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The decision to take me to Hartford
Hospital was life-saving, because I b
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the hypothermia
Our son, Charlie, is100
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Hospital. Saving Charlie’s
lenging, but we always knew we were in expert
hands. And everyone was so compassionate
kind. You can’t get care like this from just anybody.
These doctors gave us the gift of this child—the gift
of being able to hold him and smell him and be
with him. We were so grateful, we named our son
for one of our doctors.
The radiation therapy kicked the liver tu
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Patients turn to Hartford Hospital for care nearly 300,000
times a year. Each one of them has a unique story to
tell. For many patients, the story of their journey to
better health could have taken place only at Hartford
Hospital. That’s because we are the region’s leading
tertiary care center. We have the expertise, experience
and technologies to provide the very highest level of
care—advanced therapies and complex procedures
available only at select hospitals nationwide.
In these pages, you’ll read about some of the patients
who benefited from Hartford Hospital’s expert capabilities.
We thank them for sharing their stories and for trusting
us with their care.
The decision to take me to Hartford
Hospital was life-saving, because I believe
100 percent that the hypothermia therapy
saved my brain function. I have no brain
damage at all. I don’t remember much about
the hospital, but my Mom says the whole
staff was pleasant, knowledgeable and
supportive. I have a deep appreciation for
the way people from all different avenues
of health care came together for me.
It’s a very humbling experience.
My Mom is
my rock!!
Thank goodness for
Doctor Lundbye!!
Love my
summer job—coordinating
weddings at Wickham Park.
Bring your
A-game when you
play with me.
I’m working on my
doctorate in pharmacy
at Mass. College of
Pharmacy in Boston.
Stephanie Lee
Cardiac Critical Care Patient
Stephanie’s Team
Close collaboration among Hartford Hospital departments,
combined with cutting-edge therapy and expert specialists,
helped save Stephanie’s life—and her future.
Christopher Clyne, MD
Interventional Electrophysiology
Sarah Knuth, MD
Emergency Department
James Kallal, MD
Justin Lundbye, MD
Cardiac Intensive Care
Stephanie was clinically dead for 14 minutes. Once resuscitated,
she was rushed to Hartford Hospital. To prevent brain damage,
doctors rapidly cooled her body to 91 degrees.
Stephanie Lee was a 22-year-old college student
working at her summer job when she suddenly
lost consciousness and collapsed. An undiagnosed
heart rhythm abnormality had caused her heart
to stop. Her co-worker, Matt, called 911 and
started CPR. Emergency medical technicians
responded quickly and were able to restart her
heart with a defibrillator. Stephanie had been
clinically dead for 14 minutes. She was rushed
to Hartford Hospital, where she was seen by
Emergency Department physician Sarah Knuth,
MD, and cardiologist James Kallal, MD.
People who survive cardiac arrest face a
second, serious risk: brain damage resulting from
swelling that occurs when blood flow returns to
the brain. If the swelling isn’t controlled, they can
be left with damage ranging from mild impairment
to a vegetative state. Fortunately,
Hartford Hospital pioneered the
use of therapeutic hypothermia to
prevent brain damage after cardiac
arrest. Today Hartford Hospital
has the most highly developed
program in the region.
Hartford Hospital is a leader in
hypothermia therapy, a process that reduces
brain swelling by cooling the patient’s body to
approximately 91 degrees Fahrenheit for an
extended period.
Led by cardiac critical care specialist
Justin Lundbye, MD, Hartford Hospital was
among the first in the state, in 2007, to introduce
therapeutic hypothermia. Today, the hospital has
a specially trained hypothermia team, state-ofthe-art equipment and a systematic approach.
Seamless collaboration among Cardiology, Critical
Care, Electrophysiology and Emergency Medicine
ensures that ED patients who would benefit
from hypothermia are identified quickly and the
cooling process is begun immediately—because
every minute counts.
Within two hours of arriving at Hartford
Hospital, Stephanie’s body had been cooled to
the target temperature, where it was kept for
24 hours. She received constant, one-to-one care
by specially trained nurses. Electrophysiologist
Christopher Clyne, MD, diagnosed Stephanie’s
heart rhythm problem and, within days,
implanted a defibrillator to correct it.
Today, thanks to uninterrupted care
from collapse to discharge and expert care by
a multidisciplinary team at Hartford Hospital,
Stephanie is back to pursuing a doctoral degree
in pharmacy and, when time allows, playing
a pretty mean game of golf.
The radiation therapy kicked the liver tumor’s
butt and kept me alive. About three weeks
after radiation ended, I began to feel better.
I’ve always been a spiritual seeker. Prayer
and meditation are a big part of my life.
I believe all healing comes from an unknown
force, and doctors facilitate that energy.
Healing has two aspects: One is the healer; the
other is the willingness to be healed. Preparing
myself spiritually to receive healing contributed
greatly to the healing process for me.
Dr. Baker and his team
are smart and caring.
A book, a beach—a great day.
I’m a
Vietnam vet.
My doughter, Leticia,
is my inspiration.
Luis Colon
Cancer Patient
Tai Chi and yoga
help me feel my best.
Luis’s Team
At Hartford Hospital, Luis Colon found expert medical treatment
that saved his life. Just as important, he found compassionate
professionals dedicated to enhancing his comfort and well-being.
Timothy Boyd, MD
Radiation Oncology
W. Jeffrey Baker, MD
Medical Oncology
David Eisenberg, MD
Surgical Oncology
Marlene Silvas, RN
Patient Navigator
Michael Karasik, MD
After radiation, CT scans showed that two of Luis’s three
tumors were gone and the third had shrunk significantly.
When Luis Colon was diagnosed with liver
cancer, his daughter Leticia, a Hartford Hospital
employee, knew there was only one place she
wanted her father to be treated: the Helen &
Harry Gray Cancer Center.
Leticia and her father, who was very
debilitated, met with Cancer Center staff,
who helped Luis obtain health insurance and
arranged for him to see surgical oncologist David
Eisenberg, MD. Dr. Eisenberg recognized that Luis
needed immediate surgery to open the bile ducts
blocked by his tumor. Gastroenterologist Michael
Karasik, MD, performed the surgery and found
what the diagnosing hospital had missed on
endoscopy: a complete blockage of Luis’s
stomach. Dr. Karasik inserted stents to allow
Luis to eat again and to keep his digestive
system functioning.
Hartford Hospital’s Helen & Harry
Gray Cancer Center was the first
facility in New England—and one of
only 30 sites nationwide—selected
to pilot the National Cancer
Institute’s Community Cancer
Centers Program.
Radiation oncologist Timothy Boyd, MD,
recommended radiation therapy to shrink the
tumors. He was open to Luis’s desire to consult a
naturopath, as well, asking only that Luis keep
him well-informed. During his 10 weeks of
radiation therapy, Luis says, the staff was
unfailingly kind, sensitive and cheerful, which
helped him keep his own spirits up.
Patient navigator Marlene Silvas, RN,
was by Luis’s side at every step. She talked with
him about how he was feeling, made helpful
suggestions, called him often and met with him
every time he came in for procedures. She also
helped him take advantage of Hartford Hospital’s
Integrative Medicine resources. The Reiki, massage
therapy and acupuncture Luis received helped
him feel more relaxed and positive—things he
felt were crucial to his ability to get better.
Dr. Boyd and medical oncologist W. Jeffrey
Baker, MD, continued to monitor Luis’s progress.
After radiation, CT scans showed that two of
Luis’s three tumors were gone and the third had
shrunk significantly.
A Vietnam veteran and Rutgers University
graduate who was always physically active, Luis
today is directing much of his energy toward
nurturing the spiritual life that gives him strength
and hope.
In the weeks before my kidney transplant, the doctors,
nurses and transplant coordinator explained everything
to me and to my sister, who was donating her kidney.
On the day of the surgery, I was anxious, but excited.
Afterwards, on the transplant unit, the doctors came in
a lot, and the nurses were terrific. I couldn’t believe
I was up and walking that first night! Now I’m looking
forward to traveling again—maybe cruising the
Now I can travel
the world again.
My sister, Barbara, gave me
a new lease on life.
I plan to live it
to the fullest.
I knew I was in
expert hands
with Dr. Shames
and his team.
Sandra Vogel
Kidney Transplant Patient
Sandra’s Team
A team of Hartford Hospital transplant surgeons and urologists
worked together to plan and perform a complex kidney transplant
that returned Sandra Vogel to health.
Steven Shichman, MD
Anoop Meraney, MD
Brian Shames, MD
Transplantation Surgery
Anne Lally, MD
Transplantation Surgery
Matthew Brown, MD
Transplantation Surgery
Collaborative preoperative planning, precise orchestration
and extraordinary skill made a complicated kidney
transplant successful.
By June 2008, two bouts with cancer had left
Sandra Vogel without kidneys or a bladder.
Regular dialysis treatments kept her alive, but
they were physically and psychologically taxing
and prevented her from doing many of the things
she enjoyed. She looked forward to the day when
she would be three years cancer-free and
therefore eligible for a kidney transplant.
Sandra’s sister, Barbara Reynolds, wanted
to donate a kidney to her sister, but she had a
congenital abnormality in her right kidney that
could lead it to fail. Both sisters were patients of
Hartford Hospital urologist Steven Shichman, MD.
Dr. Shichman monitored Barbara’s condition
closely, eventually placing a stent in the troubled
kidney to preserve it until Sandra could have a
At last, Hartford Hospital’s Transplant
Team determined that Sandra was eligible for
transplant. Just as exciting, testing showed
Barbara and Sandra were identical matches. Dr.
Shichman and fellow urologist Anoop Meraney,
MD, met with transplant surgeons Brian Shames,
MD, Ann Lally, MD, and Matthew Brown, MD,
as well as other Tranplant Team members, to
plan the surgeries in detail. They decided using
Barbara’s right kidney was preferable, because it
could be surgically repaired prior to implantation.
The doctors met with both sisters, who agreed
with the plan.
When the big day came, on Feb. 1, 2012,
Drs. Brown and Shichman removed Barbara’s
kidney laparoscopically. Dr. Meraney repaired the
kidney’s defect. In the operating room next door,
Drs. Shames and Lally implanted the kidney in
Sandra. Dr. Meraney created a conduit to carry
urine from the transplanted kidney out of
Sandra’s body, completing the complex
Expertise, collaboration and careful
orchestration resulted in a successful transplant.
Today both sisters are doing well and have an
extraordinary bond they will share for life.
Hartford Hospital was the first to
offer hand-assisted laparoscopic
nephrectomy, a minimally invasive
procedure that ensures kidney
donors have less bleeding and
scarring and a faster, more
comfortable recovery.
Nobody expects to have hip replacement surgery go fine, but then
have two heart attacks, angioplasty and open-heart surgery, all
within a few days. That’s what happened to me. Good thing I’d
decided to have my hip surgery at Hartford Hospital. When my
heart problems suddenly cropped up, all the specialists
I needed were right there. Would I go back to
Hartford Hospital? Without a doubt. In fact,
I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.
Cherished moments with
Dr. Gallagher, Dr. Shekhman and my grandson.
other great Hartford Hospital docs—
the reason I’m still here.
My dream is to bike through Tuscany.
I love to escape
to Florida in
the winter.
I rode 2,000
miles last year.
Now, this is what I enjoy doing!
As well as spending Passover
with my family.
Steve Chanin
Orthopedic and Cardic Surgery Patient
Steve’s Team
Hartford Hospital has the expertise and technology to rise to serious
health challenges, whether planned or unexpected. That’s why today
Steve is enjoying life with a new hip and a healthier heart.
Mark Shekhman, MD
Orthopedic Surgery
Andrew Feingold, MD
Robert Gallagher, MD
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Raymond McKay, MD
Interventional Cardiology
Within only a few days, Steve had a complex hip replacement,
emergency angioplasty and advanced open-heart surgery—
all expertly performed by his Hartford Hospital team.
Steve Chanin had been to Hartford Hospital’s
Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory several times
over 15 years for angioplasty to open his coronary
arteries. He had taken good care of himself all
that time. So when an old hip replacement
performed out-of-state failed and he needed
a new one, he was a candidate for surgery.
Steve’s hip replacement would be
complicated. He had plates and screws in his
leg from a 1968 motorcycle accident and a
bone that had healed oddly. Replacing the joint
would require both advanced skill and special
equipment. Hartford Hospital and orthopedic
surgeon Mark Shekhman, MD, were up to the
challenge. Steve’s hip replacement revision
surgery went very well.
Hartford Hospital’s new chief
of cardiac surgery is nationally
renowned surgeon, researcher
and educator Robert Hagberg, MD,
formerly of Boston’s Beth Israel
Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard
Medical School.
But while still in the recovery room, Steve
had a heart attack. He was rushed to the Cath
Lab, where interventional cardiologist Raymond
McKay, MD, cleared Steve’s artery and placed
a stent to keep it open. A few days later, when a
second heart attack landed Steve back in the Cath
Lab, Dr. McKay cleared the blockage, but he and
cardiologist Andrew Feingold, MD, recommended
open-heart surgery as a long-term solution.
Cardiothoracic surgeon Robert Gallagher,
MD, repaired six of Steve’s coronary arteries using
sections of blood vessels from Steve’s chest and
leg. Dr. Gallagher’s extensive experience and the
hospital’s advanced equipment enabled him and
the surgical team to perform the extremely
delicate procedure while Steve’s heart continued
to beat, rather than stopping the heart and using
a heart-lung machine. This “off-pump” technique
reduces bleeding and complications and is
physiologically easier on the patient. Dr. Gallagher
uses the off-pump approach for 95 percent of the
roughly 150 coronary bypass surgeries he
performs each year.
And Steve? He’s as active as ever, riding
his bicycle 2,000 miles a year, exercising daily,
taking yoga and, when the weather turns wintry
up north, soaking up the sun on a Florida beach.
Our son, Charlie, is alive and healthy today thanks
to the Maternal-Fetal Medicine team at Hartford
Hospital. Saving Charlie’s life was incredibly
challenging, but we always knew we were in
expert hands. And everyone was so compassionate
and kind. You can’t get care like this from just
anybody. These doctors gave us the gift of this
child—the gift of being able to hold him and
smell him and be with him. We were so grateful,
we named our son for Dr. Ingardia.
I love being an
elementary school
Doctor Ingardia
was amazing!!
We gave Charlie
his name.
My family’s my
pride and joy.
Nothing beats a hearty laugh.
I love to travel. I studied abroad
and backpacked around Europe.
Tien-Tien Chen
Women’s Health Patient
Tien-Tien’s Team
Hartford Hospital’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine physicians are experts
in caring for women and babies in high-risk pregnancies. The entire
team brought their expertise to bear to save little Charlie’s life.
Adam Borgida, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Charles Ingardia, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Deborah Feldman, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine
The baby weighed only 10 ounces. The umbilical cord was
only the size of a pencil, and physicians had to reach a
single, tiny blood vessel in it.
Tien-Tien was 18 weeks pregnant with Charlie
when she learned she’d been exposed to a
common virus that can attack the fetus’s ability
to produce the red blood cells that carry oxygen.
The fetus’s heart then works extra-hard, trying
desperately to pump oxygen through the body.
Because the heart is working so hard, the baby
can die of heart failure.
When Tien-Tien’s team of maternal-fetal
medicine specialists determined that the baby
was showing signs of heart failure, they
recommended an intravascular fetal transfusion
to try to get the baby’s system to start producing
red blood cells. The procedure would be risky. The
baby weighed only 10 ounces. If anything went
wrong, nothing could save him. But without the
transfusion, he would die.
Drs. Charles Ingardia, Deborah Feldman
and Adam Borgida gathered to perform the
transfusion, which is incredibly delicate and
requires a team of experts, each with a crucial
role. Using ultrasound imaging, they guided
a needle through Tien-Tien’s abdominal wall,
uterus and amniotic sac. The umbilical cord
was only the size of a pencil, and they had to
reach a single, tiny blood vessel in it. They then
transfused the fetus with highly concentrated
blood, taking care to introduce only a small,
carefully calculated amount, so as not to
overburden the baby’s already-struggling heart.
Tien-Tien’s procedure was especially challenging
because of the baby’s small size, his
compromised health and his unusual position.
It took three transfusions over two weeks
before the baby improved. But Tien-Tien—and
her physician team—never gave up.
The doctors monitored Tien-Tien until
the day Charlie was born. He came into the world
beautiful and healthy. Tien-Tien and her husband
were so grateful that they named their son for
one of the doctors who had saved his life.
U.S.News & World Report recently
ranked Hartford Hospital first in
the region in Women’s Health. The
top ranking reflects the hospital’s
positive outcomes, advanced
technologies and wide range of
Cheryl Ficara, RN, MS Vice President, Patient Care Services
Douglas G. Elliot Chair, Board of Directors
Stuart K. Markowitz, MD Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
Jeffrey A. Flaks President and Chief Executive Officer
Message to the Community
This year Hartford Hospital took a number of decisive steps that will help us
continue to provide superb care to patients such as those profiled in this report.
One of the most significant changes was a restructuring of executive
leadership. We recognized that to succeed in a challenging health care environment
and continue to build a strong, integrated system of care, Hartford Hospital and
our parent organization, Hartford HealthCare (HHC), would each need its own
dedicated chief executive. Effective Aug. 1, Elliot Joseph, who had served as
president and CEO of both entities, became the president and CEO of Hartford
HealthCare. Jeffrey Flaks, formerly executive vice president and chief operating
officer of Hartford Hospital and executive vice president of HHC, was appointed
the 21st president and CEO of Hartford Hospital.
Elliot Joseph joined Hartford Hospital in April 2008 and, in his three years
at the helm, inspired the hospital community with a renewed sense of purpose and
possibility. He set an ambitious goal for excellence hospital-wide and engaged the
talents of people at every level of the organization in the drive to achieve it. He has
made an indelible mark on this great institution. We look forward to working with
him in his role as head of HHC.
Hartford Hospital continues to make strides in the all-important areas
of quality and patient safety. As you’ll see on page 27, the hospital excelled in key
measures while achieving our highest-ever scores in overall patient satisfaction.
Our continuous quality improvement initiative, How Hartford Hospital Works
(H3W), played a critical role in our success.
The hospital’s clinical programs continue to grow, with patient volume
up in several areas, including Cardiac Catheterization, Cardiac Surgery, Stroke,
Neuroscience and Orthopedics.
