Why Health Science?
Healthcare is currently one of the largest
and fastest growing career fields.
Healthcare is also one of the career fields
that currently has shortages in almost
every area.
In Abilene healthcare is one of the three
largest employers.
What does this mean for you?
There will be a job for you in the future if
you decide to pursue a healthcare career!
Health Care Career Statistics
1. 16 million people employed in health
careers across the country
2. 3.2 million new jobs by 2018
3. 17 of the 30 fastest growing careers
are in the healthcare field
4. 50 careers in health care that do not
require 4 years of college to get
5. Healthcare industry generally not
affected by the economy
Medical Terminology
If you are interested in any of the health
science careers, you can take this one
semester course as an introduction to
medical language by investigating the body
systems and the patient’s medical records.
You will learn common abbreviations and
word parts to gain a great foundation of
understanding medical language.
Available starting
Principles of
Health Science
The fall semester of this full-year class
teaches about different health careers. It also
teaches some history of medicine as well as
ethics and other important aspects of being a
part of a healthcare team.
Principles of
Health Science
In the spring semester of Principles of
Health Science students learn CPR and
basic medical assessment skills such as
temperature, pulse, respiration and
measuring blood pressure and weight.
Review of body systems
Must pass to qualify for applying to
Holland Medical High School
Upon successfully completing
students may apply to attend
• Only 11th and 12th graders eligible to attend Med High
• Application, essay, criminal background check
 Grades
 Discipline
 Attendance
 Teacher recommendation
 Background Check/Drug Test
Health Science:
@ Holland Medical High School
•Upper level class
11 or 12
•First semester – students do classwork, learn skills,
and attend clinicals to earn their CNA certification.
•Second semester students take part in clinical
rotations at the hospital, doctor offices, dentists,
the Abilene Zoo, and/or a veterinarian’s office.
Health Science:
11th or 12th
@ Holland Medical High School
Variety of healthcare fields explored
(Examples: nursing, dentistry, radiology,
veterinary science, sports medicine,
pharmacy, medical records, etc.)
Hands-on skills development and guest
lectures from Abilene healthcare
Job shadowing experiences during spring
Practicum in Health Science:
@ Holland Medical High School
12th grade
Classwork includes lectures, labs and
individual CD-ROM lessons
Clinical rotations at hospital and
commercial pharmacies
State Pharmacy Technician certification
earned immediately after graduation
Practicum in Health Science:
@ Holland Medical High School
Classwork includes lectures, skills development
in an administrative portion and in a clinical
Clinical rotations will be in physicians’ and
outpatient settings.
Earn certification in fall semester as Medical
Administrative Assistant and in spring semester
as Clinical Medical Assistant
Practicum in Health Science:
@ Holland Medical High School
12th grade
Another program to expand opportunities
for Holland students
Classwork includes lectures, labs and
individual online studies
State Registered Dental Assistant
Certification by end of senior year
@ AHS or CHS
Medical Terminology (9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th)
Principles of Health Science (10th, 11th, or 12th)
@ Holland Med High
Health Science: Certified Nurses Aide (11th or 12th)
Health Science: Diversified Healthcare Skills (11th or 12th)
Practicum in Health Science: Pharmacy Tech (12th)
Practicum in Health Science: Certified Medical Assistant (12th)
Practicum in Health Science: Registered Dental Assistant (12th)
Health Occupation
Students of America
Student-led organization
Officer elections - LEADERSHIP
Opportunity to run for Area, State or
National office
Competitive events
Service projects
HOSA week