
child is already attending, We Chat will give them
the language and social skills they need to succeed.
The right speech and language foundation can
make all the difference when it’s time to move into
kindergarten. We Chat can be the stepping stone
that gets them there.
Call now to reserve your spot!
Darcie Azzolini at (925) 671-0777, ext. 26
Join us
See for y rogram
is p
makes th her. But
hurry, spa
Giving children skills for a better
start in life since 1960.
2191 Kirker Pass Road
Concord, CA 94521
(925) 671-0777
We Care will be one of
the highest-quality child
California. We will have the
most innovative, inviting
and nurturing environment,
with well-qualif ied staff
using the best practices for
serving all children. We
Care will accomplish this
mission without losing the
uniqueness of our expertise
in working with children
with developmental and
emotional needs.