The Transplant Program is poised for significant growth. We recruited
Patricia Sheiner, MD, as the program’s director. Dr. Sheiner is a nationally recognized
expert in liver transplantation who was formerly director of liver transplant and
hepatobiliary surgery at Westchester Medical Center. The Transplant inpatient
unit was expanded to accommodate approximately twice the number of patients.
We created a new Department of Cardiac Surgery and recruited nationally
renowned surgeon, researcher and educator Robert C. Hagberg, MD, as its chief.
Dr. Hagberg comes to us from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard
Medical School in Boston, where he was an assistant professor of surgery.
This year also saw the establishment of Hartford Specialists, a
multispecialty surgical group practice. Formerly a private practice known as
Connecticut Surgical Group, the new entity is operated by Hartford Hospital.
We continue to enhance our facilities in keeping with HH2020, a 10-year
master plan to transform our campus. This year’s major accomplishments
included expanding the Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation and
the Emergency Department.
You’ll find other highlights from the year on page 26. All were made
possible by countless people in our hospital community. We thank them for all
they do every day to help and heal every patient who turns to us for care.
Douglas G. Elliot
Jeffrey A. Flaks
Chair, Board of Directors
President and Chief Executive Officer
Selected Highlights of 2011 Accomplishments
Quality/Patient Safety
Cardiovascular Program
Regional Expansion
> Achieved highest-ever overall
> Recruited a chief of the new
> Established new ambulatory
patient satisfaction scores
> Reduced bloodstream infections
by 50 percent.
> Reduced ventilator-associated
pneumonias by 44 percent.
Department of Cardiac Surgery.
> Extended pre-hospital EKG
transmission network to EMS
services to allow faster treatment
> Achieved lowest-ever prevalence
rate of pressure ulcers.
> Attained highest-ever overall
patient satisfaction top box scores.
> More than 6,000 staff members
now participate in H3W, our
continuous quality improvement
> Opened Eye Surgery Center
in Newington.
Physician Recruitment
Center for Education, Simulation
> Recruited new director of Epilepsy
and Innovation (CESI)
and Functional Neurosurgery,
> CESI, our regional and national
Brendan Killory, MD.
training destination, moved to a
Operational Excellence
and Enfield.
of patients with heart attack.
> Sustained best-practice level in
fall prevention.
satellites in Farmington Valley
> Recruited new chief of the Division
larger space created for it in the
of Hospital Medicine,
Educational Resource Center.
Ajay Kumar, MD, FACP, SFHM.
> CESI trained more than 3,300
people in 2011, an 86 percent
> It became the first in the country to
> The Institute of Living won
$5.5 in new grants.
receive the daVinci Si simulator.
Operation Improvements
> Developed Patient-Centered
Institute Model for Cancer,
Cardiovascular, Women’s Health
and Neuroscience.
Transplant Program
> Recruited a new Transplant
Program director, two transplant
nephrologists and a hepatologist
and doubled the size of the
inpatient transplant unit.
> Performed the first successful
> Opened 26 new private inpatient
Oncology rooms.
> Expanded the Emergency
> The hospital received $6.4 million
in gifts plus over $800,000 in new
> The annual Black & Red Gala
Department by 50 percent,
raised $637,000, the most in its
adding 26 new patient treatment
20-year history.
spaces and other features. The
expanded area can accommodate
100,000 visits annually.
> Completed a new chapel and
Central Scheduling spaces
and began construction of a
new garage.
> Ranked number one in the Hartford
area in U.S.News and World Report’s
first Best Hospitals Metro Area
> Named among “Most Wired”
heart-kidney transplant and the
hospitals in the U.S. for the fifth
first successful heart transplant
consecutive year.
with an HIV-positive recipient.
Facility Enhancements
Patient Safety and Quality Statistics
Key quality measures show
Hartford Hospital’s
commitment to excellence in
I N FA R C T I O N ( H E A R T AT TA C K ) *
( P E R C E N TA G E C O M P L I A N C E )
( P E R C E N TA G E C O M P L I A N C E )
patient safety and clinical care.
And even though our scores
exceed state and national
averages, we’re constantly
striving to be even better.
( P E R C E N TA G E C O M P L I A N C E )
Teams of the Year
Clinical Team of the Year:
< Bloodstream Infection Action Group
The Bloodstream Infection Action Group has
literally saved lives. This year, thanks to this
team’s remarkable efforts, we’ve reduced by
22 the number of patients who developed
bloodstream infections while being cared for
at Hartford Hospital. That’s a 57% reduction
compared to last year. We are now performing
at a national best-practice level. BSI steering
committee members are: Karyn Butler, Marc
Palter, Jamie Roche, Jack Ross, Joyce Sauve,
AJ Smally, Lee Steere, Maria Tackett, Stephen
Upham and Chris Werner.
Employee of the Year
Anne Marie Gorman, LCSW
Institute of Living Assessment Center
Clinical Support Team of the Year:
Team EXCEED, made up of 24 members from
throughout the hospital, focuses on enhancing
the patient experience, which has led to our
achieving historic patient satisfaction scores
of 67.8%. We moved from the 18th to the 46th
percentile in patient satisfaction, which is
a magnitude of improvement rarely seen
in health care. Team EXCEED members are:
Garret Condon, Mike Davis, Laura Dean, Lynn
Deasy, Amato DeRosa, Mary Eanniello, Charles
Engle, Beatrice Evans, Cheryl Ficara, David
Fichandler, Marcia Haytaian, Sarah Hickey,
Margaret Julian, Kevin Kenney, Richard Kubica,
Jeff Mather, Mike Page, Shauna Pangilinan,
Mark Perry, Alison Rapose, Roxann Robinson,
Erika Schouten, Amy Schroder and Christine
Anne Marie began her career at the IOL in 1972.
She earned her MSW in 2000 and moved from
Utilization Management to the Assessment
Center. She became licensed as an LCSW in
2002. Her commitment to the community
extends far beyond her work duties. She leads
the Assessment Center’s Backpack Drive, which
benefits grammar school children in Hartford.
She is also an active member of the Ladies
Guild at her church, serving as president and
treasurer. While her sons Ryan and Sean were
in school, Anne Marie served as an officer of the
Bunker Hills Sports Association and PTA. Anne
Marie embodies the Hartford Hospital spirit
of service through her daily interactions with
patients and peers, and in the community.
She strives to be innovative in her work, and
is always first to volunteer her services.
Consolidated Balance Sheet
Year Ended September 30
Cash and short-term investments
Accounts receivable, less allowance for doubtful accounts
Other current assets
Total current assets
Retricted and Unrestricted investments
Funds held in trust by others
Other assets
Property, plant and equipment net of accumulated depreciation
Total Assets
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable
Salaries, wages, payroll taxes and amounts withheld from employees
Other current liabilities
Total current liabilities
Accrued pension and other liabilities
Bonds payable
Net assets
Total liabilities and net assets
Revenue and Expenses
Year Ended September 30
Net Revenue from Services to Patients
$ 853,959,278
Other Revenues
Total Revenues
$ 985,376,622
Employee Benefits
Purchased Services
Depreciation & Amortization
Bad Debts
Interest Expense
Total Expenses
Gain/(Loss) from Operations
$ 899,185,521
Gross Revenue
Total Expenses
(In percentage)
& Managed
(In percentage)
& Other
Gross Revenues
Depreciation &
Bad Depts
& Other
Statistical Highlights
2011 2010
2011 2010
2011 2010
2011 2010
2011 2010
2011 2010
2011 2010
Community Benefit
Community Health Improvement Services
Medicaid Shortfall
Health Professions Education
Charity Care
Community Benefit Operations
Community-Building Activities
Financial and in-Kind Contributions
Subsidized Health Services
T O TA L C O M M U N I T Y B E N E F I T F O R 2 0 1 1
Board of Directors
AS OF 9.30.2011
Douglas G. Elliot
Gregory E. Deavens
Joseph C. Henry
Gregory M. Jones
Roger R. Klene
David R. McHale
Jarrod B. Post, M.D.
Magdalena Rodriguez
Andrew L. Salner, M.D.
Westley V. Thompson
Jeffrey A. Flaks
President and CEO
Jeffry L. Nestler, M.D.
President of the Medical Staff
Stuart K. Markowitz, M.D.
Vice President of the Medical
Board of Governors
AS OF 9.30.2011
Ramani Ayer
Stewart Beckett, III, DVM*
Michael Botelho*
James Bowers
Gregory E. Deavens
Douglas G. Elliot
Laura Estes
Mary Fox
Marilda Gándara
Ross Hollander
Gregory M. Jones
Judith M. Keppelman
Brian MacLean
Rolando Martinez
David McQuade
JoAnn Price
Richard P. Roberts*
Magdalena Rodriguez
Susan Rottner
Andrew L. Salner, M.D.
Paul R.C. Sullivan, M.D.
William Trachsel
Diann Wienke
Jeffrey A. Flaks
President and CEO
Jeffry L. Nestler, M.D.
President, Medical Staff
Stuart K. Markowitz, M.D.
Vice President, Medical Staff
The Honorable Pedro Segarra
Mayor of Hartford Hospital
Erin Healer
Co-President, HH Auxiliary
Patricia Maciag
Co-President, HH Auxiliary
*Governor’s Appointees
Board of Advisory Governors
AS OF 9.30.2011
Stanley Cohen, Esq.
Mary Crary
H. David Crombie, M.D.
James F. English
Donald R. Frahm
Robert B. Goode
Helen B. Gray
Dennis Hardcastle
William B. Henry, M.D.
Marcia L. Hincks
Cornelia Hull
Michael Z. Lazor, M.D.
Merrily Gengras Moynihan
Daniel Neiditz
Claire M. Pryor
Alfred R. Rogers
Joseph D. Sargent
Frances Seymour
DeRoy C. Thomas
Martin Wolman
Jeffrey A. Flaks
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Cheryl Ficara,
J. Marchozzi,
Vice President
Patient Care
Chief Financial Officer
Peter Fraser
K. Markowitz, MD
Vice President,
Vice President
Medical Officer
Betsy Boatman
Vice President,
President, Patient Care
Laurine Bow, PhD
Vice President,
Vice President, Administration
Bow, PhD
Carol S. Garlick
Vice President,
President, Research
Karen Goyette
Vice President,
President, Administration
Planning and
Peter Fraser
Human Resources
M. Handley
Vice President,
Cancer Program
S. Garlick
Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD
Vice President,
GoyetteAcademic Affairs
Joseph J. Klimek,
MD and
Vice President, Physician
Donna M. Handley
Vice President,
M. LaitesCancer Program
Executive Director, Jefferson
LenworthJ. M.
Jacobs, MD
Vice President,
Vice President
Chief Financial Officer
Joseph J. Klimek, MD
Vice President,
President, Government and
Community Alliances
Alan M. Laites
Director, Jefferson
President, Information
Yvette Melendez
Vice President,
Government and
Rita Parisi
Patel Rehabilitation
Vice President,
President, Support Services
K. Markowitz, MD
Bimal Patel
Vice President
Vice President,
Medical Officer
Jamie Roche, MD
Roche, MD
Vice President,
Patient Safety
President, Patient Safety
and Quality
and Quality
Harold I. Schwartz, MD
I. Schwartz,
MD Health
Vice President,
Vice President, Behavioral Health
Sonal Shah
Shah Chief Compliance
Vice President,
Chief Compliance
and Privacy
and Privacy Officer
Luis Taveras
Vice President, Information
Witold Waberski, MD
Cheryl Ficara, RN, MS
Robert Hagberg, MD
Karen Habig, RN, MS
Vernon Y. Kwok, DMD
Janice Cousino, RNC, MSN,
Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD
Cathy Yavinsky, RN, MS
Michael C. Lindberg, MD
Sue Marino, RN, MS
Paul D. Thompson, MD
Hospitalist Medicine
Ajay Kumar, MD
Maria Tackett, Ed.D, CCRN,
Leslie I. Wolfson, MD
Ellen Blair, APRN, NEA-BC
Inam U. Kureshi, MD
Joel Sorosky, MD
Jerry Neuwirth, MD
Bruce D. Browner, MD
Ann Dion, RN, MS, MBA
Cathy Yavinsky, RN, MS
Greg Bonaiuto, MD
Gail Nelson, RN, MS, NEA-BC
William T. Pastuszak, MD
Victor Herson, MD
Harold I. Schwartz, MD
Andrew L. Salner, MD
Ethan B. Foxman, MD
Orlando Kirton, MD
Patricia Sheiner, MD
Steven Shichman, MD
Raymond Kowalski
Amato DeRosa
Frederick J. Sorbo, III
Beth Lawlor, RN
Catherine Andersen
Cynthia DeLaurentis
Al Hoffmann
Jennifer Salamone
Peter Nagel
Susan O’Connell
Lee Monroe
Barbara McNeil
Ellen Franks
Elizabeth Fowler, RRT, MS
Sharon Fried
Rebecca Stewart
Allison Reynolds
Marybeth Scanlon, JD
Karen E. Welch
Kelly Boothby
Eileen Pelletier
Erin McCallom-Estremera
James Cooke
Becky Peters
David Fichandler
Shelly McCafferty
Janice Cannon
Michael Rubino
Carla Burgess
Mark Cesaro
Shirley Gronholm
Beverly Sherbondy
Garret Condon
Anthony Prete
Monica Fowler, LCSW
Linda Zizzamia
James Baio
Cynthia Pugliese
Jennifer Lewis
Kerry Kerr
Robert P. Albanesi
Carol Albert
Hilary Allen
Carlos Alvarez
John Alves
R. J. Anderson
Raymond S. Andrews, Jr.
Arlene S. Angelastro
J. Danford Anthony, Jr., Esq.
Doris M. Armstrong, RN
Philip E. Austin, PhD
Ramani Ayer
Ivan A. Backer
Louise M. Bailey
Michael R. Bangser
Gerard Barrieau, Jr.
Robert D. Batch
Roger S. Beck, MD
Ruth Beck
W. Marston Becker
Anne B. Belanger
Jonathan R. Bennett
Jenefer C. Berall
Rabbi Donna Berman, PhD
John A. Berman, Esq.
James T. Betts, Esq.
Anthony T. Bianca
Harold E. Bigler, Jr.
Dennis Bisgaard
C. Duane Blinn, Esq.
Margaret M. Bliss
John H. Bloodgood
G. Peter Bloom, MD
Deborah Blotner
Kathleen L. Bolduc
David Bordonaro
James E. Bowers, Esq.
Elizabeth W. Brady, MD
Tracy E. Brennan, MD
John A. Brighenti
Joseph D. Bronzino, PhD
Diane F. Brown
Donald L. Brown, MD
Nannie W.T. Brown
Richard A. Brvenik
Harold C. Buckingham, Jr.,
Judith A. Buckley, MD
Ann Bucknam
Philip A. Burton
John F. Byrnes, Esq.
Marla J. Byrnes
Luis Caban
Coleman Casey, Esq.
Mike Casparino
Leon Chameides, MD
Jo Champlin Casey
David T. Chase
Elsie Childs
Leslie C. Clark
Ruth Clark
Brian Clemow, Esq.
Sanford Cloud
Leonard G. Clough
David L. Coffin
Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD
Naomi K. Cohen
H. Bacon Collamore, Jr.
Mary Louise Condon, RN
Jeanne Conrad
Karen P. Conway, Esq.
Michael M. Conway, MD
Samuel P. Cooley
Trygve N. Cooley
Timothy H. Coppage
John A. Corroon
John C. Cosgrove
Martin J. Coursey
Mary B. Coursey
Thomas R. Cox, III
James W. Cox-Chapman, MD
Mary Crary
H. David Crombie, MD
Edward B. Cronin, MD
Ms. Lillian Cruz
Gerald O. Dahlke
Martha G. Dale
Brendan Daly, Esq.
Michael J. Daly
Paul J. Daqui
Ethel F. Davis
Janet B. Davis
Scott K. Davis
Nancy G. Dean
Greg Deavens
Peter J. Deckers, MD
Jeannette B. DeJesus
Jonathan A. Dixon, MD
Kate H. Dixon
Jaye Donaldson
James E. Dougherty, MD
Thomas W. Dugdale, MD
Susan B. Dunn
Douglas G. Elliot
Shayna Ellovich
Susan Ely
James F. English, Jr.
Linda Estabrook
Laura R. Estes
Douglas C. Evans
Marcille M. Farr
Janet Bailey Faude
Wilson H. Faude
David R. Fay
David S. Federman
Joan W. Feldman, Esq.
Andrew D. Filler
Samuel M. Fingold
Hinda N. Fisher
Robert L. Fisher, MD
John L. Flannery
Muriel Fleischmann
Garrett S. Flynn
Brian J. Foley
Evan Fox, MD
Mary C. Fox
Donald R. Frahm
Jean Frahm
Arthur W. Frank, Jr.
Jerry Franklin
Joseph Friedman
Sandra Bender Fromson
Samuel S. Fuller
Richard F. Gamble
Marilda L. Gándara
Alexander R. Gaudio, MD
Martin J. Gavin
Roger A. Gelfenbien
E. Clayton Gengras, Jr.
Jonathan Gengras
Patricia Giardi
Robert G. Gilligan, Esq.
James Gleason
Lynda Godkin
Larry Gold
Louis J. Golden
Maureen Ford-Goldfarb
Robert B. Goldfarb
William H. Goldfarb
Linda Goldman
Robert B. Goode, Jr.
David Gordon
Ellsworth S. Grant
Helen Gray
Marc A. Green
Robert E. Green
Arnold C. Greenberg
Dolores A. Grenier
R. Nelson Griebel
Rachel K. Grody
Edward Guay
J. C. David Hadden
David M. Hadlow
Heidi Hadsell, PhD
Beverly Hamilton
Samuel C. Hamilton
Susan S. Hatch
Rev. Dr. Barbara E. Headley
William B. Henry, MD
Alfred Herzog, MD
Katherine Herzog
J. Gregory Hickey
George C. Higgins, PhD
Alyce F. Hild
David H. Hild, MD
Robert L. Hill
Faith Himelstein
John W. Hincks
Marcia L. Hincks
Jeffrey S. Hoffman
Ross H. Hollander
Jeanne Hollister
Timothy A. Holt
Suzanne M. Hopgood
Kathleen M. Hopko
Theodore H. Horwitz
Cornelia Hull
Robert H. Hurwit
Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD
Lucille Janatka
Arthur N. Johnson
Steven A. Johnson
Carol N. Jones
Gregory Jones
James F. Jones, Jr., PhD
Jan Jones
Richard F. Jones, III, MD
Carolyn Joseph
Norman C. Kayser
John F. Kearns, III
Saundra A. Kee Borges, Esq.
