Creating a Requisition

E-Pro Requester Training
Links to PeopleSoft
Training website:
Please contact Purchasing for password.
Actual website:
Main Menu
• Create a requisition:
The Line Defaults that you can specify on this page that will carry over to
every requisition line you add includes:
Vendor ID
Category/NIGP Code
Unit of Measure
Ship To Code
Due Date (N/A for GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace Requisitions)
Attention To
Once you are finished specifying defaults for the Special Request Requisition
(remember, this is optional), you can proceed to Step #2, which is Adding
Items and Services.
Getting to ePro
Go to the Schools Website Under Offices & Services –
Scroll to the bottom of Purchasing website page.
eProcurement (PeopleSoft Financials)
How to links below eProcurement:
How to Create a Requisition
Approving Requisitions
Manage Requisitions
Sciquest Requisition
Login in to PeopleSoft
Note: T & E Module & ePro are parts of PeopleSoft with different functionality. T & E
Module is for Travel & Expenses and ePro for contracting services and supplies.
How to Get to ePro in PeopleSoft
Click on eProcurement
Click on Create Requisition
Creating a Requisition
Enter in a Requisition name or it will default to
Req. #
Click the arrow by Line Defaults to open Shipping and Account information
Creating a Requisition
Name the requisition or it will default to the Req. #
Shipping information
Shows your default chart-field string. This is the chart-field that will
show on every line in the requisition
This will get you to the next screen or you can click: 2. Add Items and Services
Creating a Requisition
Most used requested type is Special Item
Click here to enter information for requisition
Summary of Requisitions
Special Item Requisition
Summary of Requisitions
Enter in the following:
Item Description - details and model #
Quantity from the quote
Unit of Measure
Category (NIGP Code)
Vender information if you have it.
Additional information: comments,
Who gets it, etc.
Units of Measure in Requisitions
Click on Magnifying glass to pull
up a list of unit of measure.
Unit of Measure
EA- each
MO – month
ST - set
Try not to use the following:
USD – Dollar
LOT – Lot
Category/NIGP Code in Requisitions
Click the magnifying glass to look up
Category/NIGP Code. Strongly
recommended to use the link below
Category & NIGP Code are the same. You must enter in the NIGP/Category code in order to process the requisition
and NIGP Codes CANNOT END IN 00.
Once you are done click add item to move to the next screen
NOTE: The below link will provide you with a list of NIGP/Catalog/Commodity codes to use –
Do not use the search function within PeopleSoft unless you are more familiar with these codes.
Category/NIGP Code in Requisitions
Use description to look up Category/NIGP Code
Description of Category/NIGP Code
Category/NIPG Code
NOTE: The below link will provide you with a list of NIGP/Catalog/Commodity codes to use –
Do not use the search function within PeopleSoft unless you are more familiar with these codes.
. Strongly recommended to use the link below
Comments & Attachments in Requisitions
Click on bubble to add comments
and attachments
Save your requisitions if you enter multiple lines using “Save & Preview approvals” button
above as PeopleSoft will time out.
Comments & Attachments in Requisitions
Add additional comments
Attach quotes /invoices/contracts
Document attached
Comments in Requisitions
When checks are to be held for pick up by someone or sent a different address
than listed in PeopleSoft, please add a comment in the Justification/Comment
Field as well as send an email Accounts Payable ([email protected])
and Purchasing ([email protected] and [email protected]) making us
aware of the check to be held for pick up or if the check needs to be sent to a
different address than the one in PeopleSoft.
Review the Chartfields in Requisitions
Click on box to display screen to review
chart fields for one or multiple lines
Review& Submit the Requisition
Click here to
Save & Submit – will send to approver
Save & Preview Approval- allows to save and see who will approve
Cancel Requisition – will delete requisition and you will have to
start over
Inserting Ad Hoc Approvers
Add approvers as need such as when someone
is out on vacation or leave.
Look up vendors
Look up feature within the requisition menu otherwise use:
• PeopleSoft – Menu
• Vendors
• Add/Update
• Review Vendors
• Change SetID to SHARE
Tips: Change the drop down from ‘Equal to’ to ‘Contains’
Best match if you do have their
Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) then you can look
the vendor number up by Tax ID
New Vender must fill out a Vender Registration form and submit it to Shared Services.
