Wonder by r. j. palacio - Doral Academy Preparatory

This PowerPoint Presentation is a collection of all of the
prompts in the Read-Aloud Teacher Guide and Literary Log.
Students could be directed to respond to the writing prompts in
their own notebooks or iPads/computers. If using iPads or
computers, those Individual Student Responses could easily be
emailed to the teacher for viewing and comments.
Each slide is labeled with the titles of each part and includes any
pertinent vocabulary that may demand additional explanations
or definitions to facilitate comprehension.
Slides are designed to engage students and help them focus on
the prompts. Graphics are intended to engage students while
providing visual clues to the prompts.
 Look at the caricature:
Who do you
think it is? Does the caricature give you
any clues to the character it represents?
 Who is Fate?
 What do you think destiny means?
 Fate smiled and destiny laughed as
she came to my cradle…
Natalie Merchant (p. 2)
 What does this quote mean to you?
about me
Not ordinary
about me
 Have you or anyone you know
had surgery?
 What do you remember about it?
 Have you had any friends like
August’s friends?
 Why didn’t August go to school until
the fifth grade?
 Did you think
August’s story
about his birth
was funny?
 Why or why not?
 When should kids have the right to
make an important decision like
August’s going to school?
 Do you think August’s parents should
have told him about their decision to find
a school for him?
 Why is Tushman a funny name? What do
the words tush, behind, rear-ended, and
bum have in common?
 Why do you
think August is
nervous about
taking a tour of
the school?
 Who do you know who is like Mrs.
 What kind of handshake do you have?
Turn to an elbow partner and shake
 What do you think you can tell from a
 Do you agree with August when he said
little kids don’t try to hurt your feelings,
because they don’t always know what
they’re saying, but big kids do know
what they’re saying and if they’re hurting
your feelings?
 Do you like Mr. Tushman? Why or why
 Why do kids sometimes hide something
about themselves from other kids, like
August hiding behind his long hair?
 Describe something you do to hide from
something like August does with his long
 What do you think of Jack Will,
Julian, and Charlotte?
 Who do you predict will become
August’s friends? Why?
 Describe how August felt during
the school tour.
 Have you ever felt that way?
 Why did August tell Mr. Tushman
that everyone was really nice, when
Julian was not very nice to him?
 What would you have done?
 Why was August’s mom so upset
that she said that August didn’t have
to go to school if he didn’t want to?
 Why do you think August wants
to go to school now?
 List words that
describe how August
felt on his first day of
 List words that
describe how you felt
on your first day of
school or first day at a
new school.
 Circle the
feelings that
you and
August have
in common.
 What did you think of the way the
teacher and kids treated August?
 Why didn’t August help Henry with
his lock?
 Why would Julian want to be mean
to August?
 Is Julian’s a bully? Why or why not?
 How does a bully act?
 What does Mr. Browne’s precept mean?
 Why does August think that he is going
to like school?
 Write down three things that you
would consider doing that are
 Why would Via, August’s sister, warn him
about lunch?
 Describe any experiences you have had
during lunch that might make you warn a
new student about lunch.
 What would make someone sit at
August’s table?
 Why was August mad at his Mom?
 How would you rate August’s first
day at school on a scale of one to ten
(one being awesome and ten being
Describe a time you
felt both happy and
Describe something
you did that was like
August cutting off
the little braid on the
back of his head.
 Do you think school will get easier
for August?
 Why or why not?
 Why was August laughing with Jack?
 What do you think?
What does “the apple doesn’t fall far from the
tree” mean?
 Do you think it always has a negative
 What made August feel like his birthday party
was great?
 Who is Boba Fett?
 Is it important to know who this is?
 Why or why not?
 What do you think about August’s
aversion to having his picture taken?
 Do you agree or disagree with him?
 Why or why not?
 How would you
feel if you were
August and no one
wanted to touch
If you were in
August’s classes,
would you act like
the other kids?
Why or why not?
Do you think it makes a difference to anyone
how an individual looks? Why or why not?
