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Production Notes
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Run time:
122 minutes
Russell Crowe
Elizabeth Banks
Brian Dennehy
Lennie James
Olivia Wilde
Ty Simpkins
Helen Carey
John Brennan
Lara Brennan
George Brennan
Lieutenant Nabulsi
Grace Brennan
Liam Neeson
Damon Pennington
Daniel Stern
Kevin Corrigan
Jason Beghe
Aisha Hinds
Tyrone Giordano
Jonathan Tucker
Allan Steele
Moran Atias
Michael Buie
Meyer Fisk
Detective Quinn
Detective Collero
Sergeant Harris
Mick Brennan
Directed by
Screenplay by
Produced by
Paul Haggis
Paul Haggis
Michael Nozik
Paul Haggis
Olivier Delbosc
Marc Missonnier
Agnes Mentre
Anthony Katagas
Stéphane Fontaine, A.F.C.
Laurence Bennett
Jo Francis
Abigail Murray
Danny Elfman
Randi Hiller
Produced by
Executive Producers
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Edited by
Costume Designer
Music by
Casting by
Eugenie Grandval
Based on the film 'Pour Elle', A film by Fred Cavayé
and screenplay by Fred Cavayé and Guillaume Lemans
Life seems perfect for John Brennan (Russell Crowe) until his wife, Lara (Elizabeth
Banks), is arrested for a murder she says she didn't commit. Three years into her
sentence, John is struggling to hold his family together, raising their son Luke (Ty
Simpkins) and teaching at community college while he pursues every means available to
prove her innocence. With the rejection of their final appeal, Lara becomes suicidal and
John decides there is only one possible, bearable solution: to break his wife out of prison.
Refusing to be deterred by impossible odds or his own inexperience, John devises an
elaborate escape plot and plunges into a dangerous and unfamiliar world, ultimately
risking everything for the woman he loves.
Lionsgate presents a Hwy 61 Films / Lionsgate production. THE NEXT THREE DAYS
stars Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Brian Dennehy, Olivia Wilde and Liam Neeson,
and is directed by Paul Haggis from a screenplay by Paul Haggis. THE NEXT THREE
DAYS is produced by Michael Nozik and Paul Haggis, and Olivier Delbosc and Marc
What would you do if the person you loved was suddenly arrested and taken from
you, maybe forever? What if your only chance to pull your family‟s life back from the
brink was for you to try to pull off a potentially deadly crime with all-but-impossible
odds of success? And if you did manage to succeed – then what?
These questions become heart-poundingly real in screenwriter/director Paul
Haggis‟s taut suspense thriller THE NEXT THREE DAYS. Haggis and his star, Russell
Crowe, give audiences a thriller with the kind of hero not often seen in modern iterations
of the genre: a keenly intelligent, methodical, but otherwise unremarkable man, whose
actions are driven by desperation, determination and, above all, love.
Haggis is well-known and admired for his psychologically rich, morally probing
dramas: as the writer/director of CRASH, which won him Academy Awards® for Best
Picture and Best Original Screenplay, and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH; and as the
OF OUR FATHERS. But Haggis is no stranger to the thriller genre, having been a
screenwriter on the critical and popular James Bond film CASINO ROYALE. Thrillers
were firmly on the development agenda when Haggis and producer Michael Nozik
(SYRIANA, THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES) formed their production company, Hwy
61, in 2008. Both partners were intrigued when the company‟s head of development,
Eugenie Grandval, showed them a copy of the French thriller POUR ELLE.
The partners felt the central premise could make a really compelling American
film. “I‟ve always wanted to make a thriller, especially one where a love story played
such a central role," Haggis comments.
“Here was Hitchcock's classic scenario, a
perfectly ordinary man who, in this case, thrusts himself into extraordinary
circumstances. He can't watch his wife and son suffer so much as they drift apart from
each other. But when he finds out what it takes to break her out, he has to ask himself a
very difficult question: would you save the woman you love if you knew that by doing
so, you would turn into someone that she might no longer be able to love?" That's what
always draws me to a subject -- a question I cannot answer for myself. When I find the
question, I know I have a film. But the film is also about the nature and power of trust --
what it means when you trust someone no matter what, when no one else does, when all
the evidence is against them -- when they can no longer even trust themselves."
Nozik felt the resulting film would be enticing to viewers like himself. “As an
audience member, I‟ve always been compelled by strong characters, great story and a
suspenseful plot that makes me wonder what‟s going to happen next. It‟s rare that I find
that as a moviegoer, and certainly rare as a producer,” says Nozik. “This was a perfect
piece for Paul, who can create fully realized, dramatic characters within the structure of
an exciting, commercial thriller.”
Haggis and Nozik took the project to Lionsgate, which had partnered with Haggis
on CRASH. Lionsgate acquired the rights to POUR ELLE from production companies
Wild Bunch and Fidélité Films, and Fidélité‟s Marc Missonnier and Olivier Delbosc also
joined the project.
Haggis set to work on re-imagining the film. His protagonist John Brennan is a
professor of English at a Pittsburgh community college, a loving husband and devoted
father. But very quickly John is thrown into a living nightmare when his wife, Lara, is
accused of a murder she says she didn't commit.
The next time we meet the family, three years have passed. Lara has been
convicted of murder and is incarcerated. Appeals have been pursued, and denied. Luke
has grown increasingly distant from his mother and John fears Lara will take her own
life. Fueled by an unfaltering conviction in his wife's innocence, John believes he is left
with no other option if he wants to save his wife and family. Although he is ill-equipped
to take the law into his own hands and orchestrate a prison break, he makes the complex
decision to commit a crime he knows he has little chance of accomplishing. And from
the moment authorities realize that Lara Brennan has escaped, the clock will be ticking.
The way John goes about this task – searching the Internet, reading books,
interviewing an ex-con-turned author – is a function of who he is as a person. Says
Nozik, “John‟s never been a criminal, but he is an academic and he knows how to
research. And that drives him through the process of figuring out how to break his wife
out of jail, and somehow put a life together after that with his son and wife. He‟s doesn‟t
have a lot of money, so he‟s faced with a lot of decisions throughout the film about how
to manage this scheme.”
Even as he was writing the screenplay, Haggis had his sights set on Academy
Award® winner Russell Crowe for the role of John Brennan. He points to the actor‟s
seamless performances in films as diverse as GLADIATOR, A BEAUTIFUL MIND,
MASTER AND COMMANDER and THE INSIDER. “Russell is one of the finest actors
of our time,” Haggis states simply. “He's right for almost any project but he was
certainly right for this one because so much of the intent of the film has to be
communicated without words.
A turn of a head or the flick of an eye has to tell us so
much, what John Brennan is thinking, what he's decided, where he is going next.
Russell is the type of actor who cracks open his chest and lets you stare right into his
heart -- deep, into the dark corners of his soul."
Once Crowe had read the script, he met with Haggis in London. "It all happened
very quickly. CRASH was a great movie, and of course an excellent calling card,” the
actor says. Having made his share of thrillers, Crowe also admired the tight construction
of Haggis‟s script, the events and sequencing that built tension and created daunting yet
realistic obstacles for the characters. “I loved the suspense of it. If you‟re going to take
on a thriller like this, you have to have a mind and eye for a complex narrative. It‟s clear
from Paul's work, that this complexity is one of his specialties. So I knew we could make
a great film."
Crowe was equally drawn in by the film‟s emotional themes and progressions. “I
was really struck by the conundrum John Brennan faces. This man has an undying love
for his wife and would do anything to save her. Yet to achieve what he has to achieve,
he must turn into somebody she may not love. To me, that was an interesting journey to
go on."
Casting the pivotal role of Lara Brennan was tricky. Lara may be a beloved wife
and mother, but it‟s an open question as to whether this quick-tempered woman did, in
fact, kill her boss. The filmmakers found the combination of qualities they were looking
for in Elizabeth Banks, whose diverse credits include W., SPIDER-MAN and “30 Rock.”
Says Haggis, “Elizabeth is a terrific actress. She has a quality of being the girl next door,
and yet, she has a great fire within her.”
Crowe and his co-star established an easy onscreen rapport, creating a portrait of a
marriage that feels lived-in and relatable. Says Crowe, “The beginning of the movie
establishes John and Lara as leading this normal, relatively placid life with their young
child. In a finite number of scenes, Elizabeth made it feel absolutely real.”
Banks notes that her character, a successful corporate professional, is not unlike
many contemporary women.
“Lara‟s ambitious, and she‟s balancing work and
motherhood and trying to maintain this really great relationship with the love of her life.
When she gets torn away from him, they‟re both devastated, but they deal with it in two
totally different ways,” she observes. “This movie isn‟t really about whether she‟s guilty
or innocent; it‟s about what can be proven in a court of law and whether that matters to
somebody who loves you and believes in you no matter what.”
She savored the opportunity to work with both Haggis and Crowe. “They are two
of the best and I couldn't wait to get on set and be challenged by them. It‟s not a stretch
to say that Russell is one of his generation‟s best actors. It‟s a little intimidating when
you first show up and then you get over it,” she laughs. “He‟s just so generous and so
Surrounding Crowe and Banks in THE NEXT THREE DAYS is an ensemble of
highly accomplished and diverse actors in crucial supporting roles. Nozik attributes this
to Haggis' screenplay. “The script attracted a great cross-section of wonderful actors.
Paul writes such beautiful, complex characters, that for even the smallest roles, there's
always a rich and complex palette.”
Among those making brief but memorable appearances in the film is Oscar®
nominee Liam Neeson as Damon Pennington, an ex-con who has chronicled his multiple
jailbreaks in print and who offers John a blunt assessment – and moment-by-moment
blueprint – of exactly what such an endeavor means. Daniel Stern (DINER) plays the
Brennans‟ defense attorney, Meyer Fisk, a litigator too seasoned to offer false hope.
Musician and rap artist “RZA” Robert Diggs (DUE DATE, AMERICAN GANGSTER)
portrays Mouss, a street drug dealer who John naively turns to for assistance. Kevin
Corrigan (THE DEPARTED) plays Alex, a mid-level meth dealer whom John fatefully
targets for robbery.