Link to form on purchasing webpage and submit to [email protected]
Manage Requisitions
PO(s) Created
PO(s) Dispatched
PO(s) Canceled
The requisition has been entered and saved in the system, but it
has not yet been submitted for approval.
The Requisition has been submitted and is awaiting approval.
The requisition has been fully approved and can become a PO.
The requisition was denied in the approval process.
The requisition was entered and saved, but was canceled. A
canceled requisition can be reopened within a certain number of
The requisition has been placed on a Purchase Order.
The requisition has been placed on a Purchase Order, and the PO
has been dispatched to the vendor.
The requisition has been placed on a Purchase Order which has
been canceled.
The requisition has been placed on a PO. The PO has been
dispatched to the vendor, and the goods have been partially or
fully received.
After the requisition is dispatched on a PO, the goods are
received, and the vendor is paid. A background process identifies
the requisition status as Complete. Canceled requisitions are also
identified as Complete.
Manage Requisitions
Budget Status
Not Chk’d
The requisition has not had budget checking run on it yet.
The requisition has gone through budget checking and failed; the
budget checking error must be corrected before the requisition
can be sourced into a purchase order.
The requisition has passed budget checking and is available to be
sourced into a purchase order.
Different options
• Cancel Req
• Check Budget
• Edit Req
• Req Cycle
• View Approvals
Requisition Cycle
Click here and select Requisition
cycle, then hit Go to open box
This box show where the
requisition is in the cycle.
Whether is has been requisition
approved, turned into a P.O.,
received, invoice, etc.
Requisition Cycle
Click on the Requisition Schedule and Distribution link
Click description link and the following box opens
Click Return to Manage Requisition to
return to requisition
Requisition Cycle
Click the arrow by the requisition number and a box will open giving you the
following information.
Where the requisition is in the process, who requested, description, price, and
Requisition Cycle
Check Approvals, Receiving,
Payment status in
requisition cycle.
Edit Requisitions
Click on Select Action drop down menu and highlight
Edit Requisition. Then hit Go. This will take you back
to the Requisition Review and Submit screen.
You can make changes here
by clicking on modify line
Delete a Requisition Line
Note the
Put a  in the box and
then click on the delete
button to remove the line
Canceling a Requisition
Click the drop down arrow and highlight Cancel Requisition. Then hit Go.
Saving Favorite Items for Special Request Requisitions
Click Add to Favorites
Will show up under Favorites tab
Under Add Items and Services
Special Request Requisition Template
Note check mark in box next to ‘Save as Template’
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
How To: Accessing GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace through PeopleSoft Financials Core System
On the PeopleSoft Financials login page, enter your User ID and Password. Remember, both of
these items are case sensitive. If you try to log in more than five times with an incorrect User ID
and/or password, the system will lock you out.
Click the Sign In button.
Select eProcurement in the menu.
Select Create Requisition.
Select Step 2 – Add Items and Services.
Select the GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace tab.
Select the GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace link.
GAFirst MarketPlace Tab
Click here to enter GAFirst
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace- where you
can order items from State contracts.
Staples, Grainger, Fisher Scientifics, etc.
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Cart Summary
Navigation Icons
Screen Titles
Punch Out
Quick Search
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Type in what you are looking for and it will
pull up all items under available from state
Narrow down description
List of Mandatory and Convenience State Contracts
Mandatory Contracts will have a  by it and in the description.
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Add to cart
Verify that you use Mandatory when there is one.
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Click when you are ready to checkout
Or click the shopping cart when you
are ready to checkout
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Click Issue Requisition
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
Confirmation of submitted requisition
Approval flow
GeorgiaFirst Marketplace Requisition
GA First will create the requisition. You will need to verify chart fields and then submit the
requisition for approval
Click this button
Any questions please contact Purchasing:
Barbara Burns at 478-471-2502 or send an email to [email protected]
Tiffany Leslie at 478-471-5334 or send an email to [email protected]