Camp Social Story

We are excited you will
be coming to
Camp Rising Sun!
Camp Rising Sun is a summer camp for
kids with Autism and kids without
Some kids will come to
KIDS camp from June 2 to June 6th and
the older kids will come to
TEEN camp from June 23rd to June 27th
Camp is a place kids come for 5 days
and 4 nights to have fun.
• This means you will get to spend the night in a
cabin and maybe sleep outside in a tent or
If its hard to sleep in an new place you
Bring a special pillow or blanket to use
Bring a book to read
Bring a flash light
Or bring a stuffed animal
There will be people at camp to help you fall
At camp we eat most of our meals in
the lodge. This is a big room with lots
of tables and chairs. We eat stuff like
pizza, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, and
salad. If you have special food that is
your favorite, your parents can send it
to camp.
These are pictures of some of the
activities we may get to do at
KIDS camp this summer:
These are pictures of some of the
activities we may get to do at
TEEN camp this summer:
Some of these activities may be new
and you may feel scared to give them a
so you can:
• Take a deep breath
• Ask for some help
• Watch others go first
At Camp Rising Sun you will meet lots
of people who will help you:
Try new things
Be OK with change
Do something with a friend
And have FUN
We will be waiting for you at
Camp Rising Sun