Recognition as a Professional Teacher in HE: The Higher

Applying for Higher Education
Academy (HEA) recognition through
the UH CPD Framework; Associate
Fellow (AFHEA), Fellow (FHEA) or
Senior Fellow (SFHEA)
Sarah Flynn [email protected]
Joy Jarvis [email protected]
Helen Barefoot [email protected]
Learning and Teaching Institute
Workshop Outcomes
On completion of this workshop participants should have:
• considered the importance of being a ‘dual professional’
• considered and discussed the CPD framework (understanding the
application and assessment processes)
• identified which level of Fellowship is appropriate for them
• reflected and evaluated their own experiences in light of the UK
Professional Standards Framework and considered their practice
against the relevant criteria for their identified level of Fellowship
• started to draft their own submission
University of Hertfordshire perspective
• At UH we consider our academic staff to be dual
professionals, that is professional teachers in HE and
professionals in their own discipline.
• As ‘dual professionals’ all academic staff should engage in
continuous professional development as relevant and
appropriate to their learning and teaching role
• We support the national professional recognition scheme
of the HEA and view it as an important marker of learning
and teaching professionalism
• CPAD is a formal accredited programme
• Our CPD framework has now been accredited by
the HEA
UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)
• The idea originally proposed in the White Paper The Future of
Higher Education (2003). UUK, SCOP(now GuildHE) and the UK
HE funding bodies invited the HEA to consult with the sector to
develop such a framework
• Reviewed in 2011; idea to strengthen the framework, ensure it
remains fit for purpose, and to develop appropriate
• Consultation November 2010 – January 2011
• New UKPSF launched 2nd November 2011
HEA Professional Recognition Scheme
The scheme has been designed to support the implementation of
the Professional Standards Framework
Four categories of professional recognition:
1. Associate of the Higher Education Academy (AHEA)
2. Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA)
3. Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)
4. Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA)
HEA Professional Recognition Scheme
Senior Fellow
Principal Fellow
Collaborative Accredited
UH Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education is an accredited
programme at Fellow; the first module, Teaching and Supporting Learning, at Associate
UKPSF Dimensions of the Framework
Areas of activity
1. Design and plan learning activities and/or programmes of study
2. Teach and/or supporting learning
3. Assess and give feedback to learners
4. Developing effective environments and approaches student
support and guidance
5. Engage in continuing professional development in subjects /
disciplines and their pedagogy, incorporating
research, scholarship and the evaluation of
Areas of
professional practice
UKPSF Dimensions of the Framework
Core knowledge (knowledge and understanding of)
1. The subject material
2. Appropriate methods for teaching and learning in the subject
area and at the level of the academic programme
3. How students learn, both generally and in the subject /
disciplinary area
4. The use and value of appropriate learning technologies
5. Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of teaching
6. The implications of quality assurance and
Areas of
enhancement for academic and professional
practice with a particular focus on teaching
UKPSF Dimensions of the Framework
Professional values
1. Respect for individual learners and diverse learning
2. Promote participation in higher education and equality of
opportunity for learners
3. Use evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from
research, scholarship and continuing professional
4. Acknowledge the wider context in which higher
education operates recognising the implications
Areas of
for professional practice
Professional Recognition Benefits
• Be recognised for the valuable professional work you do and
to celebrate this
• Valuable portable asset recognised across the sector
• Might be critical for promotion/career progression
• Help to keep up to date with latest developments in learning
and teaching (CPD events, networking)
• You can become involved in shaping national policy through
work with the HEA
Application via our UH CPD Framework
Routes for:
• Associate Fellow
• Fellow
• Senior Fellow
At which level should you apply?
Associate Fellow
Senior Fellow
• Early career
• PhD students
• Staff very new to
• Learning technologists
• Digital Literacy
Support staff
• Technical staff
• CAPS staff
• Outreach staff
• Early career
• Support staff with
substantive teaching
• Experienced
academics new to UK
• Experienced research
staff who’ve recently
taken on teaching
• Staff with teaching
responsibilities within,
for example, workbased settings
• Experienced staff with
responsibility for
leading or organising
programmes/ subject/
discipline areas
• Experienced subject
• Experienced staff with
L&T responsibilities at
School or University
Application for AFHEA and FHEA
1. Using a specific example, please share with us how you have learnt from colleagues to
enhance your practice.
