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What’s Cool
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Post Ticket Changes (exchanges)
Using Southwest Unused Ticket Credits
Seating – seat selection and upgrade
Arranger View
What’s Cool
Post Ticket Change – Available on most eTicket carriers and Southwest Direct Connect
Select the ticketed trip you want to change.
What’s Cool
To the right of each flight there is a ‘Change’ link.
Click on Change.
A box will display for you to add your new flight date, time
and cities. Click ‘Search’.
What’s Cool
The user selects the original outbound flight. This is because the
new fare must be priced based on the original fare. The star icon
indicates this flight was on the original itinerary.
Select the ‘Quote for Price’ radio button.
What’s Cool
Concur displays the original outbound flight. Next, pick the new
return flight.
What’s Cool
Concur will price both flights together.
Select ‘Quote Flight Choices’.
What’s Cool
Concur will display the exchange fare details. To proceed with the exchange,
select ‘Purchase New Flights’. If you select ‘Cancel Flight Exchange’ then the
trip remains as originally booked.
What’s Cool
Please note: If your original ticket
was issued within the last 24 hours,
a better business decision may be to
void the original ticket and make a
new reservation. If this reservation
was ticketed today and voided,
$251.99 would return to the card.
If you exchanged it, you would pay
the difference between the original
and new fare plus the $200
exchange fee.
What’s Cool
To void a ticket, find the reservation in ‘Upcoming Trips’ and click
on ‘Cancel Trip’.
What’s Cool
You can also select ‘Cancel Entire Trip’ in the Trip Overview section.
What’s Cool
After selecting to cancel the trip, Concur provides a warning that
your trip is about to be cancelled. To cancel click OK.
What’s Cool
If your ticket is still within the void window (usually 24 hours),
Concur will prompt you to ‘Void ticket and cancel trip’ or
‘Return to Travel Center’ to back out of cancelling the
What’s Cool
When your flights have been successfully cancelled and ticket
voided, Concur will display the following message:
What’s Cool
Using Southwest Unused Ticket Credits
If a traveler has a ticket credit from a previously cancelled Southwest reservation in
Concur, it can be applied towards the purchase of a new ticket. Existing credits will
display here or you can add a new one by
clicking ‘Add Ticket Credit’.
Please note: Concur will automatically post
unused ticket credits here for reservations
that were cancelled in Concur Travel. If a
user cancels a Southwest reservation outside
of Concur Travel then the user can either add
the ticket credit to their Concur profile to use
on a future reservation or click on the ‘Add
Ticket Credit’ link to use it for the current trip.
What’s Cool
Simply add the 3 fields of information and select
‘Add Ticket Credit.’ The Southwest Record Locator is required.
What’s Cool
After adding your unused ticket credit(s) you will see them
display on the page. You can select up to 2 unused ticket credits
to apply to a new reservation.
Valid Until 20.05 2015
Valid Until 20.05 2015
What’s Cool
What’s Cool
If you select unused ticket credit(s) to apply to your new
reservation, Southwest will book your new flights and apply the
credit(s) to your new fare. You will see the fare break down
when credits have been
applied. For this trip, a $50 unused ticket
credit was applied to a new
fare of $146.70. The add
collect is $96.70.
What’s Cool
Seating – Seat Selection and Upgrade
Seat Selection
Concur will automatically assign a seat based on:
1) Profile preference
2) Your frequent flyer status with the carrier
3) Carrier still has seat pre-assignment open for that flight
You can also access the seat map after booking your flight and
change your existing seat assignment!
Here’s a Tip!
Look at the seat map!
What’s Cool
Check your profile to insure your seat preference is stored.
After selecting a seat preference from the drop-down menu,
click on Save anywhere in the Concur profile. This information
will also sync to your Travel Incorporated profile so that your
seat preference can be referenced when you make a
reservation with one of our travel consultants!
What’s Cool
Seating – Seat Selection and Upgrade
With a few exceptions (American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic), carriers will perform
an automatic upgrade check based on the traveler’s membership program level.
That level determines how far in advance of the departure date the carrier will
auto-request your upgrade. Upgrade requests are made after the original ticket is
If you have placed a reservation on hold in Concur and contact the airline to
request the upgrade because your membership program level allows immediate
upgrades, please refrain from requesting until after your ticket has been issued.
