Things Fall Apart Questions

September 16th, 2014
Please get out your Vocab. Sentences
and copy of “Things Fall Apart”
Chapters 1-3
Why does Okonkwo hate his father?
What does Okonkwo value?
What did Unoka value?
What do the Ibo/the villagers of Umuofia
• Make a timeline that includes these events
– Death of Unoka, Okonkwo’s throwing of The Cat,
Conflict with Mbaino, and Nwakibie’s support
Questions Chapter 4-6
What does Okonkwo do wrong in Chapter
How does he feel about his actions? What
does his clan think he feels about his actions?
What kind of conflict(s) is Okonkwo
experiencing in chapter four?
What is the role of woman in the clan?
What does Chielo do? How does this contradict
the perceived role of women from Chapter Five?
• Create a storyboard for the sequence of events
leading up to Ikemefuna’s death
– Illustrate how you would visualize these events
were you to make a film of them
– On the back of your storyboard/on a separate
piece of paper, write a complete paragraph
describing what the conflict Okonkwo
experiences in this chapter is, and how your
visuals would emphasize Okonkwo’s conflict and
the importance of his actions.
Storyboard Example
Questions Chapter 8 & 9
• How does Okonkwo feel about women?
• Find three quotations that support your answer
from these chapters.
• What power do women have in Ibo culture?
• Is the treatment of women consistent in Ibo
• What traits make Enzima Okonkwo’s favorite
• How does Okonkwo feel about Nwoye? Why?
D.Q.’s Chapters 10 & 11
1. Describe the ceremony in chapter 10.
A. Who is it being called for?
B. Who can participate?
C. What function does it serve? Is it simple?
2. What did you expect Okonkwo to do when he
arrived outside the caves in Chapter 11? Are his
actions what you expected?
3. How does Okonkwo’s relationship with Ezinma
and Ekwefi develop his character in a new
D.Q.’s End of Part I
• What is ironic about Okonkwo’s crime and
his banishment to Mbanta? (Source: Holt,
Rinehart, and Winston Study Guide)
• Why would Achebe specifically include the
story of the tortoise in this narrative? How
does it relate to Okonkwo?
– What gender is the story “for?” Do the traits it
warns against apply to the Ibo perception of that
D.Q.’s for Chapter 14-17
1. Something about his native culture troubles Nwoye
deeply, and the Christian Church comforts him. What is
bothering him?
2. What is Okonkwo thinking about when he thinks
“Living fire begets cold impotent ash?”
3. Why do the missionaries wipe out the village of
a. What does this say about them?
4. How would you describe the culture of the Igbo
people? Write a paragraph explaining their religious,
societal, and familial structures that make up their
DQ’s for Chapters 20-24
• How does Okonkwo know Umuofia won’t go to
war? What does this indicate about the state of
the village?
• Create a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast
Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith
• How does Okonkwo earn our sympathy? In what
ways does he not?
• “The white man came quiet and peaceably with
his religion…we have fallen apart” (pg. 152).
Restate what Obierika is saying in this quote in
your own words.