UV radiation

Associate Professor
Dr. Nutthachai PONGPRASERT
Postharvest Quality
Postharvest Logistics
Postharvest Biochemistry
Micro bubbles Technology
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Associate Professor
Varit Srilaong
Dr. Nutthachai
Research Focuses
Chilling injury of tropical plant
UV radiation
Browning of tropical fruit
Browning of rambutan caused by
water loss from transpiration process
via xylems that distribute in the hair
or spintern. High density of stomata
was observed on the spintern of
rambutan. This is a channel of water
loss from the fruit.
Micro bubbles (MBs)
Chlorophyll degradation
MBs washing systems
Recent publications:
- Nutthachai, P. and Varit, S. 2014. A novel technique using 1-MCP microbubbles for delaying postharvest ripening of banana fruit. Postharvest Biology and Technology 95: 42–45.
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under MAP. International Food Research Journal 20(2): 581-585