2. Drawing on relevant pedagogical literature, please share your thoughts on how
students learn both generally, and within your subject discipline.
3. Please share with us an example of how you’ve used a relevant technology to enhance
student learning including discussion of how you learnt about the technology and how
to use it.
4. Taking an evidence informed and scholarly approach is one of the professional values
identified within the UKPSF. Please share with us an example of how the literature or
your own research/professional practice has informed your teaching
5. The professional values within the UKPSF recognise the importance of widening
participation and equality of opportunity and respect for individuals and diverse
learning communities. In relation to your role, please share with us two examples of
your own professional development that has helped you to meet the needs of your
6. Please share with the panel how your learning conversations with colleagues have
aided your understanding of the wider context in which higher education operates.
Application for SFHEA
1. What were the key benefits for your colleagues/team?
2. What were the key benefits for the learners whom your colleagues/team
work with?
3. What were the key challenges you experienced in supporting your
4. How did you promote/consider the dimensions of the UKPSF to support your
5. How did you and your colleagues/team evaluate the impact of your support?
6. How did you manage to ensure sustained enhancement in relation to
learning and teaching once your immediate support of the colleagues/team
had concluded?
7. How has your own professional practice developed through your support of
your colleagues/team?
8. Considering the CPD learning landscape, which elements did you personally
develop through your support of others?
9. Which elements of the dimensions of the UKPSF did you gain more
experience, and a deeper understanding, of during your support of others?
Evidencing your professional development
It is essential to:
• Show us clearly how you meet the Core Knowledge and
Professional Values
• Indicate in your text where you think the
links are by including the relevant
knowledge or value in brackets, like a
reference (K1) (V3)
• It is really important that you
make a claim, rather than the
Panel extract the evidence
Reference requirements
Discuss your plan to apply for recognition with your line manager
Referees must be familiar with UKPSF
Referees must be able familiar with your work and the context in which you teach
and/or support learning.
Referee requirements for
Associate Fellow
• One should be an internal
• At least one should be a
Fellow (or Senior Fellow or
Principal Fellow) of the HEA
Referee requirements for
Referee requirement for Senior
• Line manager - should be able
to confirm that you have
recently discussed your CPD in
relation to L&T
• At least one should be a
Fellow (or Senior Fellow or
Principal Fellow) of the HEA
• Line manager - should be able
to confirm that you have
recently discussed your CPD in
relation to L&T
• Colleague who is in a position
to comment on your record of
effectiveness in relation to L&T
• Colleague who has been
influenced or supported by
• Two of your referees should be
internal colleagues & at least
one of your referees should be
a Fellow (or Senior Fellow or
Principal Fellow) of the Higher
Education Academy.
Gathering your evidence; think about your
education roles and experiences
Useful to develop a timeline
Might include:
• Career milestones
• Specific roles
• Involvement in learning and teaching initiatives
• Areas of research/scholarly practice
• Recognition and Reward
• Collaboration
• Staff development activity
• Leadership/management roles
Information to aid application
Things to consider when drafting your application
• CV
• Appraisal forms (Peer Observation forms + SFQ data)
• List of responsibilities
• Programme reviews/validations/curriculum
• CPD activities
• Funding applications/awards
• Professional and other organisations you are involved
• Pedagogic research/evaluations
• External examiner work
Application process
1. Complete application requirements including references
2. Email your application to [email protected]
3. You will receive a confirmation of receipt email
4. You will then receive details of your assessment date.
If a written submission for AFHEA or FHEA you will be informed of the
date that the panel will meet to consider your application.
If an oral application for AFHEA or FHEA you will be sent details of the
time, date and room of the assessment.
SFHEA applicants will receive details of time, date and room of the
Application process
5. Following panel meetings you will be emailed with the
― If successful we will inform your AD L&T and Dean or Head of SBU.
― If not initially successful you will be referred to a colleague in LTI for
support to reapply
6. We will send confirmation to HEA and you will receive
certification from them at a later date