“That‟s been a fun thing for me,” observes Crowe, “that every week or so
somebody new comes along and I get to do a scene with somebody who I respect and
whose work I enjoy. (Those) days on the set were particularly fun.”
Says Haggis, “It was an honor to have so many wonderful actors – Liam Neeson,
RZA, Daniel Stern and many others – give their time and talent in these small, but critical
roles. They made the film that much stronger.”
Haggis approached Tony®-Award winner Brian Dennehy for the role of George
Brennan, John‟s father. Over the years, Haggis and Dennehy had become friends through
the New York theatre scene. As George, Dennehy is a largely silent, but very powerful
presence. "Brian can portray so much with so little,” Haggis enthuses. “You know
exactly what he's thinking and exactly what he thinks of his son. His is such a masterful
actor. He thinks the thought and it is suddenly etched on his face, and he hasn't moved,
hasn't even narrowed his pupils."
Dennehy happily took on the role in his friend‟s film. “One of the reasons I liked
it was it was such a non-verbal part, and normally we don‟t do that in this country. It‟s a
very interesting and provocative film in terms of ethics and morality, and right and
wrong. And it‟s beautifully written by Paul, who‟s a great director, too.”
Olivia Wilde, best known for her role in the hit television series "House" and soon
to be seen in Disney‟s TRON: LEGACY, plays Nicole, a young mother who befriends
John in the park and, unbeknownst to her, is subsequently woven into the jailbreak
scheme. “She‟s a single mother and she assumes he‟s a single father and that they can
connect on that level,” Wilde remarks. “She‟s a reminder of how the rest of the world
moves on, even when you‟re stuck in the middle of a tragedy. And this other world
suddenly becomes visible to John, where people just meet and things are normal and
you‟re not thinking of breaking your spouse out of prison. It's not that he can't talk and
spend time with other people -- it's that he's unable to move beyond what he is focused
on, and that's breaking Lara out of prison."
The third actor who makes up the immediate family unit in THE NEXT THREE
DAYS is eight-year-old Ty Simpkins, who plays Luke, John and Lara's son. "He's an
incredibly skilled actor for such a young boy,” Haggis remarks. “Ty and Russell had
such wonderful chemistry. It was obvious to everyone on set that Russell, who has two
young sons of his own, is a natural when it comes to parenting and is very comfortable
playing that role in a movie."
Rounding out the cast are Michael Buie (MYSTERY ALASKA) as Mick
Brennan, John‟s younger brother; Helen Carey (JULIE & JULIA) as their mother, Grace
Brennan; Moran Atias (“Crash”) as Erit, Mick Brennan‟s fiancée; Lennie James
(SNATCH) as Lt. Nabulsi; and Jason Beghe (ONE MISSED CALL) as Detective Quinn.
Haggis took the somewhat unusual step of scouting locations for THE NEXT
THREE DAYS before he even began writing the script. "I was looking for a workingclass town which had evolved because I wanted John to come from a working-class
background. That was very important to me," Haggis explains. He and Nozik made a
trip to Pittsburgh, PA and as the filmmaker puts it, “we fell in love with it. The skyline is
great, and each neighborhood is proud and distinct and has held onto its roots and its
Having settled on the location, Haggis was able to write with Pittsburgh in mind.
Says Crowe, “Pittsburgh is very much a character in the film, which is great. The
geography and the cityscape and the bridges and tunnels and the Allegheny County Jail
are all heavily featured in the actual screenplay.”
Principal photography took place in Pittsburgh between September 2009 and
December 2009. Production designer Laurence Bennett, who previously worked with
Haggis on CRASH and IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, shared the director's enthusiasm
for the locale. “Paul and I tend to embrace what we find. Pittsburgh is definitely a
visually exciting city. Each of the neighborhoods is very unique and we really picked up
on that and enjoyed working in them."
Those neighborhoods provided defined stops on John Brennan‟s trajectory,
sketching in his past and his present. Scenes at John Brennan‟s childhood home were
filmed in a small row house in Sharpsburg, a former mill town up the river from
John and Lara Brennan‟s house was a residence in Regent Square, a
neighborhood with a sizeable number of teachers. The city‟s aptly named Hill District
provided a backdrop for John‟s first, dangerously naïve sorties into the criminal
The film shot at numerous institutional and municipal locations, including a
former children‟s hospital, the airport and the T-train commuter system, which connects
the southern suburbs with the city proper. Looming over it all is the Allegheny County
Jail, the largest high-rise jail in the U.S., and the facility where Banks‟ Lara Brennan is
incarcerated. Remarkably, the jail‟s administrators allowed THE NEXT THREE DAYS
to shoot in the facility, a process that involved giving the film crew access to the jail for
two days; shutting down visitor access; and impacting on the prison's daily routine. Says
production designer Bennett, “The people who administer the jail really go out of their
way to try to make it a humane, comfortable, clean and safe environment for the inmates
and visitors. They were incredibly accommodating to us.”
The fact the jail happens to be located in downtown Pittsburgh gave the film‟s
chase sequences a unique extra urgency and punch, says Banks. “When you‟re set in the
heart of a city, you have bridges and tunnels and buildings and avenues and people.
We‟re not out in the middle of nowhere, driving on country roads. Russell and I are in
the middle of downtown Pittsburgh, running for our lives!”
It‟s emblematic of a thriller that injects a bracing dose of realism into the genre,
thanks to a writer/director and a star working from the inside out. Says Nozik, “I call this
a smart man‟s thrill ride. Because every twist and turn -- you won‟t see it coming, but
when you get there, you‟ll be satisfied. There aren‟t chase sequences or action sequences
that come from nowhere. He‟s never doing things that are outside the realm of what any
of us could do if we were pressed into a circumstance like this.”
The wrong place/wrong time scenario and tight internal logic of THE NEXT
THREE DAYS make for a visceral cinematic experience, in Crowe‟s view. “This is one
of those stories where a simple set of circumstances puts a family‟s life together in
complete peril,” the actor remarks. “It‟s very intense, and you wouldn‟t want it to happen
to you. But it makes it really exciting for the people watching.”
- 10 -
Academy Award® winner RUSSELL CROWE (John Brennan) is considered one of
the finest actors of his generation. Originally from New Zealand, he started making waves in the
Australian film industry with his performance in the controversial film ROMPER STOMPER, for
which he became critically acclaimed around the world. He has received three consecutive
Academy Award® Best Actor nominations for his performances in THE INSIDER (1999),
GLADIATOR (2000) and A BEAUTIFUL MIND (2001), taking home the Oscar® for his
performance in GLADIATOR.
In addition to winning the Best Actor Oscar® for his performance as „Maximus,‟ the
Roman general-turned-gladiator, in Ridley Scott‟s GLADIATOR, he earned Best Actor honors
from several critics organizations, including the Broadcast Film Critics Association, and Best
Actor nominations from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Screen Actors Guild
and BAFTA.
In Ron Howard‟s A BEAUTIFUL MIND, Crowe‟s masterful portrayal of Nobel Prizewinning John Forbes Nash, Jr. earned him his third Academy Award® nomination and garnered
him Best Actor awards from the Golden Globes®, Broadcast Film Critics Association, Screen
Actors Guild, BAFTA and other critics groups.
He received his first Academy Award® nomination for his work in Michael
Mann‟s nonfiction drama, THE INSIDER, as tobacco company whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand.
He also earned Best Actor awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Broadcast Film
Critics Association, National Society of Film Critics and the National Board of Review, and Best
Actor nominations for a Golden Globe® Award, a BAFTA and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
Crowe has recently starred as „Robin Longstride‟ in Ridley Scott‟s epic action-adventure
ROBIN HOOD, and over the past few years has starred in Universal‟s thriller STATE OF PLAY,
along with Edward Norton, Rachel McAdams, and Ben Affleck; Ridley Scott‟s drama BODY OF
LIES for Warner Bros, also starring Leonardo DiCaprio; Lionsgate‟s 3:10 TO YUMA opposite
Christian Bale; and again with director Ridley Scott for Universal‟s AMERICAN GANGSTER
with Denzel Washington.
Before his award-winning acclaim, Crowe made his mark on Hollywood in
Curtis Hanson‟s crime drama L.A. CONFIDENTIAL as vice cop „Bud White.‟ His other film
credits include Ron Howard‟s CINDERELLA MAN where he starred as „Jim Braddock‟; A
GOOD YEAR, directed by Ridley Scott and based on the book by Peter Mayle; Jay Roach‟s
opposite Denzel Washington. He made his American film debut in the Western THE QUICK
AND THE DEAD, with Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone. Additional credits include
Australian children‟s novel; THE EFFICIENCY EXPERT; and PRISONERS OF THE SUN.
Born in New Zealand, Crowe was raised in Australia where he has also been honored for
his work on the screen. He was recognized for three consecutive years by the Australian Film
Institute (AFI) - nominated for Best Actor for THE CROSSING (1991), won the Best Supporting
Actor award for PROOF (1992) and received Best Actor awards from the AFI and the Australian
Film Critics for his performance in ROMPER STOMPER (1992). In 1993, the Seattle
International Film Festival named Crowe Best Actor for his work in both ROMPER STOMPER
Crowe currently resides in Australia.
ELIZABETH BANKS (Lara Brennan) has become one of Hollywood‟s most sought
after and versatile actresses, moving effortlessly between comedy and drama, and now taking on
- 11 -
a role as a producer. Elizabeth will next be seen starring in the independent film THE DETAILS
opposite Tobey Maguire and Laura Linney. She can also be seen in a recurring role on the NBC
series “30 Rock.”
Banks recently produced Disney‟s sci-fi thriller THE SURROGATES, starring Bruce
Willis, through her company Brownstone Productions. Upcoming projects for Brownstone,
which Banks runs with her husband Max Handelman, include TINK, a Disney live-action
romantic comedy in which Banks will star as the title character of „Tinkerbell‟; FOREVER 21, a
DreamWorks comedy which Banks will star in and produce; TOO FAR FROM HOME, a
Universal film about three astronauts who were stranded on the international space station; and
the comedy PITCH PERFECT, also at Universal.
