AMSA Introduction

American Medical Student Association
Your 2014-15 officers
 Edmond Lai, Executive President
 Class: Junior
 Major: Biochemistry and Psychology
 Fun Fact: I was a UK citizen for three years and I still have a British passport
 Austin Schmierer, Executive Vice President
 Class: Junior
 Major: Physiology
 Fun Fact: My favorite show is “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”
Your 2014-15 officers
Lisbell Abreu, Vice President of Education and Advocacy/Senator
 Class: Sophomore
 Major: Molecular Biology and Psychology
 Fun Fact: I come from a place where there's summer all year and where 70's degrees is
consider to be COLD.
Grant Uselman, Vice President of Public Relations and Recruitment
 Class: Sophomore
 Major: Biochemistry
 Fun Fact: I like to rock climb
Your 2014-15 officers (cont)
Zoha Syed, Vice President of Activities
 Class: Sophomore
 Major: Biochemistry and Chemistry
 Fun Fact: I got my black belt in Taekwondo with a torn ACL in my left knee
Archana Einstein, Vice President of Membership/Treasurer
 Class: Sophomore
 Major: Microbiology and Biochemistry
 Fun Fact: My phone went off during a chemistry midterm twice
Laura Colmenares, Vice President of Sponsorship/Webmaster
 Class: Junior
 Major: Neurobiology and Physiology
 Fun Fact: I love to surf
What is AMSA?
 The American Medical Student Association (AMSA), with a half-century
history of medical student activism, is the oldest and largest
independent association of physicians-in-training in the United States.
 Mission Statement
 The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health
care and healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement
in medical education; involving its members in the social, moral and ethical
obligations of the profession of medicine; assisting in the improvement and
understanding of world health problems; contributing to the welfare
of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents and post-MD/DO
trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine.
Becoming a Member
 National Membership ($75 for 5 years)
 Discounts on Bank of America, Kaplan MCAT test prep materials, travel
services, etc.
 Free subscription to The New Physician
 Annual conferences/workshops
 Local (UW) Membership ($25)
 Access to professors/doctors
 Networking/mentorship
 Increase awareness about medical community and opportunities
 Reduced cost
Upcoming events
 Medical Student panel…Wednesday, Oct 15th 5:30 pm
 Halloween Social…Wednesday, Oct 29th 5:30 pm
 Medical School Admission…Wednesday, Nov 12th 5:30 pm
ASUW Student Health Consortium
 One of newest entities within ASUW
 Facilitates collaboration between pre-health RSOs (like this
 AMSA sponsors larger events
 Pre-Health Affair (November 25th)
 Everybody Every Body Fashion Show (March 5th)
 SHC Internship: HEAL - Health Education and Advocacy Leaders
 Apps due October 13th at 11:45pm
 Be a model/supermodel in the Fashion Show
 UW Leaders through ASUW
 ASUW Office of Volunteer Opportunities
 Within this club!