SABSC Training Presentation

SABSC Training
for Departments
Fall 2014
Student Affairs Business Service Center (SABSC)
About the SABSC
Location: Maloney Hall, Suite 458
Walk-in Hours: Monday-Friday, 9-5
Telephone Number: 617-552-1586
E-mail: [email protected]
What We Do
Process financial transactions including:
Vendor Payments
BC Student Hires
Purchase Orders
Chartstring Fund Transfers
BC Employee Payment
SABSC Expense Report
Outside Vendor Payment
Award / Honorarium
BC Student Hire
Travel Advance
Purchase Order
• Chartstring information
• Authorized signatures
• All requests must be filled out completely or they
will be returned-- you will receive an email stating
paperwork has been returned
• Instructions are provided on the back of each
Proof of Payment
• Original itemized receipts are required for all
• If payment method was check, submit a copy of front
and back of check after it is processed from the bank
• If a credit /debit card was used, it is mandatory that
an itemized credit card receipt and a credit card
signature slip, with the payee’s name on receipt, be
submitted with the reimbursement
• List of attendees is required for all dining expenses
• An SABSC Expense Report is only required for
travel-related reimbursements
Payment to Outside Vendors
• If you need to pay a company or outside
• Vendor id number– SABSC will complete
however if the vendor is not in BC’s system you
will be contacted to request the vendor complete
the W-9 on-line
• Authorized signatures
• Submit an invoice; no advance payments to
• Payment of cash, personal check or credit card
for labor intensive services is prohibited
BC Undergrad Student
Hire Form
• If the student is or has been previously employed at BC, fill-out &
submit the Student Hire Form
• If the student has never been employed at BC:
The student must fill-out the I-9 Form at Student Services (Lyons Hall)
& fill-out and submit the below required forms at
W4 Form (Federal Taxes), M4 Form (Mass State Taxes), Direct
Deposit Enrollment/Change Form
• Once these two steps completed, fill-out and submit the Student Hire
• The student should submit their worked hours in Kronos every Friday
& the supervisor should approve Kronos every Friday before 5:00pm
Travel Advance
• Travel Advances should be used for pre-paid expenses
such as airfare and hotel deposit
• To apply fill-out the Travel Advance form and submit
confirmation of the booking, all payments need to be
• When completing the form, please be sure to include
chartstring information
• Travel advances do not pull the funds from the budget
until you return from your trip and reconcile the travel
advance by completing the BC Employee Payment Form
& the SABSC Expense Report
Transfer of Funds
• Used to move funds between two
different chartstrings
Example: co-sponsorship, MTS
• Dept. chartstring transferring the funds
out initiates the process
• [email protected] email can be used
Purchase Order (PO)
• This form is typically used for purchases
over $5,000.00 or for transportation
services such as a bus
• SABSC emails the contact person the PO
number once it created in Procurement
• Do not use a PO if you already have an
• 7-10 days to process, so plan accordingly
• All financial requests will be scanned to
the appropriate chartstring folder
• Only the individuals given permissions can
access their MyFiles folder
• Contact the SABSC if you have any
challenges accessing the folder
• SABSC work-study student available to pick-up work
• Mileage reimbursements require Mapquest or
Yahoo Maps print-out
• Foreign travel reimbursements require
conversion for date of travel, unless you use a credit
card & the credit card company converts it for you
• Questions: Can use inquiry form to contact the