SPOKEN Words Fitly Affirmations From

Words Fitly
Affirmations From
As a creation of God, I shine my light into the world.
I accept and bless myself and others.
Thank You, God, for the desire of my heart—this or something better.
Affirmative Prayer
God is my source of abundant life, love, happiness, and health.
I say yes to my highest good.
I am a vibrant expression of the love of God.
I awaken to a new day and behold the wonder around me.
My spirit rises, renewed, and reborn.
Bless the Children
God bless children, for they are the teachers and peacemakers of the
I bless children with my thoughts and prayers.
Thank You, God, for children—your vision of greater good in the world.
I am a living, breathing expression of divine life.
I am a vibrant creation of God, living a life of health and freedom.
I am one with God. I breathe in goodness, life, and peace.
I celebrate the fullness of life.
I celebrate the life, love, and peace of God within me and within the
I celebrate the light of God within me and everyone.
I am fulfilling my divine potential.
I am open to the blessings of change.
I cross every bridge to change with faith and confidence.
I embrace change and the opportunities for good that it offers.
My mind is clear. My heart is open. I am at peace.
Returning to my Christ nature, I see all things clearly.
The mind of God lives in me—clear and full of strength and wisdom.
God is my strength and my
God’s great love eases my mind
and brings me comfort.
I am enfolded in Infinite Love.
I rejoice in the diversity of humanity that is enriching the world.
I unite heart and soul with others to create a strong and vital whole.
My heart is united with all hearts in God’s beautiful, diverse world.
Divine Order
All is in divine order. I live this truth today and every day.
Divine order is established in me and in my life.
I am divinely guided to my greatest happiness and success.
I am patient in this time of change, knowing my future is in God’s care.
I am divine energy expressing as vitality and life.
I am energized by the power of God within me.
I am alive, alert, and able to make the most of divine opportunities.
Faith assures me that God loves me and guides me through all experiences.
Faith calls me back again and again to sacred communion with God.
Faith is a cornerstone in my life, and peace is my experience.
As an expression of Divine Love, I forgive myself and others.
Choosing to forgive, I choose to live life fully!
Each time I forgive, my heart opens.
I am freedom in
I am a spiritual being—unlimited and free.
I am a unique creation of God, strong in the
freedom of my soul.
I am a vibrant, whole, and prosperous creation of God.
I am blessed beyond measure by the grace of God.
God is my counsel, my guiding light.
God is my source and resource. I am guided to my good.
Connected to Spirit, my life is in perfect harmony.
Divine love inspires me to embrace and express
I rest in the healing presence of Spirit, and I am strong and whole.
I think, feel, and foster health and wholeness.
Immersed in the healing grace of God, I am whole and free.
In mind, body, and spirit, I am whole and well.
Life-giving energy flows throughout my body. I am renewed.
My body is a temple of divine life and energy. I am healthy and whole.
Inner Peace
Centered in the presence of God, I have peace of mind.
Divine love and grace fill me with peace.
Divine peace soothes my mind and heart.
Because God’s spirit lives within me, I am a whole and holy being.
Beholding the Christ, I am filled with joy.
Let Go, Let God
As I let go and let God, I glorify the presence of God.
As I let go and let God, I open the way for peace and prosperity in my
I am filled with God’s love all day long.
I am transformed by the harmonizing power of God’s love.
My Story
I am a child of God living a
miraculous story of spiritual
I am an amazing creation of an
awesome, ever-present God.
I am writing the story of my
New Beginnings
I am alive and alert. I am one with the One.
I discover something new to appreciate in God’s world each day.
I am confident in my ability to succeed.
I am a whole, vibrant, and able creation of God.
Pray for Others
As I pray for others, I see them in the flow of divine love.
Child of God, you are created to be whole and well.
Christ in you is the perfection you express in mind and body.
Blessings flourish in my life through the love of Christ abiding in me.
By the grace of God, I am unlimited.
Divine abundance overflows into every area of my life. Prosperity is
I am calm and poised as I travel because God is with me.
I am calm, courageous, and at peace.
I am confident and capable throughout every experience.
Completely relaxed, I rest in God’s peaceful, supporting presence.
I am in God’s presence, relaxed and renewed in mind, body, and spirit.
In the Silence, I commune with God in a sacred language of the soul.
God’s spirit enriches my soul, bringing about good for me
and through me.
I am giving expression to the Christ qualities within me.
I am whole and well.
I joyfully recognize and realize my wholeness.
World Peace
As I know peace within my heart, peace prevails in my world.
As we recognize our oneness, peace emerges.
Attuned to the love of God, I radiate peace to the world.