In 2008, Banks had four films in theatres: W, ZACH AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO,
ROLE MODELS and MEET DAVE. Banks received critical acclaim for her role as First Lady
Laura Bush opposite Josh Brolin in Oliver Stone‟s W. The impressive cast included James
Cromwell, Richard Dreyfuss, Ellen Burstyn and Jeffrey Wright. In Kevin Smith‟s ZACK AND
MIRI MAKE A PORNO, Banks (Miri) and Zack (Seth) play two broke friends who decide to
cure their financial ills by making an X-rated movie. Banks also appeared in Universal‟s ROLE
MODELS opposite Paul Rudd and Sean William Scott, and the Fox comedy MEET DAVE
opposite Eddie Murphy.
In 2007, Banks was seen in the Warner Brothers holiday comedy “Fred Claus” opposite
Vince Vaughn and Paul Giamatti. The film grossed over $70 million at the box office. Banks
was also seen reprising her role as journalist “Betty Brant” in “Spiderman 3”. Banks appeared in
both of the previous “Spiderman” blockbusters in the role which director Sam Raimi created for
In 2006, Banks starred in the Disney blockbuster INVINCIBLE, opposite Mark
Wahlberg and Greg Kinnear. The film opened number one at the box office.
In 2005, Elizabeth made a memorable turn in THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN as „Beth‟ a
sex-crazed book store employee. The same year she also appeared in SISTERS, an independent
film opposite Maria Bello and Eric McCormack. She was also seen in Universal Pictures‟
critically acclaimed horror/comedy SLITHER.
In June 2005, Banks was seen starring in the Sony Classics/Ivory Merchant drama
HEIGHTS opposite Glenn Close and James Marsden. Also in 2005, Banks appeared in IFC
Banks‟ additional feature credits include her breakthrough roles the award Academy
Award®-winning films SEABISCUIT, in which she starred as „Marcela Howard‟ opposite Jeff
Bridges and Tobey Maguire; and in Steve Spielberg‟s CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. She has also
SHAFT with Samuel L. Jackson and WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER starring Jeneane
Garofalo and David Hyde Pierce. She has also appeared in several independent features
including THE TRADE and ORDINARY SINNER, which won the Best Film Award at the 2002
Slamdance Film Festival in Park City. Her extensive theater credits include many roles in
American Conservatory Theatre productions, as well as the Guthrie Theater‟s production of
Summer & Smoke directed by David Esbjornson. In 2006 Banks played „Cherie,‟ the female lead
in William Inge‟s comedy Bus Stop, as part of the Williamstown Theater Festival.
On the small screen Banks recently made a guest appearance on ABC‟s “Modern
Family” and appeared in recurring role as „Dr. Kim Porter‟ on NBC‟s “Scrubs.” In 2007 she
appeared in the CBS mini series “Comanche Moon,” which is Larry McMurtry‟s popular prequel
to “Lonesome Dove.”
Originally from Massachusetts, Banks received her Bachelor‟s Degree from the
University of Pennsylvania and her Graduate Degree at the American Conservatory Theater. She
currently resides in Los Angeles.
- 12 -
BRIAN DENNEHY (George Brennan) has maintained a strong presence in film,
theatre, and television for three decades. He has twice won the Tony Award for Best Actor,
honored for playing „James Tyrone‟ in Eugene O'Neill's Long Day's Journey into Night and for
playing „Willy Loman‟ in Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. The latter production was also
filmed for Showtime with Dennehy also serving as executive producer. The television version
subsequently earned Dennehy a Golden Globe® Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and an
Emmy® Award nomination. He revived the role of „Willy Loman‟ in London's West End in 2005
for which he received the coveted Olivier Award for Best Actor. Most recently, he played
„Ephraim Cabot‟ in the Broadway production of Desire Under the Elms for which he received
favorable reviews.
Dennehy is well-known to audiences worldwide for his performances in such popular
JULIET. His other notable screen credits include GORKY PARK, NEVER CRY WOLF,
OF AN ARCHITECT (for which he received Best Actor honors at the Chicago Film Festival),
VELOUR. He voiced the role of Babe Ruth in EVERYONE‟S HERO and was the voice of
Remy‟s father, „Django,‟ in the hit film RATATOUILLE. As for 2010, Dennehy has completed
work on the features ALLEGED; EVERY DAY, with Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt; and most
recently, he worked on the new Jack Black starrer THE BIG YEAR, directed by David Frankel.
Denney is also executive producing and writing the independent feature, REDEMPTION, which
is in active development.
Dennehy has starred in a wide range of television projects, receiving Emmy® Award
nominations for his performances in the miniseries “The Burden of Proof,” “Murder in the
Heartland,” “To Catch a Killer” (in which he played „John Wayne Gacy‟), and Stephen
Gyllenhaal's telefilm “Killing in a Small Town.” His characterization of police investigator „Jack
Reed‟ anchored a successful series of telefilms that he starred in for NBC throughout the 1990s,
several of which he executive produced, co-wrote, and directed. He also directed and starred in
the telefilms “Shadow of a Doubt” (which he co-wrote and co-produced) and “Indefensible.” In
2005, Dennehy received his fifth Emmy® nomination, this time for Best Supporting Actor in
Showtime‟s “Our Fathers.” In 2010, Dennehy starred in the Untitled Dana Gould Pilot for ABC
and guest starred in both “Rizzoli & Isles” for TNT and the FOX pilot “Pleading Guilty.”
Brian has been associated for two decades with Chicago's Goodman Theatre (on whose
Board he serves), where he has starred in numerous productions including Galileo; Desire Under
the Elms, which he also took to Broadway; and most recently performed a one-man repertory
production of Eugene O‟Neill‟s Hughie in conjunction with Samuel Beckett‟s Krapp’s Last Tape.
His other notable stage work includes the Broadway production of Translations; All’s Well That
Ends Well at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Krapp’s Last Tape
at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival; Hughie at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, the Trinity
Repertory Theatre, and the Long Wharf Theatre; Peter Brook's production of The Cherry
Orchard at the Brooklyn Academy of Music; Richard Nelson‟s Conversations in Tusculum at
The Public Theatre in New York; Trumbo, which he starred in Off-Broadway and on tour;
Wisdom Bridge Theatre's production of Rat in the Skull; Says I, Says He at both The Mark Taper
Forum in Los Angeles and The Phoenix Theatre in N.Y.; and The Exonerated, in which he starred
Off-Broadway and on tour. He also starred in the Court TV film version of the play.
After this fall‟s performances in John B. Keane‟s The Field, Dennehy will next be on
stage the summer of 2011 at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival performing the roles of „Sir Toby
Belch‟ in Twelfth Night and „Max‟ in The Homecoming.
- 13 -
LENNIE JAMES (Lieutenant Nabulsi) was born in Nottingham, but spent almost all of
his formative years growing up in South London. He attended Ernest Bevin School where he
prepared for a career in sports therapy and playing rugby. His head was turned toward acting
however after he followed a girlfriend into an audition and was asked to take part by the director.
He is a graduate of the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, leaving early to start his first
professional job at The Derby Playhouse Theatre.
Lennie is an award-winning theatre actor and has worked in almost all the major theatres
in England, including The National, The Royal Court, The Young Vic and Shakespeare‟s Globe.
He has also appeared on Broadway in Two Gentlemen of Verona along side Mark Rylance.
Lennie has been a star of British television since the early 1990s, starring is such series as
“The Orchard House,” “Civvies,” “Comics,” “Out of the Blue,” “MI-5,” “Cold Feet,” “Buried,”
“Fallout” and “The State Within.” Lennie then came to the United States in 2006 to star opposite
Skeet Ulrich in the much-loved and history-making CBS series “Jericho.” At present, Lennie is a
series regular on the hit HBO “Hung” starring Thomas Jane and Jane Adams. He can also be seen
in the upcoming AMC drama “The Walking Dead,” written and directed by Frank Darabont.
On the big screen Lennie is probably best known for his role of „Sol‟ in the Guy Ritchie
film SNATCH opposite Brad Pitt, Benicio Del Toro and Jason Statham. He can also be seen in a
number of other films including SAHARA; LUCKY BREAK; AMONG GIANTS; LES
MISERABLE, opposite Geoffrey Rush, Liam Neeson and Claire Danes; and Michael
Winterbottom‟s 24 HOUR PARTY PEOPLE. He is currently shooting COLOMBIANA opposite
Zoe Saldana and LOCKOUT opposite Guy Pearce.
In 2000, STORM DAMAGE, Lennie‟s first film as a writer, was screened on the BBC. It
garnered much critical acclaim and won a Royal Television Society award, a Riems
Internationales award and a BAFTA award nomination in 2001. This led Lennie toward a
burgeoning career as a writer for stage, screen and a sometime columnist for a number of
Britain‟s major newspapers.
Lennie is married with three teenaged daughters and it is here that he fulfills his most
important roles as father, ATM and taxi driver to his girls. He is also a dedicated supporter of
Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and will one day learn to play the saxophone that he bought
with his first week‟s wages as a professional actor which lies under his bed. Lennie splits his time
between London and Los Angeles.
Equally successful in film and television, OLIVIA WILDE (Nicole) has starred in an
array of roles. Wilde can currently be seen on FOX‟s Emmy®-nominated drama “House.”
Wilde will be starring in the much anticipated futuristic thriller TRON: LEGACY opposite Jeff
Bridges. The film, directed by Joseph Kosinski, will be released on December 17th, 2010.
Wilde will next star as the female lead in the DreamWorks fantasy/action film
COWBOYS AND ALIENS opposite Daniel Craig to be released in 2011.
Wilde was seen opposite Jack Black in Columbia‟s biblical-era comedy film YEAR ONE
which Judd Apatow, Harold Ramis and Owen Wilson produced, with Ramis also directing.
Additionally, Wilde starred in and produced FIX, the story of documentary filmmakers who race
all over California to get help for a relative. FIX opened at the 2008 Slamdance Film Festival and
was released in New York in November of 2009.
Wilde previously co-starred opposite Bruce Willis, Emile Hirsch and Justin Timberlake
in the Universal film ALPHA DOG, based on the true story of Jesse James Hollywood. She has
completed the independent features BICKFORD SCHMECKLER‟S COOL IDEAS, in which she
won Best Actress at the Aspen Film Festival; as well as CONVERSATIONS WITH OTHER
WOMEN, opposite Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart, which received glowing reviews
at the Telluride Film Festival.