 What do you think of August’s idea that
everyone should wear masks and get to know
each other before they got to see what
everyone looked like under their masks?
 What do you think is going to
happen when August goes to school
wearing his costume?
Have you ever felt
like August after
he heard Jack Will
talking to Julian?
Why did Jack Will
say those things?
If you were August’s
friend, what would
you say to him?
 Why didn’t August
tell his mother
what made him
 Review what you wrote
about this quote. After
reading Part One, does the
meaning of the quote
change for you? Explain
why or why not.
 Look at the caricature.
 Who do you think it is?
 Does the caricature give you any clues to
the character it represents?
 How is it different from the caricature at
the beginning of Part One?
 Far above the
world, Planet
Earth is blue, And
there’s nothing I
can do.
David Bowie
 What does this
quote mean?
 Reread the last paragraph of this part.
 What do you think Via means when she
talks about the galaxy changing and
planets falling out of alignment?
 Sketch what you
think your
family galaxy
might look like.
 What do you remember about
yourself before you started school?
 What made Via
look at August in
two different
 Why was Grans so
important to Via?
 Does Via’s description of August’s face
match how you pictured him?
 How do you think August views himself?
 What is normal?
 Why don’t friends have to explain
things to one another?
 What is upsetting Via about her
friends Miranda and Ella?
 Why is this part titled: Major Tom?
 Describe a
time when you
felt like either
Via or August?
 Why is it so
difficult to talk
about something
sometimes with
someone else?
 Why is Via upset about August
cutting off his Padawan braid
without telling her first?
 Why do you think August cut the
braid off?
 Why does August’s mom stand
outside his door at night sometimes?
 Why does Via wonder if her mom
ever stands outside of her door?
 Why is it so hard for parents and
guardians to let their children do
things on their own?
 What does all of this mean?
 Does science have all the answers?
Why or why not?
 What do you think about the groups
Via writes about—the smart kids,
popular kids, etc.?
 Which character do you like the best
so far: August, Via, their Dad, or
their Mom? Why?
 What made August feel better?
 If something is really bothering you,
something that is making you sad or
angry, what do you do?
 How did Via get August to agree to go
back to school?
 Why was Via happy about Miranda’s
 What do we learn about August from
 Look at the caricature.
 Does this caricature resemble Summer?
 How is it different from the caricatures at
the beginning of Part One and Part Two?
 You are beautiful no matter what they say;
 Words can’t bring you down;
 You are beautiful in every single way;
 Yes, words can’t bring you down.
Christina Aguilera
 Draw pictures or designs, use words or
phrases to indicate how many ways you
are beautiful.
 For example, this graphic/drawing might
say that I am good team member.
 Have you ever been a “new” kid at school?
 How do you think you should treat new
 How would you have treated August?
 What do you think about this game?
 Have you ever heard of something like
 How do you think this type of game
makes August feel?
 Why did Summer leave the party?
 What would you have done if you
were Summer?
 What do you think about this idea
that there are popular kids and kids
that aren’t popular or in a popular
 Why are August
and Summer
 What makes
someone a good
 What does the title of this part mean?
 When August says he is considered a
“medical wonder,” what do you think
that has to do with the title?
 What do you do when you see
someone who looks different from
you, perhaps someone like August?
 What do you think happens when
people die?
 Why did Summer give Jack a hint why
August was mad at him?
 What do you think Jack will do with the
 Look at the caricature.
 Does the caricature look like how you
pictured Jack?
 How is it different from the caricatures at
the beginning of Parts One, Two, and
Now here is my
secret. It is very
simple. It is only with
one’s heart that one
can see clearly. What
is essential is
invisible to the eye.
–Antoine de SantExupery
What is the secret in
this quote?
 What do you think
this quote has to do
with what might
happen in this part?
 Why didn’t Jack
want to be a
welcome buddy?
 What would you
have done if you
were Jack?
 Do people sometimes hurt others
without meaning to hurt them?
 If so, can you share an example? If
not, why not?
 What do you think Jack changed his
mind about?