Lafayette Keeney
Peter G. Kelly, Esq.
Jack S. Kennedy
Judith M. Keppelman, Esq.
Francis J. Kiernan, MD
Roger R. Klene
Joseph J. Klimek, MD
Joan J. Kohn
Michael Konover
Simon Konover
Jack A. Krichavsky
Eleanor Krieger
Alice Kugelman
Thomas P. Kugelman, MD
Inam U. Kureshi, MD
Hernan LaFontaine
Alan M. Laites
Roland H. Lange
Sonja L. Larkin-Thorne
Christopher Larsen
John H. Lawrence, Jr.
Margaret W. Lawson
Dorothy Lazear
Michael Z. Lazor, MD
John M. Lee
Frank A. Leone, Esq.
Robert M. Levin
Janet Lewis
Paul Lewis
F. Peter Libassi
Richard B. Lilly, Jr., MD
Thomas C. Lincoln
Alex Lloyd, Esq.
Roger S. Loeb
Jerry Long
Louise Loomis
Worth Loomis
Henry B. C. Low, MD
Elaine T. Lowengard
Tracey L. Lunenburg
Joseph G. Lynch, Esq.
James B. Lyon, Esq.
William P. Macaulay, MD
Anne MacDonald
Patricia Maciag
Brian MacLean
Baxter H. Maffett
Jacqueline Gorsky Mandyck
Tony March
Arthur C. Marquardt
Robert S. Martin, MD
William B. Martin
Gil Martinez
Michael J. Martinez
Rolando T. Martinez
Eric A. Marziali
Miguel Matos
A. Cynthia Matthews
Deborah W. May
James McCauley
Katherine M. McCormack
E. Merritt McDonough, Sr.
M. Kathleen McGrory, PhD
Catherine Medina, PhD
John Meehan
Pamela Meehan
Judith Melchreit
Julio Mendoza
Paul E. Mersereau, Esq.
Judith C. Meyers
Stephen B. Middlebrook
Reverend Gary Miller
Charles B. Milliken, Esq.
Mrs. Mary Mitchell
Harold J. Moffie
Harvey G. Moger
Michael F. Morosky, MD
Marjorie E. Morrissey
John H. Motley
Timothy J. Moynihan, Jr.
Thomas F. Mullaney, Jr.
Frederick J. Mullen, Jr., Esq.
Valentine Murphy
Robert F. Neal
Edna N. Negron
Arlene Neiditz
Daniel M. Neiditz
Stacy R. Nerenstone, MD
Jeffry L. Nestler, MD
William R. Newton
Wilfredo Nieves, PhD
Stephen L. Nightingale
John F. O'Connell, Jr.
Martin J. O'Meara, Jr.
Reverend Joanne P. Orlando
Rocco Orlando, III, MD
Dariush Owlia, MD
Cammi Oyabe-Huckman
Daniel I. Papermaster
Arlene Parmelee
Sam Pasco
Robert E. Patricelli
David B. Payne
Hillary B. Pease
Agnes S. Peelle
Eddie A. Perez
Brewster B. Perkins
Judith M. Pinney
Jarrod B. Post, MD
Rabbi Marshal Press
JoAnn Price
Claire M. Pryor
Bob Rath
John R. Rathgeber
Charles Reagan
Albert E. Reavill, Jr.
William Reis
Marilyn Rettig
Rodney R. Reynolds
Tracy L. Rich
John H. Riege, Esq.
Ezra H. Ripple, IV
Kate Robinson
Kenneth Robinson, MD
Dr. Galo A. Rodriguez, MPH
Lena Rodriguez
Alfred R. Rogers
Ramon Rojano
Lewis B. Rome, Esq.
Rabbi James Rosen
Robert L. Rosensweig, Esq.
Michael A. Rossi, MD
Robert S. Rosson, MD
Susan Rottner
Barbara Rubin
Anne Rudder
Douglas G. Russell
Peter G. Russell
Matthew L. Saidel, MD
Andrew L. Salner, MD
Romulo Samaniego
Joseph D. Sargent
Mary Sargent
Robert T. Sargent
Thomas Sargent
Anita Ford Saunders, APR
Mark Scheinberg
Henry S. Scherer, Jr.
Philip A. Schonberger
Steven F. Schutzer, MD
Cathrine Fischer Schwartz
Harold I. Schwartz, MD
Adam L. Seidner, MD, M.P.H.
Peter Seigle
L. Everett Seyler, Jr., MD
Allyn Seymour
Frances Seymour
Anne Shafer
Ruben L. Shapiro, MD
Patrick J. Sheehan
Elena Shichman
Steven J. Shichman, MD
Richard J. Shima
Jane C. Shipp
Debbie Shulansky
John D. Shulansky
Ralph M. Shulansky
Steven J. Shulman
Glenn A. Sieber
Michele Siegel
Robert D. Siegel, MD
Amy Sills
Stephen Sills
Robert A. Simons
Robert S. Siskin
James B. Slimmon, Jr.
Alan Jon Smally, MD
John J. Smith, PhD
Laurence R. Smith, Jr.
Robert H. Smith, Jr.
Scott H. Smith
Jennifer Smith Turner
Gwendolyn Smith-Iloani
The Honorable
Arthur L. Spada
Harvey L. Spaunburg, Jr.
Marie Spivey, RN
Jane P. Springer
Peter N. Stevens
Dianne Stone
John S. Stout
Leonard G. Sucsy
Edith Gay Sudarsky
John R. Suisman
Michael Suisman
Paul R. C. Sullivan, MD
Phillip C. Surprenant
Susan L. Talbott
Laurence Tanner
Arthur E. Tarantino, MD
Lynne S. Tarantino
Linda T. Taylor, MD
DeRoy C. Thomas
Doris Thomas
Westley V. Thompson
William B. Thomson
Samuel H. Title
Dr. Humphrey Tonkin
Hector Torres
William H. Trachsel
Stephen J. Trachtenberg, J.D.
Pamela Trotman Reid, PhD
Richard H. Truex, MD
Sharon Truex
Antonina P. Uccello
Douglas H. Viets, MD
Priscilla B. Viets
Jean B. Vogel
Robert J. von Dohlen
Lyn G. Walker
Kevin Washington
Connie Weaver
Morton L. Weinstein
Jacqueline Werner
Nadine Francis West
Edward B. Whittemore
Ernest C. Wignall
Patricia S. Wildman
Wanda D. WilliamsMcCormack
James E. Willingham, Sr.
Joyce C. Willis
Lynn W. Willsey
Donald K. Wilson, Jr.
Michael Wilson
Lisa Wilson-Foley
Martin Wolman
Neil S. Yeston, MD
Dona D. Young
Roland F. Young, III
Eric Zachs
Henry M. Zachs
Paul J. Zimmerman
Gordon A. Zimmermann, MD
Eugene J. Ziurys, Jr.
Trust Funds
Betty Agee Memorial Fund
Edwin Aishberg Fund
Lucy Brace Allen Free Bed Fund*
Marjorie H. Allen Free Bed Fund*
Alumnae Association, Hartford Hospital
School of Nursing*
Mary W. Anderson Fund
James P. Andrews Fund
Lillian Andrews Free Bed Fund*
Harriett Wadsworth Arnold Fund u/w/o
Frederick W. Arnold
Mary Ogden Avery Memorial Fund
Avery-Welcher Free Bed Fund*
Beatrice Fox Auerbach
Capital Equipment Fund
William T. Bacon Free Bed Fund*
Eugene Ballard Fund
Raphael and Julia R. Ballerstein
Free Bed Fund*
D. Newton Barney Educational Building
Endowment Fund
Laura D. Barney Free Bed Fund*
Ruth and Roger Beck Fund
W. Marston and Katharine Becker Fund
Ruth Russell Belding Fund
Alice Howard Bennett Free Bed Fund*
Samuel Barwick Beresford Free Bed Fund*
John M. and Shelly A. Biancamano Fund
Helen Sterling Brainard
Free Bed Fund for Children*
Leverett and Mary Brainard
Free Bed Fund*
Lyman B. Brainard and Lucy M. Brainard
Free Bed Fund
Mary B. Brainard Fund*
Newton C. and Elsie B. Brainard Fund
Amaziah Brainerd Fund*
Dorothea H. Brandon Memorial Fund
Howard W. Brayton Fund*
Alice Stephen Brewster Free Bed Fund*
Barbara Bridgman Fund
Frances Wood Britton Free Bed Fund*
Ruth Talcott Britton Fund
John H. Brooks Fund
Brooks-Woodford Memorial Fund
F.A. and Martha W. Brown Fund
Frederick S. and Almera 0. Brown Fund*
John D. Brown Fund*
Isabel Goodrich Buck Fund i/m/o
Francis Goodrich Buck
Addie W. Burpee Fund*
Angie L. Burr Fund
Elsie A. Butler and William N. Butler
Fund u/w/o William N. Butler
Mary Gleason Camp Memorial Fund
Carbone Family Fund
Coleman H. and Jo Champlin Casey Fund
Natalie Chambers Fund i/m/o
Francis Chambers
Kathryn Richards Chandler Fund*
Mary Robinson Cheney Fund
Cheney Brothers’ Free Bed Fund*
Children’s Fund*
Citizens Endowment Fund
Julie J. Gilman Clark Fund for Assistance*
Mabel H.P. Clark Social Service Fund
Robert J. Clark Endowment Fund
Susan S. Clark Free Bed Fund*
Fred Cohen Endowment Fund
Francis W. Cole Fund
Martha Isham Cone Free Bed Fund i/m/o
Lillian C. Cone*
Charles B. Cook Free Bed Fund*
Frank W. Corbin Fund*
Florence S. Marcy Crofut Educational
Endowment Fund
C. Wellington Crosby Fund u/w/o
Mathew George Thompson*
Daniel P. Crosby Fund
Francis Crosby Fund
Ralph W. Cutler Free Bed Fund*
Ruth Brainard Cutler Fund*
Julia W. Ensign Darling Fund
Issac B. and Maria Ann Davis Fund u/w/o
John 0. Davis
Pierpont Davis Fund
Calvin Day Free Bed Fund*
Edward M. Day Fund
L.A. Dickinson Fund*
Edward H. Dillon Fund*
Austin Cornelius Dunham
Laboratory Fund
Austin Cornelius Dunham Training
School Nurses’ Prize Fund
Sarah R. Dunham Fund*
Lucius H. Elmer Fund
William Ely Free Bed Fund*
Endowment 1994 Fund
Joseph R. Ensign and Mary P. Ensign
Free Room Fund*
T.R. Farrell Free Bed Fund*
The Maury Ferriter Endowment Fund
Anna B. Fischer Free Bed Fund*
George H. Fitts Fund
Frank J. and Kathryn W. Flynn
Memorial Fund
George Bushnell Foster Fund
James P. Foster Fund
Gurdon Fox Fund
Moses Fox Free Bed Fund No.1*
Moses Fox Free Bed Fund No.2*
Emily Fritts Memorial Endowment Fund
Bernadine D. Gale Fund u/w/o
Philip B. Gale
George Gay 2000 Endowment Fund*
George H. Gilman, Sr. Fund u/w/o
George H. Gilman, Jr.
Anna M. Goodwin Fund
Daniel M. Goodwin Free Bed Fund*
Francis and Mary Goodwin
Free Bed Fund*
The Rev. Dr. James Goodwin Memorial
Free Bed Fund*
James Lippincott Goodwin Fund
Mary Elizabeth Lincoln Goodwin Bed
Fund u/w/o Charles L Goodwin*
Rev. Stephen Henry and Helen Woodward
Granberry Free Bed Fund*
Ella Grasso Scholarship Fund
The Neil J. Grey, M.D. Fund for Diabetes
C.L. & L.M. Griggs Grohmann Fund u/w/o
Carl L. Grohmann
Dwight Griswold Lectureship Fund
Frank L. and Agnes E. Griswold Fund
Christine J. Haas Fund
Hannah S. and William P. Haas Fund
George Hall Fund No. 1*
George Hall Fund No. 2*
Harriet Hall Fund
Joseph T. Hall Fund
Margaret J. Hall Free Bed Fund*
Edith May Hart Free Bed Fund*
Emma May Hart Fund*
Ferdinand Austin Hart Free Bed Fund*
Harold and Ethel Hart Endowment Fund
Hartford Archdeaconry,
Children’s Cot Fund*
Norman Hendensted Fund
Edward P. Hickmott Free Bed Fund*
Elisha E. Hilliard Fund
Atbertus S. Hills Fund*
Hills Fund u/w/o Carrie E. Hills Knight
Frederick W. Hills Fund*
J. Coolidge Hills, Ellery Hills and
Nancy H. Hills Fund*
Drayton Hillyer Fund*
Mrs. Henry P. Hitchcock Free Bed Fund*
Harold G. Holcombe Fund*
Jane Holton Memorial Fund
Edward Williams Hooker Free Bed Fund*
Hospital Social Service Fund
Edmund G. Howe, Willam J. Wood and
Frances Howe Wood Fund
Charles L. Hubbard Fund
Lucius E. Humphrey and
Grace H. Humphrey Fund
Newman Hungerford Fund No.1*
Newman Hungerford Free Bed Fund
Trust Funds
Newman Hungerford Free Bed Fund
Institute of Living Endowment Fund
Jefferson House Good Samaritan Fund
Charles A. Jewell Free Bed Fund*
Lyman B. Jewell Fund
Katherine W. Johnson Fund
The Jonathan Lodge #66 I.O.O.F. and
Jonathan Welfare Society
Endowment Fund
Jennie C. Jones Memorial Fund
Edwin B. Judd Fund
Junior League of Hartford Free Bed Fund*
Keney Fund*
Mary J. Keney Fund
Edith and Will Kingsbury Fund
George W. Klett Fund
Robert C. and Leonice M. Knox Fund
Henry Kohn Free Bed Fund i/m/o
Richard Case Kohn
Herman P. Kopplemann Fund
Dr. John C. Leonard Fund
Hyman Levine Fund
James M. Linton Fund
Marilyn Lippman Memorial Fund
Susan E. Lyon Memorial Fund
Morris and Edith Mancoll Fund
Augusta M. Manning Free Bed Fund*
Edith Oakley Martin Fund u/w/o
Richard P. Martin
Roland Mather Permanent Fund of the
Hartford Hospital
Francis T. Maxwell Fund
Dr. John Butler McCook Memorial Fund
William B. McCray Fund*
Harriett Rowley McKown Fund
Juliette McLean Free Bed Fund*
George J. Mead Fund
Charles B. Miller Free Bed Fund*
Ella F. Miller Free Bed Fund*
Maria L. Moody and Bertram E. Moody
Fund for Palliative Care
Henry K. Morgan Fund
Junius S. Morgan Fund
William D. Morgan Fund
Grace Root Morris Fund
Arnold Henry Moses Fund
John C. Niblack Trauma Support
Endowment Fund
Frederick L. Nichols Endocrine Fund
Charles N. Northam Fund*
May Rockwell Page Fund
Donato Palermino, M.D. Endowment
Emma L. Parsons Fund*
Emily M.W. Peabody Free Bed Fund*
Julia Ripley Pember Free Bed Fund u/w/o
Chauncey Pember*
Mrs. George C. Perkins Free Bed Fund*
Gertrude S. Perkins Free Bed Fund*
Lucy Adams Perkins Fund
Permanent Fund
Charles and Elsie Sykes Phelps
Free Bed Fund*
Guy R. Phelps Fund
Clara Piester Fund u/w/o Everett Piester
Ralph and Lula Pinney Fund
The Charles Polivy, MD, Surgical
Education Fund
Charles F. Pond Free Bed Fund*
Caroline E. Porter Free Bed Fund*
Eliza Storrs Porter Free Bed Fund*
John Porter and Caroline E. Porter Fund
Camilla Jillson Potter Free Bed Fund*
Samuel 0. Prentice Free Bed Fund*
William H. Putnam Research Fund
Ludwig J. Pyrtek, MD Chair Fund
Barbara Coles Ralston Endowment Fund
M. Katherine Reis Free Bed Fund*
The Ned C. and Janet C. Rice
Fund for Excellence
Edith Kerr Richards Memorial Fund*
Herrick C. Ridlon, MD Fund
Charles C. and Emily Cheney Riley Fund
Sophia S. Risley Fund No.1
Sophia S. Risley Fund.No. 2
Elvira Evans Roberts Free Bed Fund*
Edward K. Root Fund
Edward King Root Maintenance Fund
Judson H. Root Free Bed Fund*
Lewis P. Roraback Fund
G. Gardiner Russell Fund
Ada Gilbert Russell Fund*
Mary I. B. Russell Fund*
William C. Russell Social Welfare Fund*
William C. Russell and Ada G. Russell
Free Bed Fund*
William A. Sanborn Free Bed Fund
School of Nursing Endowment Fund*
Schizophrenia Treatment Fund
William G. Sexton Fund
Lois and Howard Siegal Endowed Fund
for Nursing Excellence
Clayton H. Smart Fund for Diabetes
Ellen T. Smith Free Bed Fund*
Olcott and Lucy Smith Research Fund
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 1*
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 2
Dr. Oliver C. Smith Fund No. 3
W. Leslie Smith, MD Fund
Joseph S. and Margaret A. Stackpole Fund
Staff Memorial Fund
Hannah Marcy Starr Free Bed Fund*
Melancthon Storrs Fund u/w/o
Gertrude S. Perkins
Mary Mulready Sullivan Symposium
Endowment Fund
Frank C. Sumner Fund
Alice Taintor Free Bed Fund*
The Taylor Fund
Madeline Murphy Taylor Fund
Isham Terry Fund*
Oliver Grant Terry and Amelia Smith
Terry Fund u/w/o Mary A. Terry
Gertrude D.S. Thompson Free Bed Fund*
Hartwell G. Thompson Fund
James M. Thomson Free Bed Fund*
Thrift Shop Nursing Education Fund
Dr. Ralph M. Tovell Fund
Nancy and Bill Trachsel Fund
The Truex Family Fund for
Community Service
Grace Tuttle Fund u/w/o Sarah Tuttle and
u/w/o William F. Tuttle
Jane Tuttle Free Bed Fund for Nurses,
Miles A. Tuttle Free Bed Fund*
Sarah Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/w/o
Jane Tuttle*
William F. Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/codicil
to Will of Jane Tuttle*
William F. Tuttle Free Bed Fund u/w/o
Jane Tuttle*
Kate G. Tyler Fund
H. Whitney Tyler Fund
Bernadette Warren Fund
Nathan M. Waterman Free Bed Fund*
Ellen M. Watkinson Trust Fund*
Arne Welhaven Memorial Library Fund
Cassius Welles and Susie Russell Welles
Fund u/w/o William C. Russell
Mary A. Whaples Fund*
Frank L. Wilcox Free Bed Fund*
Wildwood Sanatorium Investment Fund
Elizabeth W. Williams Free Bed Fund*
Eugene Phillips Williams Fund*
Josephine Williams Estate Fund i/m/o
Lyman B. Jewell
Josephine Williams Trust Fund
Hattie Johnson Wilson Free Bed Fund*
Robert J. Winkler Endowment Fund
Solomon and Katie Wohl Free Bed Fund*
Bertha B. Woodford Fund
Charles G. Woodward Fund
Mary S. Woodward Fund
Henry I. Wright Fund*
* Those starred are “Free Bed” funds which have been given to enable the hospital to provide care to any and all, based on financial need on application.