On stage, Wilde starred in Epic Theatre Center's Off-Broadway production of Beauty on
the Vine in 2007. On television, she co-starred in the drama “The Black Donnellys,” created by
- 14 -
Paul Haggis. Wilde‟s television breakout role was in the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced
series, “Skin,” for FOX, but she is perhaps better known for her recurring role on the criticallyacclaimed FOX series, “The O.C.”
Wilde was among the early supporters of President Barack Obama, hitting the campaign
trail during the primary season. She is also a longtime advocate of PowerUp Gambia, a nonprofit
organization that seeks to create medical clinics in rural Africa using solar panels to supplement
electricity. Additionally, she is a board member of Artists for Peace and Justice and the ACLU.
At nine years old, TY SIMPKINS (Luke) is an accomplished film and television actor
with more than ten feature films under his belt.
Most recently, Ty attended the Toronto Film Festival (2010) in support of INSIDIOUS,
directed by James Wan (SAW). INSIDIOUS is a creepy, yet fun-filled film where
serendipitously Ty had a starring role alongside Patrick Wilson as his father for the second time
in his young career.
In 2003 at three years old, Ty‟s lucky film break came when Steven Spielberg cast him in
WAR OF THE WORLDS opposite Dakota Fanning and Tom Cruise. This soon led to a featured
role in ALL THE KING'S MEN directed by Steven Zaillian where he played a young Jude Law.
At the age of 4, Ty had the pleasure of working on Todd Field's adaptation of LITTLE
CHILDREN, in which he played Aaron, the son of Patrick Wilson and Jennifer Connelly. In
2005, Ty played Colin Farrell's child in PRIDE AND GLORY, directed by Gavin O'Connor. Ty
has also appeared in REVOLUTIONARY ROAD, directed by Sam Mendes where Ty paired with
his real-life sister, actress Ryan Simpkins, to play the children of Kate Winslet and Leonardo
Looking back to 2001, at just three weeks old, young Ty first appeared on television on
the series “One Life To Live” where he shared the recurring role as „Jack Cramer.‟ A few weeks
later, Ty won the lead role as „Jude Cooper Bauer,‟ on “Guiding Light,” which he continued for
the next five years. Since then, he has appeared on “Law & Order,” “CSI,” “Private Practice,”
“Family of Four” and “Sisters Street,” and next up Ty will be working on the feature, THE
SHADOW MAN, a script which is a finalist at the Sundance and Slamdance screenwriting labs.
Ty is the youngest of three children. He lives in Los Angeles, California with his family.
When he is not working, he loves fencing, ice hockey, baseball and playing with his dogs Rufus
and Chapin.
HELEN CAREY (Grace Brennan), a native of Boston, has enjoyed a career in film,
television and stage for over four decades. She was most recently seen in the multi awardwinning film JULIE & JULIA opposite Meryl Streep and prior to that in LITTLE CHILDREN
opposite Kate Winslet, Jennifer Connelly and Patrick Wilson.
Early stage work includes leading roles at the Guthrie Theater, Stratford Festival Theatre,
Ontario; The Shakespeare Theatre and Arena Stage, both in Washington D. C.; the famed Abbey
Theatre in Dublin, as well as Broadway's Roundabout Theater, New York where she garnered a
Tony nomination for London Assurance.
Carey's television appearances include "House," "Without A Trace," "The Practice," a
recurring role on "Law & Order" and "Seinfeld." She was also a series regular in both "American
Embassy" (shot in London) and "Turks."
As well as a Tony nomination, she has received the Theater World Award, two Helen
Hayes' Awards and the William Shakespeare Award for Classical Theater.
LIAM NEESON (Damon Pennington) has become one of the leading international
motion picture actors today. Whether it is his Academy Award®-nominated role of „Oskar
Schindler‟ in Steven Spielberg‟s highly acclaimed SCHINDLER‟S LIST (1993), his awardwinning portrayal of legendary Irish Republican hero in MICHAEL COLLINS (1996), or his role
- 15 -
as controversial sex therapist „Alfred Kinsey‟ in the critically acclaimed KINSEY (2004), Neeson
continues to display an acting range matched by few.
Currently, Neeson is on location filming UNKNOWN WHITE MALE, a drama/thriller
about stolen identity which costars Diane Kruger and January Jones.
Neeson was most recently seen in THE A-TEAM, the remake of the popular TV series
also starring Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel.
Neeson recently wrapped production on Warner Bros‟ remake of the 1981 film CLASH
OF THE TITANS. The film tells the myth of Perseus and his quest to battle both Medusa and the
Kraken monster in order to save the princess Andromeda.
In 2009, Neeson completed production of AFTER LIFE opposite Christina Ricci. The
film involves a young woman caught between life and death and a funeral director who appears to
have the gift of transitioning the dead.
In 2008, Neeson appeared in TAKEN. The Fox film stars Neeson as an ex-soldier trying
to track down the Albanian slave masters who have kidnapped his daughter. He also debuted the
BBC film FIVE MINUTES OF HEAVEN to rave reviews at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
Additionally in 2008, Neeson once again teamed up with Laura Linney in Richard Eyre‟s
THE OTHER MAN. In May of 2008, Neeson appeared in Disney's box office success THE
CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN where he reprised his role as the voice of the
Lion, „Aslan,‟ in the sequel to the 2005 hit THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE
WITCH AND THE WARDROBE. That same year he also returned to the stage at the Lincoln
Center Festival in Gate/Beckett: Eh Joe directed by Atom Egoyan.
In 2006, Neeson graced the screen in the classic revenge drama SERAPHIM FALLS
opposite Pierce Brosnan. In 2005, he appeared in Ridley Scott‟s crusades epic KINGDOM OF
HEAVEN. He also co-starred that year in BATMAN BEGINS, directed by Christopher Nolan.
Neeson‟s portrayal of „Alfred Kinsey‟ in Bill Condon‟s KINSEY, co-starring Laura
Linney, garnered him a Best Actor award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Prior
to that, Neeson co-starred with Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, and Keira Knightly in the
Working Title film LOVE ACTUALLY (2003), written and directed by Richard Curtis.
Neeson returned to Broadway in 2002, co-starring with his friend Laura Linney in Arthur
Miller‟s classic The Crucible. Both he and Linney earned Tony Award nominations for their
In 2001, he starred opposite Harrison Ford in the true story of Russia‟s nuclear submarine
tragedy entitled K-19: THE WINDOWMAKER and starred opposite Sandra Bullock in the black
comedy GUN SHY (2000).
Neeson starred in the box-office phenomenon STAR WARS: EPISODE I – THE
PHANTOM MENACE (1999) in the role of „Qui-Gon Jinn,‟ the Master Jedi Knight who bestows
his Force-ful wisdom upon Obi-Wan Kenobi and the young Anakin Skywalker. In the same year,
he starred opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones in Jan De Bont‟s THE HAUNTING (1999).
In addition, he starred in the screen adaptation of Victor Hugo‟s LES MISERABLES in the
role of „Jean Valjean,‟ co-starring Geoffrey Rush, Uma Thurman and Claire Danes. Also that year,
Neeson played Oscar Wilde in David Hare‟s new play, The Judas Kiss which opened in London‟s
West End and subsequently on Broadway.
Neeson starred in the title role in Neil Jordan‟s MICHAEL COLLINS (1996) for which he
received Best Actor honors at the Venice Film Festival, a Golden Globe® Best Actor nomination,
and London‟s prestigious Evening Standard Award for Best Actor. The film also received the
highest honor in Venice -- The Golden Lion Award.
It was in 1993 when Neeson received worldwide attention for his starring role in the
Academy Award®-winning film SCHINDLER‟S LIST. In addition to winning an Academy
Award® nomination for Best Actor, he was nominated for a Golden Globe® and BAFTA Award.
The Irish-born actor had originally sought a career as a teacher after attending Queens
University, Belfast and majoring in physics, computer science and math. Neeson set teaching aside
- 16 -
and in 1976 joined the prestigious Lyric Players Theatre in Belfast (“The best training any actor
could have”), making his professional acting debut in Joseph Plunkett‟s The Risen People. After two
years with the Lyric Players, he joined the famed National Theatre of Ireland, the Abbey Theatre in
Dublin. Neeson appeared in the Abbey Theatre Festival‟s production of Brian Friel‟s Translations,
and a production of Sean O‟Casey‟s The Plough and the Stars for the Royal Exchange Theatre in
Manchester, England where he received a Best Actor Award.
In 1980, John Boorman spotted him playing „Lennie‟ in John Steinbeck‟s Of Mice and Men
and cast him in the epic saga of the Arthurian legend, EXCALIBUR. Following this motion picture
debut, Neeson has appeared in more than 40 films demonstrating a wide range of characters. His
credits include Dino DeLaurentiis‟ epic remake of THE BOUNTY (1984), directed by Roger
Donaldson and co-starring Mel Gibson and Anthony Hopkins; the critically-acclaimed LAMB
(1986) for which he received an Evening Standard Drama Award nomination for his haunting
portrayal of a priest tormented by doubts about his faith; Andrei Konchalovsky‟s DUET FOR ONE
(1986), co-starring Julie Andrews; as a political terrorist in A PRAYER FOR THE DYING (1987)
with Mickey Rourke and Bob Hoskins; and a Jesuit priest in Roland Joffe‟s THE MISSION (1986),
co-starring Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons.
Neeson received critical acclaim starring opposite Cher as a deaf and mute Vietnam veteran
in Peter Yates‟ courtroom drama SUSPECT (1987); as the passionate Irish sculptor opposite Diane
Keaton in THE GOOD MOTHER (1988), and as scientist Peyton Westlake whose disfiguring
accident forces him into hiding in Sam Raimi‟s fantasy-thriller DARKMAN (1990).
Neeson next starred in David Leland‟s gritty contemporary drama CROSSING THE LINE
based on William McIlvanney‟s acclaimed novel, The Big Man about an unemployed Scottish miner
desperate for money that is thrust into the high-stakes world of bare-knuckle boxing.