 Why did Jack change his mind?
 What makes
August a good
 What makes
anyone a good
 What makes
that person a
good friend?
 What makes you
a good friend?
 How do you feel about Jack?
 What do you think he should do?
 What would you do if you were in Jack’s
 What would you do if you were in
August’s shoes?
 Why would Jack want to tell August
about Lightning?
 Write about some time
in your life you did
something very brave
and how, because of it,
something good
happened to you.
 Why didn’t Jack want the boys to know
he was the one who found the sled?
 What would have happened if Jack had
told the boys about the sled before he
found out it was Miles’ old sled?
 Why did the author title this part,
“Private School”?
 What does it feel like to you when
you realize you have hurt someone
without meaning to hurt that
 Now that Jack remembers talking
meanly about August, what do you
think he will do?
 Will Jack and August ever be friends
again? Why or why not?
 Why did Jack punch Julian?
 Do you agree or disagree with that
action? Why or why not?
 What else might Jack have done instead
of punching Julian?
 Why couldn’t Jack
tell the principal
and his mother
the reason he
punched Julian?
 Do you agree with
the principal’s
punishment for
Jack? Why or why
 How are August’s, Jack’s, and Julian’s
families the same and different?
 Do you think that
 Why does it seem
Julian’s mother is
right about not
letting someone
like August into
the school? Why
or why not?
like it is easier to
say you’re sorry in
writing—a letter,
email, Facebook,
or text—then it is
in person?
 If kids knew how they treated other kids
could make those kids feel really bad,
how might they change how they
treated all kids?
 Have you ever
been treated the
way Jack was
 If so, how did you
 If not, how do you
think you would
 What does the
author mean by
“The War”?
 What is the right
thing in this
Julian, Julian’s
parents, or the
 Why do you think Jack never sat with
Summer and August at their lunch
table before now?
 Why did August start
smiling when Jack
admits it’s weird not
to have people talk
to you and pretend
you don’t exist?
 How does August use humor to put
people at ease?
 How do you feel when you go to a
friend’s house for the first time?
 What makes you feel that way?
 How are Jack and August different?
 How are Jack and August alike?
 List one way you are not like Jack.
 List one way you are not like August.
 List one way you are like Jack.
 List one way you are like
 What do you think?
 Do you think this was the first time Justin
went to Via’s house?
 How do you think Justin was feeling
about going to Via’s house for the first
 Look at the caricature.
 Does the caricature look like how
you pictured Justin?
 Sometimes I think
my head is so big
because it is so full
of dreams.
John Merrick
 What kind of
dreams, make
your head big?
 Who is Olivia?
 Why do you think
Justin calls her
 Justin does not
use capital letters.
what does that tell
you about Justin?
Elephant Man is a
play about a man
who had severe
 Our Town is a play
about families in a
small town.
 Why would the
drama teacher
choose Our Town
over Elephant
 If someone went out to dinner with
your family for the first time, how
would they describe your family?
 What do you
think Justin and
Olivia wished
 What would you
wish for?
 What would you do if you were Jack?
 Would you do nothing, tell your parents,
tell your teacher?
 What possessed Justin to talk to Julian,
Henry, and Miles?
 What do you think about Miranda?
 Why would she ask Justin if he is OK
with it?
 How do you think the universe takes
care of all its birds?
What a piece of work is a man!
how noble in reason! how infinite
in faculty! in form and moving
how express and admirable! in
action how like an angel! in
apprehension how like a god! the
beauty of the world!...
Shakespeare, Hamlet
 Look at the caricature.
 What does it tell you about this next
part, written from the perspective of
 What does “like seeks like” mean?
 Why do you think August’s Mom and
Dad thought it was a funny observation?
 Do you agree with August’s observation?
 What do you think the Auggie Doll is?
 What do you think would have been
a better way for Jack and August to
handle this “war”?
 Think about what August said about him
being the model for the Uglydolls and
why it was funny. How does laughing
together about something make things
 Have you ever felt like August, being
forced to do something you really
did not want to do?