John G. & Jane M. Austin Trust
Edwin H. Bingham Trust
Harriet Bundy Est. Trust
Willie 0. Burr Trust
Elizabeth M. Burt Trust
John J. Corning Trust
David Crary, Jr, Trust
Flora M. Crary Trust
Harriet Dickman Trust
Emma B. Fehrer Trust
George Gay Trust
Lelia C. Hunter Trust
Charles A. Hunter Trust
Emma B. Lane Est. Trust
Sarah Pardee Trust
Lewis P. Roraback Trust
E. Terry Smith Trust
Winchell Smith Trust
Louise Terry Trust
Joseph P. Trumbull Trust
Frank W. Weston Trust
Anna C.F. Butler Trust
George J. Capewell Foundation
u/w/o Garafelia Capewell
u/w/o George J. Capewell, Jr.
u/w/o Mary A. Capewell
u/w/o Ida G. Capewell
I. Kent Fulton Trust
William L. Montogue
Ethel Wood Thomas Trust
Aaron W.C. Williams Trust
Charles G. Woodward Trust
Grace Holcomb Humphrey Trust
Grace Edith Bliss Trust
Grace Edith Bliss Trust u/w/o
Frederick S. Bliss
David Crary, Jr., Trust
Rene H. Hills Trust
Sara Pardee Trust
Joseph P. Trumbull Trust
Frank W. Weston Trust
Mary Botsford Trust
George J. Capewell Foundation
u/w/o Garafelia Capewell
u/w/o George J. Capewell, Jr.
u/w/o Mary A. Capewell
u/w/o Ida G. Capewell
William R. Morgan Trust
Aaron W. C. Williams Trust
Charles G. Woodward Trust
Julia S. Reynolds Trust
Elizabeth C. Bacon
William T. Bacon
John F. Baker Fund
Alice M. Bartholomew
Mary Jane Blackman Fund
Brooks-Woodford Memorial Fund
F. A. Brown Fund
Martha W. Brown Fund
Wickliffe S. Buckley Fund
Louise S. Bunce Fund
Harriet Turner Burnham Fund
Silas Chapman, Jr., Fund
Mabel H.P. Clark Fund
Susan S. Clark
Caroline L. Cooley
Josephine H. Davis Fund
Charles E. Fox Fund u/w/o
Frederick K. Fox
Bernadine D. Gale Fund
Charles S. Goodwin Fund u/w/o
Charles L. Goodwin
Jessie I. Herriman Fund
Elsie M.S. Hills Fund
Stephen Hills Fund
Mrs. Henry P. Hitchcock
Charles L. Hubbard Fund
Keney Fund
George Rice Lester Fund
George S. Lewis u/w/o
Cornelia B. Hinsdale
Emma Brown Lyman
Mary P. Mansfield Fund
Eliza F. Mix
John Porter and Caroline E. Porter Fund
Edward V. Preston and
Clara M. Preston Fund
Judson H. Root Fund
W. C. Russell Fund
Ellen T. Smith
William L. Sugden Fund
Catherine Tuttle Fund u/w/o Sarah Tuttle
William Tuttle u/w/o Sarah Tuttle
Bertha B. Woodford Fund
Charles G. Woodward Fund
Mary S. Woodward Fund
P. Henry Woodward Fund
The University of Connecticut School
of Medicine, for both undergraduate
and graduate medical education.
Hartford Hospital has four residencies
plus eleven integrated residencies in
conjunction with the Captial Area Health
Consortium. The hospital also sponsors
eleven Hartford Hospital fellowships and
eleven from the integrated program.
Dartmouth Medical School for
undergraduate medical education.
Boston University
Briarwood College
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
Connecticut School of Massage Therapy
Goodwin College
Ithaca College
Manchester Community College
Naugatuck Valley Community College
New England University
Northeastern University
Quinnipiac College
University of Rhode Island
Sacred Heart University
Saint Joseph College
Simmons College
Springfield Technical Community College
Springfield College
Tufts University
Tunxis Community College
University of Connecticut
University of Hartford
University of Vermont
Yale University
Capitol Community College
Goodwin College
Central Connecticut State University
Fairfield University
Quinnipiac University
Saint Joseph College
Saint Joseph College of Maine
Southern Connecticut State University
UMASS – Dartmouth
University of Connecticut
University of Hartford
Utica College
Western Connecticut State University
Boston college
Elm College
Fairfield University
Quinippiac University
Russell Sage
Sacred Heart University
Saint Joseph College
State University of NY
Stony Brook University
Thomas Jefferson University
UMASS – Boston
UMASS – Worcester
UMASS – Dartmouth
University of Hartford
University of Phoenix
Yale University
Medical Staff
Jeffry L. Nestler, MD
Stacy R. Nerenstone, MD
Matthew L. Saidel, MD
Jeffrey L. Cohen, MD
Vice President
Witold M. Waberski, MD
Vernon Y. Kwok, DMD
Lenworth M. Jacobs, MD
Robert C. Hagberg, MD
Michael C. Lindberg, MD
Cardiovascular Surgery
Leslie I. Wolfson, MD
Inam U. Kureshi, MD
Joel I. Sorosky, MD
Jerry Neuwirth, MD
Bruce D. Browner, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Gregory S. Bonaiuto, MD
William T. Pastuszak, MD
Victor C. Herson, MD
Harold I. Schwartz, MD
Andrew L. Salner, MD
Pathology and Laboratory
Radiation Oncology
Ethan B. Foxman, MD
Orlando C. Kirton, MD
Steven J. Shichman, MD
Medical Staff
Abbate, Darlene F., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Abbosh, Jasmine M., MD; Active, Allergy
Abbott, Lincoln F., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Abdelhafiz, Gada M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Abernathy, Evelyn C., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Abraham, Richard I., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Abreu, Joseph E., MD; Active, Cardiology
Adamenko, Robert S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Adeniji, Aderonke O., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Aferzon, Joseph, MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Aggarwal, Manju, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ahmed, Ayesha, MD; Consulting, Geriatric Psychiatry
Ahmed, Batul A., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Ahmed, Irshad, MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Ahmed, Sheikh I., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Ahn, William B., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Alba, Jorge, DO; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Al-Baghdadi, Yasser A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Albergo, Patrick F., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Albert, Ross H., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Albertsen, Peter C., MD; Courtesy, Urology
Alder, William C., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Alekshun, Todd J., MD, R.Ph; Active, Hematology/Oncology
Allan, Thomas R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alleman, Kim M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Allen, Gretchen L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Alleyne, Kenneth R., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Altman, Arnold J., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric
Altman, Larisa, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Altonji, Paul F., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Alvarez, James, PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Alvaro, Vincent M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Amato, Kristina M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Ambrogio, Riccardo I., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial
Ambrose, Susan M., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Amenta, Sarah L., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Anastasio, George D., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Anderson, Elizabeth A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Anderson, Lisa N., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Anderson, Seren T., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Anquillare, Joseph T., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Anwar, Mohammed S., MD; Courtesy, Pulmonology
Anyatonwu, Samuel K., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Apoeso, Olusegun A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Arafeh, Mehadin K., MD; Psychiatry
Archambault, Michael B., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Arky, Lawrence M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Aron, Michael, MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Aronow, Michael S., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Arose, Bruce P., MD; Active, Radiology
Ash, Jenifer, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Ashmead, Duffield, MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Ason, Regina, MD; Active, Radiology
Assaad, Margaret W., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Athay, Lauren M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Atton, Andrew V., MD; Active, Dermatology
Auclair, Mary Eileen, PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Aurin, Gretchen B., MD; Anesthesiology
Austin, Duane F., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Avanecean, Donna M., APRN; Adjunct, Neurology
Ayers, Amanda S., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Ayre, Mary, MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Aziz, Rehan, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Aziz, Zeeshan S., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Azocar, Jose, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Babigian, Alan, MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Baboolal, Brent, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Bacall, George, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bader, Mohammad Y., MD; Neonatology
Baginski, Andrew G., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Baginski, Patricia A., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Baker, Lisa S., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Baker, W. Jeffrey, MD; Active, Oncology
Balakrishna, Srimathi, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Balarezo, Fabiola S., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Balazs, Denes V., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Balcom, Patricia L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Balla, Robert A., DMD; Active, Endodontics
Banack, Sherry, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Banas, Robert, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Banco, Leonard I., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Banerjee, Arjun, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Banerjee, Sanjay, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Banerjee, Saumitra R., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Banever, Thomas C., MD; Active, General Surgery
Bansal, Anu, MD; Active, Radiology
Banta, John V., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Bargielski, Brenda J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Barksdale, Susan B., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Barmpouletos, Dimitrios, MD; Internal Medicine
Barnes, Diane M., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Barnett, Dorien S., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Barnett, Peter R., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Barrows, Meredith W., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Bartus, Christine M., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Bash, Jeffrey A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Bason, Margaret M., MD; Courtesy, Dermatology
Bass, David M., MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Basu, Sudeshna, MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Baumer, Amy L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Baweja, Harpreet S., MD; Active, Radiology
Baxter, Andrew R., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Beam, Harold E., MD; Courtesy, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Beatson, Elizabeth V., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Beaulieu, Brian L., MD; Internal Medicine
Becherl, Rohini R., MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Becker, Gerald J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Bedard, Robert M., MD; Active, Allergy
Beebe, Roy D., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Beggins, Thomas J., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Bell, David P., DMD; Consulting, Dentistry
Beller, Peter J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bellini, Sandra L., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Bender, Jean M., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Benjamin, Marc A., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Benson, Scott M., DO; Active, Nephrology
Benthien, Ross A., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Bentivegna, Joseph F., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Bentman, Adrienne L., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Berke, Adrienne B., MD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Berkowitz, Samuel, DPM; Consulting, Podiatric Surgery
Berman, Elliot S., DDS; Active, Dentistry
Bernier, Annmarie, APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Bernier, James A., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Bernier, Maria M., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Berning, Richard A., MD; Pediatric Cardiology
Bernstein, Frederic J., DO; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Berry, Cecile D., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Bertsch, Helaine F., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Bevilacqua, Richard G., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Bezahler, Ronald C., MD; Consulting, Ophthalmology
Bhagat, Smita J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Biello, Christina A., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Bilchik, Tanya R., MD; Active, Medicine
Binder, Thomas B., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Bisanzo, Mark C., MD; Emergency Medicine
Bisbee, Susan W., LaC; Adjunct, Medicine
Biskup, Joan M., PA-C; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Bissell, Kristin F., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Bissell, Scott A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Black, James C., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Blair, C. Lee, MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Blank, Karen, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Blechner, Jack N., MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Blinder, Jordan L., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Blitzer, Avrum H., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Block, Robert L., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Blomstrom, Sara A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Bloom, G. Peter, MD; Active, General Surgery
Bloom, Ronald J., MD; Courtesy, Cardiology
Blount, Kevin J., MD; Active, Radiology
Bluth, Lawrence S., MD; Active, Neurology
Bly, KC, LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bocciarelli, Paul A., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Boden, Scott A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Bogli, Carl, PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Boisseau, Angela S., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Boland, Carl J., MD; Active, Neurology
Bolton, Lauri D., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Bombassei, Gregory J., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Bonaiuto, Gregory S., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Bonanni, Craig C., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Bond, Steven D., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Bondi, Laura J., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Boolbol, Robert J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Borer, Steven M., DO; Active, Cardiology
Borgida, Adam F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Borkowski, Robert, MD; Active, Cardiology
Borrus, Daniel S., MD; Internal Medicine
Bosso, Anna J., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Bouchard, Amy R., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Bourque, Michel D., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Bow, Laurine M., PhD; Consulting, Internal Medicine
Bower, Bruce F., MD; Consulting, Medicine
Bowman, Bruce, PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Boyd, Timothy S., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Boyer, Matthew E., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Boynton, Whitney A., MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Bozeman, Patricia K., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Bracale, Laura M., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Brady, Elizabeth W., MD; Active, General Surgery
Brauer, Lee D., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Brauer, Rima L., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Brautigam, Robert T., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Brazell, Hema D., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Breiter, Jeffrey R., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Brennan, Mary T., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Brennan, Sean T., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Brennan, Tracy E., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brennan-Centrella, Mary, APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Brewer, Molly A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brewer, Phillip A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Bridburg, Richard M., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Briden, Linda L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Briggs, Maria G., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brigham, Margaret W., APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Brodey, James F., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Bronkie, Jennifer L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Brooks, Tameka L., APRN; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Brown, Amy K., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Brown, Colleen M., APRN; Adjunct, Transplantation Surgery
Brown, David L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Brown, Edwin J., LaC; Adjunct, Medicine
Brown, Jeffrey M., MD; Active, Radiology
Brown, Jeffrey R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Brown, Matthew G., MD; Active, Transplantation Surgery
Brown, Meredith B., PA-C; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Brown, R. Timothy, MD; Active, Radiology
Brown, Scott L., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Brown, Seth M., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Brown, Steven H., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Brown, Steven J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Brown, Theresa J., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Browner, Bruce D., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Bruns, Sarah H., PA-C; Orthopedics
Bryant, Michael C., APRN; Adjunct, Surgical Critical Care
Bryon, Lori A., PA-C; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Buatti, Erika S., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Bube, Nicholas H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Buch, Peter S., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Buckley, Judith A., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Buckman, Ronald L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Bugliari, Richard A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Bullard, Sarah E., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Bundy, Robert J., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Bunke, Frederick J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Buonomano, Ronald J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Burgmyer, Leonard J., PA-C; Emergency Medicine
Medical Staff
Burnham, Robert T., PhD; Psychiatry
Burns, Jeffrey K., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Burris, Heather H., MD; Courtesy, Neonatology
Burstein, David B., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Burton, Kevin J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Burton, Nancy J., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Bush, Frank J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Bushley, David M., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Bustos, Arsenio M., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Butler, Karyn L., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Cahill, Joan D., LCSW; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Cahill, Johanna B., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Cahill, Theresa A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Calderon, Stephen F., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Callahan, Kara A., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Calnen, Gerald, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Campbell, Brendan T., MD, MPH; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Campbell, Carol L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Campbell, Michelle M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Cantin, Jeffrey A., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Cappa, Joseph A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Cappadona, John T., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cappelluti, Erika, MD; Active, Pulmonology
Cappiello, Angela, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Capps, Stephanie D., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Caputo, Andrew E., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Cardillo, Jennifer M., PA-C; Adjunct, Urology
Cardon, James P., MD; Active, Cardiology
Carey, Lindsay N., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Carignan, Eva M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Carley, Matthew D., MD; Active, Nephrology
Carley, Nina H., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Carlton, Richard D., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Carney, Maureen E., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Carriero, Lucy, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Carroll, Christopher L., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Intensive Care
Carroll, Wendi S., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Carter, Allen L., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Carter, Loni M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Cartun, Richard W., PhD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Caruso, Jennifer A., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Caruso-Bergman, Marcia, APRN; Adjunct, Oncology
Casey, David M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Casey, Zoe C., MD; Courtesy, Emergency Medicine
Castanon, Lourdes, MD; Active, Trauma Surgery
Castiglione, Charles L., MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive
Castner, James J., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Catalano, Carmen I., LaC; Adjunct, Medicine
Cavanagh, Norman J., DMD; Active, Surgery
Cavanna, Christopher A., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Cavo, Charles A., DO; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cech, Alex C., MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Ceruzzi, William, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Chacko, Elizabeth M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Chaderjian, Lisa A., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Chagnon, Raymond J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Chaletsky, David M., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Chamberlain, Robert D., MD; Courtesy, Cardiology
Chang, Mary W., MD; Active, Pediatric Dermatology
Chartier, Timothy K., MD; Active, Dermatology
Chartoff, Stanley E., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Chawla, Gaurav, MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Chawla, Surendra K., MD; Consulting, Surgery
Cheema, Amber S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cheema, Faiqa A., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Cheema, Mohiuddin, MD; Active, Vascular Surgery
Cheffer, Eric T., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Cherrone, Deanna M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cherry, Anton R., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology/Pain
Cherry, David A., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Chin, Daniel W., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Chin, Mark T., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Chittoori, Shatya S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Chmael, Susan E., APRN; Medicine
Chozick, Bruce S., MD; Courtesy, Neurosurgery
Christie, Donna-Marie E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Chrostowski, Violetta M., APRN; Surgery
Chu, Chan, PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Chukwumah, Chike V., MD; Active, General Surgery
Chung, David Y., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Chung, Kyung H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cicchetti, Mary N., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Ciccolini, Darren, PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Cieck, Mindi M., APRN; Adjunct, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Ciesielski, Thomas E., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Ciocca, Cristina L., PsyD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Cipolla, Donna M., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Cleary, Francis B., DDS; Courtesy, Dentistry
Clerkin, Edward A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cloutier, Michelle M., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Pulmonology
Clubb, Mariann, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Clyne, Christopher A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Coates, Amy C., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Coen, John J., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Cohen, Eric D., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Cohen, Gary M., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Cohen, Gary P., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Cohen, Jeffrey L., MD; Active, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Cohen, Mario, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cohen-Abbo, Alberto, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Colburn, Jessica L., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Colfer, Jaclyn, PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Coller, David, APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Collins, Sarah A., MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Collins, Kevin L., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Collins, Rochelle L., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Collins, Seth W., PA-C; Adjunct, Radiology
Collins, Siobhan C., MD; Active, Dermatology
Cologne, Denise E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Conard, Frederick U., MD; Active, Radiology
Conley, Thomas E., MD; Courtesy, Neurology
Connors, Meaghan L., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Conrad, Cynthia D., MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Conrad, William D., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Contrino, Josephine, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Conway, Michael M., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Conway, Stephen R., MD; Active, Neurology
Cookson, Marci A., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Coombes, Barbara J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Cooney, John R., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Cooper, Brian W., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Cooper, Martin M., MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Corbett, Helen M., MD; Active, General Surgery
Corbett, Lisa Q., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Corcoran, Della M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Corcoran, Patrick J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Cordiano, Alexis M., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Cornachio, Christine M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Corrao, Maria K., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Corrow, Cathy L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Cortland, Edward T., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Cortland, Renee C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cosgrove, Christine F., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Costello, Ruth, CRNA; Anesthesiology
Coughlin, Bret F., MD; Active, Radiology
Couture, Christine A., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Covello, Mary G., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Covington, Theresa M., PhD; Psychology
Cox-Chapman, James W., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Craig, Steven L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Cremins, Michael S., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Crespo, Eric M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Croce, Kathleen, PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Crombleholme, William R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Crone, Margaret B., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Cronin, Edward B., MD; Active, Radiology