In 1992, he starred as both a Nazi engineer in David Seltzer‟s adaptation of Susan Isaac‟s
best-selling novel Shining Through opposite Michael Douglas; and as a disgraced policeman accused
of murder in the erotic thriller UNDER SUSPICION.
Neeson then continued to star in a succession of films, most notably playing the sensitive art
historian vying for the affections of Mia Farrow and Judy Davis in Woody Allen‟s controversial
His other credits include ETHAN FROME (1993) with Joan Allen; Michael Apted‟s NELL
(1994), starring opposite Jodie Foster and Natasha Richardson; BEFORE AND AFTER (1996) with
Meryl Streep; and the title role in Michael Canton-Jones‟ ROB ROY (1995), co-starring Jessica
Neeson made his Broadway debut in 1993 receiving a Tony Award nomination in the
Roundabout Theater‟s revival of Eugene O‟Neill‟s 1921 drama Anna Christie, co-starring Natasha
DANIEL STERN‟s (Meyer Fisk) long and successful career in motion pictures began
with his memorable portrayal of „Cyril‟ in the Academy Award®-winning movie BREAKING
AWAY, directed by Peter Yates. He then acted with some of the industry‟s top directors,
alternating between comedy and drama. Among his earlier credits were two films for Woody
breakthrough film, DINER; Tim Burton‟s FRANKENWEENIE; and Robert Redford‟s THE
He was featured in Cheech Marin‟s BORN IN EAST L.A before going on to star in the
international blockbusters CITY SLICKERS and HOME ALONE, as well as their respective
He went on to executive produce and star in the comedy BUSH-WHACKED before
teaming with Dan Aykroyd and Damon Wayans in CELTIC PRIDE. In 1993, after directing and
narrating classic TV show “The Wonder Years,” Stern stepped behind the cameras again to make
his feature directorial debut with ROOKIE OF THE YEAR, a film in which he also played the
- 17 -
slow-witted pitching coach.
In 2009, he co-starred with Ellen Page and Marcia Gay Harden in WHIP IT, Drew
Barrymore‟s coming of age film revolved around the world of the roller derby.
Mr. Stern‟s debut as a playwright, Barbra’s Wedding, premiered in Philadelphia and had
a six-month run at the Manhattan Theater Club in New York. Since then, it has been produced all
over the country. He also created, wrote and starred in the CBS series “Danny,” a sitcom about a
newly divorced man coping with his job as a community organizer at a recreation center.
Outside of show business, Mr. Stern is a sculptor. His work “Handstand” was awarded a
position in the 2010-2011 Urban Trees Exhibit at the Port of San Diego and his bronze work has
been a featured exhibit at Tracy Park Gallery in Malibu. In September 2009, he received the
President‟s Call to Service Award, the highest national level award given for volunteer service in
recognition of his extraordinary commitment to volunteerism and civic participation. He and his
wife of 30 years are the proud parents of three grown children and divide their time between Los
Angeles and a cattle ranch in Central California.
KEVIN CORRIGAN (Alex) has had an illustrious career in both the mainstream and
indie worlds and he continues to be one of the most versatile actors in the business.
After studying at The Actors Studio, he made his film debut in 1989 in LOST ANGELS.
He also had a role in the classic mafia picture GOODFELLAS. After appearing in the film
BILLY BATHGATE, Kevin starred in the racially-charged romance ZEBRAHEAD.
During the independent film boom of the 1990s, he built a career playing quirky,
unconventional characters in films such as TRUE ROMANCE, LIVING IN OBLIVION,
WALKING AND TALKING, and BUFFALO 66. He appeared in the action-packed BAD
BOYS prior to writing the script for the 1997 film KICKED IN THE HEAD. The film starred
Kevin, Michael Rapaport, Linda Fiorentino, Lili Taylor and was executive produced by Martin
Kevin became well-known for his role as the slacker „Eddie Finnerty‟ on the sitcom
“Grounded for Life,” which ran for five seasons. Shortly after the show ended, he was offered a
role in Martin Scorsese's best picture winner THE DEPARTED. He has since appeared in the
AND NORA‟S INFINITE PLAYLIST, BIG FAN, a recurring role on FX‟s “Damages,” a
recurring role on Fox‟s “Fringe” and the Academy Award®-winning short THE NEW
TENANTS. He will appear in UNSTOPPABLE with Denzel Washington, PONIES, SOME
JASON BEGHE (Detective Quinn) was born and raised in New York City where he
attended Collegiate School. He is the youngest of four children. His sister Francesca is a
singer/songwriter whose song “Trust in Me” was performed by Joe Cocker on the top-grossing
soundtrack CD of THE BODYGUARD. His father Renato Beghe was nominated by President
George H.W. Bush to be Judge of the U.S. Tax Court where he still sits as an associate justice.
Jason‟s first job was at fifteen as a doorman in the building where he lived with his family. He
was eventually fired for being consistently late.
After completing two years at Pomona College, no one was more surprised than Jason
when he was offered a modeling job in Venice, Italy after being “discovered” by renowned
fashion photographer Bruce Weber. Jason ended up living mostly in Milan and Paris for the next
three years where he became one of the top male models in Europe after shooting a 50-page
advertising spread in Uomo Vogue as “The Armani Man.” Because of his unique approach to
his work, Jason became widely known as 'piccolo actore' (the little actor) in the Italian fashion
industry and was often encouraged to pursue acting as a career.
Jason returned to New York in 1983 and joined an acting class taught by respected
director and coach Wynn Handman and within months he signed with ICM and secured his first
- 18 -
role as „Cupcake‟ opposite Susan Sarandon and Judith Ivey in Frank Perry‟s COMPROMISING
POSITIONS. Next, Jason was offered a role in Los Angeles opposite Alec Baldwin in the Gore
Vidal mini-series “Dress Grey.” Jason stayed in Los Angles for that pilot season and won the
part of quarterback „Tom Yinessa‟ in the HBO series “First and Ten” opposite O.J. Simpson and
Delta Burke. He was on the show for three seasons and has consistently worked in film and
television ever since including notable performances as the lead in George Romero‟s MONKEY
SHINES, Ridley Scott‟s THELMA AND LOUISE and G.I. JANE, and more recently, opposite
his old friend David Duchovny in an arc on the Showtime series “Californication.” THE NEXT
THREE DAYS marks Jason‟s second time working with Paul Haggis.
Jason‟s wife Angie is a dog trainer and president of The Family Dog Rescue. They live
on a ranch in Malibu with their two sons Bix and Bear, along with assorted horses, dogs, chickens
and bunnies.
AISHA HINDS (Detective Collero) is an artist who enjoys seizing every opportunity
she can to intimately explore her craft.
She began her career in the schools, churches, prisons, group homes, and on the streets of
New York City as a cast member with a local Brooklyn-based group called the Health Watch
Players. Aisha was a student at the prestigious LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, and
worked after school spreading the message of safe sex, abstinence, self esteem, preventing sexual
abuse, and dealing with peer pressure through scripted roles and improvisation. The foundation
for her craft was more than an outlet for artistic expression; it was a call to action.
She went on to obtain a BFA in theater at the University of Miami and graduated with
honors and acclaim, having starred in Mame, as „Agnes Gooch‟; Anything Goes, as „Reno
Sweeney‟; Tartuffe, as „Dorine‟; A Piece Of My Heart, as „Steele‟; and in various roles in The
Colored Museum. She took home the title of Miss Black University of Miami and the award for
Best Talent, before following the call to Los Angeles.
Aisha‟s break came when she was afforded the opportunity to expose injustice playing
„Carla Howell‟ on the critically-acclaimed drama, “NYPD Blue.” Since then, she has gradually
made her mark through appearances on a string of television hits such as “ER,” “CSI: NY,”
“Medium,” “Boston Legal,” “The Shield,” “SG-1,” “Lost,” “Judging Amy,” “Lincoln Heights,”
“Prison Break” and “Cold Case.” Her role as a transgender guidance counselor on “Law &
Order: SVU” left an indelible mark on the minds of viewers, and inspired producers to submit her
performance for Emmy® consideration. She was also a series regular on ABC‟s “Invasion,”
Showtime‟s “Hate,” and Lifetime‟s “Conspiracy.” In addition, she is currently recurring on
Showtime‟s “Weeds” and is now a series regular on the new ABC television series, “Detroit
187.” Her feature film credits have ranged from playing the lone female prisoner in ASSAULT
ON PRECINCT 13, with Laurence Fishburne, Maria Bello, John Leguizamo, and Ethan Hawke;
to Demi Moore‟s sophisticated and stern attorney in MR. BROOKS, also starring Kevin Costner
and Dane Cook. The array of her characters has been much like the selection of colors in a
Crayola box. Her latest strokes include a recurring role as „Isabel,‟ a homeless woman on TNT‟s
“Hawthorne,” starring and executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith; also recurring as „Loomis,‟
an FBI agent on Joss Whedon‟s “Dollhouse” for Fox; and in addition a recurring role as voodoo
priestess „Miss Jeanette,‟ on HBO‟s Emmy®-nominated series “True Blood.” She recently
wrapped production in Tony Scott‟s UNSTOPPABLE, starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine,
and Rosario Dawson.
TYRONE GIORDANO (Mike) experience ranges from the stage to the screen. Stage
credits include the multiple-award winning Big River on Broadway as „Huckleberry Finn‟ and the
title role in Pippin at the Mark Taper Forum. Tyrone originated the role of Huckleberry Finn in
Big River at Deaf West Theatre in Los Angeles, where it took on a life of its own to move to the
Mark Taper Forum and then a run on Broadway and a U.S./Japan tour. Tyrone and his co-star,
- 19 -
Michael McElroy, each earned 2004 Drama Desk nominations for Best Lead Actor in a Musical.
Onscreen credits include THE FAMILY STONE starring Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker;
A LOT LIKE LOVE starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet; and UNTRACEABLE starring
Diane Lane.