 What do you think happens when
the doctor puts on August’s new
hearing aids?
 “Funny how sometimes you worry a lot
about something and it turns out to be
 Describe a time you worried a lot about
something and it turned out to be
 Why did it get so quiet all of a
 What do you think happened
between Via and her Mom?
 Describe a time when you experienced
what happened to August? You started
out feeling neither sad nor mad or
anything, but something happened that
made a feeling just explode out of you.
It might have been anger or a burst of
tears that surprised you.
 Explain what caused that emotion to
explode out of you.
 Why did taking Daisy to the vet
change everything at that moment?
What helps you
feel better?
 How do you deal
with situations
that are very
 Why is it so hard to
lose someone or
something you
 Were you
surprised to find
out Via was
playing Emily in
the play instead of
 What do you think
happened to
 Have you ever been to a play or a live
 If so, what was it and how did you
like it?
I forgot that I might see
So many beautiful things
I forgot that I might need
To find out what life could bring.
Who do you think this quote is about?
 Why did Miranda
pretend August
was her little
 Have you ever told
a story like
Miranda did? If
so, why? If not,
why not?
 Why would Miranda tell the theater class
teacher it was her little brother that was
deformed, and not Via’s brother?
 What do you think about the relationship
between Miranda and Via?
 Are they still friends? If yes, why? If no,
 If Miranda and Via are
not as close as they
were, why would
Miranda tell August to
say hi to Via and tell
her that she misses
 Why do you think Miranda stepped
down to allow Via to play Emily in the
 Do you think that Miranda was glad
she allowed Via to play Emily in the
 Why or why not?
 What qualities does Miranda have
that makes her a good friend to
August and to Via?
 You’re gonna
reach the sky
 What does the
caricature and
quote tell you
about this part
and August?
 Describe a time when
you slept over at
someone’s house.
 Was it similar to
August’s experience?
 Why or why not?
 What do you
think you are
known for?
Is being known
for something a
good or bad
thing? Why?
 August is both excited and
nervous about the trip.
 What makes growing up hard?
But if she could have
looked a little further
back, into the
stillness and the
darkness before Time
dawned, she would
have read there a
different incantation.
What do you think
this last sentence of
this part means?
 Is it a sign that
everything is going
to be OK, or a sign
that maybe things
are not going to be
 Why didn’t August need Baboo
 Have you ever been
somewhere that
matches August’s
description of the forest
and campground? What
was it like?
 Things are going very well for
August. What do you think is
going to happen next?
 What does the title, Be Kind to
Nature, mean?
 What do you think
about the boys’
 Who are Amos, Miles, and Henry?
 Why would they help August and
 Why do you think Amos, Miles,
and Henry finally accepted
 How would you feel if it was very,
very dark and your hearing was
 What had changed
for August?
 Why didn’t August’s Mom slam
him with questions?
 What did August’s Mom mean when she
said there will always be jerks in the
world, but there are more good people
than bad, and good people watch out for
each other and take care of each other?
 Do you agree with this?
 Why did August’s Mom let both
August and Via stay home—was it
really just to play with the new
Stand in a circle.
 A sentence will be whispered in your ear.
 Turn to the person on your left, and whisper
that same sentence into his or her ear.
 Last person say the sentence aloud.
 Here’s the original sentence. Is it the same
or different from the last sentence we just
 Why?
What was the shift?
 What animal would you choose to
represent you? Why?
 Draw that animal as it would
represent you.
 What does Mr. Browne’s
precept mean?
 Do you know
 Do you think
August’s Dad
should have
thrown away
August’s helmet?
Why or why not?
someone like
August’s Dad?
 What do kids
usually do during
speeches that
adults make?
 Make a list of
ways you might
be kinder than is
 Why did August win
the Henry Ward
Beecher medal?
 Do you think August deserves an
award like this? Why or why not?
 Why was August OK with all the
picture taking?
 Why did August’s Mom call him a
 Did you like this
 Why or not?
 Would you
recommend this
book to anyone?
 If so, who? If
not, why not?