Crowley, Ellen M., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Cullen, Amanda J., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Curiale, Steven V., MD; Courtesy, Surgery
Curley, Timothy M., DO; Active, Nephrology
Curtis, David E., MD; Active, General Surgery
Cushman, Natalie C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cusick, Eileen R., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Cusick, Kathleen M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Cyr, Mary-Ann, APRN; Adjunct, Cardiac Surgery
Czarnecki, Gregory R., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Czarnowski, Marc J., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Czick, Maureen E., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
D’Agostino, Darrin C., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
D’Alessandri-Silva, Cynthia J., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric
D’Alfonso, Kristin J., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
D’alo, Julia M., MD; Emergency Medicine
D’Avella, John F., MD; Active, Nephrology
D’Occhio, Marzena S., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
DaCosta, Maria M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
DaCruz, Jason N., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Daddario, Michelle M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Daggett, Deanne, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Daigneault, Maria S., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Dailey, Mark E., MD; Active, Hematology
Dainiak, Sarah G., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Daman, Lauren A., MD; Active, Dermatology
Dana, Maureen, MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Danitz, Mitchell, PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Dardick, Kenneth R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Dayton, Margot H., MD; Active, Pediatrics
De Maio, Mara M., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Debin, Adam M., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Decalo, Niv E., MD; Active, Radiology
Decker, Jennifer L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Deckers, Elizabeth A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Deegan, Patrick S., PA-C; Adjunct, Radiology
DeForest, Kelly M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
DeFusco, Patricia A., MD; Active, Oncology
DeGiovanni, James C., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
DeGraff, Arthur C., MD; Active, Pulmonology
DeJesus, Daniel, PA-C; Adjunct, Radiology
Dekker, Paul T., MD; Active, Hematology
Delgado, Joao H., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
DeLisa, Abigail L., APRN; Adjunct, Radiation Oncology
DeLucia, Orlando, MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
DeMarcaida, J. Antonelle, MD; Active, Neurology
deMayo, Richelle L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
DeSantis, Carla, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Deshaies, Michael R., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Deutsch, Larry, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Dezi, Cynthia J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Dhingra, Sachin, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Diamen, Sharon A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Diamond, Peter H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Dias, Srianee M., MD; Courtesy, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Dibala, Richard P., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Dick, Leslie S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Dicks, Barbara, APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Dicks, Robert S., MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Dickson, Rolland C., MD; Active, Hepatology
Diefenbach, Gretchen J., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Dieterich, Steven R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
DiGiuseppe, Joseph A., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
DiLoreto, Ann Marie, APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
DiLuigi, Andrea J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
DiMario, Francis J., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Neurology
Dinowitz, Kevin, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Dintyala, Venkata N., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
DiStefano, Leo J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Divinagracia, Thomas V., MD; Active, Vascular Surgery
Dixon, Andrea G., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Dixon, Jonathan A., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Dizon, Tabor D., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Dobrita, Alina I., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Doelger, Peter J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dolan, Thomas C., DDS; Active, Dentistry
Dolin, Scott L., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Dolinsky, Paul A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Domenichini, David J., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Dominguez, Yuri L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Donahue, Ann S., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Medical Staff
Donahue, George M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Donaldson, James O., MD; Active, Neurology
Donnelly, Alyssa A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Donnelly, Susan L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Donovan, Thomas J., MD; Surgery
Donovan, Elaine G., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Donshik, Peter C., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Doody, Amy D., PA-C; Adjunct, Radiology
Dornelas, Ellen A., PhD; Consulting, Cardiology
Dougherty, James E., MD; Active, Cardiology
Dowsett, Robert J., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Drake, Mary-Jo, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Drescher, Michael J., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Dua, Neeru C., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Dubey, Prachi, MD; Active, Radiology
Duchesneau, Nicole M., APRN; Medicine
Dufel, Susan E., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Duffy, Allyson N., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Dugdale, Thomas W., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Duggan, William J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Duncan, Brett H., MD; Active, Cardiology
Dunn, Nicole, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Durstin, Holly, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Dutta, Ritu, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dworkin, Paul H., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Dwyer, Mary Ellen, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Dym, Hal M., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Dziedzic, Katie L., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Dziedzic, Mark R., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Earle, Jonathan S., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Ebbets, Judith A., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Edwards, Martin G., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Edwards, Randolph E., MD; Active, General Surgery
Edwards, Shernett M., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Ehle, Leah K., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Ehlers, William H., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Einstein, Margaret H., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Einstein, Michael M., MD; Active, Hepatology
Eisen, Marc D., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Eisenberg, David P., MD; Active, Surgical Oncology
Eisenberg, Ellen, DMD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Eisenfeld, Leonard I., MD; Active, Neonatology
Eisler, Jesse G., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Elaba, Wilfred P., MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Elaba, Zendee P., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
El-Hachem, Roger R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Elis, Cynthia C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Elliott, Michelle A., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Ely, Matthew G., MD; Active, Urology
Emerick, Geoffrey T., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Emmel, David K., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Engmann, Lawrence L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Engster, Peter W., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Eppler, Annette L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Erdil, Michael, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Erickson, Carol J., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Erman, Spencer G., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ernstoff, Jon J., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Erol, Ali O., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Eror, Ellyssa L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Estime, Pierre H., DO; Courtesy, Medicine
Estrada, D. Elizabeth, MD; Consulting, Pediatrics
Evans, Elizabeth Y., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Everhart-Caye, Maria A., MD; Active, Nephrology
Ewald, Edward M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ezem, Mary C., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Factor, Jeffrey M., MD; Active, Pediatric Allergy
Fadakar, Parvin, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Fagan, Patricia L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fagnant, Daniel P., DO; Courtesy, Emergency Medicine
Falcon, Manuel A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Fang, Yu Ming Victor, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fantl, Eugene, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Farber, Sharon S., MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Farquhar, Thomas H., MD; Active, Radiology
Farrell, Elisabeth H., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Farrell, John M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Farrell, William J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Farwell, Mary E., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fasy, Elizabeth A., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Faucher, Sue-Ann, PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Fecteau, Scott R., MD; Courtesy, Surgery
Feingold, Andrew D., MD; Active, Cardiology
Feingold, David A., MD; Courtesy, Physical
Feldman, Deborah M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Feldman, Thomas A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Felice, Kevin J., DO; Courtesy, Neurology
Feller, Christina M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Femino, Suzanne, APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Fenton, David T., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ferlan, Virginia S., MD; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fernandez, Aida, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Fernandez, Janice L., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Ferrand, Jennifer L., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Ferraro-Borgida, Melissa J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Ferrarotti, Ruth A., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Ferrer, Fernando A., MD; Courtesy, Urology
Ferris, Charlene, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Ficara, Robert J., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Fiel-Gan, Mary D., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Fierer, Edwin J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Finck, Christine M., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Fine, Alan, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Finelli, Pasquale F., MD; Active, Neurology
Fink, Judd B., DDS; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Finn, Heather A., LaC; Adjunct, Medicine
Firshein, Stephen I., MD; Active, Hematology
Fischer, Nathan R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Fischer, Richard D., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Fischler, Adam H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Fisher, Daniel G., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Intensive Care
Fisherkeller, Mark, MD; Active, Cardiology
Fishman, Theodore D., MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Flescher, Robert, MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Fletcher, Mark C., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Fletcher, Susan H., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Flowers, Alexandra, MD; Active, Neurology
Fogel, Cathryn A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Fogel, Denise L., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Fogg-Waberski, Joanna H., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Folk-Barron, Lori, PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Fons, Anthony L., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Ford, Peter A., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Forner, Leonard E., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Fortier, Alexander J., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Fortier, Lawrence J., MD; Active, Dermatology
Foster, John E., MD; Active, Radiology
Foster, Ruth L., APRN; Adjunct, Neurology
Fote, John J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Fowler, Gail M., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Fowler, Shelly A., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Fox, Brendan M., MD; Consulting, Urology
Fox, Evan, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Fox, Yolanda B., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Foxman, Ethan B., MD; Active, Radiology
Fradkin, Yuli, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Frallicciardi, Alise, MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Fram, Daniel B., MD; Active, Cardiology
Frattini, Julia A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Freedman, Eileen, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Freeman-Bosco, Linda S., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiac Surgery
Freess, Daniel B., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Freilich, Cecille R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Freund, Jennifer S., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Friedman, Matthew, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Friedman, Meir, MD; Active, Cardiology
Friedman, Traci A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Fritts, Lori L., MD; Active, General Surgery
Fromson, Thomas N., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Frontera, Yolanda P., DDS; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Fulco, Michael N., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Fulkerson, John P., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Fuller, Robert P., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Furnelli, Victoria P., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Fusco, Daniel S., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Gabow, Andrew G., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Gagne, Kelli P., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Galati, Kimberly R., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Galbraith, David A., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Gallagher, Carol W., APRN; Adjunct, Gastroenterology
Gallagher, James J., MD; Active, Vascular Surgery
Gallagher, Robert C., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Gallegos, Rafael, PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Gallucci, Nicholas T., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Galvin, J. Robert, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ganeles, Andrew, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ganeles, Carolyn, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Ganga, Harsha V., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Gange, Robert J., DDS; Active, Dentistry
Gannon, Shanna M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Garcia, Dawn M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Garrett, Audrey L., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Garrison, Beth A., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology/Pain
Garrison, John M., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Garvin, Vicki L., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Gaskell, Alexis M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Gaudio, Alexander R., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Gaudio, Paul A., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Gauthier, Kathy D., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Gaynor, Mark, LCSW; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Gelb, David A., DDS; Courtesy, Dentistry
Gelber, Barry J., DDS; Active, Periodontics
Gelwan, Jeffrey S., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Gemayel, Carol Y., MD; Active, Cardiology
Genser, Stuart S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Gerace, James R., PA-C; Adjunct, Neonatology
Gerace, Joseph F., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Ghiglia, Christine K., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Gianferrari, Elisa A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Giannelli, Kyla E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Gianoli, Daniel J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Gianoli, Dennis S., DDS; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Gigstad, Joan E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Gilbert,, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Gildersleeve, Kristin S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Gildersleeve, Robert K., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Gilliam, Christina M., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Gingold, Michael P., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Gionfriddo, Robert J., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Girard, Alyssa B., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Glasmann, Ross A., MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Glazer, Catherine S., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Gleason, Ellen E., APRN; Surgery
Gleason, Patricia D., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Gletzakos, Peter, DMD; Active, Dentistry
Glickstein, Marc F., MD; Active, Radiology
Gluck, Jason A., DO; Active, Cardiology
Glucksman, William J., MD; Active, Radiology
Glynn, Tammy L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Goethe, John W., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Goldberg, Frank E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Goldberg, Morton H., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Goldblatt, Steven B., MD; Active, Cardiology
Goldenberg, Steven A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Goldman, Jonathan F., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Goldstein, Laurence J., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Golioto, Michael J., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Goller, April L., DO; Active, Hospital Medicine
Golub, Robert J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Gonzalez, Kimberly, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Gonzalez, Marbelia C., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Googel, Fredric R., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Gooneratne, Tilak C., MD; Pediatrics
Gordon, Donald E., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Gordon, Jennifer L., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Gorenbeyn, Aleksandr, MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Gorski, Kelly A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Gorusu, Madhavi, MD; Active, Hematology
Goslee, Julie M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Goss, Bennett S., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Goupil, Michael T., DDS; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Gowd, B.M. Pampana, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Goykman, Karina, DDS; Active, Periodontics
Grady-Benson, John C., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Graham, Gerard F., DDS; Courtesy, Dentistry
Graham, Neville J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Graniero, Richard A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Granquist, John D., MD; Active, Cardiology
Grant, Robert J., MD; Emergency Medicine
Grant, Jennifer H., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Grant Kels, Jane M., MD; Active, Dermatology
Graves, Virginia L., APRN; Pediatrics
Graydon, R. James, MD; Active, Urology
Grayson, Richard J., DPM; Consulting, Podiatric Surgery
Graziani, Catherine C., DO; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Greco, Deedee S., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Green, Logan L., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Greene, Ira M., DDS; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Greene, John F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Greene, Judith K., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Greenfield, David N., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Greenspan, Beverly N., MD; Active, Neurology
Greenstein, Robert M., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Greenwood, Martha M., MD; Active, Radiology
GRIFFIN, JENNIFER L., LNM; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Grimes, Edward P., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Grindle, Christopher R., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Grindle, Cynthia, APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Grinspan, Gregg H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Griss, Melina E., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Griswold, Pamela C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Grodofsky, Marshall P., MD; Active, Pediatric Allergy
Groff, S. Kathleen, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Grogan, Brian J., MD; Active, Radiology
Gross, Erica R., MD; Surgery
Gross, Jeffrey B., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Guanco, Basilio M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Guardino, Paul A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Guay, Nancy J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Guerin, Elizabeth T., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Guerin, Erik R., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Guerra, Arthur J., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Guertin, Cheryl L., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Guertin, Danette C., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Guida, Kristen M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Gupta, Ankur V., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Gurtman, Frances B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Gurtowsky, Nathan P., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Gwozdecke, Steven N., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Gwozdz, Theresa H., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Habelow, Wendy F., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Haber, Lawrence C., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Hackman, Janet T., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Hadi, Syed U., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Hagadorn, James I., MD; Active, Neonatology
Hagberg, Robert C., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Haggerty, Bryan P., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Haider, Jawad, MD; Active, Cardiology
Hall, William C., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Hallisey, Michael J., MD; Active, Radiology
Hamel, Wallace J., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Hameroff, Harvey J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Hammond, Jonathan A., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Hanjan, Kawal, PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Hannan, Scott E., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Harding, Richard H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Harrington, Corinne E., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Hartnett, Janice M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Harvey, Richard C., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Hashmi, Ali I., MD; Medicine
Hassan, Mohamed N., MD; Active, Neurology
Hauser, Stephen H., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Hawley, Samya H., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Hayes, Gail A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Haymes, Michael, PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Heath, Lorissa R., APRN; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Hein, Debra L., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Heller, Cynthia B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Heller, Felice A., MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Heller, Gary V., MD; Active, Cardiology
Hellreich, Jay E., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Hemnani, Ramesh K., MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Hemphill, Michael P., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Heney, Alison L., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Henken, Eleanor C., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Henry, Kerrie M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hepner, George R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Herbst, Meghan K., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Herlands, Stuart E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Hernandez, Debra B., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Herr, J. Michael, DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Herr, Jill A., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Herson, Victor C., MD; Active, Neonatology
Herzog, Alfred, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Hidalgo, Abigail M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Higgins, Alicia A., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Higgins, Gina M., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Hight, Donald W., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Hildebrand, Judith A., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Hill, David A., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Hirst, Jeffrey A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Ho, Leon, PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Hoang-Skawinska, Monika, PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Hochman, Howard I., MD; Active, Urology
Hoffman, Deborah S., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hoffman, Herbert S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Hoffman, James S., MD; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Hoffman, Martin G., DO; Active, Gastroenterology
Holder, Jaime A., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Holmes, Paula S., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Holsbeke, Timothy J., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Holtman, Allison G., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Medical Staff
Hong, Joy E., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Hong, Sung Chil, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Hong, Timothy J., MD; Active, Oncology
Honsinger, Kelly E., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Horman, Kathryn M., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Hornbeck, Nieves L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Horowitz, Steven M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Hortvet, Laurel A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Hosain, Harini, MD; Courtesy, Allergy
Hosley, Catherine M., MD; Active, Neurology
Houle, Jerome L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Howlett, David R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Hryniszyn, Ewa, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Hu, Lorraine V., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Huggins, Leslee S., DDS; Courtesy, Dentistry
Hughes, Sandra M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Huhn, Nicole M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Hull, David, MD; Active, Transplantation Surgery