Throughout his impressive career, actor JONATHAN TUCKER (David) has had the
good fortune of working with some of today‟s most talented filmmakers. He lead the cast of
director Carter Smith‟s Dreamworks thriller THE RUINS which was based upon the best-selling
novel, and will next star in a succession of films including MESKADA which premiered at the
Tribeca Film Festival. THE NEXT THREE DAYS reunites Tucker with Paul Haggis for whom
he previously starred for as the central role in NBC‟s highly acclaimed drama “The Black
Donnellys.” The show chronicled an Irish youth with peacemaking instincts who turns dark due
to his brothers‟ involvement in organized crime in New York City‟s notorious Hell‟s Kitchen
neighborhood. It was followed by another collaboration, Warner Independent Pictures‟ Iraqi War
drama IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH, in which he starred as an AWOL soldier.
More recent credits include a starring role opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in the indie
drama VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE; and with John Hurt in the Quentin Crisp biopic, AN
ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK which premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Audiences and critics alike first took notice of Tucker when he portrayed Tilda Swinton‟s
sensitive teenage son in Fox Searchlight‟s critically lauded THE DEEP END from directors Scott
McGehee and David Siegel. The thriller depicted a devout mother who instinctively reacts to
cover-up a death in an attempt to avoid her son‟s implications.
Tucker transitioned the acclaim into a diverse string of roles including director Marcus
Nispel‟s remake of the horror classic TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE for New Line Cinema;
Samuel Goldwyn‟s STATESIDE with Val Kilmer; the role as younger sibling to John C. Reilly
in the Soderbergh/Clooney-produced con-themed feature CRIMINAL; Miramax‟s thriller
HOSTAGE in which he starred opposite Bruce Willis; and in Weinstein Co.‟s PULSE, a remake
of Kiyoshi Kurosawa‟s Japanese horror classic. He also starred in Think Films‟ dark comedy
LOVE COMES TO THE EXECUTIONER co-starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Jeremy Renner as
well as the drama CHERRY CRUSH opposite Nikki Reed (“Thirteen”).
Additional films include Sofia Coppola‟s THE VIRGIN SUICIDES in which he
portrayed Kirsten Dunst‟s voyeur teen neighbor and attempted savior; BALL IN THE HOUSE
with David Strathairn and Jennifer Tilly; the young Billy Crudup in Barry Levinson‟s acclaimed
SLEEPERS; and the comedy TWO IF BY SEA with Sandra Bullock.
Likewise, previous forays into television include an arc on David E. Kelley‟s “The
Practice,” a guest starring role on “White Collar,” “Law & Order: SVU,” “CSI,” and “Law &
Order: Criminal Intent,” as well as the season premiere of “Six Feet Under.” He most recently
completed a star-turn on the lauded new Showtime series “Masters of Horror: Dance of the
Though a Boston native, Tucker has had the opportunity to travel the world over,
including a couple years in Paris as a young boy, thanks to his renowned art
historian/professor/curator father, Paul Hayes Tucker, and marketing consultant mother, Maggie
Moss-Tucker. By third grade, he was starring in the Boston Ballet‟s production of The
Nutcracker and continued as a member of the company for five years. He is also a graduate of
Ojai‟s Thacher School.
ALLAN STEELE (Sergeant Harris) began his career in New York, performing standup comedy at clubs and colleges; improv and sketch comedy with Long Island troupe The
Fugitive Fleet; a weekly radio show with other comics on WGBB, and appearing in the OffBroadway hit, Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding.
- 20 -
Since moving to Los Angeles, Allan has had the opportunity to work as an actor, writer
and director.
As an actor, Allan has appeared on stage, as a founding member of Bobby Moresco‟s
theater company, The Actor‟s Gym; in films such as CRASH and LIAR‟S POKER; and in
recurring television roles on “The Black Donnellys,” “Falcone,” “Time Of Your Life,” “NYPD
Blue” and “Michael Hayes.”
Highlights as a television writer include an episode of the CBS drama “Michael Hayes,”
co-written with John Romano and named a TV Guide “Editor‟s Choice”; an episode of CBS‟
“Family Law” co-written with Paul Haggis; and an episode of the NBC show, “The Black
As a screenwriter, Allan wrote the psychological thriller A FRIEND IN BABYLON for
Soraya Intercine Films. He also shared screenwriting credit with Bobby Moresco on the feature
10TH & WOLF.
Recently, Allan returned to his comedy roots, portraying „Damien Rust‟ in “Lifeography:
Damien Rust, Magician,” a television pilot from “Real Time with Bill Maher” scribe Adam
Allan has written and directed three short films. THE SYNDICATE, a comedy, received
the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2002 Hamptons International Film Festival. THE
FENCE, a drama, received an Honorable Mention at CineVegas 2008. VIC‟S CAFÉ, a musical,
will appear at festivals worldwide in 2011.
RZA (Mouss), while best known as the founder, producer, and mastermind behind the
Wu-Tang Clan, has built an incredibly diverse and successful career as a musician, a composer of
film scores, a producer, an actor, a businessman, a player and advocate of chess, and as the author
of The Wu-Tang Manual and the New York Times Best Seller, The Tao of Wu.
Born Robert F. Diggs in Brownsville, Brooklyn, RZA first surfaced on the hip-hop scene
during the early '90s. After brief stints as a member of the group All In Together Now and as a
solo artist under the name Prince Rakeem, he formed the Wu-Tang Clan in 1992. Based in Staten
Island the band went on to become one of the most successful and influential hip-hop groups of
all time.
Their debut LP, 1993's Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), driven by RZA's unique,
groundbreaking beats and signature gritty production style, has become a definitive hip-hop
classic and is revered as one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever.
He has released several solo albums, under his own name and the name of his hedonistic
alter ego Bobby Digital, including RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo, Digital Bullet, Birth of a
Prince, and, most recently, Digi Snax. Overall, RZA has sold over 44 million records. An avid
chess player, the RZA created, the world's first online hip-hop chess community where chess players and hip-hop fans can learn from chess masters, compete for scholarships, and
square off against the RZA and other hip-hop celebrities.
RZA is making his directorial debut directing THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS,
which he co-wrote with Eli Roth and will star as „The Blacksmith.‟ Eli Roth, Eric Newman and
Marc Abraham of Strike Entertainment will produce.
RZA can be seen in Miguel Sapochnik's REPO MEN starring Forrest Whitaker and Jude
Law; and Todd Phillip's DUE DATE starring Robert Downey, Jr. As an actor, some of RZA's
credits include work with Judd Apatow in FUNNY PEOPLE, Ridley Scott in AMERICAN
GANGSTER, Buddy Giovinazzo's LIFE IS HOT IN CRACK TOWN and Mikael Håfström in
DERAILED. RZA is a Grammy® award-winning, music producer, BAFTA nominated film
composer, recording artist and actor. RZA is one of the most prominent figures in hip hop music
and the creator/producer of the Wu-Tang Clan. RZA has an extremely distinguished body of
work in music scoring for filmmakers such as Ridley Scott, Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino.
- 21 -
RZA recently scored the Emmy®-nominated American adaptation of the Japanese anime "Afro
Samurai" executive produced and starring Samuel L. Jackson.
Having arrived in Los Angeles for only a few short months, MORAN ATIAS (Erit)
secured the dynamic role of „Inez‟ in the acclaimed drama “Crash,” the TV spin-off of the
Oscar®-winning film about racial tensions in Los Angeles, which after one season, turned into
the female lead opposite the legendary Dennis Hopper. Raised in Israel, Atias is an actress on the
rise in Hollywood.
After growing up in Haifa, Israel, she moved to Italy, where she advanced quickly on the
Italian small screen, hosting primetime TV shows like “I Raccomandati” and confirming huge
modeling campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabana, Roberto Cavalli and Versace, all which
lead to her being selected by the city of Milan as its official spokeswoman. Concurrently,
Atias made her big-screen debut in the critically-acclaimed Italian thriller GAS. Atias
went on to star in several Italian films, including DAYS OF LOVE, OGGI SPOSI and
Dario Argento‟s MOTHER OF TEARS, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival and
at the Toronto International Film Festival. Leaving her media footprint in Italy, she retuned
to her homeland as a focal point in the Israeli media, hosting the hugely successful television
show “Deal or No Deal” as well as “Eurovision.”
Moran is actively involved in disaster relief and raising awareness for Haiti.
Visiting Haiti was a life changing experience for Moran as she assisted in saving 29 lives. Moran
is ISRAAID Good Will Ambassador, an Ambassador for Artists for Peace and Justice and also
does work with Sean Penn‟s Haiti organization, J/P HRO.
Atias currently resides in Los Angeles.
THE NEXT THREE DAYS reunites MICHAEL BUIE (Mick Brennan) with Russell
Crowe, his co-star in MYSTERY ALASKA. He will next appear as Brian Early in Miguel
Arteta's CEDAR RAPIDS, opposite Ed Helms, Sigourney Weaver and John C Reilly in March
Other notable film credits include the Nantucket based ROPEWALK, directed by
Matthew Brown, the Sci-Fi thriller THE McPHERSON TAPE, SCREW CUPID, ONLY FOR
YOU and THE MOON GARDEN directed by Bradley Buecker.
On television, Buie starred as Detective Lincoln Higgs in a TNT television series entitled
"Hard Time," opposite Charles Durning, Bruce Dern and Burt Reynolds. He has had numerous
roles in television movies ("For the Love of Nancy," "Our Mother's Murder," "Panic in the
Skies") and a number of television series including the award-winning "Millennium," "Madison"
and "The Outer Limits." He also guest-starred on "This is Wonderland" directed by Bruce
McDonald and Todd Holland's "Wonderfalls," among others.
Buie has written a cottage-country, independent feature entitled WATER SKI expected to
shoot in the fall of 2011.
Born in Kitchener, Canada, Buie received his Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology with a
Dramatic Arts and Film Minor at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. He
currently resides in Los Angeles.
- 22 -
PAUL HAGGIS (Director, Screenwriter, Producer) is the award-winning filmmaker
who, in 2006, became the first screenwriter to write two Best Film Oscar® winners back-to-back
- MILLION DOLLAR BABY (2004) directed by Clint Eastwood, and CRASH (2005) which he
himself directed. For CRASH, he won Academy Awards® for Best Picture and Best Original
Screenplay. The film also received an additional four nominations including one for Haggis'
direction. CRASH reaped numerous awards during its year of release from associations such as
the IFP Spirit Awards, the Screen Actors Guild and BAFTA.