Otherwise, Travel Incorporated will have to change the flights back to coach in
order to issue your ticket at the lower coach fare.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
The default view has the drop-down list to select the traveler’s name in
the upper right corner of the page.
Select ‘Arrangers’ to change to the Arranger View.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
The drop-down list for selecting a traveler is now on
the left side of the page. Select a traveler in the
‘Choose a Traveler’ drop-down. If you have the
‘Self-assigning assistant’ permission, click ‘Search’ to
find a traveler that is not in the drop-down list.
Add your search parameters and click ‘Search’ to begin
the booking process!
What’s Cool
Arranger View
The Arranger View offers cool functionality for arrangers! In the
middle of the Home page find ‘Upcoming Travelers’ and search
for trips by date or date range. In this example, there are no
travelers the arranger assists that are traveling on 9/3/2014.
You can also
check the
What’s Cool
Arranger View
In the date range of 5/1/2014
through 5/19/2014, the arranger
has 3 travelers with trips.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
Click on one of the traveler’s
trips to review or update.
A menu is displayed for the
arranger to select a Trip Action.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
Click on the ‘I’m Assisting…’ tab. All travelers associated to the travel
arranger will be displayed. Click on one of the names to see a quick
view of the traveler’s preferences before booking his/her trip.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
The traveler’s preferences are displayed.
Click on Edit to make changes to the
traveler’s profile.
Please note: ability to update a profile
comes with being able to make a
reservation as an arranger.
What’s Cool
Arranger View
Also from the ‘I’m Assisting…’ tab, click on the ‘X’ to remove a traveler
from your list. You don’t have to wait for the traveler to remove you as
an arranger from their profile. You can do it yourself!
What’s Cool
Arranger View
In the upper right corner of the screen, click Make this my homepage
to make the Arranger View your default view.
You can also go to ‘System Settings’ in your profile.
In the ‘Other Preferences’ section, select ‘Travel Arranger View’. Click
on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.
What’s On Your Mind
Canceling flights
1) You can cancel from the Home Page
2) You can also cancel from the
Trip Overview section
What’s On Your Mind
Changing a ticketed reservation in Concur – known limitations
1) Multiple carriers in new and old itinerary – not supported
2) Only available for etickets and carriers that support Rapid
Reprice (ticket change technology). FYI, most all U.S. carriers
and many international carriers support Rapid Reprice.
3) Tickets with more than 4 segments/coupons - not supported
4) Multiple passenger reservations - not supported
To make changes to more complicated ticketed reservations,
please contact your travel consultant for assistance!
What’s New
• ‘No Results Found’ messaging changed to include what could be
causing the issue.
• Car Daily Rate displays will now show a total estimated cost.
• Amtrak - Updated Messaging For Refund Policy
What’s New
• Southwest routes to Mexico and Caribbean now available
What’s New
• New TravelFusion carriers: Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific
• New configuration option to not show ‘Your trip does not
have any car or hotel reservations’ prompt if a car or hotel is
not booked. FYI, if prompt is disabled then all users will not
see this message.
What’s New
• Hybrid cars are now supported in Concur Travel
What’s On The Roadmap
• Sponsored Guest Travelers – this feature will allow a
company to have profiled travelers who are not employees.
This can be helpful for travelers that are contract workers.
A special permission is required to create sponsored guest
traveler profiles. This feature includes an expiration date
field to limit bookings after a certain date.
• If no seat is assigned according to profile preference,
Concur will automatically open the seat map for the user to
select a seat. It will ensure 2 things: the user is aware they
need to select a seat AND the user will know whether they
are able to have their preferred seat type assigned (aisle,
window, etc).
What’s On The Roadmap
• Support for Microsoft IE v7.0 browser for Concur
products will end December 31, 2014. Clients
using IE v7.0 are strongly advised to upgrade to
v8.0 or higher no later than August 1, 2014.
• Beta begins for new User Experience (UX) in
October 2014. New UX will provide greater
simplicity and ease of use in booking travel.
New UX will go live beginning Nov/Dec 2014.
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