Hull, Sharon S., APRN; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Humphrey, Chester B., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Hussain, Naveed, MD; Active, Neonatology
Hussain, Shahnaz, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Hyams, Jeffrey S., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Gastroenterology
Hylwa, Catherine E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Iacobello, Salvatore, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Ianello, Joseph L., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Illescas, Fernando F., MD; Active, Radiology
Immerman, Barry H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Imtiaz, Aized A., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Inchalik, Kenneth R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Indelicato, Mark G., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Ingardia, Charles J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Interlandi, Elsa W., APRN; Surgery
Ionita, Cristian M., MD; Active, Pediatric Neurology
Isaac, Shiji A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Isakoff, Michael S., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric
Israel, Jonathan L., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Izard, Mark W., MD; Nephrology
Jack, Kathryn E., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Jacobs, Allan M., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Jacobs, Henry E., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jacobs, Lenworth M., MD; Active, Trauma Surgery
Jacobs, Rose E., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Jacunski, Ewa M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jacunski, Joanna E., MD; Active, Radiology
Jadlowiec, Caroline C., MD; Active, General Surgery
Jaffe, Adam J., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Jajoo, Devika N., MD; Active, Radiology
Jambor, Clinton A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
James, Diana M., MD; Active, Radiology
Jannuzzi, Peter J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Jaremko, Marcin, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Javornisky, J. Gregory, PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Jenner, Laura L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Jermin, Ernest R., MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Jhunja, Rashma, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Jimenez, Michael J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Jimenez, Ramon E., MD; Active, Surgical Oncology
Johar, Sandeep K., DO; Active, Emergency Medicine
Johnson, Amy M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Johnson, Fielding, MD; Active, Pulmonology
Johnson, Kristina H., MD; Active, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Johnson, Lori B., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Johnson, Sandra C., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Johnson-Arbor, Kelly K., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Jones, Merwood M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jones, Thomas G., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Joseph, D’Andrea K., MD; Active, Trauma Surgery
Joseph, Indramattie, PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Joseph-Banks, Brooke, CRNA; Anesthesiology
Joughin, William L., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Joyner, Andrea B., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ju, Won Hae, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Judson, Peter H., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Justin, Joyce K., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Kabbash, Christina A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Kadakia, Ankita S., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Kafer, Sheldon, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kagan, Jeffrey M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kage, Barbara A., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Kage, Reinhard K., MD; Active, Allergy
Kahan, Robert W., MD; Active, Cardiology
Kahn, Michael D., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Kaliney, Ryan W., MD; Active, Radiology
Kallal, James E., MD; Active, Cardiology
Kallor, Scott M., DO; Active, Pediatrics
Kaloudis, Paul J., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Kamanitz, Joyce, MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Kamin, Richard A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Kamradt, Jeffrey M., MD; Active, Hematology
Kamuzora, Paul L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Kanev, Paul M., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Kapadia, Pragna, DO; Active, Hematology/Oncology
Karak, Prasanta K., MD; Active, Radiology
Karasik, Michael S., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Kari, Patricia A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Karrenbauer, Camtu N., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Kasaraneni, Devika R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kastoff, Stephen J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Kates, Richard J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Katsetos, Manny C., MD; Active, Cardiology
Katz, Mitchel G., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Kavanagh, Katherine R., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Keating, Herbert J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Keating, Kevin P., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Keckley, W. Dale, PA-C; Adjunct, Radiology
Keenan, Michael E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kehoe, Fiona C., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Keibel, Martin M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Keightley, Deborah A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kellerman, Kathleen M., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Medical Staff
Kelliher, Kathleen L., PA-C; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Kelliher, Kristine, MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Kellner, Marian F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kelly, Christopher J., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Kelly, Martin J., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Kels, Barry D., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Kern, Nicole E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Kernisan, Gregory L., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Kesler, Stuart S., MD; Active, Urology
Khaliq, Abdul H., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Khalique, Mujeeb A., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Khan, Ahmed M., MD; Courtesy, Neurosurgery
Khan, Angabeen S., MD; Active, Radiology
Khanna, Parveen, MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Khera, Anjum S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Kiehl, Kent A., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Kieltyka, Andrzej P., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Kiernan, Francis J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Kilbourn, Kent J., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Kilgannon, Michael A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Killory, Brendan D., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Kim, Chi, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kim, Christina, MD; Courtesy, Urology
Kim, Kimberly J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Kim, Susan Y., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Kime, Charles B., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Kimmel, Jay A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
King, Shawn T., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Kirschenbaum, Gene D., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kirton, Orlando C., MD; Active, General Surgery
Kissling, Albert R., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Kleiman, Michele D., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Neurology
Klein, Maxine J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Klein, Stephen V., MD; Active, Radiology
Kleinberg, Jeffrey A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Kleinhen, Ian D., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Klimek, Joseph J., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Klipstein, Arnold L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kluger, Jeffrey, MD; Active, Cardiology
Knauft, R. Frederic, MD; Active, Pulmonology
Knuth, Sara G., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Koff, Arnold M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Kolodziejczak, Leszek A., MD; Active, General Surgery
Komaiszko, Natalie S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Koncewicz, Kristina A., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Kong, Benjamin, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Kope, Walter R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kordansky, Daniel W., MD; Active, Allergy
Korn, Brian M., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Kornbrust, Amy M., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Korus, Paul D., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Kosofsky, Eric M., DPM; Consulting, Podiatric Surgery
Kost, Jonathan A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology/Pain Management
Kota, Venkata P., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Kozar, Albert J., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Kozar, Christina A., DO; Active, Pediatrics
Krall, Michael L., MD; Active, Pediatric Allergy
Kratzer, Allan S., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Kreisman, Rhoda L., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Krenicky, Peter T., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Kritzman, Marilyn G., MD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Krompinger, W. Jay, MD; Active, Orthopedics
Kruger, David M., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Krumperman, Leroy W., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Kueck, Angela S., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kugelman, Lisa C., MD; Active, Dermatology
Kugelman, Thomas P., MD; Active, Dermatology
Kuiper, Odin K., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Kulicki, Leonard E., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Kumar, Ajay, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Kumar, Gubbanna V., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Kumar, Mandeep, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Kunac, Anastasia, MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Kuntz, Joanne G., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Kuntz, Richard L., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Kupracz, Betty, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Kurbanov, Aleksandr, MD; Courtesy, General Surgery
Kureshi, Inam U., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Kurth, Pamela A., MD; Courtesy, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Kurtz, Matthew M., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Kurz, Kenneth R., MD; Active, Urology
Kvam, David A., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Kwok, Vernon Y., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Laakso, William B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Labinson, Paul T., DO; Active, Endocrinology
Ladda, Shawn M., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Ladenheim, Sydney, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Lafrenier, R. Kenneth, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Lageman, Jill S., PA-C; Adjunct, Neonatology
Lahrmann, Philip H., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lainwala, Shabnam, MD, Ph.D; Active, Neonatology
Laird, Lisa A., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Lally, Anne, MD; Active, Transplantation Surgery
LaMar, Debra M., APRN; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lamarr, Deborah G., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
LaMonica, Rachel, DO; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lamphere, Elizabeth, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Landry, Arthur B., MD; Active, Cardiology
Lane-Reticker, Alison, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lange, Stephan C., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Langeland, Leena K., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Langevin, Christina M., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Langlois, Sharon A., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Lantner, Howard, MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Lapin, Craig D., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Pulmonology
LaPointe, Jennifer M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Lapuk, Seth L., MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
LaSala, Anthony F., MD; Active, Cardiology
LaSala, Christine A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Laut, Jeffrey M., MD; Active, Nephrology
Lautenbach, Richard, PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Lavalette, John H., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Lawlor, Michael T., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Lawrence, Denise M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Lawson, John A., MD; Internal Medicine
Lazor, Lawrence Z., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Leach, C. Edward, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Leach, Stephen J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Leahy, Brendan T., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Lebatique, Mary E., PA-C; Adjunct, Trauma Surgery
Lederman, Marc A., DPM; Courtesy, Podiatric Surgery
Lee, Hyun S., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Lee, Janice L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lee, Jason O., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lee, Mark C., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Lee, Nora S., MD; Active, Neurology
Lee, Steve Y., MD; Active, Radiology
Leggitt, Beverly A., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Lemieux, Lisa A., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Lena, Christopher J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Lenz, Geraldine, PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Leon, Allen, PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Leopold, Harris B., MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Leopold, Jodi M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Leopold, Kenneth A., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Lesser, Robert L., MD; Consulting, Ophthalmology
Letendre, Michelle T., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Leung, Jason S., DMD; Courtesy, Pediatric Dentistry
Levinbook, Wendy S., MD; Active, Dermatology
Levine, Michael S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Levine, Tracy E., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Levitz, Robert E., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Lewinter, Jody R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lewis, Courtland G., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Lewis, Gretha R., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Lewis, Myra J., DO; Active, Emergency Medicine
Lewoc, Rayna J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Li, Ling, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Lieblich, Stuart E., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Lien, Lindsey E., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Lieu, Steven C., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Ligato, Saverio, MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Lilly, Richard B., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Lim, Kelly S., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Limaye, Deepa P., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Lin, Carole, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Linburg, Richard M., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Lindberg, Michael C., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lindberg, Nancy H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lindenberg, Leslie B., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Lipkowitz, George S., MD; Courtesy, Transplantation Surgery
Lippman, Leonard, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Litwin, Kathryn E., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Liu, Holly Z., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Livadiotis, Panos A., MD; Consulting, Surgery
Livingston, Robert, MD; Internal Medicine
Livingston, Karen E., APRN; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Lloyd, Jennifer L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Loewenthal, Theodore L., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Loftus, Mirela, MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Logan, Jennifer C., MD; Active, Radiology
Logsdon, J. Daane, DO; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Lomeli, Gabino, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
London, Raymond G., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
London, Shawn R., MD; Courtesy, Emergency Medicine
Long, Jennifer C., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Long, Joan E., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Lopez, Janice M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Lopreiato, Matteo J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Lord, Wendy R., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Lothstein, Leslie M., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Lothstein, Mary Anne, PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Lotterman, Seth A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Lovejoy, David W., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Lovell, James H., DDS; Active, Orthodontics
Low, Henry B C., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Lowe, Robert, MD; Active, Thoracic Surgery
Lowenstein, Penny A., MD; Active, Dermatology
Lowery, Susan I., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Luciano, Danielle E., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Luckey-Percy, Alison L., APRN; Adjunct, Urology
Ludwig, Mark E., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Luger, Steven W., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Lui, Eric, DPM; Active, Podiatric Surgery
Lundbye, Justin B., MD; Active, Cardiology
Luskind, Roger D., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Lussier, Robert G., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Luszcz, Jason M., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Luxemburg, Maury R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Lynch, Christine K., PA-C; Adjunct, Cardiology
Lynch, Daniel J., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Lynch, Dolores A., APRN; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Lyon, Jacqueline M., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Macainag, Joyce G., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Macchiarolo, Denise C., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
MacGilpin, Douglas H., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Machon, Timothy J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Madan, Jennifer E., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Neurology
Madonick, Steven H., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Magin, Andrew, PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Maglio, Joseph R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Magnavita, Jeffrey J., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Magnuson, Karen, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Mah, John W., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Mailloux, Nichole M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Maine, Margo D., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Makari, John H., MD; Courtesy, Urology
Maki, Amanda J., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Makowski, Gregory S., PhD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Malik, Salma, MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Malkin, Robert D., MD; Active, Cardiology
Malloy, Priscilla B., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Mamuya, Komsu F., MD; Active, Cardiology
Manaktala, Asha, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Manandhi, Aswathnarayan R., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Mancini, Danny J., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Mandavilli, Srinivas R., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Mandel, Liza A., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mangini, Lynn M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Mangual, Theresa Y., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Medical Staff
Mannuru, Devendranath R., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Mansoor, Mohamed R., MD; Active, Cardiology
Manthorne, Christine M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Manton, Janelle S., MD; Active, Dermatology
Mara, John J., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Marcello, David, MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Marcelynas, James J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Marcous, Kristin J., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Maresh, Henry R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Margolis, Ron, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Mariano, Dean J., DO; Active, Anesthesiology/Pain Management
Marinelli, David L., MD; Active, Radiology
Marinelli, Kathleen A., MD; Active, Neonatology
Markowitz, Stuart K., MD; Active, Radiology
Marmer, Ellen L., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Maron, William R., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Marousis, Jordin D., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Marra, Robert E., DPM; Courtesy, Podiatric Surgery
Marshall, Daniel, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Martin, Jonathan E., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Martin, Richard J., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Martin, Thomas J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Marvasti, Jamshid A., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Mascarenhas, Kristy G., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Maselli, Anthony J., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Mastella, Daniel J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Master, Shahena, DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Mastroianni, Linda R., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Mastronunzio, Kate B., PA-C; Emergency Medicine
Mathew, Anil, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Mathews, John, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Matson, Adam P., MD; Active, Neonatology
Matson, Scott D., MD; Courtesy, Urology
Maurer, Brian, PA-C; Adjunct, Pediatrics
May, Thomas J., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Mayeda, Francis J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mayer, Allan R., DO; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mazzara, James T., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Mbewe, Alexander, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Mbewe, Christina, MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
McArdle, John R., MD; Active, Pulmonology
McAvoy, Elizabeth C., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
McCarroll, Lisa A., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
McCarter, Yvette S., PhD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
McCarthy, Maureen F., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
McClure, Mitchell H., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
McComb, Robert, PhD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
McCormick, Michael J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
McCrary, Christine T., MD; Active, Rheumatology
McCullough, Louise D., MD; Active, Neurology
McDermott, Patrick H., MD; Active, Endocrinology
McDiarmid, Susan T., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
McDonagh, John C., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
McDonald, G. Todd, APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
McDonald, Patricia A., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
McDonough, Catherine P., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
McGowan, Tonia L., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
McGrath, Denise M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
McGrath, Kevin P., MD; Courtesy, Allergy
McGregor, Kristin, MD; Active, Pediatrics
McGuire, Barry R., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
McGuire, Kerry E., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
McGuire, Stephanie F., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
McIsaac, Joseph H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
McKay, Charles A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
McKay, Raymond G., MD; Active, Cardiology
McKell, Bernadette S., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
McLaren, Margaret J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
McMahon, Kevin D., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
McNab, John, PA-C; Adjunct, Transplantation Surgery
McNamara, Susan, MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Meehan, Lindsey R., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Mehendru, Radhika, MD; Active, Geriatric Psychiatry
Mehendru, Raveen, MD; Active, Geriatric Psychiatry
Mehldau, Craig A., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Meisterling, Leah D., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Melamud, Polina M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Mellen, Colleen E., APRN; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Memmo, Pietro A., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Memon, Mohammed A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Mendelson, Louis M., MD; Active, Pediatric Allergy
Mendes, Beverly A., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Menick, Suanne M., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Menkes, Daniel L., MD; Active, Neurology
Menkes, Jeffrey S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Menon, Mohanakrishnan V., MD; Active, Oncology
Meraney, Anoop M., MD; Active, Urology
Merced, Wanda I., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Merkatz, Kenneth A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Merkelson, Scott J., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Migliorato, Marcie, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Milanese, Ann, MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Milburn, William M., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Miles, Melissa J., PA-C; Emergency Medicine
Miller, Douglas T., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Miller, Joel M., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Miller, R. Keith, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Miller, Richard J., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Millican, Timothy Z., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Mintell, David F., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Miranda, Kendra L., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Miranda, Michael A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Miranda, Michael A., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Mirza, Tahira F., MD; Active, Surgery
Miselis, Karlyn M., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Misiak, Joseph M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Mitchell, Paul R., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Mnayer, Laila O., PhD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Mobley, Lakisha Y., APRN; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Moeller, Carl W., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Mohnani, Arpana, MD; Active, Neonatology
Molk, Richard, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Monforte, Ellen, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Mongeon, Roxanne M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Montefusco, Mary Ellen, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Montgomery, Douglas D., MD; Active, Radiology
Monti, David A., MD; Active, Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