In 2006, Haggis' screenplays included the duo Clint Eastwood productions FLAGS OF
OUR FATHERS and LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA, the latter earning him his third screenplay
Oscar® nomination. He also helped pen CASINO ROYALE, which garnered considerable
acclaim for reinvigorating the James Bond spy franchise.
In 2007, Haggis wrote, directed and produced IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH for Warner
Independent Pictures, Samuels Media and Summit Entertainment. The film, which starred
Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon, was a suspense drama of a father's
search for his missing son, who is reported AWOL after returning from Iraq. Jones earned a Best
Actor Oscar® nomination for his performance in the film.
Haggis was born in London, Ontario, Canada and moved to California in his early 20s.
For over two decades he has written, directed and produced television shows such as
"thirtysomething" and "The Tracey Ullman Show," and also developed credits as a pup writer on
many Norman Lear sitcoms. He created the acclaimed, if short-lived, CBS series "EZ Streets"
which the New York Times cited as one of the most influential shows of all time, noting, that
without it "there would be no Sopranos."
Hwy 61 is the production company Haggis formed with his friend and producing partner
Michael Nozik. THE NEXT THREE DAYS is their first feature.
Haggis is equally committed to his private and social concerns. He is the founder of
Artists for Peace and Justice. Under this umbrella, many of his friends in the film business have
come forward to build schools and a rehabilitation clinic serving the children of the slums of Haiti
( Haggis was a key element early this year in the 25th anniversary updating
of the “We Are the World” video which he directed and was used to benefit Haiti relief.
He divides his time between residences in Los Angeles and New York.
A producer of over twenty years, MICHAEL NOZIK (Producer) has worked on
numerous award-winning films, and in 1994 received an Academy Award® nomination for
QUIZ SHOW, directed by Robert Redford. He is currently partnered with Paul Haggis at their
production company, Hwy 61, in Santa Monica, CA.
Prior to the formation of Hwy 61, Nozik produced LOVE IN THE TIME OF CHOLERA,
directed by Mike Newell and starring Javier Bardem, as well as produced Academy Award®winning SYRIANA, written and directed by Stephen Gaghan and starring George Clooney, Matt
Damon and Jeffery Wright.
In 2004, Nozik produced THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES, a film directed by Walter
Salles, starring Gael Garcia Bernal, which won a BAFTA and an Academy Award®.
As a founding partner of Serenade Films, Nozik executive produced GAME SIX,
directed by Michael Hoffman and staring Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr.; 12 AND
HOLDING, directed by Michael Cuesta; GREAT NEW WONDERFUL, directed by Danny
Leiner, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Tony Shalhoub; as well as THE NARROWS.
Prior to this, some of the films he produced are PEOPLE I KNOW, starring Al Pacino,
Kim Basinger and Tea Leoni; THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE, directed by Redford and
starring Matt Damon and Will Smith; HOW TO KILL YOUR NEIGHBOR‟S DOG, starring
- 23 -
Kenneth Branagh and Robin Wright Penn; SLUMS OF BEVERLY HILLS, starring Alan Arkin
and Marisa Tomei; and SHE‟S THE ONE, with Edward Burns, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer
Aniston. In addition, under director Mira Nair, Nozik produced three films including THE
PEREZ FAMILY, MISSISSIPI MASALA and the Academy Award®-nominated SALAAM
Other producing credits include THUNDERHEART, starring Val Kilmer; CROSSING
DELANCEY, with Amy Irving; and, for television, the Tony Hillerman novel, “Skin Walkers.”
OLIVIER DELBOSC (Producer) – Bio Forthcoming
MARC MISSONNIER (Producer) – Bio Forthcoming
AGNES MENTRE (Executive Producer) is currently the U.S. Representative for Wild
Bunch, which is regarded as a European leader in international sales, co-production and the
distribution of motion pictures. With eighteen years of film industry experience, she previously
worked for Miramax Films and The Weinstein Company, where she was EVP of Acquisitions
and Co-Production during the last seven years of her tenure. Some of her high profile acquisitions
and most successful projects include AMELIE, FAHRENHEIT 9/11, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL,
GAME. Her most recent acquisitions at Wild Bunch include THE WRESTLER, TWO LOVERS,
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, THE BOX and THE EXTRA MAN. In addition to acquiring
films, she also represents remake rights on European productions, helping to bridge US studios
and European productions. Before entering the film business, she was an investment banker with
Lazard Freres in New York. She is also a French and American lawyer.
ANTHONY KATAGAS (Executive Producer) – Bio Forthcoming
STÉPHANE FONTAINE‟s, A.F.C. (Director of Photography) work can most recently
be seen in A PROPHET (Grand Prize Cannes 2009 and Cesar Award for Best Cinematography)
and WHAT JUST HAPPENED starring Robert De Niro.
Originally from France, Fontaine works between Europe and the United States. His other
notable film credits as director of photography include DUMAS starring Gerard Depardieu,
He began his career working as a camera assistant on European films such as LES
before working as a camera operator (MADEMOISELLE) and second unit DP (HISTORY IS
LAURENCE BENNETT‟s (Production Designer) feature production design credits
include FREEDOM WRITERS, TRAITOR, and his previous collaborations with Paul Haggis: IN
THE VALLEY OF ELAH and Academy Award® Best Picture winner CRASH, which earned
him a 2006 Excellence in Production Design Award nomination from the Art Directors Guild.
He has designed numerous television pilots and series, including "Grey's Anatomy,"
"Once And Again," "Mr. Sterling," "Miracles," "EZ Streets," and "Thief."
Bennett‟s latest project is THE ARTIST for French writer/director Michel Hazanavicius.
A romance set in 1927-31 Hollywood, the black and white silent film starring Jean Dujardin,
Berenice Bejo, John Goodman and James Cromwell, will be released in Spring 2011 (France).
Bennett was educated at Occidental College, Los Angeles and Waseda University,
Tokyo, and lived in Ireland for ten years before returning to Los Angeles to work in film.
- 24 -
In Dublin he had a design practice, worked in fringe theatre, exhibited his paintings, and taught at
the National College of Art and Design.
He and his wife Nina live in Clackamas County, Oregon in a 106 year-old farmhouse.
They share the former homestead property with their dog, cats, chickens, and rabbits.
JO FRANCIS (Editor) edited Paul Haggis' last feature IN THE VALLEY OF ELAH,
starring Tommy Lee Jones (for which he received an Academy Award® nomination for Best
Actor in 2008), Charlize Theron, and Josh Brolin in 2007.
Most recently she co-produced and was the supervising editor on the "We Are The World
25" music video, as a passion project for the people of Haiti.
Francis also edited "The Black Donnellys" pilot created by Haggis and Bobby Moresco
for NBC. Other series include the Showtime series “Crash” starring Dennis Hopper; the popular
series "Lost" for ABC; the Fox series "House"; and "Life" and "American Dreams," both on
Francis began her editing career as an assistant on the Television series "Family Law."
ABIGAIL MURRAY (Costume Designer) is a costume designer based in New York
and Los Angeles. Throughout her career she has designed for films, television and theater. Her
film credits include costume designer for the feature films THE EXPRESS, PRIDE & GLORY,
Her career began in New York City assisting the Academy Award®-winning costume
designer Tony Walton. Her theater work includes opera and ballet, designing for numerous
projects. She has designed for the Roundabout Theater, La Mama, Playwrights Horizons and
Ensemble Studio Theaters.
Murray's work was recently celebrated in the Academy of Motion Pictures publication 50
Designers / 50 Costumes, representing 50 of the top costume designers working today.
DANNY ELFMAN (Composer) has earned numerous honors, including a Grammy
Award®, an Emmy Award® and four Academy Award® nominations. In 1998, he was honored
with dual Oscar® nominations for Best Original Score for his work on Barry Sonnenfeld‟s MEN
IN BLACK and Gus Van Sant‟s GOOD WILL HUNTING. He received his third Oscar
nomination for the score for Tim Burton‟s acclaimed fantasy BIG FISH. Elfman earned his most
recent Oscar nomination for his score for the acclaimed biopic MILK, directed by Gus Van Sant.
In all, Elfman has composed more than 60 motion-picture scores for a variety of directors
including Tim Burton, Gus Van Sant, Sam Raimi, Ang Lee, Taylor Hackford, Paul Haggis, Errol
Morris, Rob Marshall, Brett Ratner, Guillermo del Toro, Wayne Wang, Timur Bekmambetov,
Barry Sonnenfeld, Brian De Palma, Peter Jackson, The Hughes Brothers, Richard Donner, Jon
Amiel, Martin Brest, and Warren Beatty.
Elfman has worked on films of every genre, including SPIDER-MAN (1 and 2),
For television, Elfman won an Emmy Award® for his theme for the hit series “Desperate
Housewives,” and was also Emmy-nominated for his theme for “The Simpsons,” which is the
longest-running primetime comedy series ever.
A Los Angeles native, Elfman got his first experience in performing and composing at
the age of 18 for the French theatrical troupe Le Grand Magic Circus. The following year, he
collaborated with his brother Richard, performing musical theatre on the streets of California.
- 25 -
Elfman then worked with a “surrealistic musical cabaret” for six years, using the outlet to explore
multifarious musical genres.
For 17 years he wrote and performed with rock band Oingo Boingo, producing such hits
as “Weird Science” and “Dead Man‟s Party.”
Elfman‟s first full-length orchestral commission, Serenada Schizophrana premiered at
Carnegie Hall. His first composition for ballet “Rabbit and Rogue” had its American Ballet
Theatre (ABT) World Premiere at The Metropolitan Opera House at New
York‟s Lincoln Center in June 2008. The ballet was choreographed by Twyla Tharp and
commissioned by ABT.
Elfman‟s most recent film credits include the smash hit, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and
the upcoming REEL STEEL, Gus Van Sant‟s RESTLESS and MEN IN BLACK 3.
His Cirque du Soleil show, “Iris” opens as a permanent show at Hollywood‟s Kodak
Theater in 2011.
RANDI HILLER (Casting Director) is an award-winning casting director. With over
fifteen years of experience and over 80 films, she has worked on a wide range of projects
extending from independent films to major studio productions and covering all genres. She has
made a name for herself with her eye for talent and for going outside the normal channels to find
new faces. This has led her to audition a wide range of people including actors, surfers,
policemen, criminals, basketball players, hockey players and inner city kids
She has been nominated for eleven Casting Society of America Artios Awards of which
she has won two. The first award was for Best Casting on an Independent Feature Film for IN
THE BEDROOM. This film was nominated for five Academy Awards® and numerous other
accolades. Three of the five lead actors were nominated for Oscars®.
Her second Artios award was with her former business partner for Best Feature Film
Casting for CRASH, which won the Academy Award® for Best Picture in 2006. The film also
won the SAG Award for Outstanding Ensemble Cast, the NAACP Image Award for Best Picture,
the Hollywood Film Festival for Best Cast, and numerous other distinctions and Awards. The
team then worked again with director Paul Haggis on the critically-acclaimed film IN THE
VALLEY OF ELAH for which lead actor Tommy Lee Jones earned an Oscar® nomination.
In 2006, Ms. Hiller was invited to join the Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts and
Some of her other credits include IRON MAN 1 and 2, LIFE AS A HOUSE, MIRACLE,
and the upcoming films WARRIOR and THOR.
EUGENIE GRANDVAL (Co-Producer) is currently head of development at Hwy 61
Films, a partnership between Paul Haggis and Michael Nozik. When Grandval joined the
company in 2009, she identified the French feature POUR ELLE as a viable American remake
and brought it to Haggis‟ attention.
Before HWY, Grandval was based in Paris where she collaborated with filmmaker
Barbet Schroeder (SINGLE WHITE FEMALE, REVERSAL OF FORTUNE) on the awardwinning documentary film, TERROR‟S ADVOCATE (Cesar Award winner for Best
Documentary, 2008; Cannes Selection, 2007). Grandval began her career as a production and
development executive at the New York-based Crossroads Films, Pressman Films and October
Films. Prior to that Grandval worked in mergers and acquisition in New York. Now based in Los
Angeles, she previously attended Columbia University and the Sorbonne in Paris.
FRED CAVAYÉ (Based on the film 'Pour Elle')
GUILLAUME LEMANS (Based on the film 'Pour Elle')
- 26 -
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Karen Lovell
Kent Jackson
Branden Ryan
Don Krauss
Judy Strazzera
Kate Bauer
Ryan Clutch
Tim Papciak
Harmony Csulik
Virginia Herdman
Set Medic
Colombia Unit
Supervising Producer
Directory of Photography
First Assistant Camera
Second Assistant Director
FH5 Operator
Tyler Mount Operator
Helicopter Pilot
Crane Operator
Production Manager
Unit Manager
Extras Coordination
Art Director
Makeup Artist
Production Team
Felipe Alijure
Henry Lynk
Robinson Tabares
Hugo Ortiz
Josue Rojas
Diego Cuellar
Juan Carlos Encinales
Carlos Giraldo
Enrique Arango
Mauricio Escobar
Armando Morelos
Diobeth Guerra
Aristides Torres
Tomasa Ibarra
Yamal Acosta
Jean Rolon
Disney Gomez
Juan Kai Mejia
Rafael Gonzalez
Natalie Forero Alvarez
Cristina Diaz Granados
Production Services by "Shoot Colombia"
Julian Giraldo for RCN
Carolina Angarita for Ennovva
Felipe Alijure for Cinempresa
Post Production
Post Production Executive
Post Production Coordinator
Mark W. McCoy
Ariana Young
- 37 -
Post Production Assistant
Justin Powell
Post Production Accounting
Emily Rice
Liam Hearne
Editorial Production Assistants
Steve Jacks
A. David Silverman
Sound Effects Editors
Dror Mohar
Hector Gika MPSE
Christopher Assells MPSE
Michael Hertlein
Nancy MacLeod
Victor Ray Ennis
Nerses Gezalyan
Gary Hecker
Catherine Rose
Anita Cannella
Greg Steele C.A.S.
Ron Bedrosian
Greg Zimmerman
Julio Carmona
Robert Althoff
Dialogue Editor
Foley Editor
Supervising Assistant
Foley Mixer
Foley Artists
ADR Mixers
ADR Recordists
Sound Editing by Soundelux
Sound Facilities ToddAO
ADR Voice Casting
ADR Cast
Joe Capelletti - The Final Word
Bridget Hoffman
Rif Hutton
June Christopher
Joe Cappelletti
Jacqueline Pinol
Jack Blessing
Glenn Davis
Rocco Gentilini
David Cowgill
Don Fullilove
Kate Higgins
Yuri Lowenthal
Kirk Baily
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Mela Lee
Cindy Robinson
Matthew Goldfarb
Visual Effects and Animation by Asylum
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Senior Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Supervisor
Visual Effects Executive Producer
Visual Effects Producer
CG Producer
Animation Supervisor
Lighting Supervisors
Nathan McGuinness
Bret St. Clair
Kathy Chasen-Hay
Andrew Foster
Elizabeth Hitt
Piotr Karwas
Matthew Maude
Charles Abou Aad
Greg Stuhl
John Hart
Rick Grandy
Fabio Zapata
Joe Ken
Kosta Saric
Lead Modeler
Lead Texture Painter
Rigging Supervisor
Tracking Supervisor
Lead Compositor
Visual Effects Editor
Visual Effects and Animation by FURIOUS FX
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David Lingenfelser
Executive Producer
Scott Dougherty
CG Supervisor
Mark Shoaf
Visual Effects Producer
Tiffany A. Smith
CG Artists
Michael Fesseden
Chris MacKinnon
Bryan Shepperd
CG Environment Artist
Brian Demetz
Kevin Lingenfelser
Tommy Tran
Sean O'Connor
Landon Medeiros
Kimo Pepe
Rotoscope Artists
Erin M. Cullen
Kristine Lankenau
Paint Artist
Christine Cram
Computer Services Manager
Christopher Serenil
Visual Effects Associate Producer
Tracy Takahashi
Production Coordinator
Erika Abrams
Production Assistant
Tony Sgueglia
Additional Paint Services
Additional Motion Tracking Services
VFX Supervisor
Mike Uguccioni
Jamie Baxter
Roger Mocenigo
Chris Ervin
Matte Painter
Trinh Baxter
Debra George
Visual Effects by 2G Digital Post, Inc.
Visual Effects Producer
Jason Sanford
Visual Effects Account Executive
Cortney Haile
- 39 -
Visual Effects Supervisor
Digital Compositor
Visual Effects Coordinator
Spencer Hecox
Justin Pascal
Ashley J. Ward
Dolby Sound Consultant
James Wright
New York Editing Facility
Post FactoryNY
Los Angeles/Pittsburgh Editorial and Screening Services Provided by Orbit Digital
Avid Services & Support
Will Allgood
Main and End Title Designed by yU+co
End Crawl by
Scarlet Letters
Previews by Modern VideoFilm, Inc
Preview Colorist
Sue Gates
Project Manager
Marisa Clayton
HD Digital Services by WLA Post Group
Digital Intermediate Services Provided By EFILM
Supervising Digital Colorist
Second Colorist
Color Assist
DI Producer
DI Assistant Producer
DI Editor
Digital Opticals
Yvan Lucas
Tom Reiser
Elodie Ichter
Rob Phillips
Rosalie Staley
Martha Pike
Pat Clancey
Cinemascan Colorist
Cinemascan Producer
Rick Brown
Ken Lebre
Prints by Deluxe®
Lab Color Timer
Lab Account Manager
Account Managers Assistant
Jim Passon
Saj Jayasinghe
Bruce Fowler
Footage Provided by Sony Pictures Stock Footage
President, Production
Executive Vice President, Production
Development Executive
Supervisor of Production
Manager of Production
Manager of Production Accounting
Production Department Coordinator
Allison Shearmur
Wolfgang Hammer
Zach Studin
Curtis A. Miller
Bree Bailey
Mark Pedante
Ami Cohen
- 40 -
Assistant to Ms. Shearmur
Assistant to Mr. Hammer
Matt Kaplan
Sean Hennen
Executive Vice President, Business &
Legal Affairs
Assistant to Mr. Melnik
Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs
Manager of Business & Legal Affairs
Attorney, Business & Legal Affairs
Credits Coordinator
Robert Melnik
Lindsay Gores
Charlyn Adkins
Bill Jacks
Neil Ollivierra
Amanda M. Ellis
Co-President, Theatrical Marketing
Co-President, Theatrical Marketing
Vice President, Assets and Unit Publicity
Tim Palen
Sarah Greenberg Roberts
Yon Elvira
Executive in Charge of Music
General Manager & EVP, Business
Budget Supervisor
Soundtracks & Music Marketing
Music Assistant
Tracy McKnight
Executive Vice President, Finance
Screening Operations Executive
Wescott Guarino
Timothy Ralston
Lenny Wohl
Chris Brown
Jason Cienkus
Willa Yudell
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Killer Grip
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and City National Bank
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Brian Kingman
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Score Produced by
Orchestrations by
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Steve Bartek
Edgardo Simone
David Slonaker
Marc Mann
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Rick Wentworth
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Adam Olmsted
MIDI Supervision & Preparation by
Orchestra Leader
Score Recorded by
Score Mixed by
Recording Assistant Engineer
Mixing Assistant Engineer
- 41 -
Music Editor
Temp Music Editors
Bill Abbott
Nancy Allen
Brent Brooks
Greg Maloney
Additional Engineering
Additional Assistant Engineer & Music
Additional Arrangements & Programming
Pre-record Engineer
Orchestra Contractor
Assistant Orchestra Contractor
Music Preparation
Score Recorded at
Score Mixed at
Score Vocals by
Cello Solos
Music Clearance & Licensing
Melisa McGregor
TJ Lindgren
Noah Snyder
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Air Studios, London, England
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"Waltz Trio Session"
Composed & Performed by Giorgio Rosciglione, Cinzia Gizzi and Gegè Munari
Courtesy of 5 Alarm Music
“Sweet Dreams”
Written by Richard Melville Hall
Performed by Moby
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"No Nadie"
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- 42 -
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“Don‟t Make a Sound”
Written by Elizabeth Berg and Alex Greenwald
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Courtesy of Downtown Records
“Walk Around The Lake”
Written by Ari J. Picker
Performed by Lost In The Trees
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