Montminy, John M., DO; Active, Emergency Medicine
Moore, Elizabeth L., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Moore, Rachel M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Moote, Douglas J., MD; Active, Radiology
Moquin, Kristin N., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Morales, Arturo E., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Morales, Donna Chelle V., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Morales, Tracy M., DO; Courtesy, Trauma Surgery
Morgan, Harry E., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Morgenstern, Jeffrey H., MD; Active, Urology
Morosky, Christopher M., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Morosky, Jigisha P., MD; Active, Allergy
Morosky, Michael F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Mort, Thomas C., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Moss, Roberta J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Motta, Sandra I., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Mucha, Theodore F., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Mulka, Laura, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Mullaney, John F., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Muller, Richard, MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Mulukutla, Rajyalakshmi V., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Murphy, Dianne, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Murphy, George A., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Murphy, Keven A., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Murphy, Sheila A., APRN; Adjunct, Geriatric Medicine
Murray, Cheryl L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Murray, James H., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Murray, L Nicole, MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Murray, Paul B., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Mushtaq, Yaser, MD; Psychiatry
Muska, Leslie A., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Nagarkatti, Durgesh G., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Nair, Sanjeev U., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Nalepa, Agnieszka M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Namerow, Lisa B., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Nanavati, Vipul N., MD; Orthopedics
Napoletano, Robert S., MD; Courtesy, General Surgery
Naqvi, S. Johar A., MD; Internal Medicine
Nascimento, Jeffrey C., DO; Active, Pulmonology
Nathanson, Robert B., MD; Active, Dermatology
Neal, Amy, PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Negrich, Susan M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Nelson, Beth E., MD; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Nelson, Eric D., MD; Active, Urology
Nerenstone, Stacy R., MD; Active, Oncology
Nesta, Joseph M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Nestler, Jeffry L., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Neubecker, Karl S., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Neuharth, Kristen L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Neuwirth, Jerry, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Newell, Joseph A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Newlin, Kelley H., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Newman, Richard A., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Nguyen, Thoa T., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Nguyen, Tuyen D., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Nicastro, Olivia M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Niego, Sara H., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Nissen, Carl W., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Nobert, Gary F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Nog, Rajat, MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Nolasco, Helena C., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Notghi, Joan L., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Nowicki, Thomas A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Nugent, James F., DPM; Active, Podiatric Surgery
Nugent, Patricia A., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Nwigwe, Ezechi, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
O’Bara, Lynn F., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
O’Brien, James W., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
O’Brien, Kandi H., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
O’Brien, Karen T., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
O’Brien, Richard A., MD; Courtesy, Neurology
O’Brien, Timothy J., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
O’Connor, Frederick V., MD; Active, Pediatrics
O’Connor, Jeffrey M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
O’Connor, Robert W., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
O’Connor, Thomas, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
O’Loughlin, Michael T., MD; Active, Radiology
O’Neill, Margaret M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
O’Neill, Melissa A., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
O’Toole, Kevin A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Oakes, Howard J., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Oberstein, Robert M., MD; Active, Endocrinology
Ocampo, Florabel E., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Oder, Terrence F., MD; Active, Nephrology
Ogbonna, Onyechela, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Ogundipe, Nnenna C., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Ohki, Stephen K., MD; Active, Radiology
Ojha, Bhawani S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Olivar, August C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Oliveri, Janice A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ollenschleger, Martin D., MD; Active, Radiology
Olofinboba, Trudy R., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Omrani, Aziza, MD; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ona, Sharon M., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Oncken, Cheryl A., MD, MPH; Courtesy, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Onyiuke, Hilary C., MD; Courtesy, Neurosurgery
Opalacz, John P., MD; Active, Radiology
Orlando, Rocco, MD; Active, General Surgery
Osley, Robert P., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Overman, Lillian, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Owitz, Sherri L., PsyD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Owlia, Dariush, MD; Active, Cardiology
Pachucki, Debra A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Packer, Andrew J., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Palozie, Jessica L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Palter, Marc D., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Panchal, Hemant K., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Pandika, Emilio H., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Panetta, Randolph A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Panigrahi, Rabi K., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Pannullo, Ava M., MD; Active, Geriatric Medicine
Medical Staff
Papasavas, Pavlos K., MD; Active, Bariatric Surgery
Papernik, Morris, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Pappas, Maryanne S., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Paquette, Mary T., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Paradis, Marc A., MD; Courtesy, Anesthesiology
Pareles, Lawrence M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Parikh, Nehal S., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Parker, Lewis P., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Parker, Mary Erin, PA-C; Surgery
Parsch, Cornell, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Parsons, Julian, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Pascal, Peter E., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Pasciucco, Peter F., DDS; Active, Dentistry
Pasternack, James J., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Pastizzo, Gary F., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Pastuszak, William T., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Patel, Anal C., MD; Active, Radiology
Patel, Mahesh I., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Patel, Nishant B., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Patel, Payal G., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Patel, Sarit M., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Patel, Shutish C., MD; Active, Neurology
Paternostro, Gina M., APRN; Adjunct, Gastroenterology
Paulekas, Wayne C., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Pauli, Maura, APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Paulin, Michael H., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Payne, Amy R., MD; Active, Dermatology
Pearlson, Godfrey D., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Pedneault, Kevin L., PA-C; Adjunct, Urology
Peloquin, Sarah E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Pennoyer, William P., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Pepe, Vincent H., MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology
Pepe, Judith L., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Pepper, David A., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Perez, Alberto, MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Pericat, Elizabeth T., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Perks, Kenneth, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Perks, Susan O., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Perry, Lisa C., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Pescatello, Linda S., PhD; Consulting, Cardiology
Pesce, William J., DO; Consulting, Physical
Petashnick, Daniel E., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Peter, Lori M., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Peters, Susan K., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Peters-Gee, Jill M., MD; Active, Urology
Peterson, Shannon C., DO; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Petronio, Angela M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Petrucelli, Michele, MD; Courtesy, Emergency Medicine
Phillips, Barbara L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Phillips, Christopher R., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Phillips, Jinnah A., MD; Active, Radiology
Phillips, Robin L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Pianta, Teresa J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Pickett, Erin K., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Pickett, Laura J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Piechowicz, Kelley S., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Piecuch, Joseph F., DMD, MD; Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Piekarz, Elzbieta L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Pier, James W., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Pierce, Michael J., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Pierz, Kristan A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Pilecki, Marek K., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Pinou, Anne E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Piorkowski, Robert J., MD; Active, Surgical Oncology
Piserchia, Gerald G., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Pitegoff, John G., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Plancher, Kevin D., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Platt, Cathleen M., APRN; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Polio, John, MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Polk, Donna M., MD; Active, Cardiology
Polke, Nicolle E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Pollack, Ira A., MD; Active, Neurology
Pool, Sharon K., DO; Active, Pediatrics
Poole, William S., MD; Active, Radiology
Pope, James S., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Pope, Preston C., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Poppiti, Terry M., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Porter, Ross W., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Portereiko, Heather A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Portereiko, Joseph V., DO; Active, Surgery
Post, Jarrod B., MD; Active, Nephrology
Post, Leah G., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Potsko, Kristina L., PA-C; Adjunct, Cardiac Surgery
Powers, Dianne M., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Prasad, Avinash, MD; Active, Neurology
Pratt, Daniela C., PA-C; Adjunct, Urology
Preissler, Paul L., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Preston, Mark R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Preysner, Linda A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Price, Ann L., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Price, Cynthia L., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Primiano, Charles A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Proxee, Bryan T., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Psarakis, Helen M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Pugliese, Erin M., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Pulido, Carlos A., MD; Anesthesiology
Quadri, Ishrat I., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Querim, Damon C., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Quilter, Priscilla E., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Quinlan, Rosemary, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Quintero, Sandra M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Quintiliani, Richard, MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Qureshi, Osman, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Rader, Christine M., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Radojevic, Joseph A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Raducu, Elena R., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Ragaisis, Karen M., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Raghavendra, Sree, DMD; Active, Dentistry
Rahman, Mohammad M., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Ramanan, Aruna S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Ramsby, Melinda L., MD, Ph.D; Courtesy, Rheumatology
Ranade, Vinay R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ranade-Kapur, Rekha, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Randazzo, Birgit, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Raskin, Sarah A., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Rasoulpour, Mina R., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ratchford, Mary G., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Ratzan, Richard M., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Ratzan, Susan K., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Endocrinology
Rau, Frederick J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Ravin, Anatoliy, DDS; Active, Dentistry
Rawlins, Wayne S., MD; Consulting, Internal Medicine
Raycroft, John F., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Raymond, Matthew P., DO; Active, Physical
Reaback, Richard I., DPM; Consulting, Podiatric Surgery
Reagan, Louise A., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Reardon, Jane Z., APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Reardon, Mark, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Reddy, Usha, MD; Pediatrics
Regan, Adine F., MD; Courtesy, Urology
Regan, Thomas J., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Reik, Louis, MD; Active, Neurology
Reiner, Steven, DDS; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Reiser, Ruth M., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Reiter, Laura, LCSW; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Rendock, Deanne E., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Renstrom, Karen, APRN; Adjunct, Surgical Critical Care
Rentas, Angel M., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Rezuke, William N., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Rheiner, Jacqueline A., DO; Internal Medicine
Rhodes, Cristina M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Ricci, Andrew, MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Rice, Margaret L., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Richards, Barbara E., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Richards, Kyle A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Riddle, Cara D., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Ridyard, Herbert W., MD; Active, General Surgery
Riege, Deborah S., APRN; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rifkin, Lawrence S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Rinaldi, Maria, APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Ringer, Rochelle L., MD; Active, General Surgery
Rios, Clifford G., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Riotte, Adrienne L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Ripepi, Francisco A., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Ritchie, Agatha T., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Rivera, Stephanie, PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Rizk, Roula G., MD; Internal Medicine
Rizvi, Asad A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Rizzo, Camielle A., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Robbin, Mark A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Robbins, Jeffrey S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Robertson, Russell W., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Robinson, Ellen J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Robinson, Kenneth J., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Robson, Kenneth S., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Roche, Jamie M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Rock, Reuben, MD; Active, Radiology
Roden, Edward A., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Rodriguez, Alberto J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Roman, Robin, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Rosati, Dennis L., MD; Active, Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation
Roselli, Anthony M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Rosen, Elaine E., LCSW; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Rosen, James P., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Allergy
Rosenberg, Eric L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Rosenberg, Ralph, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Rosenberg, Ronald J., MD; Active, Radiology
Rosenblum, Carla S., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Rosenbush, Emily J., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Rosengren, Sally S., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Rosenkrantz, Ted S., MD; Courtesy, Neonatology
Rosenkranz, Barry M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Rosenlicht, Joel L., DMD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Rosenlieb, John W., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Ross, Jack W., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Rossetti, Robert A., DMD, MD; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial
Rossetti, Valerie A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Rosshirt, Werner, MD; Active, Radiology
Rossi, Antoinette D., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Rossi, Arnold J., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Roth, Shari M., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Rothenberg, Robert A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Rothwell, Marcia D., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Rouleau, Christine M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Ruano, Gualberto, MD, Ph.D; Consulting, Medicine
Rubin, Karen R., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Endocrinology
Rubin, Stacey, APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Rubin, Viviann M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Rubino, Laureen F., MD; Courtesy, Surgery
Ruby, Steven T., MD; Courtesy, Surgery
Ruddat, Michael S., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Rudnicki, Robert D., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Ruffin, Richard T., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Ruser, Tilla F., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Russell, Mark L., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Russo, Michael J., PA-C; Adjunct, Trauma Surgery
Russomanno, John H., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Rutkowski, Gregory A., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Rutstein, Robert D., DPM; Consulting, Surgery
Ryan, Jessica E., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Ryan, Lawrence P., DDS; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Ryan, Timothea A., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Rzepski, Barbara R., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Saad Pendergrass, Dahlia A., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Sabo, Mark A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Sachdev, Kiran, MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Sacheti, Bhavna, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Sacheti, Vandana, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Sadiq, Immad, MD; Active, Cardiology
Safer, Robert H., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Sahakyan, Marine T., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sahl, Robert A., MD; Active, Child/Adolescent Psychiatry
Saidel, Matthew L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sajkowicz, Tammy L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Medical Staff
Salerno, Edward L., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Salesky, Sharon N., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Salierno, Anthony L., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Salm, David S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Salner, Andrew L., MD; Active, Radiation Oncology
Salvietti, Ralph, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Salzberg, Donald J., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Sanchez, Donna M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Sanders, Marilyn R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Sanders, Ricky L., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Sanderson, Karen M., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Sansing, Lauren H., MD; Active, Neurology
Santos, Melissa M., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Sardegna, Kathleen, MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Nephrology
Sardella, William V., MD; Active, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Sarkar, Shikha M., MD; Active, Neonatology
Saunders, Ashley M., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Savinelli, Thomas J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Sawant, Viren S., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Sawyer, Jeffrey A., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Scarangella, Stephen F., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Scavetta, Melissa J., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Schachter, Andrew, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Schauer, Peter K., MD; Active, Oncology
Scheinblum, Anne R., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Scheiner, Laurie A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Scherzer, Larry N., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Schiff, Evan L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Schlegel, Sarah E., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Schmetterling, Jack A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Schmidt, Marlie D., PA-C; Medicine
Schmidt, Benjamin H., MD; Active, General Surgery
Schmidt, David W., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Schneiderman, Henry, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Schoem, Scott R., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Schott, Eric, PA-C; Adjunct, Trauma Surgery
Schramm, Craig M., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Pulmonology
Schreiber, Jonathan S., MD; Courtesy, Plastic/Reconstructive
Schuck, Elizabeth G., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Schuck, J. Christopher, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Schutzer, Steven F., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Schuyler, Erica A., MD; Active, Neurology
Schwab, Jennifer L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Schwartz, Daniel S., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Schwartz, Doniel L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Schwartz, Harold I., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Schwartz, Lester R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Schwartz, Marlene, MD; Active, Pulmonology
Schwartz, Paul J., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Schwarz, Gavin, MD; Active, Allergy
Scola, Christopher J., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Scoles, Marc H., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Scoles, Matthew P., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Scott, D. Dawson, PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Scrivano, Sharon M., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Seawell, Duncan R., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Sebastian, Mark W., MD; Active, Trauma Surgery
Seeley, Brook M., MD; Active, Otorhinolaryngology
Seetharama, Subramani, MD; Active, Physical
Segool, Richard A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Selden, Michael A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Selden, Steven E., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Selzer, Gerard B., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Senatus, Patrick B., MD; Courtesy, Neurosurgery
Senn-McNally, Molly H., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Seremet, Martin C., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Sereny, Peter, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Seyler, L. Everett, MD; Active, Endocrinology
Shack, David M., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Shafer, Aaron, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Shafer, David M., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Shafer, Myron E., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Shafer, Susan L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Shafi, Shamsa N., MD; Pediatrics
Shafi, Ijaz, MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Shahmohammadi, Kaveh, MD; Courtesy, Trauma Surgery
Shames, Brian D., MD; Active, Transplantation Surgery
Shamsi, Mohammad Ali A., MD, MS; Active, Psychiatry
Shaneyfelt, Kristin M., DO; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Shangold, Gregory L., MD; Courtesy, Emergency Medicine
Shapiro, Paul A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Shapiro, Philip E., MD; Consulting, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Shapter, Robert K., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Shastri, Munish K., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Shaw, Kevin M., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Shaw-Quinn, Leeanne E., APRN; Adjunct, Geriatric Medicine
Shea, Michael D., APRN; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Sheetz, William J., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Sheiner, Patricia A., MD; Active, Transplantation Surgery
Shekhman, Mark, MD; Active, Orthopedics
Shelsta, Heather N., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Shen, Peter U., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Shepard, Ashley K., DPM; Active, Podiatric Surgery
Sheppard, Richard, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Sherburne, Bradford J., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Sherwood, David R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Shichman, Steven J., MD; Active, Urology
Shieh, William, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Shlamovitz, Gil Z., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Shoemaker, Sheila E., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Shore, Eric T., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Shriver, Peter A., DO; Active, Ophthalmology
Shukla, Ajay K., MD; Neurology
Siani, Amelia T., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Siegel, Robert D., MD; Active, Oncology
Sierra, Jessica, PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Sigmund, Stefanie L., APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Silver, David M., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Silverman, David I., MD; Active, Cardiology
Silverman, Isaac E., MD; Active, Neurology
Silverman, Samuel M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Silverman, Sheila R., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Silvers, David S., MD; Active, Neurology
Silverstein, Eric A., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Silverstein, Eric W., DPM; Active, Podiatric Surgery
Silverstein, H. Robert, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Simao, Jessica E., PA-C; Adjunct, Neonatology
Simmons, Carissa L., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Simon, Mary A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Simon, Richard H., MD; Courtesy, Neurosurgery
Simonowicz, Patricia J., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Singh, Joseph U., MD; Active, Nephrology
Singh, Satesh C., MD; Active, Cardiology
Singleton, Matthew C., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Sink, David W., MD; Active, Neonatology
Siraco, John F., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Siracusa, Francis, MD; Active, General Surgery
Skalski, Arthur H., MD; Internal Medicine
Skoog, Mariana, APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Slater, Richard, MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Slim, Hanna B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Slivka, Hilda, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Sloan, Jacqueline M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Smally, A. Jon, MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Smedley, Michelle V., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Smirnoff, Alan M., PsyD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Smith, Evelyn F., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Smith, Karen P., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Smith, Karin L., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Smith, Kira L., LNM; Adjunct, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Smith, Matthew L., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Smith, Steven S., MD; Active, Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery
Smith-Slatas, Candra L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Smyth, Blaise E., PA-C; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Snyder, Gail, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Sobelman, Steven J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Solak, Carolyn K., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Solinsky, Alan E., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Song, Xianyuan, MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Songco, Martin B., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Sorak, Matthew M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Soroka, Alan, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Sorosky, Joel I., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Spada, Daniel L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Spada, Michael P., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Spector, William B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Sperling, Arthur L., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Sperry, Susan M., APRN; Psychiatry
Spiegel, Gary R., MD; Active, Radiology
Spiegelman, Kenneth N., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Spillane, Robert M., MD; Active, Radiology
Spira, Ernest B., DDS; Active, Periodontics
Spiro, Jeffrey D., MD; Otorhinolaryngology
Sprague, Roxanne R., PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Spurrell, Timothy P., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Srinivasan, Prasad, MD; Active, Pediatric Allergy
St. Onge, Cindy L., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
St. Pierre, James F., MD; Active, Cardiology
Stacer, Christopher J., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Stahl, Kent I., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Stannard, Judith M., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Starkey, Noah H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Starr, Carol W., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Steadman, Ursula A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Steben, Kimberly E., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Steele, Michelle C., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Stein, Barry, MD; Active, Radiology
Stein, Jeffrey E., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Stein, Neil D., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Stein, Russell H., MD; Active, Cardiology
Steinberg, Adam C., DO; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Stephen, Siobhan M., DMD; Active, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Stepney, Brandy R., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Stepnowski, Roxanne R., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Stern, Alan L., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Stevens, Michael C., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Stewart, Kurt R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Stewart, Stephanie, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Stielau, Jean B., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Stiffle, Kate E., MT; Adjunct, Medicine
Stocker, Ralph P., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Stoddard, Ann L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Stoj, Marion J., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Stoll, Frank J., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Stone, Richard I., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Stone, Susan M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Straub, J. John, MD; Active, Radiology
Streim, Carrie S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Striebel-Oberly, Cindi M., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Stuart, Kathryn A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Sturrock, Kelley L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Su, Yanjun, MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Suchecki, Jeanine, MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Sullivan, Eugene D., MD; Courtesy, Surgery
Sullivan, Raymond J., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Summa, Michael J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Summerfield, Alan K., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Suozzi, Brent A., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Suozzi, Theresa M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Suski, Edmund T., MD; Courtesy, Ophthalmology
Sussman, Steven K., MD; Active, Radiology
Sutay, J. Bruce, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Swales, Colin T., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Swales, Heather H., MD; Active, Cardiology
Sylvester, Francisco A., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric
Sylvester, S. Russell, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Szabo, Ronald S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Szafranski, Maria G., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Szerejko, Margaret K., MD; Active, Radiology
Szydlo, Jon, PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Szymaszek, Susan M., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Tabaka, Mark, PA-C; Adjunct, Emergency Medicine
Taboada, Ricardo J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology/Pain
Takata, Hiroyoshi, MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Taliercio, Joseph G., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Tally, Kevin J., MD; Active, Cardiology
Tandon, Manish, MD; Active, General Surgery
Medical Staff
Tandy, Bruce J., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Tarantino, Arthur E., MD; Active, Urology
Tarasiewicz, Izabela, MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Tarre, Eve R., MSW; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Tartar, Sarah J., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Taylor, Heather E., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Taylor, Amy M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Taylor, Linda T., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Teiger, Michael B., MD; Courtesy, Pulmonology
Teitelbaum, Caren B., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Tessema, Belachew, MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Thayer, Elizabeth S., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Thibeault, Susan M., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Thielman, Mary J., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Thomas, Latesha D., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Thomas, Leonora P., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Thompsen, Jeffrey P., MD; Active, Cardiology
Thompson, Judy J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Thompson, Paul D., MD; Active, Cardiology
Thompson, Sara M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Thomson, Jeffrey D., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Thorevska, Natalya Y., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Tiernan, John F., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Tilden, Fred F., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Tilton, Dorey E., CRNA; Anesthesiology
Timms, Brian D., DO; Internal Medicine
Tingey, Ian C., DDS; Courtesy, Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery
Tinnesz, Peter J., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Tishler, Darren S., MD; Active, Bariatric Surgery
Tocci, Michael J., MD; Emergency Medicine
Toevs, Christine C., MD; Trauma Surgery
Tolin, David F., PhD; Consulting, Psychology
Tolsdorf, Christopher C., PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Torabzadeh, Ali, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Toro-Salazar, Olga, MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Tortland, Paul D., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Toscano, Robert R., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Towers, Marlene W., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Tran,, PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Tray, Kory A., MD; Active, Nephrology
Trehey, Patricia, APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Tress, Jonathan H., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Trono, G. Thomas, MD; Courtesy, Urology
Troy, Patrick J., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Truex, Richard H., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Trymbulak, Helen F., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Trzaski, Jennifer M., MD; Active, Neonatology
Tsang, Kevin K., PsyD; Consulting, Psychology
Tucker, Joseph W., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Tulchinsky, Amir, MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Tulchinsky, Clarisse F., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Tulikangas, Paul K., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Turner, Gregory T., MD; Active, Radiology
Twigg, Michele C., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Underhill, David J., MD; Active, Cardiac Surgery
Underwood, Michael J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Ungar, Martin J., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Upham, Stephen, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Uphoff, Dean F., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Urbanski, Steven R., MD; Active, Radiology
Uyekliong, Marc Madison C., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Valdez, Tulio A., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Van Duinen, Michelle L., APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Van, Rochelle R., DO; Active, Emergency Medicine
Van Niel, David E., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Vashist, Aseem, MD; Active, Cardiology
Veale, Christopher J., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Vella, Paul M., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Venkatesh, Jayashree, MD; Active, Pediatrics
Venkatesh, Peruvamba R., MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Venti, Rozann F., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Vergara, Cunegundo, MD; Active, Hospital Medicine
Verhoest, JoAnna L., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Viets, Douglas H., MD; Active, Urology
Vignati, Paul V., MD; Active, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Vine, Hugh S., MD; Active, Radiology
Vischio, John A., MD; Active, Rheumatology
Vitale, Marie P., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Vithala, Anil K., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Vodovskaia, Nailia, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Volpe, Brett T., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Volpe, John P., MD; Active, Radiology
Voodarla, Anupama, MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Vora, Niloni H., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Votto, Amanda F., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Voytek, Theresa M., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Waberski, Witold M., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Wagner, Joseph R., MD; Active, Urology
Wainscoat, Booth, DO; Active, Infectious Disease
Wakefield, Andrew E., MD; Active, Neurosurgery
Walden, Jeffrey H., MD; Active, Cardiology
Walden, Peter G., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Walden-El, Dawn D., PA-C; Adjunct, Medicine
Walker, Deborah A., APRN; Adjunct, Internal Medicine
Walker, Nelson C., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Walker, Scott J., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Wallace, Deborah, CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Wallace, Keri A., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Walsh, Daniel P., PA-C; Emergency Medicine
Walters, David L., MD; Courtesy, Colon and Rectal Surgery
Wand, Martin, MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Wang, Alicia, MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Ward, Thomas P., MD; Active, Ophthalmology
Warren, Matthew S., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Warrington, Amy B., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Washburn, Carl F., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Wasserstein, David A., MD; Courtesy, Pulmonology
Waszynski, Christine M., APRN; Adjunct, Medicine
Watson, Carol L., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Watson, H. Kirk, MD; Active, Orthopedics
Wawrzyniak, Irene, APRN; Adjunct, Psychiatry
Weaver, Richard A., DO; Active, Anesthesiology
Weber, Elizabeth W., MD; Orthopedics
Weidner, Deborah A., MD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Weinerman, Harry C., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Weinreb, Steven L., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Weinstein, Nancy J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Weinstein, Robert J., PhD; Consulting, Psychiatry
Weiser, Jeffrey S., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Weiss, Alyssa B., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Weiss, Linda, DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Weiss, Richard G., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Surgery
Welch, John P., MD; Active, General Surgery
Wellner, Murray I., MD; Internal Medicine
Wells, Kenneth H., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Welsh, D’Anna M., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Wencker, Detlef, MD; Active, Cardiology
West, Paul B., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Wethered, Michelle C., PA-C; Adjunct, Neurosurgery
Whitaker, Charles H., MD; Courtesy, Neurology
White, Edward J., MD; Courtesy, General Surgery
White, Jonathan A., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Whitehead, David E., DDS; Courtesy, Dentistry
Wickwire, James C., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Wiebel, Joan H., APRN; Surgery
Wiese, Chester A., Jr., MD; Surgery
Wilbert, Denise L., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Wiley, Catherine C., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Wiley, James F., MD, MPH; Courtesy, Pediatric Emergency
Wilion, Felicia M., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Wilken, Joel L., DO; Active, Hospital Medicine
Willets, Jenny A., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Williams, Rebecca N., MD; Active, Pathology/Lab Medicine
Wilson, Heather L., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Winchester, Eugene A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Windels, Mary H., MD; Active, Vascular Surgery
Wink, Margaret R., APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Winnick, Frieda, APRN; Adjunct, Trauma Surgery
Winokur, Andrew, MD; Active, Psychiatry
Winters, Kristen E., DPM; Courtesy, Podiatric Surgery
Wiseman, Dana, MD; Medicine
Wisniewski, John S., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Wolf, Scott A., DO; Active, Internal Medicine
Wolfberg, Carrie A., MD; Active, Cardiology
Wolfson, Leslie I., MD; Active, Neurology
Wolkoff, Leslie I., MD; Active, Neonatology
Wolpaw, David W., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Wong, Jean F., MD; Active, Urology
Woodley, Anthea F., MD; Cardiology
Woods, Scott W., MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Woodson, Susan M., PA-C; Adjunct, Trauma Surgery
Worgaftik, Brigitte P., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Worthley, Catherine A., APRN; Adjunct, Pediatrics
Woythaler, Melissa A., DO; Courtesy, Neonatology
Woznica, Margaret E., MD; Active, Pulmonology
Woznica, Zbigniew A., MD; Active, Internal Medicine
Wright, Stephanie A., MD; Active, Infectious Disease
Wrubel, Gregory L., MD; Active, Radiology
Wrzesinski, Tamara J., MD; Pediatrics
Wu, Amy C., MD; Active, Pediatric Cardiology
Wycherly, Benjamin J., MD; Courtesy, Otorhinolaryngology
Yannopoulos, Aris D., MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Yasuda, Thomas J., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Ye, Xiaoyi, MD; Active, Nephrology
Yeston, Neil S., MD; Active, Surgical Critical Care
Yetil, Turgut, MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Yi, Vanessa H., CRNA; Adjunct, Anesthesiology
Yost, Allison R., PA-C; Adjunct, Surgery
Youmans, Erik L., MD; Active, Anesthesiology
Young, Penny B., APRN; Psychiatry
Young, Mary C., APRN; Adjunct, Neonatology
Young, Richard S., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Neurology
Yuan, Stephen B., MD; Courtesy, Internal Medicine
Zablocki, Wieslawa, MD; Geriatric Medicine
Zabrensky, Karen, MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Zafian, Ruthann B., APRN; Adjunct, Cardiology
Zahedi, Sohrab, MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Zahner, Shawn D., DMD; Active, Dentistry
Zahradnik, Janet, MD; Courtesy, Orthopedics
Zakko, Salam F., MD; Active, Gastroenterology
Zalneraitis, Edwin L., MD; Courtesy, Pediatric Neurology
Zamstein, Jacob, MD; Courtesy, Urology
Zande, Michael L., PA-C; Adjunct, Orthopedics
Zanker, Michael F., MD; Active, Emergency Medicine
Zavoski, Robert W., MD; Courtesy, Pediatrics
Zelman, Marvin, MD; Courtesy, Psychiatry
Zeman, Peter M., MD; Active, Psychiatry
Zhou, Xun C., MD; Active, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Zianio-Mihon, Lela, APRN; Adjunct, Surgery
Zimmerman, David L., MD; Active, Radiology
Zimmerman, Jeffrey, PhD; Clinical Affiliate, Psychiatry
Zimmerman, Jessica L., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Zimmermann, Gordon A., MD; Active, Orthopedics
Ziogas, Barbara F., MD; Active, Pediatrics
Zubkov, Bella, MD; Active, Dermatology
Zweibel, Steven L., MD; Active, Cardiology
Zweig, Elliot C., MD; Active, Dermatology
Community Involvement
Each year Hartford Hospital contributes
to the community in the form of
support for other non-profit
The hospital makes donations, forms
partnerships, offers financial support
or supplies in-kind services to a large
number of agencies. In addition,
Hartford Hospital staff serve the
community by working with local
agencies and taking part in the events
sponsored by these organizations.
The following is a list of those agencies
that have both benefitted from the
hospital and, in turn, brought benefit
to the hospital.
Achieve Hartford!
Alzheimers Association
American Diabetes Association
American Lung Association
American Red Cross
Amistad Foundation
Analeh Show
Anti-Defamation League
Association for Community Health
Improvement (ACHI)
Aurora Women & Girls Foundation
BMES (Biomedical Engineering Society)
Blue Wave Printing
Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, Inc.
Bulkeley High School
Butterfly Bliss Productions
Camp Courant
Capital Community College
Central Area Health Education Center
Charter Oak Cultural Center
Children’s Museum
Chrysalis Center, Inc.
City of Hartford Health & Human
City of Hartford/Office of Youth Services
Community Health Services
Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition
Connecticut Center for Advanced
Connecitcut Children’s Medical Center
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental
Connecitcut Forum
Connecticut Puerto Rican Forum
Connecticut Science Center
Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame
Cystic Fibrosis
Easter Seals Greater Hartford
Rehabilitation Center, Inc.
Family Life Education
Girl Scouts
Greater Hartford Arts Council
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Hartford Action Plan
Hartford Areas Rally Together
Hartford Business Journal
Hartford Marathon
Hartford Multi National Lions Club
Hartford Stage
Hispanic Health Council
Hospital of Central CT at New Britain
InterCommunity Inc
Interval House
ITNNorth Central CT
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Latinas & Power Symposium
Leadership Greater Hartford
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Mandell JCC
March of Dimes
Maria Sanchez
Mary’s Place
Mercy Housing & Shelter
Metro Hartford Alliance
Midstate Medical Center
Muslim Coalition of CT
My Sister’s Place
Northern CT Black Nurses Assoc
Natchaug Hospital
National Conference for
Community & Justice
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Nutmeg Big Brothers Big Sisters
Our Piece of the Pie
Parent Academy
(LAP La Academia de los Padres)
Project Night Night
Puerto Rican Day
Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
Salvation Army
Scleroderma Foundation
Society of Latin American Firefighers
South Side Institutions Neighborhood
Spanish American Merchants Association
UCONN Health Center
United Way
Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc.
Village for Families & Children
Walk for PKD
West Indian Social Club
Windham Hospital
Women’s Health
YMCA of Greater Hartford
YWCA of Greater Hartford
Addiction Self Help Groups
Advanced Prostate Cancer Support
Bereavement Support Group
Brain Tumor Support Group
Breast Cancer Support Group
Breathe Easy Support Group
Cancer Wellness Support Group
Comprehensive Health Enhancement
Support System
Diabetes Life Care Support Group
Focus On Healing Support Group
Healthy Aging
Heart Transplant Support Group
Latina Women’s Support Group
Look Good, Feel Better
Major Mental Illness Support Group
New Beginnings Support Group
Ovarian Cancer Support Group
Prenatal Support Group
Prostate Cancer Support Group
Schizophrenia Rehab Intensive Program
Smoking Cessation Support Group
Spanish Bereavement Support Group
Spanish Look Good, Feel Better
Spouse Prostate Cancer Support Group
Transplant Patient Support Group
Young Women’s Support Group
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Allied Health Collaboration
An Introduction to Schizophrenia
Anxiety Disorders: Diagnosis, Theory and
Basic Cardiac Life Support
Bipolar – An Introduction to the Disorder
College Students and Substance Abuse
Colon Cancer: Preventing It, Detecting It,
Treating It
Communication Techniques and
Behavioral Health
Diabetes and Healthy Eating
Diabetes and Your Diet
Dietary Supplements and Diabetes
Dual Diagnosis in Mental Illness
Ductal Carcinoma in Situ
Family and Friends CPR and First Aid
for Children
Family Response to Alzheimer’s
Healthy Living with Diabetes after
Knowing and Lowering Your Risk
of Diabetes
Legal Issues Facing Seniors
Life After Breast Cancer
Life Star Safety Program
Medication Compliance Strategies
OCD and Related Disorders
Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease
Overview of Diabetes
Parenting Classes
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Perinatal Depression
Preventing Heart Disease
Prostectomy for Prostate Cancer
Salud Latina Programs
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Stroke Education
Strong Woman Program
The ABC’s of Back Care
The Safety Net: What the Future Holds
Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorder
Understanding Diabetes and Your Body
Women at Risk for Breast Cancer
Throughout the year, Hartford Hospital,
supported by paid and volunteer staff
members, participated in the following
health fairs or special events, providing
health screenings and education:
African American Affairs Commission
An Expressive Art Experience – A Healing
Journey for Cancer Survivors
Antioch Baptist Church
Asylum Hill Congregational Church
Wellness Fair
Avery Heights Senior
Health Expo
Beauty from the Inside Out
Beta Sigma Lambda Education
Bethel African Methodist
Episcopal Church
Camp Courant Health Day
Capitol Region Mental Health Center
Celebrate West Hartford
Charter Oak
City of Hartford Employee Health and
Welness Fair
City of Hartford Health Department
Healthy Women, Beautiful Women
Wellness Fair
Colt Defense
Community Health & Fitness Fair
Community Resource Fair
Diabetes Expo
Elm Senior Center Health Fair
Executive Square House Senior/Disabled
Faith Assembly of God
Family Recreational
Family Worship Center
Fire and Safety Day with Hartford Fire
First Baptist Church Wellness Fair
First Cathedral
First Church of the Nazarene
Global Youth Day
Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Goodwin College
Governor’s Committee on
Physical Fitness
Grace Worship Center
Church Fair
Hartford First Church
of Nazarene Annual
Gospel Festival
Hartford Marathon Foundation
Hartford Step Off & Health Expo
Health and Wellness
Hispanic Health Council
Holiday Fair with State Rep
Minnie Gonzalez
Hope Point Charities Martin Luther King
Day Celebration
HPL – Immigrant
Welcome Event
LEVAS (Lift Every Voice and Sing)
Wellness Fair
Mi Casa
Mount Olive Church Ministries
Wellness Fair
Multicultural Health Fair at Pope Park
Muslim Coalition of CT
NBC 30 Health and Wellness Festival
Northend Senior Center
Phillips Metropolitan CME Church
Sanctuary of Faith and Glory Church –
Friends and Family Day
SINA Community Career and
Spanish American Merchants Association
St. Anne Immaculate Conception Church
Strawberry Festival
Thirman Milner School
Trauma After Care Fall Gathering
Underwood Apartments Elderly Complex
Wellness Fair
United States Postal Service
UPS Wellness Fair
Urban League of Greater Hartford
Carnival Day
Upper Albany/Main Street
Weaver High School Health Fair
West End Community Services
Health Fair
West Hartford Senior Center
Wellness Fair
When Mama’s Happy, Everyone is Happy
Windsor Locks Town Hall
Women’s Expo at Indian Hills
*partial listing
To offer comprehensive services in
an environment where innovation
and teaching are integral to care;
where we are proud to serve patients
and one another; where meeting the
challenge of complex medical needs
is viewed as a defining competency;
and where quality and safety of care
are a constant.
Hartford Hospital
80 Seymour Street, Hartford, CT 06102
Avon Cancer Center
Fisher Road, Avon, CT 06001
Avon Family Health Center
339 West Main Street, Avon, CT 06001
Hartford Hospital Avon Wellness Center
100 Simsbury Road, Avon, CT 06001
Hartford Hospital Health Care Center
100 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, CT 06082
Glastonbury Endoscopy Center
300 Western Blvd., Glastonbury, CT 06033
Lee Monroe
Noreen Kirk
Ritz Henton Design Group
Lanny Nagler
Hartford Hospital Wellness Center – Glastonbury
704 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033
Eye Surgery Center in Newington
505 Willard Avenue, Newington, CT 06111
Hartford Hospital Wellness Center
Blue Back Square, 65 Memorial Road, West Hartford, CT 06117
West Hartford Surgery Center
Blue Back Square, 65 Memorial Road, West Hartford, CT 06117
Hartford Hospital Health Care Center – Wethersfield
1260 Silas Deane Highway, Wethersfield, CT 06109
Hartford Hospital Health Care Center – Windsor
1060 Day Hill Road, Windsor, CT 06095
80 Seymour Street
Hartford, CT 06102-5037
860 545-5000